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    Eclipse Season Storm :: The Flash-to-Bang Corridor


    The Sun is currently passing over the South Node in Capricorn, marking the mid-point of this eclipse season storm. We are still right in the thick of things.

    Have you ever counted the seconds between lightning and thunder? To figure out how far away the lightning is?

    Light travels faster than sound. The rumbling thunder is the vibrating sound, the sonic shock wave, resulting from the lightning’s intense electrical discharge being forced through air particles in the atmosphere, expanding them with its heightened pressure and temperature.

    The time lapse between seeing the lightning and hearing the thunder, is referred to as the flash-to-bang measurement.

    Divide the number of seconds counted between seeing lightning and hearing thunder, by five. If you are at sea level, the resulting number equates to roughly how many miles away the lightning is.

    Five seconds counted between lightning and thunder? That means the lightning is about one mile away.

    The moment in-between our experience of these two associated phenomenon of lightning and thunder, is electrically charged, dynamic, unstable, anticipatory.

    A breath held, a prayer whispered, a thrill down the spine, a cold shudder, a dash for cover, hands over ears, a pregnant pause.

    Eclipses come in pairs every six months.

    During an Eclipse Season Storm, lasting for approximately 36 days, the first eclipse is like the lightning. This would be January 5th’s solar eclipse new moon at 15 degrees Capricorn.

    The corresponding eclipse that follows, is like the thunder. This would be early January 21st in Leo, (or Jan. 20th for many of you depending on time zone).

    In between the two, is the 2-week eclipse portal; the flash-to-bang measurement.

    A slice of life sparking with destabilizing shifting energies of fast-moving, uncertain change that are being forced, with great, deep, aching, stretching rumbles, through a narrow space-time channel into human existence.

    The first quarter moon in Aries on Sunday (January 14th) created the pivoting moment in the journey up through this two-week portal. A sharpening of anticipation, and a time to take deliberate action.

    The eclipse storm ripples out in both directions for about a 36-day period, but it is the two weeks of flash-to-bang that are arguably the most energetically charged.

    Exciting? Sure, perhaps. Storms can be quite exciting. An exhausting disorienting whirlwind? Also a possibility.

    Where’s Capricorn in your chart? Where’s the storm zone? What house does Capricorn rule (i.e. what house cusp does it cover?), and if you use a quadrant house system as I do, additionally, where might ~13-23 degrees of Capricorn land for you if not the same house?

    This area of life will be stormy, intense and deeply transformative for a while yet. It will likely be utterly deconstructed, and then completely rebuilt in the coming years.

    This eclipse season is just making some LOUD initial announcements about what we can continue to expect in the next 2 years or so… as Saturn, Pluto and the South Node, dance within a few degrees of each other, building to their much anticipated January 12th, 2020 conjunction at 22°47″ Capricorn, paving the way for Jupiter’s Cappy journey that will launch a month prior.

    The Capricorn storm zone is occurring in my 5th house of creative self-expression, so the themes of the two eclipses (the other in creative Leo) blur together a bit for me.

    As the Capricorn eclipse took place in the dark sky last week (the lightning strike), I put some art I had made, online for sale. I don’t really expect it to go anywhere right now, but the very act of making it public online was the achievement of a personal goal for me – the beginning of a much longer-term dream.

    I’ve also recently returned to (and nearly completed) a drawing instructional book that I’ve tried to finish a million times since I was a child basically, called Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.

    The book is so brilliant. I’m really quite astounded by my progress. The before and after drawings of others who have taken the author’s course as well, attest to the effectiveness of her teaching .

    Drawing is a vulnerable thing for me.

    After high school, I was headed to art school. I began to prep an application portfolio.

    My dad at this time, made an ever so innocent comment… or confused question… which got a bit stuck in my psyche. He was wondering why I was applying to art school. He was surprised. He pointed out that I had not spent my childhood drawing and painting.

    He wasn’t against it per se, just puzzled at my choice.

