Truth or Dare? New Moon in Libra :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for October 16th – 22nd

This week three celestial bodies are shifting signs (Mercury, Mars, and Sun); Mercury will conjoin with the solar system’s grandiose lord Jupiter in Scorpio on Wednesday; and we have a sizzling Libran New Moon on Thursday. This week is full of movement. Like a sprinter waiting for the signal, stay on your toes!

Today (MONDAY) may have felt a little frustrating and edgy with Mercury finishing up its journey through Libra, moving through the critical last degree of the sign, on route to Scorpio. There may have been a list of important tasks to attend to or a project to finish under a deadline, and yet we may have been continuously faced with barriers – even if only our own desire to procrastinate.

And yet! Today the Moon has been traveling through Virgo while the Sun formed a beneficial sextile to Saturn. Meaning: Even if we were faced with a bunch of urgent and cumbersome tasks, there was support for focused and self-disciplined work. I finally cleaned up my email inbox today, fyi.

Early TUESDAY morning, Mercury will arrive at Destination Scorpio – about a week before Scorpio Season officially begins with the Sun’s ingress into Scorpio on October 22nd/23rd. Whether in hushed whispers or through screaming matches, intense conversations will spread like a contagious virus on topics related to death, sex, power dynamics and abuses of power, energy exchanges, and the spirit world.

On WEDNESDAY, Mercury will catch up with Jupiter and fuse with this big planet in deep Scorpionic waters. With Jupiter’s light and buoyancy supporting you, this is a good time to get to the root of a troublesome issue; whether it involves some investigations and excavations within your own psyche, or important confrontations with others to address an elephant in the room.

It’s also a good time to get beyond pleasantries and have some intentional, deep soul-baring heart-to-hearts with those you TRUST. The growth of love and intimacy (i.e. deep knowing combined with complete acceptance) is contingent on increasing exposure and the vulnerable sharing of one’s self.

Scorpio is the sign of profound intimacy; of scraping away all pretenses to get at the raw essence of a person.

So how well do you know yourself – at a cognitive, emotional, sexual, physical, and spiritual level?

And how well do you know those you are in relationship with?

Jupiter moved into Scorpio on October 10th and will be here until November 2018. What will this 13-month transit mean for you?

One of the best indicators is to take note of what happens on days when Jupiter is activated by other planets. WEDNESDAY gives you a big clue with its Mercury-Jupiter conjunction. So will next week, October 26th, when the Sun takes its turn dancing with this kingly planet. Look beyond the specific details – what “themes” emerge on these days?

Here are some things to watch out for with Mercury in Scorpio (and avoid if possible): Paranoia, suspicion, fear, hidden agendas, second-guessing the meaning behind all communication, and manipulative conversations.

The Moon is in its Balsamic phase on WEDNESDAY, so whatever this Mercury-Jupiter transit brings up for you, there is likely an element of clearing the air, releasing interpersonal tension, and letting go of an issue once it has been addressed.

On THURSDAY afternoon, as we are still processing yesterday’s revelations, we are heading straight toward a lightening storm. The Libran New Moon occurs at 26° Libra at 4:11 pm ADT, EXACTLY opposite Uranus in Aries; the solar system’s shit-disturber and erratic rebel.

Most of the time when a New or Full Moon is interpreted, you’ll hear mention of other planets being in aspect to it, because these aspects influence the way the New or Full Moon expresses itself symbolically. When planets are forming an aspect to each other, they are in conversation. The type of aspect (e.g. square, opposition, trine, sextile, conjunction), and how “tight” the aspect is, determines what type of conversation these planets are having.

Typically the influencing aspects are a few degrees away from being “exact”.  “A tense conversation of opposition” between two planets would be technically “exact” at 180 degrees, and yet would still be strongly experienced as an opposition at 185 degrees (referred to as an opposition “with an orb of 5 degrees”).

That’s a bit of astro info for all the beginners out there! But mostly I share that because I want to emphasize that this New Moon in Libra (occurring when the Sun and Moon join together) lands pretty much in an EXACT opposition to Uranus (an orb of only 4 astro-minutes). That doesn’t happen often.

Libra desires balance and harmony, but this New Moon seedling is getting zapped with shocking and surprising new developments, hurtling it into another dimension. As Uranus does, you know.

Uranus catalyzes unexpected changes in plans, liberating Truths, and significant break-throughs. The degree at which you will experience this depends on how it activates your birth chart. Regardless, I would suggest: Stay Flexible and Listen to Your Intuition. Ride the chaos.

Uranus opposing this New Moon, feels like a game of Truth or Dare. Are we grappling with new, informative reveals? Or are we propelled out of our comfort zone to take courageous action? Or both?

The lunation cycle that begins with this New Moon at the end of Libra, will encompass most of Scorpio Season. Scorpio Season is never to be taken lightly, but this year in particular, Scorpio Season is bound to reeeaaallly interesting as it occurs at the beginning of magnificent Jupiter’s long-awaited return to the sign of taboos. The fact that this lunation cycle begins with such a catapult, is an indication that we are launching into a roller coaster ride of some sort! Hang on to the core essentials, and let the rest go.

Throughout the WEEKEND we may be aware of Mars passing through the 29th critical degree of Virgo on its way toward the exit door. Persevere through any frustrations to apply the devout, focused and attentive powerhouse of Mars in Virgo to the task at hand, painstakingly detailed as it might be. This is a placement that slices, dices, divides, sorts, and eliminates with incredible precision.

On SUNDAY afternoon, Mars emerges from Earth, into Air. Slightly ill at ease in Libra’s delicate and charming domain, Mars in Libra may feel at first like a bull in a china shop.

Mars speaks to our capacity to take action and indicates basically “how we get what we want”. When Mars is in Libra, people may feel inclined to sweet talk their way into getting what they want. This could veer toward manipulation coated with sugar. Or this could show up as a mature and healthy way of asserting one’s needs, desires, and boundaries with diplomacy and tact.

In traditional astrology, Mars rules Scorpio. In modern astrology, Pluto rules Scorpio. As many other modern astrologers do, I tend to consider them as co-rulers.

So that said, given that a transformative Scorpio Season is just around the corner, in addition to Jupiter’s 13-month sojourn here, Mars is worth paying attention to, as it will identify meaningful connections between the two realms.

Jupiter (and soon Mercury and the Sun) in Scorpio want us to engage in some intense inner searching and reflection.

Venus-ruled Libra is the sign of connection and relationships. The 7th House, its natural abode, is the House of partnerships and marriage.

