New Moon in Virgo & Playing with Giants :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for September 10th – 16th

There are some major outer planet aspects occurring and being sustained this week. There’s a continued earth trine between Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus (at 1-2 degrees), as well as the longstanding Jupiter – Pluto sextile (at 18 degrees of Scorpio + Capricorn respectively) perfecting on Tuesday, along with the separating Jupiter-Neptune trine.

Interestingly, essentially all of the faster-moving, more personal planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars – along with the Moon of course) are hitting degree points that activate and highlight these slower cosmic dynamics, with their deep, long-lasting, yet subtle correlations.

It’s like children playing around giant statues; imbuing their solemn gravity with new life and perspective.

Perhaps this means that this week we may be more aware of some of our life’s major long-term themes as we encounter them from another angle, as their shape and form becomes more apparent and tangible.

MONDAY (September 10th):

As I write this early Monday afternoon, Mars is just hovering at the very last degree and final minutes of Capricorn, about to shift into Aquarius again later tonight.

Is the 29th degree of Capricorn in your chart, according to its house themes, feeling a bit edgy? Under pressure? Wavering on the brink of action with uncertainty?

Mars is still retracing its steps post-retrograde. Mars‘ re-entrance back into Aquarius Monday night may illuminate another big leap forward in that area of life – you likely have more energy, motivation, certainty and confidence than you had in that area of life over the summer.

What innovative, community-oriented or collaborative approaches can bring new life to an ambitious project? Monday’s events (and this week in general) may hold further clues.

For the third time, Mars will recreate its frictious, freedom-seeking square to Uranus early next week on September 18th (which we’ll feel building all this week), and then Mars will conjoin the South Node for the third time on September 26th, before it finishes regaining zodiacal ground on October 8th.

Those Mars transits will still likely be edgy and uncomfortable, but they will probably feel a whole lot more empowering and more wisely aimed and directed than they were earlier this year (~mid May ~ early August 2018).

TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY (September 11th-12th):

I love that the Sun is positioned to interact with the Jupiter and Pluto sextile on Tuesday, as they are set to perfect their aspect on Wednesday.

Sometimes slower-moving interplanetary transits are difficult to identify in real life, especially when they are interacting via softer aspects like the sextile or trine. However, with the Sun joining their magical circle this week (as it has been since Sunday’s New Moon) we may get a really good look at what this powerful duo has been up to.

Jupiter in Scorpio expands our capacity for personal growth by going deeper into areas commonly overlooked or repressed, while Pluto in Capricorn helps us discover and activate the full range of our power by freeing up our energy and accessing our purposeful soul calling.

When the Sun in Virgo makes contact with these two, she shines her light, illuminating the exact actions we need to take on a day-to-day basis in order to integrate the riches of wisdom and insight gleaned from this pair’s conversing over the year.

Move with strong steps this week. If you have been able to peer into the darkness this year and work with fear and vulnerability, then you can feel confident and secure in the expansion and opportunity that is steadily growing, with a pulse that thuds deep in your gut. If you’re still not sure about it, Mercury may provide some written or verbal affirmation of your Jupiter-Pluto growth when it echoes the Sun’s transits to these two later on the weekend.

Venus, newly in Scorpio, treading ground that shall be reviewed, completes her opposition to Uranus in Taurus early Wednesday morning, but this opposition may be most apparent throughout Tuesday – Thursday.

When we get aspects to Uranus (especially the square, opposition or conjunction), we can experience external events that are sudden, fast-paced, unexpected, out of left field, something we never saw coming – and something that hopefully opens us up to new opportunities we could never have otherwise foreseen.

Or, we may be the instigators of the Uranus disruption by making a dash for freedom and independence, and expressing ourselves in brave new authentic ways that celebrate our uniqueness and liberate us from our inhibitions.

Venus, the planetary glue that seeks connection and attachment, is a signifier of relationships, appearance, beauty, art, money/resources, pleasure, what we value and how we value ourselves. When Uranus lightning bolts make contact with Venus on Wednesday, Venus’ themes experience some sort of shake-up or separating influence in our lives.

However, there’s plenty of support for mending, repairing any unwanted breaks that occur, and plotting out a new direction if taken off-course. By opposing Uranus, Venus is entering the Uranus-Saturn earth trine and will consequently form a sextile to Saturn later on Wednesday, or early Thursday morning for many of you.

How are your attachments keeping you trapped?

Conversely, how is your fear of attachment keeping you imprisoned?

This opposition (and these types of questions) are KEY to the upcoming Venus retrograde as we will be revisiting this opposition twice more in the coming months. Take notes!