    My art focus didn’t involve a lot of drawing and painting. I loved textile art, mosaics, mixed media collages… My drawing was, indeed, rather awkward with little sense of perspective or proportion.

    My dad’s dad (my grandfather) was a skilled painter. My dad had been chasing his dad’s love, acceptance, and approval with his painting and drawing efforts for many years; his easel forever set up in the basement, trembling and getting dusty on a foundation of self-doubt.

    That’s often how it works though, isn’t? Those repeating patterns, that stubborn conditioning, and the unsatisfied generational chain-links of parental approval-seeking in the psyche, being passed on.

    It really was an innocent comment, but for me it indicated that my dad didn’t “see me” as an artist. And so, persuaded by a few other influences, my path diverted somewhere more “academic”.

    I don’t believe that anyone needs to be able to create realistic drawings to be considered an artist, but still, teaching myself how to draw is a reclamation of sorts for me.

    The book asserts that drawing is really about SEEING things as they are, learning how to truly deeply see (and to trust what we are seeing), rather than perfecting some technical skill. I’m drawing things that have life in them! And I’m so excited about it.

    But of course the Sun met shadowy Pluto last Friday (January 11th) in my 5th house, and I was embarrassed and dismayed by the lack of affirmative response I received from people close to me when I showed them my drawings.

    I mean, they responded positively, but the drawings are still sketchbook experiments, not van Gogh. There honestly is no way they could have responded in a way that would have been “enough” for me, because my sense of vulnerability was so heightened.

    I feel dumb sharing this really, because it is so minor. But my response being so disproportionate to the interaction, alerted me to a red flag that I had touched on a deeper issue.

    I walked it off while reflecting on Sun-Pluto, and reminding myself how Pluto is so good at bringing the past into the present moment, whether we are conscious of it or not (and hopefully we ARE conscious of it, or we will project that shit on to others).

    I was working with “old stuff”, old insecurities and identity narratives about not being “a person who could draw”, about not being an artist (plus the Sun and Saturn/Capricorn often have father associations). I offered myself my own compassion and validation, and told myself that it was always a hard but courageous thing to shift old identity beliefs and frameworks, and to try new things.

    I share this because maybe many of you had similar emotions arise in response to completely different themes and circumstances. A lot of people in my life are having very intense long-term Pluto transits to personal planets or points, so the few days of this Sun-Pluto transit showed up quite vividly for others around me.

    Astrology is really wonderful at helping to create more space “between stimulus and response”, between the emotional trigger and our habitual reactions. Some positive astrological self-talk can help when you’ve made the connection.

    Locate your “Cap storm zone” in your chart, monitor this thematic area of life for the next couple of years according to its house themes, and then offer yourself compassion, as this area of life deeply and thoroughly, is challenged, excavated and rebuilt.

    I was trying to figure out when the #HowHardHasAgingHitYou viral challenge had taken off. This trend of posting your first facebook profile or a photo from 10 years ago, alongside a recent photo, is very Sun-Pluto. I’m not certain, but it seems to have started blowing up feeds within a few days of the Sun-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn on January 11th.

    How hard has aging hit you?!

    Capricorn rules time and aging. The Sun is our vitality, our ego, our obsession with selfies. Pluto is the god of Hades, ruling over mortality, raw uncomfortable truth, the human condition, the human shadow, human fear and vulnerability, and the alchemy of transformation.

    How appropriate then, that during this amped-up Cap Season, millions of people are prompted to confront the truth of their aging faces and bodies with side-by-side photos, ~10 years apart?

    I also read articles suggesting that this trend had been planted to contribute the improvement of facial recognition algorithms. One article on this topic concluded by emphasizing some of Capricorn’s favourite words – respect, due diligence, sophistication:

    The broader message, removed from the specifics of any one meme or even any one social platform, is that humans are the richest data sources for most of the technology emerging in the world. We should know this, and proceed with due diligence and sophistication.