Mars is our engine of action, but it also speaks to the way we express anger, the way we defend ourselves, address conflict and assert our will in opposition to others.

So this current scenario and line up of planets with Mars in Libra overseeing all the Scorpio action, prompts the following question for reflection: How do you manage conflict in relationships? Are you in touch with your anger? And are you able to channel your anger in a productive way?

I’ve come to realize that being able to “fight well, especially with those you are close to, is really an art… or a gift. I have a full 8th House and 4th House (two water houses), Chiron conjunct the Moon, and Sun, Mercury (and Jupiter) in Pisces. Needless to say, I can find conflict excruciating. “Sensitive”, is a label I’ve worn (less willingly at times) most of my life.

However, my natal chart is also full of fire with a Leo rising, Aries Venus, and a Sagittarius Mars. It is so refreshing when I encounter someone who activates this fire in me and we are able to hash out conflict freely without fear of destroying the relationship and causing permanent damage – and yet neither feeling pressured to hide and repress hurt and anger. It is really so refreshing to shift from water to fire mode! And I find it so fascinating how I handle conflict differently with different people.

This might be a good time for us all to reflect on how we orientate ourselves toward emotions of anger and situations of conflict – especially within our closest relationships.❤

Summary of this week’s key transits: 

• Sun (in Libra) sextile Saturn (in Sagittarius)
• Mercury at the anaretic degree of Libra

• Mercury enters Scorpio

• Mercury conjunct Jupiter (@ 1° Scorpio, 5:54 AM ADT)

• New Moon @ 26° Libra, exactly opposite Uranus (in Aries @ 4:11 pm ADT)

• Mars at the anaretic degree of Virgo

• Mars enters Libra
• The Sun will enter Scorpio late Sunday night for some of you, or early Monday morning for people like myself

The following post I published on social media Sunday evening (Oct. 15th): 

I missed the Last Quarter Moon post this past week! A break with tradition. I was sick and tired, but I’m getting back to normal now. I used the symbolism of last week’s astrology to lean into accepting my limitations and low capacity. Such a delicate balance, isn’t it? A balance between both accepting and yet seeking to improve (with sleep and medicines in my case).

And no sign is more well acquainted with the concept of “balance” than Libra. Venus entered into Libra this weekend (on Saturday to be exact), and now we are blessed with her good graces in the sign in which she thrives.

That same inner pendulum of the Libran nature, which seeks emotional and relational balance and harmony in life, is what makes Libra types (and Venus in Libra chart holders in particular) so skilled at creating visual and auditory artistic delights.

Mandalas, with their perfect mirrored symmetry, always remind me of Libra. Geometry in art, architecture, sacred geometry… these appear to be so infused with Libran light to me. The deliberate balance, or purposeful imbalance, that you find in geometric art and design, resonates deeply with something at our core.

Mesmerized, our eyes follow angles, edges, lines, corners, shapes, colors… until, entranced, we get this strange uncanny sense that the boundaries between us and our visual targets, are dissolving.

The same too, can be said of music. Those irresistible rhythms, that orchestrated balance of instruments and sounds, which entice our human bodies out on to the dance floor, or beckon our souls to another realm of blissful sensory experience.

Venus placements speak to what we value in life, what qualities and traits we are attracted to in others and try to emulate in ourselves, and where and how we derive pleasure in life.

Your Venus placement is essentially the answer to “What makes you happy?”

Regardless of where your natal Venus is, we all get to temporarily experience Venus in each sign as it moves through the zodiac wheel.

Venus in Libra is a placement of elegance, sophistication, charm, beauty, peaceful harmony, romance and sweet loving kindness.

Go make beauty, whatever that means to you. Feast your ears and eyes on beauty. Play with shapes and sounds. Draw mandalas. Paint your nails. Wear your fancy clothes for fun. Take your friends to the spa with you. Immerse yourself in art and music. Donate to organizations that create opportunities for artistic development, engagement and exploration (and leisure activities) for those that would not otherwise be able to.

For years, researchers and philosophers have chased the solution to ending human pain, suffering and despair, while increasing human happiness and wellbeing. It’s generally agreed upon that a hedonistic pursuit of pleasure is not the ultimate solution. Happiness and pleasure are temporary. Transient. We simply cannot stay in a constant blissed out state forever (at least not without some dire consequences for ourselves or others).

Humans need big things in order to flourish and find lasting fulfillment – like meaning and purpose in life, actualizing our potential, and contributing to society… but we mustn’t dismiss the simple pleasure and opportunities for happiness while we work on anchoring ourselves in the values and purposeful life paths that will sustain our spirit through difficult times.

Life can be tough. The human capacity to experience moments of pleasure and happiness is a gift.

Every Venus placement holds happiness and wellbeing answers that speak both to larger, more abstract values that fulfill us through their enactment (such as fairness, justice and peace for Venus in Libra), as well as indicating that which we find immediately pleasurable.

Don’t forget the pleasure. ❤

On October 4th, when Mercury was conjunct Vesta (an asteroid of spiritual devotion) in Libra, I was attending a workshop that discussed how to facilitate peer support programs and cultivate resilience through meditation.

“How appropriate”, I thought to myself. Mercury is a planet of learning and communication (i.e. I was learning at the workshop). Vesta resonates with a meditation practice. And Libra is a sign that perfectly correlates with the concept of peer support. 

“…peer support is a supportive relationship between people who have a lived experience in common. The peer support worker provides emotional and social support to others who share a common experience.” (Mental Health Commission of Canada)

Peer support programs have been largely initiated in a mental health context, but they are also used in other situations (such as settled newcomers pairing up with newly arrived refugees to ease their settlement process).

Over and over again peer support programs prove themselves to be effective – often more effective than the medical or formal services available.

But that shouldn’t come as any surprise. It is likely that most of us have benefited from the support, guidance and empathy offered by someone who has lived through a similar experience, has a similar background, and faced similar challenges. Moreso than a “professional”, they get it. We feel heard. Understood. Less alone.

For example, instead of reading a book by an “expert in the field”, people will often seek out a more auto-biographical written account of someone’s lived experience with the issue of concern (e.g. “Reasons to Stay Alive“, by Matt Haig, who describes his past struggle with depression and anxiety).

The #MeToo viral phenomenon is different obviously, but it reminded me of the same Libran quality that blossoms in peer support models.

Libra is a relational sign within our cosmic DNA that wants connection with others. And how does Libra seek connection? Through finding common ground, shared experiences, and similarities with others.