THURSDAY (September 13th): 

Venus’ sextile to Saturn early Thursday (or later on Wednesday), as it begins to separate from the opposition to Uranus, may correlate with a time when innovative tasks, life projects, and personal situations, move a little easier. Commitment to “the work” – be it a relational repair or a paid job – could progress more comfortably between Wednesday ~ Friday, despite disruptions occurring in other ways.

Mercury is repeating the Sun’s previous opposition to Neptune at the same time. Therefore, while on one hand there could still be a desire to escape necessary work for pleasure, on the other hand it is a great opportunity to make work pleasurable – to find that timeless flow state with whatever cognitive or communicative task you are doing.

Remember Chiron? I feel like I haven’t talked about him much lately because there haven’t been many major transits involving this wonderful little asteroid that reminds us of where we hurt… and where we have a special gift to share.

What’s the healing, wounded centaur up to? He’s sitting at 0 degrees Aries, the birthplace of the zodiac, moving retrograde through the final minutes as he prepares for his re-entry into Pisces on September 25th (the day after the Aries Full Moon occurs right next to him).

Mars will sextile Chiron for the third time on Thursday, highlighting the ways we’ve grown in regards to how we work with and express, our independence, ambition, assertiveness, anger, and sexuality.

SATURDAY & SUNDAY (September 15-16):

As I mentioned, Mercury in Virgo will replay the Sun’s interaction with the  Jupiter-Pluto sextile over the weekend, via a trine to Pluto and a sextile to Jupiter.

The Sun brought our personal growth and capacity to light in new ways early this week, and now with Mercury involved, this weekend we are likely to talk, write, or learn about ways we can (or are) freeing up energy, inviting transformation into our lives, and accessing new power and expansion.

On Sunday, Venus in Scorpio will square the Nodal Axis at 4 degrees – North Node in Leo, South Node in Aquarius. A fixed-sign T-square with Venus at the apex! Venus is under pressure to make a decision here, to take action, to turn left or right. Prioritize the relationships, the values, the resources, the pleasure, that give you life and an outlet for unique expression of self.

Along with the Uranus opposition, this square to the Nodal Axis will be repeated twice more due to Venus’ October-November retrograde. These Venusian decisions, these Venusian moves, may reappear in your life for a review in the coming months.

And if we extend the orb by only a few degrees we can include Mars, approaching the South Node in Aquarius, and Uranus opposite Venus in Taurus, and then we have a Fixed Grand Square. Whew! Venus in Scorpio is working with some major points of tension – and will continue to do so.

Venus in Scorpio is not an easy placement. Venus seeks connection and the unity of souls. Scorpio’s waters often holds deeps wounds and hurts.

Venus in Scorpio wants desperately to bond deeply with others, but to do so, Venus must move through and process some old painful territory in order to remove the barriers of fear that inhibit genuine connection and trust, and to sidestep the risk of projecting images of those who have hurt her, on to someone else.

How are you feeling about Venus’ upcoming Rx, beginning October 5th? Excited? Perhaps not?

I find Venus’ retrograde cycles to be so, so potent, and in the intense death/rebirth sign of Scorpio, I expect nothing less than transformative shifts. I can’t say it will be easy, but I can say that if engaged with fully, it will be worth it.

Venus’ retrogrades feel sacred to me. We’re walking on holy ground right now.

The weekend concludes with the First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius squaring the Sun in Virgo Sunday evening. I seem to know a number of people with a Virgo-Sag mix in their charts and I’ve seen it work quite well when integrated, despite the seeming contradictions:

Knowing how to effectively prepare is a valuable skillset, but don’t let the desire to anticipate all outcomes hold you rigid against uncertain futures. Take a leap of faith, step into an adventurous ride, trust yourself, while keeping the tool of discernment and insight with you at all times.

Posted on social media, Sunday, September 9th, for the New Moon in Virgo…

On Saturday (Sept. 8th) someone posted this photo of Peter Sellers as Chief Inspector Clouseau of the Pink Panther series (thank you!) and the first thing that struck me was the quintessential Scorpio expression. He HAD to have some important Scorpio/Pluto in his chart somewhere. I’d recognize that look anywhere.

Turns out he’s a Virgo Sun with Pluto in aspect to his Sun, and Saturn in Scorpio (3rd house). That makes perfect sense. Frequently with actors who have lived out their full careers, their most iconic role (the one that everyone knows them for) will be one that quite accurately reflects their birth chart placements.

From what I’ve read, I think it is safe to say that Peter Sellers is most well known for the character of Chief Inspector Clouseau, whom he embodied so well, captured in the photo above which visually amplifies his natal placements.

Then I realized that a) Saturday, the day the photo was posted, was his birthday and b) his chart contains very similar aspects as Sunday’s New Moon in Virgo!