    Humans are the connective link between the physical and digital worlds. Human interactions are the majority of what makes the Internet of Things interesting. Our data is the fuel that makes businesses smarter and more profitableWe should demand that businesses treat our data with due respect, by all means. But we also need to treat our own data with respect. (Kate O’Neill for Wired)

    This article speaks to Mercury in Capricorn (applying to a conjunction with Pluto), Pluto’s paranoia, and the potential darker motivations beneath a seemingly innocuous facebook game (Pluto). You don’t have to go far to find many examples of this Cap Season tense shake-up (or shut-down) in news headlines this month.

    Just the day before the Sun’s conjunction with Pluto, as it traveled that thorny 8-degree corridor between Saturn and Pluto, a mentor in my life asked for my permission to “hold me accountable” (Saturn) with taking action toward something that scared me (Pluto).

    This is so aligned with the astro. I know a few people who are experiencing a similar type of accountability dynamic.

    I gave my permission because I trusted her to not shame me into doing something, but rather to apply some gentle pressure and reminders to ensure I didn’t back away.

    Astrologers have repeatedly highlighted the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of January 12th, 2020, but these are slow moving planets – really, the conjunction is active right now.

    It will grow more intense as we near January 2020, but it is active all year as the planets repeatedly come within 5 degrees of each other – both playing tag with the South Node, which likes to bring all our excesses and comfortable defenses to light, so that we can address them and grow.

    How will we be held accountable as individuals and as societies, for our actions, for our growth, for how we manage our resources, for facing down fears to do the right thing, the hard thing, the true thing? How can we intentionally hold ourselves and each other accountable, with love and grace?

    How might we learn to accept natural and just consequences and outcomes for our past actions and effort, both those favourable and uncomfortable – and then move forward pragmatically with wisdom and courage?

    Capricorn is associated with the past, with history, and with tradition. But at its highest expression this doesn’t mean that Capricorn energy remains stubbornly stuck in the past, refusing to grow. Rather, Capricorn has great respect for what history and the passage of time can teach us, and for the wisdom that elders and older mentors can impart to us.

    Capricorn looks to the tangible past with a discerning eye, in order to build a better future with a realistic understanding of earthly limitations and constraints.

    How can we learn from the past, from our ancestors, in order to stop repeating detrimental patterns, while also healing and building on the solid foundations, the ancient knowledge, that exists beneath the ruins and chaos?

    Self-care, and mutual care-giving, is essential for a Capricorn journey that requires us to sustain our endurance and pace our energy expenditure over the long-haul.

    This current eclipse season, and especially this eclipse portal between eclipses, this flash-bang channel, has been… exhausting. Somewhat volatile for many. I’ve been energetically flattened. I feel like I have massive jet lag. What about you?

    Find your ground.

    Stabilize to refuel while opening up to welcome whatever the unpredictable storm winds are blowing in.


    The upcoming total lunar (full moon) eclipse is the last in the Leo-Aquarius series. Eclipses occur when the Sun is near the North or South end of the nodal axis (every 6 months).

    The nodal axis was in Leo and Aquarius beginning May 9th, 2017 (with a foreshadowing early Leo eclipse on February 10th, 2017), and then the nodal axis transitioned into Cancer and Capricorn about 18 months later on November 6th, 2018.

    Eclipses can occur whenever the Sun is within 18 degrees of either end of the nodal axis. Thus, we often experience an overlap with our eclipse series because a zodiac sign spans a distance of 30 degrees.

    Therefore, even though the nodal axis is now firmly in Cancer and Capricorn at about 26 degrees (moving backwards), it is close enough to the Leo-Aquarius border that we will get one more eclipse on this zodiacal axis – the total lunar eclipse in Leo on January 20th/21st, just as the Sun leaves Capricorn to launch Aquarius Season.

    This lunar eclipse is the corresponding full moon culminating match to the Leo solar new moon eclipses that occurred on August 21st, 2017, and August 11th, 2018.

    What creative project, self-actualization effort, heart-centered passion pursuit, has been beating your heart’s drum since early 2017, according to your chart’s Leo house? Are you seeing a culminating moment of that fiery dream leaping into full manifestation this month?