A mirror is part of the Libran symbolism. It is through seeing ourselves in others, and learning through interpersonal exchanges and interactions, that we root and grow stronger in our own journeys and identities. And this is exactly what occurs in peer support when someone at a different stage of their journey turns to you and says, “Me too. I’ve been there. Together, we can keep moving forward.”


Venus, a feminine symbol, moved into Libra last Saturday. Then on Sunday…

“…actress Alyssa Milano tweeted a note, which asked for victims of sexual harassment and assault to write ‘me too’ as a reply to her tweet. She wrote, “Me too. Suggested by a friend: ‘If all women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote ’Me too.’ as a status, we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem.’…The tweet was posted in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault allegations…”


Very quickly, as most of you probably know, millions of women began sharing their stories of sexual assault and harassment publicly with the hashtag #MeToo. Of course, the initial intent behind this effort was not necessarily the same as the purpose and intent behind peer support. I believe the main aim was to raise public awareness, to swing a blow at our patriarchal systems, sexism and rape culture, and to prompt action toward a more just and safe world. And yet, this too falls into Libra’s domain.

As #MeToo began to ripple out, I think it has served, for some women, as a reminder that they are not alone in their experiences and thus provided some emotional and social support (although granted, the onslaught of posts have likely been triggering for many).

Esther Perel recently posted on her Instagram account:

“One of the most painful aspects of trauma is a feeling of social isolation. Many victims remain silent out of shame and fear. #MeToo has created a community of support for many who felt alone. Understand that sharing can be healing — when we speak up in solidarity with others, we also speak up for ourselves.”

There is strength in numbers. There is power in social connection. Venus in Libra knows this well.

Although many women are socialized into sweet, people-pleasing Libran-like roles that often serve to maintain our oppression within this hegemonic patriarchal system, it is these same “be nice” traits that allow many of us to cope with – and even survive – sexual harassment and assault.

The questions always roll in: “But why didn’t you… tell him to stop? Fight back? Yell? Report to the police right away?”

No shame. No guilt. Women do what they need to, in order to cope and survive in a screwed up world.

And yet, at the end of the day, Venus in Libra is more than nice.

Venus in Libra is: “Me Too”. And together, “No More”.

Venus in Libra is women connecting. Uniting together. Finding strength in numbers. Venus in Libra is finding strength through sharing similar lived experiences – whether done publicly with a hashtag, or within a more contained relationship and environment. And through solidarity, pursuing justice.



I write this post hesitantly since I’m sure by the end of the week there will be hundreds of think pieces on this viral hashtag with some important critiques that I have not considered. And this is how it should be – any phenomenon that goes viral immediately should be held up to a critical, more nuanced lens.

At the very least, I acknowledge that “women” is a word that can hide many inter-sectional injustices. There are many women, womxn, trans and non-binary folx, as well as boys and men, all over the world, who experience greater vulnerability to sexual assault and harassment than others for a variety of reasons, with less recourse for justice. The Breathe Network has some important words to share on this point: 

Sexual trauma impacts people of all genders, races + ethnicities, sexualities, religions, abilities, ages, socioeconomic groups, education levels, professional backgrounds + more. Still, the ways in which it impacts us both in the moment, and long afterwards, are *uneven*. We recognize that it's impossible to create a hierarchy of sexual trauma because it is specific to the individual's unique experience, still, we can't ignore the harsh reality that resources, options, response, advocacy + healing are significantly harder to access for people of color, queer folks, trans + nonbinary survivors, undocumented people, men, children, those with disabilities, homeless + low-income survivors, and religious minorities. Additionally, systems designed to support survivors may re-traumatize marginalized + minority communities by perpetuating – explicitly + implicitly – the silencing + erasure of survivor identities that are not white, not cis, not women, not able-bodied, not straight, not neurotypical. Folks who exist outside of the system's fantasy of a "perfect victim" are less likely to be believed, more likely to be blamed and may have their trauma minimized based on dehumanizing stereotypes. The people our organization serves are not only survivors of sexual assault, but also, they're trying to heal while navigating other forms of systemic violence, trauma + oppression – racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, classism, ableism, colonialism, xenophobia – all of which compound the wounds of sexual violence + complicate the pathway towards recovery. There is no singular survivor experience. There may be parallels in how we carry our wounds, but they're never exactly the same. For #survivors and #healingarts practitioners who hold privileged identities, it is important to own the ways in which resources were made available to us in the aftermath of trauma that enabled our healing – resources that most survivors haven't had access to, yet desperately need + deserve. May this humbling, necessary work of locating ourselves along a spectrum of privilege mobilize us toward a more effective, inclusive, equitable + honest movement to end #sexualviolence. | art: Yeffe Kimball

A post shared by The Breathe Network (@thebreathenetwork) on


It is important that “Me Too”, and other actions to relate and empathize, do not overlook the differences in life experiences. We can have similar lived experiences, but no one will ever have the same experience. We can learn ways of saying “Me Too” and offering support and solidarity at relevant, appropriate moments, without obliterating the uniqueness of any individual’s lived experience and without pretending we know exactly how someone has been impacted by their life’s journey.


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Entering into the Many Layers of Jupiter in Scorpio :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for October 9th – 15th

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This is a busy, intense week, cosmically speaking.

As many of you are likely aware, Jupiter enters Scorpio tomorrow (TUESDAY). Jupiter takes about a year to travel through each sign. It entered Libra on September 9th, 2016, and will exit tomorrow, October 10th, 2017. That means that today, MONDAY, October 9th, we are currently passing through the 29th Anaretic degree of Libra – the crisis degree, the day when Jupiter may be urgently attempting to wrap up the Libra projects its journey was correlated with in our lives (think: relationships, beauty and art, achieving healthy balance and harmony, waffling over decisions). To top it off, we are also experiencing both Mercury and the Sun squaring Pluto today (MONDAY).

Heavy stuff to say the least.

A brutal sore throat and head cold pounced on me last night, and I’m pounding this out through a fog. So, for some reason or another, today’s energy feels pretty dense to me! Despite all family members feeling under stress (or under the weather) today, we managed to pull off a (Canadian) thanksgiving dinner tonight for my Uncle… whose car tire pretty much exploded on the highway on route to our house. There was NOTHING left of it.

Thank goodness he is okay (since he also drove 25 km at 60 mph on a metal hub where the tire once was). He returned home in style, with the car on the back of a flatbed truck.

