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    Anhedonia, Self-Sabotaging, & Venus’ Retrograde Journey through Scorpio

    An Update

    The last time I wrote a post was October 3rd, 2018. I told readers to look out for the upcoming Venus rx cosmic travel guide which would be available in the next couple days… and then nothing. I had worked for days on it and got about 40 pages done with lots of explanations and teaching diagrams, and then… was overcome by anxiety and self-doubt about the value of what I wanted to communicate.

    I proceeded to self-sabotage and didn’t publish it, full of frustration with these intensely fierce protective triggers and physical responses I keep encountering every time I take a baby step toward any minuscule risk or minimal vulnerable exposure. It is suffocating.

    I find it near excruciating to assign monetary value to my creations, my time, my energy, and my skillsets. I’ve always found it difficult, but in the last few years especially, it has become extremely challenging for me to trust that what I want to offer is something that people will think is worth paying for. That is a terrible thing to say if I plan on marketing anything in the future, but it’s honestly how I feel. Despite validation or encouragement from others, my internal assessment of my own worth doesn’t budge much.

    This may be a long-term issue for me, but it isn’t really surprising that I would be experiencing this theme so strongly at this particular time… this IS very much a Venus rx symptom. Venus is a planet that speaks to money, value, and self-worth.

    Launching a Patreon account? Trying to muster the courage to ask for a raise? Marketing a hand-crafted product or service for the first time? Experimenting with busking for money as a musician? The feelings of vulnerability that can accompany these actions, is very much a Venus Retrograde growth experience (October 5th – November 16th).

    Venus is retrograde in my 3rd house (communication, writing), also ruling my 10th house (public and social roles, career). It makes sense.

    Astrology doesn’t provide an immediate fix or healing on its own, but it does provide perspective and a bit of breathing space in-between self and suffering, so that there can be less overwhelming, overpowering enmeshment with one’s spiraling thoughts and emotions during difficult times.

    The use of astrology in this way, is comparable to what meditation might provide someone, or self-regulation activities, a heart-to-heart talk with a friend, going to a therapy session, or pulling a tarot card.

    Everything I’m experiencing and struggling with right now (as well as my responses to challenges) can be read through my natal chart and its transits. Astrology doesn’t make all the problems go away and it doesn’t necessarily create instant life changes based on new cosmic awareness, but astrology’s reflection of my life is often a stabilizing anchor and it offers a sense of containment in the midst of chaos – even in moments when I act in opposition to what astrological insights indicate may be in my best interest.

    Quick Venus Rx Review

    The retrograde motion of Venus can bring up a lot of doubt and second-guessing as we dig deeper into Venusian themes. With Venus in the sign of Scorpio, we are likely being faced with deep-rooted patterns of thought and behavior, and the psychic and somatic remnants of earlier traumatic experiences.

    Since Venus is linked to our personal values, during Venus rx we may be questioning what our priorities are.

    What is really important to us in life? What do we really want to invest in, based on what we value? How have our values and priorities shifted over time?

    With the planet of happiness and pleasure moving in reverse, we may also be experiencing a lack of enjoyment in life. Activities that were once pleasurable may now seem… dull and unappealing, and no longer capable of motivating our engagement with them.

    It can be really destabilizing to question one’s values (and self-value), and to lose comfort in things that once made us happy and gave us meaning. But ultimately Venus rx can lead us to a deeper place of knowing, trusting, and healing as we re-examine our Venusian foundations.

    And yet personally, I can know these things and provide advice in this area, but honestly, in-real-life, head knowledge isn’t saving me from the mess of stumbling through the near unbearable emotions that a Venus rx in Scorpio can dig up. I hope you all have the access to the resources that can help you navigate these seas if you, as well, are extra sensitive to Venus retrogrades and/or Scorpio transits (or any persistent state of low well-being).

    Venus rx in Scorpio can also correlate with times of  vulnerability, self-image and appearance insecurities, fear, loss, grief, trust issues, relationship turmoil, and times of isolation and retreat that ask you to work with intense material that is arising and buried truths that want to be addressed.

    An Opportunity to Reclaim, Transmute and Transform, the Scary Stuff of the Past

    On another Venus rx note, I began studying tarot cards around the time that Venus stationed retrograde. This was completely unintentional and unplanned, but a week after I had buried myself in tarot books, I finally made the connection.

    Back in 2014 I had allowed a new housemate to read a tarot spread for me (for the first time ever). I didn’t know tarot symbolism at all and I was uneasy about the reading, but casual circumstances brought me to that point of invitation.

    It was a very unwise decision since I didn’t trust him at all and didn’t really understand what I was getting myself in to. In fact, several weeks later I would flee that house fearing for my safety – running away from him and the other man I was sharing the floor with.

    Of course, the first card he pulled was the Death card (which predictably freaks out tarot newbies). He proceeded to arrogantly make an (inaccurate) concrete prediction that NO ethical tarot card reader would ever make, and of course I was deeply shaken.

    The few months that followed were hellish and traumatizing for a variety of ever-changing reasons. Unfortunately the tarot card reading became embedded in that traumatic time of my life.

    The astrology and tarot worlds are often intertwined, and many astrologers are often tarot card readers, and vice versa. This meant I was always encountering tarot card images, spreads and interpretations on social media, while following astrology accounts. Honestly at the beginning I found this really triggering. I wanted nothing to do with it.

    But I was still curious because so many people seemed to use it (in more ethical, healthy ways) as a reflective tool for healing. Some people even pulled tarot cards in the midst of a panic attack or a trauma trigger, as a way to ground themselves.

    Scorpio is a sign that invites us toward post-traumatic growth, toward reclaiming something we have feared or shunned, toward finding new life from the compost heap of life. Scorpio is also associated with the intuitive, mysterious elements of life beyond what the eyes can see. With Venus rx in Scorpio in my third house (learning, reading, communication) this reclamation makes sense for me.

    Is there something that you are transmuting, composting, metabolizing, alchemizing during this Venus rx?

    Is there something from the past that you are reclaiming on your own terms, in empowering and healing ways?

    The Urge to Self-Sabotage

    I’ve been thinking a lot about the urge to self-sabotage lately (since I am obviously struggling with it). Sure water signs (Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer) get stereotyped the most for self-sabotaging or self-defeating behavior, but I think everyone does it to some extent – it just manifests differently.

    It is usually motivated by fear at some level, and it can show up as procrastination, self-harm, and addictions (of all kinds). It shows up any time we intervene to prevent ourselves from achieving our goals and accessing the success, love, relationships, freedom, and health that we truly desire. Self-sabotaging is present when we tolerate the cognitive dissonance of living in ways that conflict with our core values.

    Big love to all the self-sabotagers out there! It sucks. It is awful to be at war with yourself, oftentimes over matters that seem so insignificant or “no big deal” or “easy” from another point of view.

    It is intensely frustrating to find yourself enacting the same pattern over and over again, even though you don’t want to. The ultra rational, practical parts of our own brains (and the ultra rational, practical people in our lives) don’t get it. If we are at A, and genuinely really, really want to get to B, why in the world do we keep doing C?

    It’s the dilemma that has pulled many people into a therapist’s office and confounded all the well-intentioned people who think that motivation and willpower are all you need to achieve your goals.

    I’ve written about motivation and willpower before. I think there is value in cultivating these capacities, but oftentimes they can only take you so far – amping up the willpower can even prompt you to repeat old patterns with even greater determination.

    It’s a super complex  area.

    In therapy language, seeming self-sabotaging type behavior might be labeled or described as… re-enactments, repetition compulsion, unprocessed trauma, anxiety, depression, mental illness, limbic system triggers, limiting self-beliefs, the inner critic, attachment issues, ego defenses, energetic blocks, a continual return to what’s familiar (but detrimental) rather than facing the unknown, the vulnerable parts of ourselves seeking safety, love and security at all costs, (mal)adaptive coping/ survival strategies that were developed early in life whose use-value has expired in adulthood…etc.

    Scorpio is a sign that is really well acquainted with this deeply patterned self-sabotaging stuff. Therefore, when Scorpio is activated with a personal planet like Venus retrograding through it, we get a close-up look at all that is holding us back, all that needs tender healing. We encounter the root wounds that are holding our power and energy hostage. We are prompted to face difficult truths and address the imprisoning patterns that keep cycling through our lives (and on a societal, systemic level as well).

    There’s a ton of different approaches and modalities that aim to “clear these blocks”, and many of them work for many different people in various ways at certain points in their journey. And many people may be able to very quickly resolve these things and free up their energy in a beautiful moment of cathartic healing… but even if you are quite self-aware and you’ve pinpointed the root causes, if you are like me… THAT SHIT IS STUBBORN.

    I’m tired.

    Here’s two nuggets of wisdom I try to remember because they sometimes help. They encourage me to not make matters worse by beating myself up for situations and responses that already suck, and stuff that I don’t always have a lot of control over…


    And, if you are so inclined, you can also ask a greater power to pitch in, in whatever way makes sense to you. Sometimes I place the following request: Dear Universe, please provide me with the medicine I need today…



    A Short Tangent About Elizabeth Gilbert…

    A few days ago, my medicine for the day was a podcast – the first “Ted” podcast – that featured an interview with Elizabeth Gilbert. I listened to it while walking with the dogs through the autumn air, and it was just what I needed at the time.

    Elizabeth Gilbert, as you probably know, is the author of the wildly successful autobiographical book, Eat, Pray, Love (2006). In the 12 years that followed its publication, her life story has spanned many more books and many more twists and turns in her unfolding narrative.

    Even if you have skeptical feelings about Eat, Pray, Love, I think the podcast may be worth tuning in to, especially during this Venus rx in Scorpio. I found it to be potent medicine that covered Venusian themes such as creativity, art, inspiration, love, relationships, life, death and grief.