    The Leo lunar eclipse, squaring the erratic, bold and liberating action-oriented Uranus, occurs simultaneously with a sugary and spicy Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius, square Neptune (exact on January 22nd), and a cardinal Mars-Saturn square (exact January 21st).

    The creative forces of connection, love, unity, harmony, pleasure, risk-embracing naive faith, and optimistic dreamy expansion, are powerful… but so too, is the pressure, friction, divisive separating impulses, as well as the themes of heavy constriction, struggle, duty, and responsibility.

    This is a potent springboard, nevertheless. Use it wisely.


    P.S. This upcoming lunar eclipse has a few dramatic descriptive adjectives connected to it. I want to point out that during ALL total lunar eclipses, the full moon will have a red tinge to it because it is reflecting the sun’s light hitting its surface through the Earth’s atmosphere. This means they are dramatically called “blood moons” in the media, but you can also just call them a total lunar eclipse. Same thing.

    Furthermore, this lunar eclipse/ full moon is closer to Earth than other full moons (i.e. near to the Moon’s perigee point in its elliptical orbit) which has earned these lunations a “super” prefix, and this is worth taking into interpretative consideration, but it is not really a rare occurrence 🙂


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    Solar Eclipse in Capricorn :: Wolves & Bones

    Yesterday we had a solar eclipse (new moon) in Capricorn. A south node eclipse, indicating a release or a closed door of sorts, even as the Moon was being rebirthed in the heart of the Sun. It was a thorny one, cornered between stern Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, and an ever non-compliant, non-negotiable, powerful Pluto, the mythic god of the underworld.

    The eclipse themes are serious, somber, heavy; offering a new beginning of a long-term endeavour, predicated on an ending of sorts.

    In the last few days, I’ve seen some overwhelm, some frustration, some tragic losses, as well as some really promising opportunities materializing – an invitation for success if the necessary effort is invested and a commitment is fully embraced.

    With Uranus stationing direct in Aries, the day after the eclipse, some unexpected jolts and surprising, uncanny synchronicities may dance on the zipper of your Capricornian travel pack.

    The Moon is still traveling through Capricorn as I write this, disseminating the charged vibrations. The disorienting whir of eclipse season continues for several more weeks, culminating with the last eclipse on the Leo-Aquarius axis – a total lunar (full moon) eclipse in Leo on January 20th.

    Therefore extend the relevance of all the Capricorn Solar Eclipse forecasts outward into the future until the end of January at least (with ramifications rippling out 6 months further to the corresponding full moon, especially if any natal planets are affected).

    There is so much I’d like to share about Saturn and Capricorn, as I am quite fascinated by Saturn’s symbolism and the two signs that are aligned with this great planet of time and space. However, currently I’m feeling quite absorbent, soaking up the wisdom of Saturnian elders. Tonight I’d like to share a few of their insights with you, with more to come.

    I think the images and words speak for themselves…











    I decided to write about Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ story of La Loba, the Wolf Woman, a few days ago. Then yesterday, the morning of the eclipse, I noticed Elizabeth Gilbert had recently been featured on the Moth podcast, telling her story of watching her wife die from cancer.

    I listened to it. And I highly recommend it. It’s dryly funny, and heart-breakingly sweet, as much as it is raw.

    It is also very resonant with the energy of this eclipse on many levels. Elizabeth has a Cancerian Sun and Mercury, with a Virgo Moon (the eclipse was opposite her Mercury and Sun). Her nurturing spirit comes through vividly in her depiction of these final days, while her description of her wife captures so much of this non-conformist Saturn-Pluto-South-Node-Cap vibe in full splendor.

    The story itself – one of human vulnerability, life, death, time, commitment, facing our limits, letting go, dark humour, devoted love, determination and grit – is well aligned with this eclipse in a sign that rivals only Scorpio with its acute awareness of mortality and impermanence.

    And the title of Elizabeth’s spoken story? Alpha Wolf.