That’s a pretty literal reflection of a Mercury square Pluto transit, in my opinion. Mercury rules all forms of transit. Pluto can be volatile, explosive, all-consuming – leaving nothing but shreds. Like Scorpio, Pluto symbolizes the destructive force of chaos and death that destroys and takes away, in order to give birth to new life (e.g. like some brand new parts for my uncle’s car).

This sounds violent – and the symbolism of Pluto can be – but often it isn’t so externally literal. It can also be correlated with latent, internal, volcanic undercurrents in our psyche, bubbling over into consciousness. Aspects to Pluto can prompt our shadows to emerge up into our conscious mind. Be aware of any buried fear, obsessive compulsions, manipulative power struggles, hatred (toward self or others), or dark secrets and hidden desires that are wrestling with your will.

Journal it out. Shake it out. Dance it out. A repressed Pluto is a dangerous thing. What do you need to let go of? Get honest with yourself and others.

The Pluto squares today are a launching pad for Jupiter moving into Scorpio on TUESDAY (10:19 am ADT).

Jupiter in Scorpio… well, I can say that it will be good in the long run (Jupiter leaves Scorpio on November 8th, 2018). I can’t say I’m excited, but I am intrigued. Jupiter EXPANDS whatever sign or planet it touches. Therefore, Scorpio’s themes are going to be amplified over the next year – and at a personal level, themes related to whatever house Scorpio rules will become more prominent in your life. Sometimes Jupiter can be a little TOO MUCH, to be honest, but generally I have found that Jupiter does indeed bring big blessings and strength to whatever part of my chart it is moving through. Given Scorpio’s symbolism, I trust that we are in for some powerful rebirths, but I can’t promise you it will be easy.

I really liked the paired keywords that Pandora Astrology put together for their newsletter:

• A journey (Jupiter) into the darkness (Scorpio).
• Adventures (Jupiter) in depth psychology (Scorpio).
• Growth (Jupiter) through metamorphosis (Scorpio).
• Expansion (Jupiter) by means of death and rebirth (Scorpio).

Jupiter in Scorpio is like sending a submarine down into the dark depths of an ocean with flood light. All our Scorpionic shadows and secrets are getting ILLUMINATED.

I also imagine Jupiter in Scorpio to be like a big onion – one of those deep, dark purple ones. Scorpio (along with Pluto and the 8th House) in our charts, points to an area of our life we try very hard to maintain control over by cultivating impenetrable defense systems. Big ol’ jovial Jupiter has its work cut out. We’re going to be peeling back the many layers, one by one, over the coming months.

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”~ Joseph Campbell

Expect profound insights in the next 13 months. Expect to touch the depths of your naked soul.

Ultimately, we will likely discover (or rediscover) a resiliency, inner power and strength that we may have gotten out of touch with.

On the same day that Jupiter enters Scorpio, Venus in Virgo will oppose Chiron in Pisces, forming a Grand Mutable Square, since the Moon in Gemini will be opposing Saturn in Sagittarius around the same time. Plus, on TUESDAY, we for sure be feeling WEDNESDAY’S Mars-Saturn square pretty strongly.

MONDAYWEDNESDAY is just a whole lot of ouch, to be honest. Old wounds may be trying to get your attention, and at the same time you may feel restricted and limited in your ability to make progress. I don’t really imagine that Jupiter’s entrance into Scorpio is going to feel particularly victorious at the beginning of its year-long sojourn, especially when combined with these aspects, but who knows! Take a moment to decide when it is best to struggle against the barriers, when to seek out support, and when to accept temporary limitations and take this time to really turn inward.

If you are feeling like you are drowning in sorrows and beyond exasperated at the barriers you keep facing that are slowing you down (like this awful flu that has me in its clutches!!), on THURSDAY, FRIDAY, and SATURDAY, we get a bit of a pick-me-up.

On THURSDAY, the Last Quarter Moon in Cancer, squaring the Sun in Libra, challenges us to find a sense of true belonging in the wilderness – an unshakable belonging that is not necessarily dependent on “fitting in”, being blessed with a supportive family, or winning a membership to an exclusive group (expect Brene Brown references in the upcoming last quarter post!). Also on THURSDAY, Mercury sextiles the North Node in Leo, sending encouraging messages our way to remind us to keep growing and stretching.

Late THURSDAY, or very early FRIDAY (ADT), Mercury will sextile Saturn, bringing some firm resolve, boundaries and determination to our conversations and cognitive tasks.

On SATURDAY the lovely Venus leaves Virgo (the sign of its fall), to enter Libra (the sign it rules). Venus is blissed out in Libra. Supremely dignified. This is her home territory. Her graceful beauty will sweep across this part of your chart, reminding you of the many gifts Jupiter left behind in its wake.

On SUNDAY, Mars in Virgo will take its turn in opposing Chiron, the wounded healer asteroid, while Mercury in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries. If conflict arises interpersonally (or with your inner critic) be aware you may be getting triggered – meaning, you may be reacting to old wounds being activated, rather than the current situation on its own terms.

Speak some tender words to that inner wound.

The Sun sextiles the North Node on SUNDAY, breathing fresh life into old issues. It is a good day to break some cyclical patterns of behavior and move, with self-compassion, toward a new direction.

“You enter the forest at the darkest point, where there is no path… If you can see your path laid out in front of you step by step, you know it’s not your path. Your own path you make with every step you take. That’s why it’s your path… If you follow someone else’s way, you are not going to realize your potential.” ~ Joseph Campbell

A summary of this week’s cosmic weather:

• Saturn (in Sagittarius) trine North Node (in Leo)
• Mercury (in Libra) square Pluto (in Capricorn)
• Sun (in Libra) square Pluto (in Capricorn)

• Jupiter enters Scorpio
• Venus (in Virgo) opposite Chiron (in Pisces)creating a Grand Cross with the Moon in Gemini opposite Saturn in Sagittarius

• Mars (in Virgo) square Saturn (in Sagittarius)
• Venus (in Virgo) quincunx Uranus (in Aries)

Last Quarter Moon (Moon in Cancer squaring Sun in Libra)
• Mercury (in Libra) sextile North Node (in Leo)

• Mercury (in Libra) sextile Saturn (in Sagittarius)

• Venus enters Libra
• Mercury (in Libra) quincunx Chiron (in Pisces)

• Mars (in Virgo) opposite Chiron (in Pisces)
• Sun (in Libra) sextile North Node (in Leo)
• Mercury (in Libra) opposite Uranus (in Aries)

P.S. I hope to offer personalized astrological consultations in the near-ish future. I created a survey to help inform this development, which I would be ever so pleased if you were to fill out 🙂 You can find it here. All questions are optional, so if you are short on time and don’t want to answer all 10 questions, just scroll to the bottom whenever and click “Done”. Thanks!