    As someone born with the Moon in Gemini (but also with lots of passion-oriented fire placements), I thought those were some interesting reflections on creativity, passion and curiosity.

    After reading that (or listening to the full interview), I’m sure it’s no surprise to you that her Venus (the planet of art and aesthetics) is in Gemini (curiosity, communication, writing). I think anyone with strong Gemini in their chart would particularly enjoy the discussion.



    I also found this segment of the interview interesting:


    [when needing to finish a book under a deadline after her partner died…] “I did all I could to prepare myself for it, in terms of trying to get my health back, and trying to get my stability back. I kept saying “I don’t have my vitality, I don’t have my vitality, how am I going to write when I don’t have my vitality… and I forgot! Even I forgot – you get your vitality by doing it, through doing it.

    Within a week of me sitting down to write this novel, I was restoring myself to who I am as a human being because writing is what I do, and within a few months I had my vitality back. And I even had my joy back. I started that book from a place of darkest grief and ended it in a place of tremendous happiness. I was a different person at the end of that project than I was at the beginning of it.

    You know the deadline was very serious and had I not been under that deadline I would have said this is a terrible time for me to work, what I needed to be doing is grieving. But what I actually needed to be doing was creating. Creation for me is the antidote to despair.

    Go try it, go make this thing and see not what you make, but who you become. That’s why it’s worth doing, because your life is a work of art and an interesting experiment. So make your life the work of art. What you create is not nearly as important as what you are created into, through the creation.” (~Elizabeth Gilbert)


    Now, I don’t think that it always works like this for everyone with a creativity/art-focused occupation; grief and healing take different paths for everyone. However, basically what this excerpt says to me is: When vitality, joy and pleasure are missing from your life, go do your Venus.

    Elizabeth Gilbert’s Venus is in Gemini. Creative writing, reading for pleasure, and having the freedom to follow her curious impulses, are some of the key ingredients that nourish joy in her life.

    In what sign and house was Venus traveling through when you were born? What information does this provide you about the type of medicine that may help to restore vitality, joy and pleasure in your life?

    Are these Venusian traits something you recognize in your life, your personality?

    Or is it possible you are projecting these Venusian traits onto other people you admire, rather than owning them in yourself (as sometimes happens with Venus placements)?


    Legacies & Adam Gainsburg’s 13 Venus Phases


    Aligned with what Elizabeth Gilbert discusses in her podcast, my writing efforts aren’t entirely for waste. It’s possible I could rework the cosmic travel guide for the next Venus rx in 19 months, or maybe I’ll share some highlights on this blog at some point in the future when they are relevant.

    At any rate, in preparing the guide, I certainly deepened my own understanding of Venus retrograde. I often find that when I try to make information accessible for others, this process of re-organization and knowledge translation always brings me new insights as well.

    As part of my research and preparation I read The Light of Venus, by Adam Gainsburg, and it really radically restructured the way I understand a retrograde period – and Venus’ synodic cycle as a whole.

    For example, it provided me with new ways of understanding the symbolism when Venus is combust the Sun (within ~ 8 degrees). I never really found traditional descriptions of “combust planets” satisfactory or helpful in real life interpretations. I gained greater insight into how Venus’ interior vs exterior conjunctions with the Sun greatly differ from each other, and I learned more about the different meanings of Venus’ two periods of invisibility and how they align with the Inanna myth.

    I recommend the book if you have some astro knowledge to begin with. Adam’s interpretation of the Venus cycle resonated with my own experiences and what I have learned from studying the Venus phases in charts of well-known people.

    Adam divides the 19-month Venus synodic cycle (from one Sun-Venus interior conjunction to the next) according to 13 distinct phases the he delineates based on his years of sky-watching and his research with clients. He takes into account the many factors of planetary movement that an astrological chart cannot capture – such as speed, visibility in the sky, proximity to the earth, etc.

    The book goes through the 13 phases while focused on static natal placements (e.g. it explains the meaning of the Venus phase at the time of your birth), but it can be applied to current transits as well. As I am writing this post on Thursday night, we are finishing up the final 13th phase of the current Venus cycle, which began on March 25th, 2017 at 5 degrees Aries.

    Adam calls this final phase, the Transition phase.

    The Transition phase is similar to the dark moon, or balsamic moon phase just before the new moon and the beginning of another lunation cycle. This Venus cycle is dying and is about to be reborn as I write this – at 11:15 am on Friday, October 26th (ADT) – when Venus passes directly between the Earth and the Sun in an inferior (or interior) conjunction.

    If you’ve felt extra fatigued, disillusioned and discouraged this past week, this may be a contributing factor (in addition to that Full Moon/Uranus activity).

    A 19-month Venus cycle (associated with all that is beautiful and pleasurable) is dying, ending, about to be reborn.



    Before the Transition phase, there was the Completion phase, which began at the time of Venus’ retrograde station on October 5th.

    When I was reading this section on the Completion phase, the word “legacy” really jumped out at me and I instantly thought of the widely-shared Time magazine cover with Christine Blasey Ford on the cover with the caption: “Her lasting impact”.

    It was fittingly published on October 15th, 2018, right in the middle of what Adam calls the Completion phase; a time when we are reviewing the past cycle and deciding what we will carry over from the last cycle into the next one… and what we will leave behind. It is a time to lay down a legacy. Which Dr. Ford certainly did.

    Despite the legal outcome, Dr. Ford’s courageous testimony had a huge impact on so many people. The legacy of her testimony will reverberate for many years to come (and will be carried forth into many future Venus cycles).

    I’ve been thinking a lot about legacies lately. During the Sun-Uranus opposition this past week (expect the unexpected) activating my third-ninth house axis (education, communication) as Hygeia (an asteroid goddess of good health) conjoined my Sun and Mercury in Pisces (compassionate, sensitive, emotionally receptive) in the 8th house (death, loss), I heard from a friend I had not heard from for about two years. She was writing to let me know that a favourite professor of ours (from our health professional program) had died earlier this month, and she thought I may not have heard.

    I didn’t know this professor well, but I was suddenly overcome with tears in response to the news. When I saw her last at the time of my graduation, she would have been about 60.

    In the few interactions we had, I was instantly struck by her deeply compassionate and nonjudgmental nature. She was truly a beautiful soul.

    When I fell apart in her office one day, she immediately left her chair to meet me with the offer of a hug and tears running down her cheeks. In a gentle but firm voice she told me not to be startled; she had accepted that she was an “emotive person”, meaning she felt things very deeply and was easily moved to tears.

    I was struck by how she was able to create a stable and grounded, peaceful space for me in that moment, while accepting her emotional expression without hesitation or embarrassment, within her role as professor.

    As I slowly become more comfortable with my own level of sensitivity and emotional expression, I think back to how she so beautifully integrated her tender sensitivity with strong professionalism and groundedness.

    I’m sure she had strong Pisces in her chart – she had an unmistakable “Pisces face”.

    Like many obituaries, hers mentioned the word legacy; that which is left behind, that which lives on, that which is carried over to the next generation.

    I thought of the legacy she had had in my life, and how much her emotional presence had meant to me in that moment, and how important those small moments are. Similar perhaps to Dr. Ford who does not even know the many names of the people she has inspired with the strength of her testimony, this professor may not have fully grasped the extent of the legacy she was leaving that would far outlive her. This is probably true for all of us in some way.



    Every 8 years Venus retrogrades in the same part of the zodiac (and the same part of your natal chart), just a few degrees earlier.

    Venus was last retrograde in Scorpio in October – November 2010. What took place during that time?

    What has been the legacy of that Venus rx in Scorpio 8 years ago? Do you see those themes, that legacy, being revisited (or culminating) in some way at this time?

    What wisdom from this recent Venus cycle (beginning March 25th, 2017) do you hope to carry forward?

    What will its legacy be in your life?

    The Future of Lilith Rebellion

    On March 25th, 2017, at the inception of the recent Venus cycle which is now ending, I was preparing my first horoscopes ever to officially launch Lilith Rebellion via my blog and social media accounts. It is the only per sun/rising sign horoscopes I ever wrote. I wrote them for the Aries New Moon on March 27th. This commenced my commitment to daily, and then weekly, cosmic forecasts + astro research and reflections, as shared through these blog posts.

    It has been an important 19-month Venus cycle for me since its initial inception occurred in a conjunction to my natal 8th house Venus in Aries (ruling my MC, public roles & career, and my 3rd house, communication).

    This past Venus cycle birthed Lilith Rebellion basically. It was a personal project, an outlet for my astrology passion, which has given me so much joy. It was a Saturn Return lifeline for me really, it gave me a sense of purpose at a time when I felt like I was drowning.

    And now, to be honest, as this Venus cycle has been wrapping up throughout October’s Completion and Transition phases, I feel like the project is dying. My gut response is to throw in the towel. I have a lot of other urgent pressures in my life that I need to attend to.


    And yet, the astrologer in me knows better than to make a final decision before the end of Venus rx – especially during a retrograde period in the extreme sign of Scorpio that involves an impulsive Uranus opposition… which is prone to dramatically and rashly cutting loose all anchors in favour of change and freedom, in response to frustration and difficulty. I also have a conflicted Nodal Square going on right now with Uranus sitting on my North Node, and yet I know I’m not the only one who feels this way right now.

    Regardless though, Lilith Rebellion does need to die in someway as the Venus cycle that birthed it, now surrenders to the Sun. At the very least, I need to reinvent (Uranus) my relationship (Venus) to this project. I need to decide what to change and let go of, and what to carry with me into the next Venus cycle.

    As Adam writes about the Inception phase and new Venus cycle we enter into on October 26th: there is “a responsibility to remain open in your heart for the big potential in things and people”.

    Many of you may have been experiencing a disintegration of something in your lives in the last few weeks. Some of you may be experiencing a Venusian-themed disintegration overlapping and occurring simultaneously with a birth and creation process, while others may need to trust in the rebirth that lies unseen, around the corner.