    The story of La Loba, who sings life back into the bones of wolves, struck me as a reflection of the nodal axis’ transit through Cancer and Capricorn (an 18-month journey which commenced on November 6th, 2018).  Capricorn as the dry bones, the life structures, and Cancer as the waters of life, the soul-song that fleshes the wolf out.

    As Jessica Murray writes, with Saturn, we want to manifest this energy in the direction of inside-out, externalizing the sense of purpose birthed internally, gathering our bones and singing them back to life, rather than hiding beneath another animal’s skin.

    Popular conceptions of Capricorn/ Saturn as a workaholic, materialistic, greedy, capitalistic, exploitative, patriarchal, power-hungry, conniving big boss CEO-type, trampling on everyone beneath them to get to the top of a socially-approved mountain while persistently holding up traditional hierarchies and systems to the world’s detriment… is a distortion of this energy.

    This is Capricorn’s shadow. Not its Truth, not its positive potential.

    With Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node transiting Capricorn over the next 2+ years, we will have many opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of this soulful sign, to integrate the nourishment of Cancer with the dry bones of Capricorn, and to live from the inside-out.

    Of course Capricorn is also the sea-goat with the fishy tail, deeply connected with Source water even if it forgets this sometimes.

    What Capricornian shadows are coming up for you already, so that you can address them? In what ways have you internalized the external? In what ways have you structured your identity narrative and life goals around someone else’s expectations, or to earn society’s approval? How might your psyche still be trying to prove your worth and value to a caregiver, mentor, or peer from childhood? How might your choices and actions be subconsciously influenced by a desire to avoid any risk of public judgement, rejection, or failure at all costs?

    As a Saturnian person I’m sure I will forever be reflecting on these questions, but perhaps gathering bones is, after all, a lifelong pursuit.


  • Learn Astrology,  Personal Reflections

    Venus as a Morning Star

    Astro blogging is beginning to assert its persistent pull on me again. My communicative Gemini Moon in the public-oriented 10th house, must be nourished and fed! Sharing my writing with the world is one way that I have consistently fulfilled that inner drive.

    My other medicines for this season of life have included: lots of reading (with a heavy dose of Pema Chodron), reflecting on the complex meanings of “spiritual surrender”, making art, revisiting some wonderful reassuring chapters on 12th house progressed moon passages through Leo (my current predicament – or opportunity – of cloistered, creative, and confused wandering)… and, early morning pre-dawn walks, communing with Venus.

    We are currently traversing what Adam Gainsburg calls the “Fullness Phase” of the current 19-month Venus cycle, which commenced with its rebirth (an interior retrograde conjunction with the Sun) on October 26th, at 3 degrees Scorpio.

  • Astrological Autoethnography,  Personal Reflections

    Anhedonia, Self-Sabotaging, & Venus’ Retrograde Journey through Scorpio

    An Update

    The last time I wrote a post was October 3rd, 2018. I told readers to look out for the upcoming Venus rx cosmic travel guide which would be available in the next couple days… and then nothing. I had worked for days on it and got about 40 pages done with lots of explanations and teaching diagrams, and then… was overcome by anxiety and self-doubt about the value of what I wanted to communicate.

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    Venus in Scorpio & the Power of Womxn’s Anger :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for October 1st – 7th

    Good evening! I’ve been busy behind the scenes of Lilith Rebellion, working on upgrading the structural foundations of my website.

    I recently realized that I launched Lilith Rebellion (unintentionally) at the time of the inferior conjunction of Venus and the Sun, during Venus’ last retrograde period in the spring of 2017. The inferior conjunction is considered to be the birth place of each 584-day Venus Synodic cycle.

    Lilith Rebellion began as a personal blog; an outlet for my love of astrology and the angst of my Saturn Return. However, it has gradually become… something else. I’m not entirely sure where it is headed, but as our current Venus cycle begins to wrap up, it has become clear to me that my online platforms and branding needed an upgrade.