If I collect enough data I will crunch some of the anon results to share. I’ve found it super interesting and helpful so far – thanks to everyone who has responded!

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Aries Full Moon – Step up to the Plate :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for October 2nd – 8th

With Neptune sitting at about 12° Pisces, as the personal planets have traveled through Virgo (i.e. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars), they each have faced an opposition from Neptune in Pisces. Neptune can inspire… but it can also confuse us and distort reality.

If you experienced September as a wade through a misty swamp land, you are now in luck. Venus was the last of the personal planets to face off with Neptune, and that happened last Friday. The fog is lifting as we speak, just in time to harness Virgo’s precision and clarity for the Full Moon in Aries on THURSDAY.

Before we get there, Venus will trine Pluto on TUESDAY. As Venus taps into Pluto’s underworld depths, we might want to ask ourselves some… you know, light weight questions such as: “How do I define ‘the good life’? What do I truly value? What am I really looking for in relationships? What thus-far ignored elephants in the room need to be addressed?”

On WEDNESDAY, Mercury conjoins with Vesta in Libra, and we continue to hone in on what is most important to us.

Libra’s symbolism always reminds me of a teeter-totter. The base and center of the teeter-totter is the fulcrum. Adjusting the fulcrum by moving it forward or backwards, shifts the balance.

Vesta symbolizes the sacred spiritual flame at the center of our being. Throughout Vesta’s journey through Libra, one could say that Vesta represents the fulcrum of Libra’s teeter-totter. Bring your center into alignment to find the balance Libra seeks, by tapping into your core.

Like a baseball player up to bat, we need to have our feet firmly planted and the bat positioned correctly, in order to get the most leverage. Mercury conjunct Vesta on WEDNESDAY is a moment of careful and deliberate preparation for the pitcher’s throw. Vesta’s supreme ability to focus has our eyes glued on the ball today.

And, WHOA, does that pitcher throw hard. As the Aries Full Moon of THURSDAY rushes toward us, we are stepping up to the plate and swinging hard.

Will we connect? Only if we are centered.

This Full Moon is at 12° Aries – a wide 15 degrees from Uranus, and yet I would interpret this Full Moon as a resounding echo from the Jupiter-Uranus opposition that occurred just a week earlier on September 28th – lighting up the same Aries-Libra axis. Whatever the Jupiter-Uranus dynamic has meant for you over the past year (look to the houses ruled by Libra and Aries), this Aries Full Moon aims to send it out of the ballpark for a final home run.

There likely has been a prominent theme running strong throughout your life over the past couple weeks in particular… themes of breaking from the mainstream, of rebelling against convention, of a desire to expand and deepen your relationships – without compromising who you are and the values you hold. Something related to these themes is peaking, culminating, resolving, completing.

Are you ready?

The cosmic weather is lining up and positioning its most skilled players in support. Rash acts of violence are often associated with Uranus in Aries, the sign of the warrior, but this is only one expression for this placement.

Aries is ruled by Mars, Libra is ruled by Venus, and both these planets are currently traveling under the watchful, prudent eye of Virgo. On the DAY of the Full Moon, Mars and Venus, the co-rulers of this Sun-Moon opposition, will be fusing through conjunction in Virgo.

Mars symbolizes our capacity to initiate, to take action, to get what we want. It is our engine, our raw energy source, and our instinctual drive to survive.

Venus speaks to the personal value system that defines what we wanted in the first place – what we are attracted to, and how we attract others.

With these two planetary rulers fusing together in the discerning sign of Virgo, THURSDAY’s Full Moon in Aries indicates the potential for moments of profound clarity, razor sharp intentions and decisions, and precise, deliberate actions.

What do you truly, deeply, want… and how are you going to get it?

This Full Moon calls on you to purify your desires and take responsibility to make it happen. Unless your personal transits are dominating with a different story, it is very likely, that the direction is now crystal clear. Pluto is also involved, since the Sun is applying to a square with Pluto while Mars and Venus are still separating from their recent successive trines with Pluto. Pluto is contributing additional pressure to this Full Moon, ensuring that you do not turn away from the task at hand. Whatever expired and decaying life content you may be still trying to maintain, to shield yourself from the Truth – you’d be better off letting it go.

If you are, by any chance, still not convinced and sitting on the fence… both Mars and Venus are in a tight applying square to Saturn. And there are few things that Saturn values more than firm decision-making and commitment: IT’S TIME TO SWING THE BAT.

Neptune can no longer be a scapegoat for indecision, since those oppositions are now past. However, during the Full Moon, the Sun in Libra (followed by Mercury on FRIDAY) forms an awkward quincunx to Neptune in Pisces.

Just because Neptune can be awfully disorienting, shrouding our lives in confusion, doesn’t mean we can force this planet to sit out the game on the bench. This quincunx pushes us to get in touch with the best of Neptune – with compassion, with spirituality, with creative inspiration.

Tap into that deep sacred center of yours and you’ll discover it is attached to an infinite number of threads; you are woven in and intricately connected to a universal web. When we are truly acting from our authentic core self, the positive ripple effects can be immense and the world will be blessed through our actions.

The Full Moon this week TOTALLY STEALS THE SHOW, but while you are racing around the baseball diamond of life, scoring home runs, Mercury catches up with the Sun in Libra on SUNDAY, alongside Venus completing her square to Saturn. If second-guessing and doubts are lingering perchance (even as the crowd is on their feet cheering you on), Sunday will cement your decision.

Recap: Mercury is the messenger planet of thought and communication. The Sun is our life’s essence, our core identity, and our internal propulsion to externally self-actualize.

Whether it arrives by text, mail, someone else’s mouth, or the synapses in your own brain, there is a message that arrives right at your core. Venus squaring Saturn, when experienced more positively, can give you the strength to keep steping up to the plate – even when the odds don’t appear to be in your favour or you sense a lack of social support.

Land on your fulcrum babes. Pivot hard.