    My capacity is reduced right now, as my life force recoils at the presence of that all-too-familiar cold, heavy lead-weight settling into my limbs and the horizon is becoming shrouded with thick fog again. As suchI don’t anticipate writing regularly on this blog for the foreseeable future (although Uranus is so active in the sky right now, so I won’t speak in definite terms!). However, all LR channels (Facebook, Instagram and my newsletter/blog) will stay online (my website will eventually be fully accessible again).

    Even though the future of LR seems up in the air, studying astrology continues to amazingly sustain itself as a source of deep pleasure and life-giving enjoyment in my life, and I do have a few astro research projects I’m working on. If you stay connected with my accounts, I expect I will share updates sporadically when I can.

    And perhaps eventually I will come back to Lilith Rebellion in a more consistent way. At the moment though, I’ve become too frustrated with my own inhibitions in regards to this project, and I really need to direct my available energy toward securing a sustainable income (and hopefully developing other creative outlets).

    I was initially hoping to shift Lilith Rebellion into becoming a source of income. I did trial some consultation services earlier this year in the spring of 2018. I didn’t really advertise them aside from contacting people who had previously inquired about them (because I am so uncomfortable with marketing), but some of you found them on my website anyway 🙂

    For those of you for whom I provided consultations, it was so lovely to connect with you!!! I appreciate you.

    For those of you who have expressed interest in readings since then (via Instagram DMs, emails, or the form I was using on my website), I will hang on to your contacts and let you know if/when consultations are available again! Thank you so much for your interest!

    Although I love interpreting charts, unfortunately it was not really practical or financially feasible for me the way I was doing it. When I clocked my hours I realized I was earning about $3 – $4 (cad) an hour on average (less than half the minimum wage where I live), and it was quite time-consuming.

    The issue here was both that I was under-pricing myself far below the standards in the field, as well as my decision to type the reports (rather than recording the interpretations or doing them live, which typically takes significantly less time)… and my meticulous perfectionist traits which prompted me to include copious footnotes explaining the technical astro behind each step of my interpretations.

    The “simple” answer is obviously to raise my prices and adjust my process and delivery. And hopefully I will, eventually.

    But for now, I’m going to experiment with other methods of shifting the narrative of my last few years, and I need to concentrate my available energy on finding ways to sustain my existence more effectively.


    Wherever you are at, I wish you so many blessings and healing opportunities on your journey. Thank you so much, for being a part of my journey thus far!


    On a final note, the morning of October 26th as the warm Sun came together with the planet of love and connection in the sign of the Scorpion, Athena (the warm-blooded pit bull) decided to stop trying to confusedly swat at Gimly (the cold-blooded dragon), and instead, carefully positioned her head right next to Gimly’s for some shared window sun-bathing.

    It was pretty cute…



    P.S. For the astro-nerds out there, if you haven’t heard about it already, I would highly recommend Astrology University’s 2-day virtual summit featuring 14 webinars by some of the most well-known astrologers in the field. The title of the summit is: “Finding the Life you were Born to Live: Astrology, Life Purpose and Destiny.

    It’s happening online October 27-28 for free (but you only have 24-hours for replays, unless you want to pay a price for the whole package). You can sign up here and access information for participating.

  • Cosmic Weather Bulletins

    Venus in Scorpio & the Power of Womxn’s Anger :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for October 1st – 7th

    Good evening! I’ve been busy behind the scenes of Lilith Rebellion, working on upgrading the structural foundations of my website (it will be back online by Friday), as well as preparing a Cosmic Travel Guide for the upcoming Venus Retrograde (available for purchase on Friday).

    I recently realized that I launched Lilith Rebellion (unintentionally) at the time of the inferior conjunction of Venus and the Sun, during Venus’ last retrograde period in the spring of 2017. The inferior conjunction is considered to be the birth place of each 584-day Venus Synodic cycle.

    Lilith Rebellion began as a personal blog; an outlet for my love of astrology and the angst of my Saturn Return. However, it has gradually become… something else. I’m not entirely sure where it is headed, but as our current Venus cycle begins to wrap up, it has become clear to me that my online platforms and branding needed an upgrade.

    We are just about to birth another Venus Synodic Cycle – beginning on October 26th when Venus passes through a conjunction with the Sun during Venus’ retrograde, which starts this FRIDAY. How exciting! Truly, I think it is, even though I don’t expect this Scorpionic Venusian deep dive to be easy.

    Aside from Venus stationing retrograde on FRIDAY, we have Mercury squaring Pluto today along with the third quarter moon in Cancer (TUESDAY), Jupiter clearing its post-retrograde shadow in Scorpio on SATURDAY, and the Sun conjunct Ceres in Libra on SUNDAY.

    TUESDAY’s Mercury square to Pluto punctuates Pluto’s direct station this past weekend. Our perception of reality, our thought processes, and our conversations with others, may be intense, triggering, defensive, suspicious, paranoid, investigative, wrestling with heavy topics, or dwelling obsessively on a particular fear or concern. We may also be braving fears and inhibitions to bring something hidden into the light, or we could be accessing deeper strengths and energetic resources to apply our selves to a busy Mercurial task. Whatever it may be, words received, exchanged, or processed, have an extra layer of gravity and meaning today.

    The third quarter moon in Cancer squaring the Sun in Libra, taps into our emotional need for safety as it prompts us to prioritize relationships that support us, as well as acts of self-care that renew us, as we head into the dark moon time.

    Aside from today’s aspects, Venus stationing retrograde really steals the show this week. And yet, you’ve probably already begun to receive clues as to the retrograde’s key themes throughout the preceding month of September as Venus traversed her pre-retrograde territory.

    I live in Canada and I tend to be at arm’s distance from US news, especially since closing a few of my personal social media accounts a while ago. When I wrote my Monday forecast last week, highlighting anger and frustration (for the Aries Full Moon square to Saturn), I wasn’t really aware of the Kavanaugh hearing and I wasn’t anticipating the surge of womxn’s frustration and anger which rushed to the surface, as captured in many news headlines. Womxn’s anger was certainly palpable last week, and understandably so.

    And yet this public conversation or focus on womxn’s anger began earlier in the month, on September 8th, when tennis star Serena Williams visibly and verbally expressed her frustration on court in response to a dispute with the chair umpire over whether or not she had been receiving coaching from the sidelines.

    Williams was then further ‘punished’ for her expression of anger and calling the umpire out for sexism, with additional penalties that lost her the game. Many were quick to point out the gendered double standard and that a male tennis player would not have been penalized in the same way.

    Tennis champion Billie Jean King tweeted the following in support of Serena Williams:

    When a woman is emotional, she’s “hysterical” and she’s penalized for it. When a man does the same, he’s “outspoken” & and there are no repercussions. Thank you, @serenawilliams, for calling out this double standard. More voices are needed to do the same.”

    The day of Williams’ game on September 8th, Venus (feminine, yin, harmony, peace) was squaring Mars (masculine, yang, anger, confrontation) at the 29th crisis degree of Libra and Capricorn, respectively. Venus was exactly conjunct Williams’ natal Mercury (communication) as it perfected its square to Mars!

    This Venus-Mars dynamic is one that will repeat several more times in the coming months. It is one of the major aspects of this Venus retrograde.

    Serena Williams is strongly venusian with a 7th house Venus as both her chart ruler (i.e., the ruler of her Taurus ascendant) and the dispositor of her many Libra planets including her Sun (Venus rules both Taurus and Libra).

    Mars energy is also really strong in her chart, with her natal Mars tightly squaring her natal Venus (the same aspect that was occurring globally on the day of the match) and Venus placed in Scorpio – a Mars-ruled sign (the same sign where the retrograde will begin). It’s common to see a strong Mars signature among athletes and competitors.

    Williams boldly confronted the umpire (Mars), but she also comforted and supported her opponent Naomi Osaka (Venus) as the crowd booed Osaka in protest of Williams losing due to the penalties. In true Libra form, Williams told the crowd: “Let’s give everyone the credit where credit’s due and let’s not boo anymore,” as she hugged Osaka.

    This Venus retrograde will likely be a very important one for Serena Williams. I think this is quite evident already.

    Three days ago Williams said she stepped out of her comfort zone to sing “I Touch Myself” topless, with her hands covering her breasts for Breast Cancer Awareness Month (this is very Venus in Scorpio on multiple levels).

    Furthermore, it was also recently announced that Williams has designed another handbag (Venus) to support a fundraiser for Purple Purse (a non-profit that helps survivors through financial empowerment), in honour of October also being domestic violence awareness month (Scorpio – awareness of humanities’ shadow side).

    She says, “I will continue to talk about uncomfortable topics [Scorpio] in order to make change.”

    Venus is still in her anticipatory shadow and hasn’t even stationed retrograde yet! I wonder what else this season holds for Serena Williams.


    A few days after the match between Williams and Osaka, I read an article titled: Of course Serena Williams was angry’: writer Soraya Chemaly on why women should unleash their rage”It turns out that Soraya Chemaly had just published a book called Rage Becomes Her: The Power of Women’s Angeronly three days following Williams’ public expression of anger (within Venus’ pre-retrograde shadow period).

    And then I realized that there were two other books about womxn’s anger that would soon be released on October 2nd and November 13th. Because of their similar topic and publication timing, many book review articles even feature two or three of them together. I think it is somewhat rare to have three books about womxn’s anger being published within about two months of each other?? And all within range of Venus’ pre-rx shadow and retrograde?

    The second book is being released today beneath the Mercury-Pluto square – Good and Mad, the Revolutionary Power of Women’s Anger, by Rebecca Traister. The third book, Fed Up: Emotional Labour, Women and the Way Forward, will come out on November 13th.