    We are just about to birth another Venus Synodic Cycle – beginning on October 26th when Venus passes through a conjunction with the Sun during Venus’ retrograde, which starts this FRIDAY. How exciting! Truly, I think it is, even though I don’t expect this Scorpionic Venusian deep dive to be easy.

    Aside from Venus stationing retrograde on FRIDAY, we have Mercury squaring Pluto today along with the third quarter moon in Cancer (TUESDAY), Jupiter clearing its post-retrograde shadow in Scorpio on SATURDAY, and the Sun conjunct Ceres in Libra on SUNDAY.

    TUESDAY’s Mercury square to Pluto punctuates Pluto’s direct station this past weekend. Our perception of reality, our thought processes, and our conversations with others, may be intense, triggering, defensive, suspicious, paranoid, investigative, wrestling with heavy topics, or dwelling obsessively on a particular fear or concern. We may also be braving fears and inhibitions to bring something hidden into the light, or we could be accessing deeper strengths and energetic resources to apply our selves to a busy Mercurial task. Whatever it may be, words received, exchanged, or processed, have an extra layer of gravity and meaning today.

    The third quarter moon in Cancer squaring the Sun in Libra, taps into our emotional need for safety as it prompts us to prioritize relationships that support us, as well as acts of self-care that renew us, as we head into the dark moon time.

    Aside from today’s aspects, Venus stationing retrograde really steals the show this week. And yet, you’ve probably already begun to receive clues as to the retrograde’s key themes throughout the preceding month of September as Venus traversed her pre-retrograde territory.

    I live in Canada and I tend to be at arm’s distance from US news, especially since closing a few of my personal social media accounts a while ago. When I wrote my Monday forecast last week, highlighting anger and frustration (for the Aries Full Moon square to Saturn), I wasn’t really aware of the Kavanaugh hearing and I wasn’t anticipating the surge of womxn’s frustration and anger which rushed to the surface, as captured in many news headlines. Womxn’s anger was certainly palpable last week, and understandably so.

    And yet this public conversation or focus on womxn’s anger began earlier in the month, on September 8th, when tennis star Serena Williams visibly and verbally expressed her frustration on court in response to a dispute with the chair umpire over whether or not she had been receiving coaching from the sidelines.

    Williams was then further ‘punished’ for her expression of anger and calling the umpire out for sexism, with additional penalties that lost her the game. Many were quick to point out the gendered double standard and that a male tennis player would not have been penalized in the same way.

    Tennis champion Billie Jean King tweeted the following in support of Serena Williams:

    When a woman is emotional, she’s “hysterical” and she’s penalized for it. When a man does the same, he’s “outspoken” & and there are no repercussions. Thank you, @serenawilliams, for calling out this double standard. More voices are needed to do the same.”

    The day of Williams’ game on September 8th, Venus (feminine, yin, harmony, peace) was squaring Mars (masculine, yang, anger, confrontation) at the 29th crisis degree of Libra and Capricorn, respectively. Venus was exactly conjunct Williams’ natal Mercury (communication) as it perfected its square to Mars!

    This Venus-Mars dynamic is one that will repeat several more times in the coming months. It is one of the major aspects of this Venus retrograde.

    Serena Williams is strongly venusian with a 7th house Venus as both her chart ruler (i.e., the ruler of her Taurus ascendant) and the dispositor of her many Libra planets including her Sun (Venus rules both Taurus and Libra).

    Mars energy is also really strong in her chart, with her natal Mars tightly squaring her natal Venus (the same aspect that was occurring globally on the day of the match) and Venus placed in Scorpio – a Mars-ruled sign (the same sign where the retrograde will begin). It’s common to see a strong Mars signature among athletes and competitors.

    Williams boldly confronted the umpire (Mars), but she also comforted and supported her opponent Naomi Osaka (Venus) as the crowd booed Osaka in protest of Williams losing due to the penalties. In true Libra form, Williams told the crowd: “Let’s give everyone the credit where credit’s due and let’s not boo anymore,” as she hugged Osaka.

    This Venus retrograde will likely be a very important one for Serena Williams. I think this is quite evident already.