Here’s a summary review of this week’s transits…


  • Venus (in Virgo) trine Pluto (in Capricorn), both at 16° 


  • Mercury conjunct Vesta (in Libra), both at 8°


  • Venus conjunct Mars (in Virgo), both at 19°
  • Sun (in Libra) quincunx Neptune (in Pisces), both at 12°, and quincunx Pallas (in Taurus), both at 12°
  • Full Moon at 12° Aries (Sun opposite Moon in Libra), @ 3:40 PM (ADT)


  • Mercury (in Libra) quincunx Neptune (in Pisces) at 12°, and quincunx Pallas (in Taurus) at 12°


  • Venus (in Virgo) square Saturn (in Sagittarius), both at 22°
  • Mercury conjunct the Sun – cazimi (in Libra), both at 15°


And here’s a post I posted on Instagram a few days ago, in honour of Mercury entering Libra last Friday…


I love guessing the most prominent zodiacal influences in a person’s birth chart. As soon as I came across this quote by author F. Scott Fitzgerald I figured he MUST have strong Libra or Gemini in his chart!

Sure enough, he has 3 personal planets in Libra (Sun, Venus, Mercury), and 3 planets in Gemini (Pluto, Neptune, Mars)!

Seeing as Mercury just entered Libra on Friday, I thought I would share his words, which perfectly epitomize this placement:

“The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function.” ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

The world is full of paradox. Life is full of paradox. Each individual is full of paradox, possessing multiple contradictory needs, behaviors, and personality traits. This season invites us to navigate this reality wisely.

I came across the quote when reading Hope in the Dark by Rebecca Solnit. It was quoted in the context of being able to both recognize the dire reality of a situation and face the challenges head on, while also being able to nourish the imagination in order to find sustaining hope in uncertainty and darkness.

On another random Libran note, yesterday I encountered someone in an FB astrology group who has a very similar chart as I do. We have the same house cusps with an 8th House Pisces stellium. There is a reasonable age gap I believe, but we look uncannily similar. It was like looking into a mirror.

Libra speaks to how we learn more about ourselves through our interactions with others and the way they reflect back to us, who we are and who we are becoming. A mirror is part of the Libran symbolism.

So Mercury enters Libra and I have an online conversation with a stranger about how we have similar charts and look very similar in appearance? Some odd little astro synchronicity there😊

It is FASCINATING how our birth charts reflect our personal appearance. The Ascendant is often said to symbolize our physical appearance, but in my experience many other chart factors also weigh in. Increasingly I am noticing many consistencies in appearance related to certain predominant zodiacal signifiers in a person’s chart. Astro magic!

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First Quarter Moon in Capricorn: The Art of Investing in the Face of Impermanence

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Tonight, shortly after the Mercury-Chiron opposition, we reach the First Quarter Moon, on route to the Aries Full Moon on October 5th. Jupiter’s opposition to Uranus will peak late tonight (ADT) and tomorrow, Pluto will complete its turnaround in Capricorn.

That is a lot of intense, possibly excruciating, shifting ground, and I for one, am thankful for the Earthy influences of Mars and Venus being in Virgo (the rulers of this Jupiter-Uranus opposition), to stabilize the potentially explosive components here.

The First Quarter Moon is a prelude to both Pluto’s pivot, and the Jupiter-Uranus opposition. The Moon lights up Capricorn, squaring the Sun, which is bringing its light to Libra, the sign it currently shares with Jupiter.

Quarter Moons are turning points. A day to take a moment and carefully assess the directions and options available to you. A day to make a conscious decision to take the best action available to you; an action that aligns with truth, wholeness, healing and wellbeing.

The Sun (and Jupiter) in Libra, highlight themes of relationships, harmony, peace, and justice.

The Moon (and Pluto) in Capricorn, bring our attention to deep foundational issues and serious matters that require a fearless firmness. I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on Capricorn in preparation for Saturn’s ingress into Cap in December, so this post will likely be heavier on the Capricorn – sorry Libra!

Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, is a sign that is intimately acquainted with some of the harshest realities of the human experience on Planet Earth: Time, Aging, Mortality, Gravity, Decay, Impermanence, Scarcity, Limitations, Meaninglessness, Existential Isolation, the Burden and Responsibility of Freedom, Cause and Effect, the Consequences of Breaking Rules, and the good old karmic lesson that You Reap What You Sow.

No wonder Cap-types are stereotyped for their gloominess and pessimism! Along with those who have challenging natal Saturn aspects, they bear a heavy weight on their shoulders. But oh how the zodiac wheel would be greatly lacking without Capricorn in our cosmic DNA! Capricorn’s fierce wrestle with the material, physical realm, sharpens these gems with the type of deep wisdom and resilience that can only come from lived experience.

Where Libras see beauty, harmony and pleasure, Capricorns see projects, missions, and challenges to overcome. For Cap-types, renowned workaholics, the human journey through time – outlined as if on a ruler from Point A to Point B, first breath to last breath – is an assignment. And not always a fun one, at least in the early years; it’s a serious assignment.

Armed with the knowledge that we live in a world of Cause and Effect, just like we can rely on the forces of gravity to bring an object to the ground, Capricorn aims to do the required work to gain the corresponding reward; to yield the results and achieve the desired outcome. But can Capricorn truly depend 100% on this Cause -> Effect equation as an absolute certainty in life?

Our Earth holds too many unpredictable variables and cannot support constant faith in this equation always working out. Capricorn’s “life assignments”, always involve a measure of uncertainty. Success is not necessarily guaranteed – this makes Cap-types all the more determined to reach their goals, all the more focused on maintaining control over their environments… while also still fearing failure.

It’s like living the last month of a University semester over and over again. A constant onslaught of school projects and exams. It’s that study crunch experience of feeling like you are not allowed to pause to sleep or take breaks (without feeling guilty), because there’s always another deadline, another test to prepare for… will you pass or will you fail? The stakes are high.

When I think of a Capricorn and Libra encounter, I imagine the following scenario…

(I generally wouldn’t use an army-related example, but I’m working with archetypal figures here)

The scene is an army boot camp, or somewhere out in the field.

Libra is a relatively new recruit. Capricorn is a weathered army commander.

Libra approaches Capricorn hesitantly, yet tactfully, to inquire as to whether it might be possible… to look into securing more comfortable bedding – for herself, and of course for all the other soldiers, because that would be fair. She outlines a well-thought out argument that perhaps better quality of sleep would contribute to more effective efforts during the day… because cognition would be much sharper, and energy levels would be higher…

Capricorn looks at her aghast.

“GOOD GRIEF!” He barks. “WHAT DO YOU THINK THIS IS?! A five-star hotel??!! You are on an important mission, not a pleasure trip! Comfort is not the point! TOUGHEN UP!”