    I suspect that womxn’s anger and the related dynamics of the repeated Venus-Mars aspects, will continue to be a major theme of Venus’ retrograde in the Mars-ruled sign of Scorpio. These books would probably make for good Venus Rx reading material 🙂

    When Jupiter entered Scorpio on October 10th, 2017, Harvey Weinstein’s history of assaulting women had just publicly surfaced. The widespread use of the #MeToo hashtag quickly followed on October 15th, accompanying a deluge of (mostly) womxn sharing their stories of sexual assault and harassment – which then became the truth-telling “#MeToo movement“.

    Now Venus has joined Jupiter in Scorpio, preparing to station retrograde just as Jupiter clears its retrograde shadow. Venus’ retrograde period will encompass Jupiter’s departure from Scorpio into Sagittarius on November 8th, 2018. The Jupiter in Scorpio correlations may be getting re-activated by Venus’ transit through Scorpio as a similar hashtag leapt into widespread use on September 21st in response to the Kavanaugh hearing and Trump’s tweet challenging the truth of Dr. Ford’s testimony – #WhyIDidn’tReport.

    As a woman with my own #MeToo and #WhyIDidn’tReport stories, I’ve had my own journey with owning my anger (a journey I’m still on). I think giving yourself permission to experience anger and allowing it to move through you, is really vital for healing and well-being (especially for those who are prone to repressing it).

    Venus in Scorpio reminds me of Lilith who was kicked out of the Garden of Eden after refusing to be subordinate to Adam. Lilith is present when our freedom-seeking instincts come back to life and rage against oppression. Lilith’s Rebellion is about throwing off chains, regardless of how “not nice”, “unlikeable” and “disruptive” it may be.

    And yet I’ve also had moments where I’ve been triggered and verbally lashed out in anger, really hurting those who didn’t deserve to experience my rage. I’m sure most people can think of times when anger was expressed with destructive outcomes.

    Anger, as a form of Mars energy, is a complex emotion with many dimensions of causation and expression. It may be worth reflecting on these different dimensions of anger as Venus undertakes her journey, pivoting while holding strong the tension with Mars.

    Use anger as a catalyst for change. Venus in Scorpio loves alchemy. Metabolize your beautiful fierce anger through grounded action (+ healing, laughter & self-care).


    Anger is not the only theme of Venus’ retrograde, of course. I’ll discuss Venus’ retrograde more as the weeks progress, but if you want an in-depth exploration of this retrograde period, look out for an announcement about my Cosmic Travel Guide, available for purchase on Friday!

    The weekend closes with a conjunction between the Sun and nurturing Ceres in the relational sign of Libra – take care of each other and honour your death & rebirth cycles together ❤


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    The Anatomy of a Sink Hole :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for September 24th – 30th

    It’s a Full Moon day, on a Monday, the Moon’s day!

    In Aries, this Full Moon is hot fire, ready to lunge if something gets in its way… like Saturn. Or Chiron. Or perhaps that’s enough of a deterrent to hem it in temporarily.

    For additional insight into what it might look like for the Full Moon to encounter Saturn, you can check out my previous blog post written on the weekend (scroll past the Virgo post to reach Saturn stuff).

    When I see challenging combinations of Moon, Mars, and Saturn in a birth chart (or some of these planets along with the involvement of Cancer, Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn or Pluto in certain configurations), there’s often some early difficulty with expressing and processing the energy of anger. It’s all wound up inside; churning in the basement of the psyche and possibly unleashing erratically when the controlled tension becomes too much to bear… or expressing itself through inflammatory symptoms of physical discomfort.

    The Moon (emotions) in Aries (fire sign ruled by Mars) squaring restrictive Saturn in Capricorn, is enough for me to suspect that we are globally working with this dynamic – the energy of anger and self-assertion (i.e. Mars energy), trying to find a way out, a way forward.

    Furthermore, Mars, the ruler of the Full Moon, is conjunct the South Node in Aquarius, exact on WEDNESDAY (but relevant all week). We’ve been down this road before with two other Mars-SN conjunctions on June 8th and July 20th of this year. Mars is our willpower, our motivation, our life force, our sex drive, our anger, our ambition, and the South Node is… a sink hole of sorts.

    A sink hole is created through (often invisible) erosion beneath the surface that unexpectedly swallows the landscape when it can no longer be supported.

    They are kinda wild… like these sinkholes, or this water-based sinkhole captured on video below, swallowing trees

    Mother Nature gets really hungry sometimes, apparently.

    So Mars meets a Sink Hole (i.e. the South Node) and consequently Mars, our fierce life force energy, caves in, deflates, surrenders, and may feel trapped in a spiraling fall with no way out and no way forward. Frustration and despair are obvious possible outcomes(for more on Mars-SN, check out my post from June, when the first conjunction occurred)

    But there’s beauty and renewal to be found in life’s south node sink holes, as we adjust to a reconfiguration of our internal and external landscape. South node sinkholes alert us to habitual and structural issues in our lives. They peel back the many layers to reveal our depth and our generative core beyond surface appearances. They point us in the direction of where we should rebuild, and how we can work more effectively with our environment.

    We’ve been learning a lot about the anatomy, the inner workings of our anger, sexuality, ambition, and willpower over the summer due to Mars’ retrograde and its prolonged contact with the purifying and cleansing processes of the South Node.


    With Mars conjunct the South Node in the progressive group-oriented sign of Aquarius, working more effectively with our environments  and our life force energy, may involve: looking out for each other and offering mutual support, getting involved in inclusive collaborative efforts, and creating effective systems of care and belonging that can provide the resources people need to explore their passions and actualize their creative potential in community (North Node in Leo) – while making sure no one falls through the cracks.

    A tall order? Maybe. We can’t tackle all our challenges alone though, as much as an Aries Moon may want to. The Sun and Mercury in the sign of Libra, would strongly agree. We need each other this week. Together we are strong. Together we can pull each other out of the sinkhole.

    MONDAY’s Full Moon and the aspects that contextualize it and extend throughout the week are not all that fun or light-hearted. However, the energizing sextiles and trines to Mars and the Nodal axis makes possible a burst of powerful forward movement, allowing us to (strategically and responsibly) push through barriers and navigate confrontations.

    Mars can be difficult to work with at the best of times, but it has been particularly troublesome since ~May. And yet this week, with a direct Mars making its third and final conjunction with the South Node while sextiling the Full Moon and trining the Sun, WE FINALLY ARE READY TO GO. BRING IT.

    And if you want some further food for thought regarding any frustration or anger issues the week may present, here’s some excerpts from the book I’m currently reading…

    Oh yes, and on TUESDAY, the day after a conjunction with the Full Moon in Aries, Chiron slips out of Aries back into Pisces for a short review of watery wounds related to our feeling nature, our spiritual beliefs, and our faith in the interconnectedness of life. It left Pisces for Aries on April 17th 2018, and will return to Aries February 18th, 2019. Interestingly it makes this week’s shift together with Hygeia – two healers collaboratively working holistically with our inner wounds.

    Pluto stationed retrograde on April 22nd, and now will turn direct in Capricorn on SUNDAY. Pluto spends half the year retrograde as it moves ever so slowly through the zodiac, so this isn’t a huge deal (unless it is in close proximity to one of your personal planets). Its pivot moments can be noticeable however, as something once hidden or avoided, now comes to the surface to be acknowledged and addressed over the weekend.

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    PSA : Virgo is one of the MUTABLE signs (+ diary entries from a Saturnian poster child)

    Virgo Season is almost over! And so is the summer (for those in the Northern hemisphere). The September equinox arrives late on Saturday as the Sun crosses the threshold of 0 degrees Libra; aligning with the equator and splitting the day and night into two equal halves. We may be busy bees Friday and Saturday, getting some work wrapped up as the Sun and Mercury sit at the last degree of Virgo – like me, trying to squeeze in one last Virgo post that I’ve had on my heart to share before the Sun makes its exit.

    This is a post where I want to clear up some misconceptions and stereotypes about the essence of Virgo, the only mutable earth sign. Virgo is one of the mutable signs along with Pisces (water), Gemini (air), and Sagittarius (Fire).

    The 12 zodiac signs are divided into four elements (water, earth, air and fire), and they are also divided into three qualities (also called modalities or sign quadruplicities). This means that we have three signs belonging to each element and four signs belonging to each quality…


    I think that the elements of water, fire, and air are much easier to conceptualize as having mutable characteristics – spontaneous, transitory, ever-changing, flexible and adaptable. It is more difficult however, to imagine the element of earth having similar characteristics in terms of the zodiacal archetypes.

    Earth. This word brings to mind something firm, hard, unmoving, grounded, stable, foundational.

    It’s pretty easy to connect Taurus with the qualities of being fixed earth; loyal, consistent, stubborn, rooted and strong. Because of its fixed quality, Taurus is often considered the earthiest of earth signs.

    It’s also easy to understand Capricorn as a being a cardinal sign; as reflective of someone who initiates practical building projects and goal-oriented, stable long-term plans. Capricorns lead the way as they climb mountains and create structures from earth.

    Virgo though? A mutable earth sign? The widespread images of this sign often deny Virgo’s mutable nature.

    Before I go into this further, I want to share some diagrams to further your understanding of the elements and qualities of the 12 signs if you are unfamiliar with them. This is basic stuff, but it’s foundational and is often overlooked.

    Although the signs themselves are often studied in isolation and compartmentalized, the symbolism of astrology acquires so much more depth when you understand the organization of the zodiac and how each sign relates to one another based on their relative positions to each other in the wheel.

    As you can see below, the four cardinal signs (Capricorn, Cancer, Aries and Libra) form a cross when you connect them with 4x 90 degree square angles – the Cardinal Cross. The cardinal signs with their initiatory and energizing energy, launch the four solar seasons of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

    Using the tropical zodiac, the year’s two equinoxes (when the Sun aligns with the equator) occur at 0 degrees of the cardinal signs Aries and Libra. The year’s two solstices (when the Sun is furthest North or South) occur at 0 degrees of the cardinal signs Capricorn and Cancer.


