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    Building Bridges & Boats :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for September 3rd – 9th

    This is an image of a table topper at a small cafe in the region I visited at the end of August – “You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.”


    This week is full of strong forward-moving earth energy. Mercury joins the Sun when it enters Virgo on WEDNESDAY, quickly moving into position to complete the Grand Earth Trine with Uranus in Taurus and Saturn (newly direct as of THURSDAY) in Capricorn on FRIDAY. This grounded transit is echoed by the Moon which enters the trine formation on SATURDAY. Then there is the New Moon in Virgo taking place on SUNDAY, September 9th, cleansing us from the summer’s eclipse lunations with a new cycle, power-packed with motivating support from Pluto and Jupiter.

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    Mars Direct in Capricorn :: Slowly Building Momentum Again

    Heeeeey! I’ve missed a couple forecasts. The last one I did was August 13th, almost 3 weeks ago, before I left for a WiFi-deficient location for 12 days.

    My current lunar return chart (which encompassed most of August) showed a very strong 12th house emphasis. As it activated, I was curious how that would express in my life. It soon became clear after I spontaneously responded to an invitation to spend some time at a friend’s place by the ocean. I initially thought it was going to be only a 3-4 day trip, but gradually, in a typical go-with-the-flow Piscean/12th house way, it was extended to 12 days.

    I returned to the city under the Pisces Full Moon (on August 26th) in time for Mars to go direct the next day, in my 6th house of work and daily responsibilities. I came back to the city with new insight on what made me feel alive and full of vitality in my day-to-day life.

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    Practical Nurturing, Supportive Relationships, & the Transformative Seasons & Shapes of Love :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for August 13 -19

    In our lives there are times of abundant harvest, times of cold winter, of exuberant blossoming and of cautious contraction. As we pass through these seasons, so do our relationships – with each other, with lovers, with family, with friends, and with the circumstances of the life worlds we inhabit.

    To navigate these transient time periods with ease, is to remain open and flexible as we stand at these ever-shifting intersections between us… and everything and everyone else who meets us at our edges.

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    Happy Solar Eclipse in Leo!

    Happy Solar Eclipse New Moon in Leo! Where I live, the eclipse occurred early this morning, August 11th, 2018.

    It squared my mid-heaven. I’m feeling it.

    Right now the Nodal Axis is traveling through the Leo and Aquarius axis (as it has been since May 2017), with eclipses lighting up both sides of the polarity since February 2017. The North Node (the direction of our personal growth) has been moving through Leo, while the South Node (a point of release, surrender, and decrease) has been moving through Aquarius.

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    Solar Eclipse in Leo – Shine like the Star You Are :: Cosmic Weather for August 6th – 12th

    You’re special. Shine like the star you are.

    Sometimes Leo Season sentiments sound cheesy and cliche,  and echo of statements from kindergarten where every scribbled drawing got awed at, and being king or queen of the playground was a coveted position. As we grew older expressions like “you’re…. special” acquired somewhat of a derogatory connotation.

    But you are special! As in: uniquely different from the rest of humanity in so many beautiful, remarkable ways. Everyone is. The more we truly, deeply believe this, the less we need to prove our special value by trying to act superior to others.

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    A Maiden Voyage… Will this Boat Float? :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for July 30th – August 5th

    This week’s major event is Mars’ second square to Uranus in Taurus on WEDNESDAY, followed by a sextile to Chiron in Aries on FRIDAY. These are essentially the aftershocks of last week’s dynamic Lunar Eclipse where the forming Mars-Uranus square was activated by the full moon.

    However, there are a few other less powerful transits this week that can be brought under an interpretative lens. On MONDAY Venus in Virgo will square Vesta retrograde in Sagittarius, as Vesta begins to Station Direct – completing her pivot on WEDNESDAY.

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    Hold it with an Open Hand :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for July 16 – 22

    Welcome to the liminal lands between eclipses. Bewildered? Disoriented? That makes at least two of us!

    The week kicked off with a few awkward quincunxes. MONDAY featured Venus on center stage as the apex of a Yod aspect, quincunx both Hygeia as well as Mars, while conjunct Ceres and the Moon in Virgo. Our efforts to connect with others and with our values through actions that were responsible, dutiful and consistent, as well as nurturing and supportive of the wellbeing of ourselves and of others… may have expressed through a rather confuddled, rudderless, anxious conundrum.

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    New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer :: Establishing a Container of Safety while Opening up to Truth, Loss, Healing & Growth

    Solar Eclipse blessings to you. May the Earth lovingly catch your tears❤

    If you have spent most of the week crying (or extremely fatigued), you are definitely not alone. Thank goodness for astrology, my astro-nerdy friends, the online astro community, and all the non-astro believers who share their personal ups and downs while I quietly nod my head with understanding. Astrology reminds me that although everyone will experience a transit differently, we all walk beneath the same skies. We are not alone in our experiences.

    This post will be focused on the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer late on THURSDAY (ADT), but still, its rumbles are fresh. The waves keep rolling, overlapping, building in strength, denying compartmentalization. Did you read my Eclipse Season Schedule of Events (July 10th – August 16th)? If not, you can read it here. It will give you a thorough overview.

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    Can I have a Refill? :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for July 9th – 15th

    The Moon is entering into its Balsamic phase right now, its dark phase, as it moves toward its New Moon conjunction with the Sun on Thursday. This means that instead of reflecting the Sun’s light toward Earth, the Moon’s body is reflecting the light of the Sun, back to the Sun. When you look up at the sky at night, you may catch a whisper of the waning crescent tonight, but soon the Moon will be nowhere to be found.

    And yet… the Moon is still with us.

    As you walk the Earth today, beneath the bright globe of the Sun, invisible, and yet still present, the Moon is traveling with the Sun across the sky. Together for their monthly rendezvous, the luminaries whisper an intimate conversation about what has transpired since they last crossed paths.