You are speaking Cap’s language when you adopt the framework of life as a test, a mission, an assignment, a task, a duty, an obligation, a goal, a project, or a contract.

Why are we on Earth? What is our purpose here? Libra and Capricorn will give you two very different answers. And they likely both speak the truth. Life is love, beauty, pleasure and relationships. It is also full of hard work, challenging trials, grappling with consequences, and learning tough lessons as we realize our limitations.

Capricorn would argue: “We aren’t here on Earth to have fun; we are here to work. Life [or whatever part of your birth chart is ruled by Capricorn] was not intended to be a comfortable pleasure trip. We are here to fulfill our contract, carry out the mission, and complete our assignment. Buckle up, put your head down, and get to it.”

I’ve used a number of archetypal figures for Capricorn and Saturn in the past, including “a building inspector”, “an architect”, “a soldier”, “a farmer up against the elements”. Lately I have been thinking of Capricorn an “investor”.

Capricorn, within our cosmic DNA, clearly perceives the harsh realities of life, and in response it asks: “In the face of impermanence and constant decay, what endures? What will survive? What will outlive me? What is the best use of my time, energy, and resources? What should I invest in, in order to leave a lasting legacy? What is truly a worthwhile and valuable investment?”

And because our world is the way it is, we may sometimes witness ambitious Capricorn-types accepting society’s dominant answers to its questions.

What is a worthwhile investment that will leave a lasting legacy? Society responds: “Social status, success, tangible public achievements, power, material possessions, and financial security.”

But is this actually the best investment of our time on Earth? There is nothing wrong with any of these things in themselves, but will these things pass the test of time? Will they endure the harsh realities of this Earthly plane? Will they fulfill us? Usually at some point or another, the Capricorn in us all discovers, that no, they won’t.

When a mission falters in action due to growing sense of futility or meaninglessness, Capricorn asks again: “What then, should I invest in with my human life, with my breath, with the energy that surges through my fleshy container? How can I build a strong foundation, a permanent legacy of my existence, in a deteriorating Earthly realm? In the face of mortality, what type of contribution to the world, will allow me to live on?”

There are many answers to this question, and that’s part of the lesson, I believe. Capricorn and Saturn are ultimately guiding us to a place of authenticity, a place of deep resonance with our innate truth and the way it longs to express itself in this world, as only it uniquely can.

However, maybe I will expand on that when I write about Saturn in Capricorn later this year. Right now we are dealing with a First Quarter Moon highlighting a Libra – Capricorn square.

Libra’s response to Capricorn’s query would likely include “relationships” as an answer – “relationships are a worthy investment of one’s time, energy, and resources. Through your contribution to a network of relationships, you will leave a lasting legacy.”

Do you have Capricorn on the cusp of your 7th House, or possibly Saturn in the 7th? People with this placement experience Libra’s answer echoing strongly throughout their lives.

Capricorn 7th House Cusp folks are working on “Project Relationship”, “The Partnership Assignment”, and studying for “Pass/Fail Love Exams”. Since Capricorn is the sign so associated with life’s harsh realities, these people may encounter many challenges and trials in personal relationships (at least prior to their Saturn Return), even as they long for a stable, committed, “lasting” relationship.

(Wisdom, personal growth, inner strength and resilience – gained through lived experience – are the gifts though!)

Relationships are serious business for these folks. These chart holders do NOT take relational investment lightly. They do not take commitment lightly. Because when they commit, they are in for the long haul and will apply their powerful gifts of loyalty, endurance and perseverance to their most valued relationships – pouring a concrete life foundation through partnership. They may be seen as commitment-phobic, but this is only because they take relational investments so seriously and thus feel they must cautiously and strategically assess the potential longevity of a relationship possibility, before signing on the dotted line.

While Capricorn could learn from Libra, that even the most fleeting pleasures have value and that the world can be just as beautiful as it can be harsh, Libra could learn from Capricorn the Art of Investing.

Libra often struggles with a case of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). They often have an urge to be equally engaged in many different activities and pursuits, a yearning to be part of every group, always, and a desire to please everyone in their lives and bring harmony into all their multiple relationships.

Capricorn can assist Libra with the balance they seek, by teaching them the Art of Investing. First, there is knowing what your priorities are. What is truly important to you in life? What types of relationships do you want to nurture and invest in?

Then there is the assessment and evaluation. What relationships are worthy of the investment of time, energy, and love? What type of sustained investment is required over time in order to cultivate resilient, stabilizing, intimacy-growing depth in relationships?

Capricorn is a sign known for its patience and focused, persistent pursuit toward its goals over time, motivated by its dedication to its long-term vision or plan. This is another important aspect to the Art of Investing – investments don’t usually pay off right away. Libra could learn from Capricorn the importance of adhering to a carefully chosen path, and trusting in its ever-increasing value over time.

And finally, as all good investors should know, there are limits to resources. You can only invest so much, before you put yourself at risk of being swallowed up in debt, or of making too many compromises. Of course, Capricorn will never let us forget the Earthly reality that we exist in a world within a time-limited human lifespan. It is important to know your limits and to set boundaries.

A no to one thing, is a yes to something else.

Is there some Libran theme in your life that needs boundary negotiation (e.g. relationships, art, beauty, justice, harmony, balance)? Is there some discord that needs strategic Capricornian navigation? Is there a valued relationship that is asking for increased investment of your resources?

Sometimes Capricorn-types (or Capricorn on the 7th H cusp, etc.) take relational investments so seriously, that they are intimidated to even try and risk the failure and possible embarrassment that are the sworn enemies of a Capricorn. The harsh realities of the world, that they know so well, may have taught them that depending on others is a weakness.

“We can never know, with 100% certainty, whether we can truly depend or trust on other people to support us (and help us complete our mission). Relationships seem like a pretty unpredictable and insecure investment, from my perspective,” Capricorn points out. “And therefore, it is safer to remain as self-sufficient and as independent as possible.”

Libra will rarely outright disagree, but gently she will nudge Capricorn toward relaxing, softening, surrendering into the beauty, the hope, the gift… of human relationships, connection and belonging.

“Yes, there may be heartache. Yes, people may let you down. Yes, people will die on you.” Libra whispers, “But life isn’t just about the outcome, you know. It isn’t just about completing the mission. It’s also about the journey. I promise you, there is no life investment that is more valuable than human relationships.

May you navigate the challenging cosmic terrain of the next 24+ hours and this First Quarter Moon, with authenticity, wisdom, determination, and grace.

Go gently.