    In sequential order, moving counter-clockwise around the zodiac, we encounter the four fixed signs, marking the middle of the seasons (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius). These too, form a cross in the zodiac wheel; the Fixed Cross.



    Continuing in sequential counter-clockwise motion, we reach the four mutable signs, representing the end of the four seasons with their transient nature of ‘in-between states’ (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces). When these four signs are connected to each other, they form the Mutable Cross (which can also be connected as a large square).



    Okay, now back to Virgo. Before providing a counter-argument, I will acknowledge the seed of truth in the fixed and rigid stereotypes of Virgo’s presentation with stories from my own life…

    I pretty much have no major planetary placements in earth OR fixed signs (with honourable mention to my Leo rising… which is ruled by my Sun in the mutable sign of Pisces). However, I do have a very prominent and rather challengingly placed Ceres in Virgo in my 1st house of the body (using quadrant houses).

    Ceres (an important asteroid) has a lot to do with our approach to self care (particularly as related to food), the 1st house has a lot to do with the physical body and appearance, and Virgo’s domain encompasses that of daily routines and rituals.

    Sometimes I wonder if my lack of earth or fixed placements has prompted this powerful Ceres (part of a mutable grand square in my chart) to bear the brunt of my need for groundedness (in addition to some other aspects)…. at any rate, I have a long history of obsessive rituals based around my physical self-care and eating habits (and my monitoring of my eating habits). Certainly when I was younger this veered into OCD territory.

    For example, as a child, I was so consumed with ensuring that I had cleaned my teeth thoroughly that I began to wear down my gums because I was brushing my teeth aggressively for 30+ minutes!

    My parents bought me this hilarious “toothbrushing timer” – a clock face situated in the middle of a giant tooth figure that sat on the bathroom counter.

    During my many years of dealing with digestive issues (Virgo rules the digestive system) it was recommended to me that I track my eating habits for a while to determine what foods were causing issues.

    I took this very seriously. I have found notebooks containing lists of every single thing I had eaten recorded every day for well over two years (this was before food-tracking apps existed)! This was completely unnecessary and furthermore, it became a detrimental habit that contributed to disordered eating patterns; cloaked and disguised beneath supposed health concerns. Virgo + list-making is a well known correlation.

    I could provide many more similar stories from my own life.

    I’m aware of these tendencies now and I try to circumvent these self-care habits before they become too rigid. And yet, for example, I still am quite particular and dedicated with my morning and evening self-care routines – I go to great lengths to avoid ever missing a day (however basic and minimal these routines may be). The consistency of these routines brings me some peace of mind as I close and begin each day.

    This all sounds like very “typical” Virgo stuff, a sign known for its perfectionist traits, its attention to detail and its tendency to fret and worry over the small stuff – especially on matters of hygiene, health, food, cleanliness, organization, meeting practical needs (e.g. financial concerns), time management and daily routines.

    So far, admittedly, I haven’t made a strong argument for Virgo’s mutability, flexibility and adaptability. It is true, that we may notice Virgo-types trying very hard to control their environment.

    Not all of them are focused on cleanliness, but most of them have a certain range of small details that they will focus in on, in an effort to manage their situation, especially when under stress. Maybe this involves sanitizing everything, maybe it involves cleaning obscure nooks and crannies, or maybe it involves a disastrously messy house (with its own particular order invisible to the external observer) that is covered wall-to-wall with post-it notes with directions, lists, warnings, and reminders.

    Virgo-types are built to prioritize. So it really depends at an individual and personal level, which particular small details of life are most important to them to monitor and manage. This apparent desire or urge to manage and control small aspects of daily life, can make Virgo-types appear inflexible and rigid.

    And yet… one of the highest expressions of their mutable and practical earthy essence is to respond to life’s constant change and transition by continually creating, and recreating, structured daily containers that can make the chaos of life more manageable in bite-size pieces.

    Interestingly this mutable characteristic may be one of the reasons many people with lots of Virgo in their chart don’t identify with the sign, because they feel like they are always working more with chaos and change, rather than finessing the art of organization.

    Let’s throw a high expression Virgo-type into a few scenarios of disruptive change and transition…

    →There’s a big storm and getting to a restaurant or a grocery store as planned is not an option. The power is out and there’s barely any food in the house.

    The Virgo-type immediately opens all the cupboards and the fridge and thoroughly assesses the situation. What resources can they find? What synthesis between limited ingredients can they orchestrate?

    In less an hour Virgo is herding everyone to a candle-lit table for a simple but nutrient-rich meal that makes the best out of what was available.

    →Due to health concerns and allergies, you need to drastically change your diet and cut out many common ingredients.

    Your thoughtful and attentive Virgo best friend is on it! They locate the best products and the most amazing recipes that accommodate your dietary restrictions – and they even deliver you a care package of homemade goods that you are able to eat. They offer to help you meal plan the week so that you feel less overwhelmed by the changes.

    →Finances are tight and a Virgo-type just moved to an empty apartment in a new city with only a few bags of clothing.

    The Virgo-type is immediately scouring yard sales, second-hand stores, and local online marketplaces for the best bargains. In a week or so they’ve collected an excellent collection of furniture. Admittedly some of chairs look like they’d shatter if a cat sat on them, but the Virgo-type has seen their potential. A few YouTube how-to videos later and they are as good as new.

    →A company just underwent a huge transition to respond to the ever-changing needs of clients. It’s a stressful time because there are a lot of new skill-sets that are required.

    After a long meeting with the boss to address their lengthy list of questions so that they thoroughly understand the new needs and demands, the Virgo-type quickly finds available courses that will increase the expertise of the employees. They create a detailed spreadsheet to organize the employees’ attendance so that there will be no great loss in productivity.

    I hope these examples highlight how RESOURCEFUL Virgo is.

    Incredibly resourceful. Virgo-types are skilled at honestly, analytically, assessing what raw resources and tools are available in any given situation, no matter how chaotic. They are gifted at being able to then collect and gather the very best of these resources and tools, and working on them/with them with complete dedication to the daily practice of an alchemical process – until these resources transform from their raw state into something that is purified, useful, serves others, improves the target issue, and supports health and wellbeing.

    Frequently minimalists who value simplicity, they prioritize only what is most useful. They hate wasting anything because they know that every resource has a potential order, placement or use-value.

    They have a sharp critical eye to spot what is unsustainable, inappropriate for the situation, or deteriorating in its use value within the context of the larger goal or response to a need. They appreciate quality and have high standards, but their minimalist tendencies are in accordance with their practical, mutable nature. They do not accumulate more than what they need, and they readily eliminate the extraneous components or things (probably through recycling programs) that are hindering their freedom to flexibly respond and adapt to the next chunk of raw chaos that life assigns to their magical alchemical process.

    They never risk becoming complacent (like Taurus may be prone to doing) because they have an innate awareness and understanding of the changing, transient nature of life. This may be part of the reason why Virgo-types like to stay busy all the time. Their activity to improve themselves, the work, the thing, or the situation, is partially prompted by a need to adapt to the constantly shifting sand we walk on.

    While it may sometimes feel like curse or a burden for the Virgo-type (and those around them) to constantly  be noticing what is missing, what is imperfect, what could be improved upon, it is also a marvelous gift and part of Virgo’s mutable nature to be dedicated to making fine corrective adjustments.

    The same traits which can make a Virgo-type more susceptible to being extra critical (of self and others), people-fixing, insecure perfectionists, worrying, and nit-picky complaining, also render them capable of amazing versatility and adaptability.

    They can be beautiful, humble healers and thoughtful, considerate caregivers; committed to serving others and helping people meet their practical needs, develop their skills, and take care of their health in the midst of change.

    When you imagine “mutable earth”, imagine wet, raw clay on a spinning potter’s wheel; constantly adjusting its shape in response to the slightest touch. You need a steady hand and a sharp eye to ensure your clay vessels become sturdy, upright containers.

    Here are three realities: 1) Life is not static – life is unpredictable on a daily basis and change is the only constant; 2) in any situation there are certain practical limits (e.g. limited resources, limited energy, limited time); and 3) all human beings (and the material world) have practical needs that must be met in order to thrive and express their potential.

    A Virgo-type knows these three truths deeply and organizes their response to life accordingly. So then why the seeming rigidity, resistance to change, and worrying about the future?

    The Virgo-type (and the Virgo in us all) really, really wants to be prepared. They are wired to respond to change with practical solutions and improvements, so they often try to outsmart uncertainty, to have answers and resources ready for possible scenarios and outcomes A, B, C…. P, Q, R… etc.

    The thing with life change – big change, little change, minuscule change – is we don’t know exactly how it will play out… what it will look like… what it will ask of us. So naturally, the Virgo-type, the Virgo in us all, may begin to worry and brace against the future instead of embracing it.

    The Virgo-type begins to wonder… will I be able to manage the changes that life brings? Will the situation demand more from me than I am able to adapt to? Will I be able to access the resources and the tools that I need to take care of the people who depend on me?

    The Virgo-type needs to learn to trust themselves. They were made for this! They are pros! They were designed for making the best of whatever raw materials they are given. They have the innate skill set for shaping life’s rough clay into a vessel with a purpose.

    When Virgo-types begin to doubt their capacity to cope with the constant adjustments that need to be made in response to change… or when they begin to feel overwhelmed by some major transition or uncertain outcome (especially when it is of an intangible emotional nature that cannot be addressed directly through practical means and hard work)… then the Virgo-type may start zeroing in obsessively on the tiny, manageable things that they CAN control, fix, or improve upon –>this for me is a clue that I need to check-in with a Virgo-type (and myself) and find out how they are really doing.