    Three days ago Williams said she stepped out of her comfort zone to sing “I Touch Myself” topless, with her hands covering her breasts for Breast Cancer Awareness Month (this is very Venus in Scorpio on multiple levels).

    Furthermore, it was also recently announced that Williams has designed another handbag (Venus) to support a fundraiser for Purple Purse (a non-profit that helps survivors through financial empowerment), in honour of October also being domestic violence awareness month (Scorpio – awareness of humanities’ shadow side).

    She says, “I will continue to talk about uncomfortable topics [Scorpio] in order to make change.”

    Venus is still in her anticipatory shadow and hasn’t even stationed retrograde yet! I wonder what else this season holds for Serena Williams.


    A few days after the match between Williams and Osaka, I read an article titled: Of course Serena Williams was angry’: writer Soraya Chemaly on why women should unleash their rage”It turns out that Soraya Chemaly had just published a book called Rage Becomes Her: The Power of Women’s Angeronly three days following Williams’ public expression of anger (within Venus’ pre-retrograde shadow period).

    And then I realized that there were two other books about womxn’s anger that would soon be released on October 2nd and November 13th. Because of their similar topic and publication timing, many book review articles even feature two or three of them together. I think it is somewhat rare to have three books about womxn’s anger being published within about two months of each other?? And all within range of Venus’ pre-rx shadow and retrograde?

    The second book is being released today beneath the Mercury-Pluto square – Good and Mad, the Revolutionary Power of Women’s Anger, by Rebecca Traister. The third book, Fed Up: Emotional Labour, Women and the Way Forward, will come out on November 13th.

    I suspect that womxn’s anger and the related dynamics of the repeated Venus-Mars aspects, will continue to be a major theme of Venus’ retrograde in the Mars-ruled sign of Scorpio. These books would probably make for good Venus Rx reading material 🙂

    When Jupiter entered Scorpio on October 10th, 2017, Harvey Weinstein’s history of assaulting women had just publicly surfaced. The widespread use of the #MeToo hashtag quickly followed on October 15th, accompanying a deluge of (mostly) womxn sharing their stories of sexual assault and harassment – which then became the truth-telling “#MeToo movement“.

    Now Venus has joined Jupiter in Scorpio, preparing to station retrograde just as Jupiter clears its retrograde shadow. Venus’ retrograde period will encompass Jupiter’s departure from Scorpio into Sagittarius on November 8th, 2018. The Jupiter in Scorpio correlations may be getting re-activated by Venus’ transit through Scorpio as a similar hashtag leapt into widespread use on September 21st in response to the Kavanaugh hearing and Trump’s tweet challenging the truth of Dr. Ford’s testimony – #WhyIDidn’tReport.

    As a woman with my own #MeToo and #WhyIDidn’tReport stories, I’ve had my own journey with owning my anger (a journey I’m still on). I think giving yourself permission to experience anger and allowing it to move through you, is really vital for healing and well-being (especially for those who are prone to repressing it).

    Venus in Scorpio reminds me of Lilith who was kicked out of the Garden of Eden after refusing to be subordinate to Adam. Lilith is present when our freedom-seeking instincts come back to life and rage against oppression. Lilith’s Rebellion is about throwing off chains, regardless of how “not nice”, “unlikeable” and “disruptive” it may be.

    And yet I’ve also had moments where I’ve been triggered and verbally lashed out in anger, really hurting those who didn’t deserve to experience my rage. I’m sure most people can think of times when anger was expressed with destructive outcomes.

    Anger, as a form of Mars energy, is a complex emotion with many dimensions of causation and expression. It may be worth reflecting on these different dimensions of anger as Venus undertakes her journey, pivoting while holding strong the tension with Mars.

    Use anger as a catalyst for change. Venus in Scorpio loves alchemy. Metabolize your beautiful fierce anger through grounded action (+ healing, laughter & self-care).