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Tug of War! And then… the Rope Snaps :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for September 25th – October 1st

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I remember playing Tug of War as a child. It was lots of fun, until one side really gained an edge and suddenly yanked the other group over the line with a jolt – or, when one team decided to suddenly let go, causing the other team to topple over back onto each other. The same effect could be caused by the rope suddenly snapping. That is what this week may feel like, for better or worse, as we make our way to the third and final installment of one of 2017’s major aspects: The Jupiter-Uranus opposition. Continue reading “Tug of War! And then… the Rope Snaps :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for September 25th – October 1st”

New Moon in Virgo :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for September 18th – 24th

When you track the sky’s current transits, do you ever wonder who’s getting the day’s birth charts? I mean, there are thousands of human beings being born all over the world each and every hour… so someone out there is going to grow up with the transits of the day embedded in their birth chart… No? Yes? Maybe that’s just evidence that I am a major astro-nerd.

Anyway, I was asking myself that very question because this week we will have ALL FIVE personal planets together in Virgo for the Virgo New Moon early WEDNESDAY morning (ADT). The personal planets include the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars (the Sun and Moon are often referenced as planets in astrology). They are called personal planets because they are closest to Earth and move through the zodiac faster than the outer planets, such as Neptune and Pluto, and therefore have a more explicit, obvious, personal impact within our birth charts.

Point being, whatever little humans are welcomed into the world mid-week, they are going to be ultra-Virgo! Continue reading “New Moon in Virgo :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for September 18th – 24th”

Last Quarter Moon in Gemini :: Stay Hungry for Questions

I really like doing these Quarter Moon posts because I get to compare and contrast two different signs that are squaring each other in the zodiac wheel. I have the opportunity to demonstrate how they can be complementary when integrated and applied in a balanced way. This time around, it’s pretty easy to demonstrate the supportive, harmonizing potential, because we are dealing with the Moon in Gemini squaring the Sun in Virgotwo Mercury-ruled signs.

As always though, the Third Quarter Moon presents a challenge of some sort as we bring this lunation cycle to a close. Saturn in Sagittarius also opposes the Moon, creating a tight, pressurized t-square with the Sun as the apex planet, and this makes this morning’s Third Quarter Moon a bit more complicated – and heavy.

So first let’s address the Moon in Gemini opposite Saturn in Sagittarius.

Saturn is currently wrapping up its 2-year+ pilgrimage through Sagittarius; a search for truth, and for meaning. But what is Truth… is there one objective Truth? And if so, who has the Truth? Where is the Truth? Are we taught the Truth? Do we find it or create it or discover it within ourselves? And how do we test and validate “what is True”? Through empiricism (validating through direct sensory experience)? Scientific research studies? Historical analyses? Spiritual revelation? By its degree of usefulness? Through intuition and gut responses?

How do individual expressions of one’s inner Truth emerge into personal and meaningful life stories within a society that is uncomfortable with lived Truths that contradict its dominant narratives? What happens when multiple “Truths” conflict? When does the Truth need defending, and when can it defend itself? And how many Truth assertions can we tolerate before we draw a Saturnian boundary around what is valid, good, okay, healthy… and what is not?

So many big questions… and no one loves a big question more than Gemini. The Moon in Gemini is feeling the opposing strain of Saturn’s demand to come up with concrete answers, and yet it resists suffocation. Continue reading “Last Quarter Moon in Gemini :: Stay Hungry for Questions”

Stretching, Reaching, Dancing into the Third Quarter Moon Phase :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for September 11th – 17th

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The Sun, Mars, and Mercury are currently moving through Virgo, with Venus trailing behind, currently traveling through the final decan of Leo this week. Mid-NEXT week, for a period of approximately three days, we will have FOUR personal planets in Virgo (Sun, Mercury, Mars, Venus) – and at the time of the New Moon on September 20th, we will have the Moon in Virgo as well. It is relatively rare to have all the personal planets in the same sign at once. As I mentioned before, this is a very–Virgo Virgo season. Tis the season to get shit done.

However, Venus is letting us know that she is not done playing with fire yet, and she has plenty of lioness moves to make before the week is done. The North Node (the eclipse choreographer) also gets a great deal of action this week. It begins with receiving a friendly sextile from Jupiter, the great benefic planet, on MONDAY morning. This sextile will hold throughout the week while Venus interacts with it.

Late THURSDAY night (ADT) Venus will conjoin the North Node at 23° Leo, and then on FRIDAY, Venus will complete the sextile to Jupiter.

The Moon’s North Node speaks to our destiny, our evolutionary call, the stimulus of change – that place outside our comfort zone “where the MAGIC happens.” Sometimes the North Node can get activated in a way that feels jarring – as if we were suddenly yanked out of the familiar and safe, into foreign territory for which we have no map. Continue reading “Stretching, Reaching, Dancing into the Third Quarter Moon Phase :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for September 11th – 17th”

Uncomfortable Emotions are not Pathological :: Sun Trine Pluto & the Full Moon in Pisces

While it’s true that emotions can be catalysts, prompting actions that can be beneficial  or destructive, and while it’s true that sometimes the natural flow and balance of emotions can become stuck or disturbed for a variety of reasons, I believe that emotions in and of themselves, cannot be pathological. Emotions are an integral part of the embodied human experience and they serve a vital role in our efforts to survive and thrive.

The meaning that we cognitively assign to our emotions and the way we process and act on them, may cause us unnecessary suffering, but I do believe…

Your grief is not a virus. Your anger is not a sin. Your sadness is not a disease. Your fear is not a dysfunction. Continue reading “Uncomfortable Emotions are not Pathological :: Sun Trine Pluto & the Full Moon in Pisces”

Mercury Stations Direct :: Reflective Prompts for Mercury’s Post-Retrograde Shadow Period

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Early this morning, three successive significant cosmic events occurred. The Sun in Virgo opposed Neptune in Pisces, Mars left Leo to enter Virgo, and Mercury has recently pivoted and turned Direct on the Eclipse Degree at 28 degrees Leo.

How are you feeling?

Take an inventory of what has transpired in your life between late Julythe beginning of Eclipse Season and the beginning of Mercury’s Pre-Retrograde Shadow period and today; the end of Mercury’s Retrograde and the end of an Eclipse Season which included a very potent Solar New Moon Total Eclipse in Leo on August 21st.

Take a moment to reflect on any changes or new developments that have occurred in the internal or external landscape of your life in the past month. Continue reading “Mercury Stations Direct :: Reflective Prompts for Mercury’s Post-Retrograde Shadow Period”