    Honestly, this isn’t just relevant for Virgo-types. It probably applies to most of us (who all have Virgo in our birth charts somewhere). The more uncertain, unmanageable, and out of control life situations become, the more we may tend to get consumed with expending a huge amount of energy trying to perfect things that really don’t matter in the big picture.

    We may think that strict dieting, obsessive daily exercise, and checking off our weekly to-do list will make everything better, when really it’s a distraction from (and a coping strategy for) the grief bubbling up from the major break-up or death we’ve just endured.

    We may think that the organizational task of arranging all our books, clothing, dishes, and mugs according to the color of their binding or material, is the major issue we have to deal with… but really it’s an effort to introduce order and calm to a life narrative that has been interrupted with the looming possibility of a difficult diagnosis.

    We may think, as I did as a child, that brushing our teeth for over 30 minutes until they are as clean as can be… will make us feel pure and whole, when really it is an effort to deal with life events that made us feel dirty, broken or not good enough as we are.

    These are examples of trying to adapt (indirectly) to change that has happened, is happening, or will happen. Many of us likely try to compensate in some manner when life feels wildly chaotic, by fixating excessively on insignificant details. Strong Virgo-types may do it more noticeably, or with a particular emphasis on themes of cleanliness, organization, food, health, and daily routines.

    Alternatively those with more of a Piscean orientation in their charts for example, may cope with disruption and change via substances and other mediums (e.g., video games, fiction, dissociative daydreaming), which enable them to emotionally and cognitively escape and numb their reality.

    Because productivity is so valued in mainstream society, the workaholic Virgo-type may receive more social approval, respect and validation for their coping strategy (allowing it to escape detection) in comparison to the Pisces-type coping strategy, but ultimately they may stem from the same root and serve the same purpose.

    No shame for coping strategies. No shame for doing the best you can in a challenging situation in order to gain a sense of mastery over your environment.

    And yet within us all, is the capacity to adapt to change without grasping, to respond effectively without bracing or escaping, to engage in processes of becoming while embracing states of just being, to recenter ourselves on what is truly most important – one day at a time.

    Virgo-types who trust in their mutable nature, have the potential to help lead the way in this regard, especially in terms of meeting practical needs in the midst of change.

    Virgo-types are tuned into the subtle changes in life rhythms and have the skills to make the “just right” adjustments necessary to match the beat.

    Virgo-types can bring coherence to the ordinary mess of daily existence in ways that promote healing, growth and well-being. They can move with chaos and bring practical solutions to transient scenarios; crafting routines of order and containment that shape shift as needed.


    A good reflective question for all of us who lean into Virgo-ness might be:

    Am I a servant to my routine, or is my routine serving the continual evolution and adaptation of myself and others, in the face of constant change?



    Before I share some personal experiences with having Saturn in my natal chart, I’ll point out that the reason I’m sharing them at this time is because we are entering into some challenging Saturn squares, active from about September 22nd ~ 25th, with the Full Moon harshly squaring Saturn on September 24th (Monday). An individual’s lived experience with a natal aspect to Saturn vs. a temporary global transit involving Saturn is different, and yet there are always going to be similar themes when we are working with the same archetype.

    I’ve been going through a lot of my old diaries from childhood recently in an effort to investigate and excavate the root causes of some of my conditioned behaviors and responses to life. This, by the way, is an example of how Jupiter transiting Scorpio in your 4th house of origins and personal history may manifest 🙂

    It was strange reading old diaries. Because I’m 20+ years older than I was at the time these words were written, it’s easier to see myself at a distance, objectively. And holy!!! What a perfect example of my natal chart was I, even at age 10. I was a Saturnian poster child.

    I often interpret the birth charts of famous people in this blog using key quotes or examples from their life history to illustrate the different ways they expressed their cosmic DNA. It felt oddly similar to when I research celebrities and get excited when stumbling across phrases that encapsulate the essence of their birth chart configurations.

    I have a Saturn-Moon opposition in my chart with Saturn in the 4th house in Sagittarius and the Moon in Gemini in the 10th house.

    Here’s a few example excerpts…


    I was 10 years old and I was worried about acquiring a “bad reputation”?! When did I even learn the word “reputation”??

    It makes sense though, in terms of my chart. Saturnian children are old before their time. The Moon (symbolizing our inner selves and need for emotional safety) is quite exposed in the 10th house (career, long-term goals, reputation, social roles/status) and is thus acutely sensitive to how others perceive the self in this position. Saturn (naturally associated with 10th house themes) can be very focused on reputation in its early manifestations.

    Failure, social embarrassment and humiliation, or being seen as doing something “wrong”, irresponsible, incompetent, or not being taken seriously, is often Saturn’s worst nightmare (as well as for those with a lot of Capricorn in their charts). Saturn’s expression often seems to be plagued with the “not good enough” syndrome.

    The archetype of Saturn is known for building walls and boundaries, literally and metaphorically, in all sorts of scenarios. Saturn creates space between self and others. Walls and boundaries are really important in life, but they can also be detrimental, punishing, divisive, isolating and growth-inhibiting.

    When Saturn makes contact with the sensitive Moon (as it will with Monday’s Full Moon in Aries), Saturn tries to protect this part of our inner being and emotional nature by building defensive walls around it and telling it to stay inside, to be self-sufficient and to not depend on others or to trust them.

    Saturn’s archetype in general, speaks to the existential loneliness of being individual human beings in the midst of a sea of people, walking through the world with an expiry date. We make friends, we build community, we interact with others, but we must ultimately walk our own path and bear the responsibility for our choices and actions.

    Therefore strong natal Saturn aspects (and key Capricorn and Aquarius placements), or major Saturn transits, can really embody this reality and highlight times of feeling like a loner, an outcast, a hermit, marginalized for one’s differences, or as someone living in exile or in isolation. An acute awareness of the passage of time and the limited scope of a human lifespan, is also an obvious characteristic (major Saturn transits often remind us that we are aging and getting closer to “the end”).

    Cappy, Aqua, and Saturnian folks, does this sound familiar?

    I never attended public school and I spent many hours watching children play from the other side of the window. Now as an adult, I still find myself feeling as though I am hiding indoors watching my peers engage with life. I am introverted to the max – this is somewhat a natural state of being, as well as a response to Saturnian inhibitions and fears.

    At its best, Saturn creates flexible protective boundaries that provide grounded definition, with doors for appropriate entry and connection with others. At its highest expression, Saturn (and the signs it rules, Capricorn and Aquarius) give us the strength to stand strong in our beliefs and principles against popular opinion, and to stay true to our calling, solid in our integrity, and firm in our authentic selves.

    I did not have a family that aggressively pushed ambitious goals on me (my mom in this story was trying to free me from my obsessions with setting and completing unreachable goals), but I was consumed from a very young age with trying to accomplish something BIG.

    Like, CONSUMED. It is really heartbreaking for me to read pieces like this. I just want to hug that little 10 or 12 year old and tell her to go play and be a child – she’d be doing her older self a favour! It’s also a little scary to what extent our child selves can still live within us; I still find myself thinking these types of thoughts over twenty years later.

    My family environment did not enforce standards for certain academic success, but I began winning prizes and applause for my writing at a very early age, which helped establish academic and written endeavors in my psyche as a path to external approval and validation (also, that’s just what a 10th house Gemini moon genuinely loves to do – share and exchange words and information with the public). My efforts really were not all that exceptional, however – e.g., the first prize-winning poem I wrote in grade one was about a little boy who died from eating a mouse.

    Anyway, in addition to my old diaries I’ve discovered list upon list upon list (written as early as childhood through to teen years) of everything I was going to accomplish by age 20, by age 30, by age 40… I didn’t get much beyond that because my aim was to be a super achiever at a young age – to break records by achieving great things as early as possible.

    I was going to have written a best-seller before age 20, I would have my own company by my mid-twenties, I would be a millionaire (of course), I would design and build my own earth-friendly house, I would change the world, I would get degrees at Harvard.

    Harvard University?? That seems so absurd to me now. The international student fees would have put tuition through the roof for me and there’s really no need for that based on my interests. But somewhere, probably in a movie, I had heard Harvard University spoken with reverent awe and decided that is where I must go. I lined up all the most elite, socially-approved goals I could think of. I would have had to never sleep in order to reach them all.

    I’m 32. Did I accomplish any of the numerous goals I had prescribed for myself at such a young age?

    hahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha. Nope. I’m living in my family home, unemployed and buried in student debt with three university degrees I’m not actively using, while I am still slowly recovering from a serious plunge into darkness a few years ago and tentatively (re)growing the faith and trust in my capacity for basic functioning in this bizarre human world. Maybe there’s one goal I checked off, I’m not sure.

    At any rate, all those early goals were really out of sync with my birth chart, which is set for more of a slow bloom later in life. We all have our particular speed, our own cycles, our own process, our own journey.

    Saturn, nataly or by transit, instills within, this sense that you have some important work to do in this lifetime on this planet – a certain type of test, challenge, mission, or project. You have something to “build” while you are here.

    I believe this is truth. I think we all do, have some important work to engage in while we are here.

    But what happens is that you have this really pressing, purposeful Saturnian urge to DO THAT THING YOU ARE HERE TO DO, but… maybe you’re not yet sure what it is or how to go about doing it. So that natural urge or inclination to embark on some important life mission gets co-opted by other people (e.g. family, society, culture, religion) who are only too happy to deliver you a list of goals to fulfill and landmarks to reach.

    So we are perhaps diverted from our path and dutifully we adopt these goals and standards, and set out to fulfill them and prove ourselves worthy of success. Buuuut…. maybe these goals are discordant with our nature, with our authentic self, with our life’s purpose and vocational calling. In which case, we are not tapping into the satisfaction and fulfillment we are seeking.