Among the Virgo symbols of harvest, health and refinement, this seems an odd image choice to rep this lunation, but his chart is so resonant with this New Moon.

This Virgo New Moon is sextiling Jupiter and trining Pluto, whereas his Virgo Sun (almost at the same degree) sextiles Pluto and trines Jupiter. Furthermore, Mercury, his chart ruler and the dispositor of his Sun is in the 12th house conjunct Neptune, bringing in some of that hazy Neptunian vibe that mirrors the opposition to Neptune that Sunday’s New Moon has.


I’m not super familiar with Peter Sellers, but as I researched him I frequently read that he was considered a master of his craft and “one of the most accomplished comic actors of the late 20th century.” (wikipedia)

Virgo invests in processes of training, practicing, and preparation, in order to sharpen a skill set or a resource into its most technically precise expression.

It is said that he fit the “mould of a technical actor because he displays a mastery of physical characterisation, such as accent or physical trait.” (wikipedia)

According to the birth time we have for him, he is not lacking in Virgo with a Virgo rising and a Sun-Mars conjunction in Virgo in the first house. With the added ingredient of a highly prominent Mars into the Virgo mix, this is someone we would expect to be somewhat impulsive (he was) and aggressively assertive with his Virgoian investigation of the details (he was).

The image of him above with the magnifying glass and Pink Panther film clips of him interrogating the suspects, I think accurately highlights these traits.

With Mercury (his chart ruler and the planet of communication and perception) in Leo (the entertainer) in the 12th house conjunct Neptune (granting the ability to dissolve boundaries between self, others and the unseen world) he was known for fully immersing himself in the acting roles he played – to a degree where it is said that he had trouble grounding a sense of identity outside the characters he played. He also had a number of spiritual experiences that really impacted him.

We often think of Leo as being associated with polished glamour, but Leo can also be quite silly and playful. Many Leo-types I know absolutely love to make others laugh (as long as the laughter is intentionally evoked).

So here we have someone who excelled at refining the skill (Virgo) of making people laugh through entertaining slapstick comedy acts (Mercury in Leo) that involved fully immersing themselves in the character role (conjunct Neptune in the 12th)…

“His biographer, Ed Sikov, notes that because of his retained dignity, Sellers is “the master of playing men who have no idea how ridiculous they are.”(wikipedia)

Saturn (the authority figure) in Scorpio (investigating the darker areas of life like crime) in the 3rd house (gathering information) sextile his Sun (identity), is a lovely correlation with the image of the Chief Inspector Clouseau! I use the metaphor of an “inspector” all the time when talking about Saturn.

Wikipedia notes that  he often “parodied characters of authority such as military officers or policemen.” Makes sense! Especially with that Mars-Sun conjunction as well.

He had a bit of a rough go of it with his personal life – Jupiter as the ruler of his 7th house of partnership and his 4th house of home tightly opposing Pluto (power struggles, compulsions) and Uranus (erraticness, impulsive, needing freedom) in his 7th house – but I’m getting distracted.

The trine to Jupiter likely brought increased fame and the ability to make a comeback after difficulty, and the sextile to Pluto ensured that his shadow was never too far from him – were he to decide to turn towards its powerful, transformative possibilities.

This New Moon may not be comfortable. Shadow material may be looming with Pluto, Neptune may be dissolving our life’s structure and luring us toward the escape route, Jupiter may be tempting us to overcompensate for insecurities with a grand old cover-up scheme that comes all too easy. Plus Venus, newly into the thick waters of Scorpio where she does not swim with ease, is still squaring Mars at the crisis degree of Capricorn and is quickly moving toward a face-off with the disruptive Uranus next week.

And yet! There is so, so much generative, deep, healing potential here. The Virgo-Pisces axis (along with Neptune) is capable of bringing compassionate, practical, skillful care to the wounds which hurt most (graciously illuminated by Pluto and Jupiter’s tight sextile to each other, channeling their combined powers into the New Moon).

Virgo qualities are often found in the charts of academics and researchers because of Virgo’s capacity for critical analysis, investigating details, and organizing information into coherent, efficient forms. Combine Virgo with some deep diving, truth-seeking Scorpio or Pluto stuff like we have with this New Moon? We have been granted the powers of laser insight at the launch of this lunation cycle.

As you focus in on the rougher edges (with the magnifying glass and first aid kit in hand), let compassionate connection with others, acceptance of our humaness, and a sense of belonging to a benefic universe, sweep you up in a tender embrace as we take vulnerable yet brave steps into our next lunar cycle.

P.S. There is lots of cleaning, organizing and re-arranging going on around me right now. Tangible, concrete Virgo+Pluto acts of deep cleaning and scouring may also be a fitting outlet for this New Moon energy.

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