    The weekend closes with a conjunction between the Sun and nurturing Ceres in the relational sign of Libra – take care of each other and honour your death & rebirth cycles together ❤


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    The Anatomy of a Sink Hole :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for September 24th – 30th

    It’s a Full Moon day, on a Monday, the Moon’s day!

    In Aries, this Full Moon is hot fire, ready to lunge if something gets in its way… like Saturn. Or Chiron. Or perhaps that’s enough of a deterrent to hem it in temporarily.

    For additional insight into what it might look like for the Full Moon to encounter Saturn, you can check out my previous blog post written on the weekend (scroll past the Virgo post to reach Saturn stuff).

    When I see challenging combinations of Moon, Mars, and Saturn in a birth chart (or some of these planets along with the involvement of Cancer, Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn or Pluto in certain configurations), there’s often some early difficulty with expressing and processing the energy of anger. It’s all wound up inside; churning in the basement of the psyche and possibly unleashing erratically when the controlled tension becomes too much to bear… or expressing itself through inflammatory symptoms of physical discomfort.

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    PSA : Virgo is one of the MUTABLE signs (+ diary entries from a Saturnian poster child)

    Virgo Season is almost over! And so is the summer (for those in the Northern hemisphere). The September equinox arrives late on Saturday as the Sun crosses the threshold of 0 degrees Libra; aligning with the equator and splitting the day and night into two equal halves. We may be busy bees Friday and Saturday, getting some work wrapped up as the Sun and Mercury sit at the last degree of Virgo – like me, trying to squeeze in one last Virgo post that I’ve had on my heart to share before the Sun makes its exit.

    This is a post where I want to clear up some misconceptions and stereotypes about the essence of Virgo, the only mutable earth sign. Virgo is one of the mutable signs along with Pisces (water), Gemini (air), and Sagittarius (Fire).

    The 12 zodiac signs are divided into four elements (water, earth, air and fire), and they are also divided into three qualities (also called modalities or sign quadruplicities). This means that we have three signs belonging to each element and four signs belonging to each quality…

  • Cosmic Weather Bulletins

    WAKE UP!!! Now is the Time :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for September 17th – 23rd

    This afternoon someone walked into the business of someone I know, under orders of a landlord, to change the locks on the door because they were behind on rent.

    They knew that their business (which is a progressive community-oriented Aquarian initiative) had to be out of the building anyway, by the end of September, but this was certainly a jarring surprise. On one hand, maybe it was better to get the move over now if they could make the case for a grace period to relocate all the gear and many other items held in the space. This would admittedly free them up for the many other responsibilities they have on their plate for this month, and yet they weren’t really prepared to incorporate this thorny situation into this week’s busy schedule.

    On the plus side, they pulled off a much-anticipated, high-pressure business event this past weekend with resounding success – their most impressive event yet.

    Has anyone had any similar major breakdowns or breakthroughs this week?

  • Cosmic Weather Bulletins

    New Moon in Virgo & Playing with Giants :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for September 10th – 16th

    There are some major outer planet aspects occurring and being sustained this week. There’s a continued earth trine between Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus (at 1-2 degrees), as well as the longstanding Jupiter – Pluto sextile (at 18 degrees of Scorpio + Capricorn respectively) perfecting on Tuesday, along with the separating Jupiter-Neptune trine.

    Interestingly, essentially all of the faster-moving, more personal planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars – along with the Moon of course) are hitting degree points that activate and highlight these slower cosmic dynamics, with their deep, long-lasting, yet subtle correlations.

    It’s like children playing around giant statues; imbuing their solemn gravity with new life and perspective.

  • Cosmic Weather Bulletins,  Personal Reflections

    Saturn Stations Direct & Sun Opposite Neptune :: Time is Weightless

    Saturn stationed direct Thursday morning (September 6th) after being retrograde since April 17th.

    Saturn is about connecting with our inner authority, our deepest purpose, and living out our personal mission with integrity and determination in a difficult decaying impermanent world of time and space. Saturn is about building our most important life projects in a way that will leave a supportive legacy for those who follow.