    Saturn’s (or Capricorn’s) activation in a chart can… a) create a workaholic obsessed with reaching a socially approved version of success that they’ll sacrifice everything for, while living with a huge amount of corrosive fear and guilt, or/and b) someone who is so terrified of risking failure on their Saturnian journey and falling short of some standard, that they are immobilized and stopped dead in their tracks, too afraid to even begin to try.

    People can lean to both extremes with Saturn, they may fall somewhere in the middle, or they may alternate periodically between the two responses.

    With Saturn (serious reality checks) squaring Jupiter (big dreams, an abundance of naive faith and trust in possibilities) in my birth chart, I have tended to alternate dramatically between the two extremes.

    When the infamous Saturn Return arrived as I turned 29, it enacted its duty to return me to my path and my life’s calling, eliminating all that distracted me from this direction with a fantastically awesome identity crisis.

    It wasn’t that what I was doing was completely antithetical to who I was. Indeed, born with Saturn in Sagittarius (a responsibility to aim high and to seek out knowledge and universal truths) opposite the Moon in Gemini in the house of career and reputation (a passionate love of learning, activities of communication, while being pulled in multiple different directions with many ideas and competing interests), my diary excerpts are no surprise. Neither was the busy, multi-tasking academic path I traveled for the duration of my twenties.

    However, my efforts were being driven by standards that were not birthed from within. At its best, Saturn encourages hard work and perseverance on the path of life – not for external validation but for the satisfaction and fulfillment of honouring your life’s purpose and giving expression to your inner nature in tangible ways that build a better world for us all.

    With some Uranian exceptions, Saturn and Capricorn types generally loooooove certifications of all kinds as well as letter grades, degrees, portfolio additions, extra lines on their resume, pieces of paper with a shiny star sticker and a signature of approval. The drive for “official” and “tangible” external validation and public recognition of accomplishments is intense.

    This certainly has been true for me. Now I ask myself to pause before I sign up for another course or certification or whatever. I ask myself: Do I really require this to move forward? Do I really want this?

    Am I chasing Saturn outside myself, when I should be discovering that archetype within myself?

    There is nothing wrong with certifications or getting external validation for achieving something. Quite often a Saturn transit will actually result in a breakthrough of success, a moment of graduation, the completion of some program or task after many months of hard Saturnian labour has been invested. Those moments are worth celebrating!

    However, I do think Saturn/Cap types need to be careful though, that they do not become too dependent on this form of approval and make their worth and value contingent on it.

    And yet, at my lowest, I know this sort of thing brings me a good pick-me-up. I will choose to enroll in something, work on something, so that yes, I can get that piece of paper with a shiny sticker that basically says “heeeeeyyyyy you are a competent person who can accomplish stuff” – but I do it with full awareness.

    Awareness is key to preventing compulsive conditioning from completely taking over your present moment agency and continued evolution.


    Okay! So that was a bunch of words about Saturn, shared honestly through the lens of my personal experiences with this archetype. Maybe some of these themes that I’ve already discussed will emerge strongly for you in the next few days with the upcoming squares to Saturn (especially those of you having your Saturn Return), exacerbated by the simultaneous opposition to Chiron in Aries.

    However, I thought I’d also give you a Virgoian bullet list of other typical manifestations of Saturn transits. Look to the house placement of early Capricorn in your birth chart for further insight into where you’re feeling Saturn.

    What challenges might you experience over the weekend and into the middle of next week?

    • Feelings of self-doubt, fears of failure, guilt, regret, discouragement… wanting external validation, approval, and public recognition… and possibly not receiving it or not being able to trust it (or conversely, finally receiving it after much effort).
    • Acceptance, love, support… appears conditional, like something you feel you must earn.
    • Your inner critic raging up a storm and beating you up from the inside out.
    • Experiencing judgement and rejection from others, being overlooked, forgotten and having your efforts go unappreciated (especially by authority figures, those older than you, or those you look up to).
    • External deadlines, responsibilities, rules, legalities, and expectations applying time pressure and consequences.
    • Bringing something to completion, encountering an ending or a closing of some kind.
    • Feeling pressured to make a tough ethical decision and act with integrity and honesty even though it will make you unpopular or make you feel vulnerable.
    • Feeling alone, lonely, isolated, and as though you need to do some big thing all on your own.
    • Closed doors, walls, boundaries, separations, distances between you and someone else (or society) – either intentional or undesired.
    • Realizing and experiencing the consequences and outcomes of past actions and effort in a cause and effect world, for better or worse; a time of reckoning or a major reality check. (e.g., last Friday’s continued #whyididntreport hashtag avalanche)
    • Making short-term sacrifices for long-term gain; making big decisions that impact the future.
    • Weighing pros and cons and determining top priorities as you consider multiple imperfect choices that each require necessary trade-offs and certain compromises.
    • A scarcity mentality (a focus on the limits of resources, money, energy, time).
    • Feeling stuck, trapped, like you are barely making progress despite your best efforts.
    • Feeling exhausted, lethargic, so tired and burnt out you can’t move.

    How can we grow through this?

    • Caring less about external validation and approval, and obeying our own compass; listening to our inner authority even if it marginalizes us.
    • Recognizing that we don’t have to wear our failures as a measure of our worth. “Failing” (or rephrased as: not achieving the outcome we were initially aiming for) is part of life and does not determine our value.
    • Being open to the possibility that forms of No (rejection, closed doors, loss of opportunity, loss of investment) can also contain within them a resounding Yes; thereby opening us up to other opportunities we would never have otherwise experienced.
    • Not letting pride, fear and guilt hold us back. There are times to be self-sufficient, and then there are times to ask for help and to reach out for connection and support.
    • Using our discernment to figure out what limits, what barriers and challenges are worth fighting, and which ones are asking us to honour these as reasonable boundaries, and to step back into alignment with who we are and the work that lies ahead.
    • Allowing the wisdom of our life experiences to grow us into reliable mentors and teachers and coaches for others going through tough shit.
    • Humbling ourselves to learn from those with the wisdom gained from relevant life experiences.
    • Setting long-term goals, but then reaching for Virgo-ness to break it into doable steps and focusing on one day at a time without getting overwhelmed by the magnitude of the bigger picture.
    • Trusting that a way forward will eventually open up.
    • Having a heart-to-heart with that mean voice in our head, that inner critic. After perhaps some curious inquiry into where and when they first stepped into their role and why they think berating us with cruel messages is really going to help or protect us… kindly ask them to step aside and stop sending your nervous system into a stressful flight, fight or shut-down mode in response to their internal threats.
    • Forgiving and feeling compassion for our squishy human selves doing their best. Every single human I know has times of feeling unworthy, inadequate, not measuring up, not being productive enough, feeling broken, feeling as though there is something wrong with them or they are not enough (or they feel that way 24/7)… it’s like an epidemic of shame and it seems like part of the human condition. But we can really get stuck in feeling like we are the most messed up and screwed over. Everyone’s situation is unique, and subjective experiences matter and are valid, but sometimes it helps to remember that suffering and struggling with “not being good enough” thoughts and feelings is wiiiiidespread. We’re in this together! So connect, rather than contract.


    Go easy, move gently into the coming week! Take care of yourself and each other ❤


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  • Cosmic Weather Bulletins

    WAKE UP!!! Now is the Time :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for September 17th – 23rd

    This afternoon someone walked into the business of someone I know, under orders of a landlord, to change the locks on the door because they were behind on rent.

    They knew that their business (which is a progressive community-oriented Aquarian initiative) had to be out of the building anyway, by the end of September, but this was certainly a jarring surprise. On one hand, maybe it was better to get the move over now if they could make the case for a grace period to relocate all the gear and many other items held in the space. This would admittedly free them up for the many other responsibilities they have on their plate for this month, and yet they weren’t really prepared to incorporate this thorny situation into this week’s busy schedule.

    On the plus side, they pulled off a much-anticipated, high-pressure business event this past weekend with resounding success – their most impressive event yet.

    Has anyone had any similar major breakdowns or breakthroughs this week?

    The final Mars-Uranus square perfects on TUESDAY, September 18th, but it has been strong throughout the past weekend and will echo throughout the rest of this week.

    If we zoom out for a big picture view using wide degree orbs, it’s actually been actively in play all summer since at least May 16th when the first square occurred just a day after Uranus’ ingress into Taurus, with another climatic moment on August 1st when the second square occurred during the Mars Rx.

    See any connections? I believe it was the week of May 16th when this person was first delivered the bad news that they would need to move their business out of the building by the end of September.

    The Mars-Uranus square is edgy, unpredictable, conflictual, impulsive, accident-prone, restless, pressurized, urgent, innovative, eccentric, unconventional, rebellious, revolutionary.

    As we near its peak on TUESDAY, you may notice the Mars-Uranus square expressing in your life in ways that pertain to matters of money, appropriate compensation, commitments and investments, ownership disagreements, divisions of land/property, bodily needs and desires, material possessions, technological advancement (Uranus in Taurus), vs. matters of collaborative efforts, community/team/group involvements, insider/outsider debates, and a desire for independence, progress and freedom (Mars in Aquarius).

    This year’s Mars-Uranus square, with all its surrounding context, is a big WAKE UP call.

    It’s like your alarm going off at 4:00 am in the morning on the most obnoxious setting possible – one that sounds like a dentist drilling into your brain. You stumble out of bed, throw the alarm clock against the wall in your frustration, and make your way toward coffee.

    Your alarm clock’s now broken. Every cell in your body is screaming at you to go back to bed. You accidentally use shaving cream as shampoo and acquire a new bruise on route to the kitchen.

    But you’re up. The alarm did what it was supposed to. Who cares if your clothes are on inside out? You’re on your way; racing to the airport to catch a plane headed for new and exciting places.

    That’s one example of Mars-Uranus in contact via a hard aspect.

    Mars-Uranus is certainly not about being patient, prepared, refined and graceful. Together they create a defiant and rough cosmic rebel.

    But they are often liberating, as much as they are surprising and unanticipated. Mars-Uranus together create a massive (sometimes explosive, cathartic) catalyst for fast-moving action and change.

    With this being the last of three Mars-Uranus squares in 2018, the way out, the way forward, may really be revealing itself in exciting new ways.

    Seize the opportunities that arise! Ride the energizing momentum! 



    But watch out that you don’t get whiplash as you leap quickly into action! Be careful that you don’t burn bridges that you’ll regret. Avoid mistaking an impulse toward an angry retort and dramatic action as a message straight from the core of your authentic truth – when it is actually a response infiltrated by conditioning acquired through past wounding.

    When Mars is activated like this, bodies and situations are easily provoked into inflammatory states (metaphorically and literally – stock up on cold sore cream and have an ice pack on hand?).

    Do though, be gutsy. Be brave. Be you, in all your glorious weirdness.

    Go for that thing, that slice of life, that radical life change, that innovative Uranian vision that has been calling your name since ~May 2018.

    Navigate the ruptures, the redirects, and the complications with the trusting certainty of a sailor at night who knows the stars in the sky like the back of their hand.

    Uranus in Taurus is a long-term life story, but this year we’re getting a real good taste of its exciting first chapter, probably closing with a cliff-hanger of sorts when Uranus backs up into Aries for one last encounter with fire November 6th, 2018 – March 6th, 2019, before committing to a 7-year journey through Taurean earth.

    UPDATE: Later on in the day the business owner had a productive conversation with the landlord and worked out a new arrangement for payment. Mars is direct now and Saturn is still trining Uranus, providing stability and structure to unexpected developments. I hope your Mars-Uranus narrative meets with the same type of convergence toward positive new solutions!

    THURSDAY – FRIDAY  (September 20th – 21st): 

    Mercury conjoins with the Sun at the fringe edges of Virgoland on Thursday. This is its superior conjunction, as opposed to its inferior conjunction which occurs when Mercury is retrograde.

    Mercury and Venus are the only two planets who have a superior and inferior conjunction with the Sun at some point during the year, because they are the only two planets that are closer to the Sun than Earth – thus they are capable of traveling in-between the Sun and the Earth (which is what is happening during their inferior conjunctions).

    The inferior conjunction symbolizes a new moon-type beginning, while the superior conjunction symbolizes a full moon-type culmination point (when Mercury is far away from us on the other side of the Sun in the order of Mercury-Sun-Earth).

    The superior conjunction (also called a cazimi when it includes the sun) takes place while Mercury and the Sun trine Juno on Friday, the asteroid of partnerships, commitments, contracts, and third-party dynamics.

    What knowledge, what information, what communication are you now channeling into your self-actualization and path of personal development as you uphold the commitments and contracts you value?

    SATURDAY – SUNDAY (September 22 – 23):

    The Sun and Mercury leave Virgo to enter Libra on Saturday, the sign of artistic and harmonizing symmetry, inclusive peace and justice, interpersonal social skills and everyone-let’s-be-friends.

    As the Sun passes 0 degrees Libra, we experience the Fall equinox in the North as the Sun aligns with the equator marking the first day of Fall for those in the Northern hemisphere, and the first day of Spring for those in the Southern hemisphere.

    FYI, the 360 degree zodiac wheel most commonly used, is cut up into 12x equal 30 degree pie slices based on the Sun’s movement along the ecliptic using the year’s two equinoxes and two solstices as important markers for the beginning of the cardinal signs. The zodiac’s 12 divisions are named after constellations, but they don’t actually align perfectly with their various configurations of all different sizes in the sky.

    From Saturday, September 22nd – Thursday, September 27th, the Sun and Mercury will make the same series of rather challenging aspects that will contextualize next week’s full moon in Aries on Monday.

    Mercury is now ahead of the Sun and will lead the way with an opposition to Chiron in Aries on Saturday, and a square to Saturn and trine to Mars on Sunday. The Sun will quickly follow suit beginning with an opposition to Chiron on Sunday.

    I have a post planned for the weekend with more detail, but we’re really feeling some sort of time crunch as we head toward the weekend. Some major responsibility, reality check, or frustrating challenge, barrier, or consequence is beginning to assert its gravity in our lives, even if it only reaches its full potency early next week.

    …is beginning to…?

    Honestly, ever since Saturn entered Capricorn at the end of 2017, we may have had a sense of slowly crawling along like cold molasses going up a hill. There may be dynamic change occurring in some parts of our lives sure, but Saturn is not chilling in the same place where erratic change-making Uranus is pongo-bouncing along in our charts (although via a trine, they have been supporting each other’s efforts somehow in recent weeks).

    The house ruled by Capricorn in our birth charts – or the one containing the slow, slow plodding transits of Saturn and Pluto – has been charged with an important long-term mission that will probably take at least several years to really begin to see the full fruit of our efforts and labour. We need to be investing in the foundations now, even if no one else understands the blueprint we are working with, or can see the finished building we envision with our mind’s eye.

    The squares to Saturn over the weekend and into early next week, remind us of the area of our chart where we are ever so slowly foundation-building. This isn’t a new issue, but it can be a troublesome one. It could bring some discouragement, loneliness, some gruelling difficult and necessary tasks, while the oppositions to Chiron in Aries highlight some insecurities and wounds related to our capacity to tackle challenges, take risks, act on our desires, and address conflict.

    It’s okay to be a construction site. We all are.

    This week is a bit pull-push. Mars and Uranus are currently asking for a speedy response and fast-acting change, and Saturn’s awaiting us at the end of the week to slam on the brakes.

    Harness the trines to Mars to stay the course with determination. Demonstrate what this mission really means for you, and why and what you are willing to sacrifice for it.

    Or, make a revision to your building plan if Saturn sends a loud no, or a closed door, in order to re-center you on the truth of who you are and why you are here.

    More on that later.

    P.S. I noticed some really obvious friction and themes around money, possessions, ownership, and “fair and just” compensation mid-last week with the disruptive Venus-Uranus opposition. Did you?

    It’s easy to get distracted by the love and relationship themes when Venus is involved, but considering the signs and planets at work, I shouldn’t have been surprised to observe the money/possessions component of Venus in Scorpio (and Venus-ruled Taurus) to be quite strong, with relational dynamics as a side story or framework for this.

    Pssst… for additional and more frequent cosmic weather updates, follow Lilith Rebellion on Instagram and Facebook. To receive a weekly cosmic weather overview by email, subscribe to Lilith Rebellion email updates. The week’s cosmic weather forecast will be published on the blog every Monday, with periodic additional posts to mark important cosmic events. 

  • Cosmic Weather Bulletins

    New Moon in Virgo & Playing with Giants :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for September 10th – 16th

    There are some major outer planet aspects occurring and being sustained this week. There’s a continued earth trine between Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus (at 1-2 degrees), as well as the longstanding Jupiter – Pluto sextile (at 18 degrees of Scorpio + Capricorn respectively) perfecting on Tuesday, along with the separating Jupiter-Neptune trine.

    Interestingly, essentially all of the faster-moving, more personal planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars – along with the Moon of course) are hitting degree points that activate and highlight these slower cosmic dynamics, with their deep, long-lasting, yet subtle correlations.

    It’s like children playing around giant statues; imbuing their solemn gravity with new life and perspective.

  • Cosmic Weather Bulletins,  Personal Reflections

    Saturn Stations Direct & Sun Opposite Neptune :: Time is Weightless

    Saturn stationed direct Thursday morning (September 6th) after being retrograde since April 17th.

    Saturn is about connecting with our inner authority, our deepest purpose, and living out our personal mission with integrity and determination in a difficult decaying impermanent world of time and space. Saturn is about building our most important life projects in a way that will leave a supportive legacy for those who follow.

  • Cosmic Weather Bulletins

    Building Bridges & Boats :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for September 3rd – 9th

    This is an image of a table topper at a small cafe in the region I visited at the end of August – “You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.”


    This week is full of strong forward-moving earth energy. Mercury joins the Sun when it enters Virgo on WEDNESDAY, quickly moving into position to complete the Grand Earth Trine with Uranus in Taurus and Saturn (newly direct as of THURSDAY) in Capricorn on FRIDAY. This grounded transit is echoed by the Moon which enters the trine formation on SATURDAY. Then there is the New Moon in Virgo taking place on SUNDAY, September 9th, cleansing us from the summer’s eclipse lunations with a new cycle, power-packed with motivating support from Pluto and Jupiter.

  • Cosmic Weather Bulletins,  Personal Reflections

    Mars Direct in Capricorn :: Slowly Building Momentum Again

    Heeeeey! I’ve missed a couple forecasts. The last one I did was August 13th, almost 3 weeks ago, before I left for a WiFi-deficient location for 12 days.

    My current lunar return chart (which encompassed most of August) showed a very strong 12th house emphasis. As it activated, I was curious how that would express in my life. It soon became clear after I spontaneously responded to an invitation to spend some time at a friend’s place by the ocean. I initially thought it was going to be only a 3-4 day trip, but gradually, in a typical go-with-the-flow Piscean/12th house way, it was extended to 12 days.

    I returned to the city under the Pisces Full Moon (on August 26th) in time for Mars to go direct the next day, in my 6th house of work and daily responsibilities. I came back to the city with new insight on what made me feel alive and full of vitality in my day-to-day life.

  • Cosmic Weather Bulletins

    Practical Nurturing, Supportive Relationships, & the Transformative Seasons & Shapes of Love :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for August 13 -19

    In our lives there are times of abundant harvest, times of cold winter, of exuberant blossoming and of cautious contraction. As we pass through these seasons, so do our relationships – with each other, with lovers, with family, with friends, and with the circumstances of the life worlds we inhabit.

    To navigate these transient time periods with ease, is to remain open and flexible as we stand at these ever-shifting intersections between us… and everything and everyone else who meets us at our edges.