Hi! This is Me.

Astrologers are often quite wary of sharing their birth charts. Understandably so, since they are aware of the huge amount of personal information a chart can reveal.

However, I’ve basically shared all my key placements in my writing anyway… plus Mercury is currently transiting my natal Uranus and Mars, while the Mars-Jupiter conjunction is occurring RIGHT on my IC so… meh, why not! A measure of vulnerable exposure seems well aligned… although this post may not stay up forever!

Hi! This is me.

I use the tropical zodiac and a quadrant house system (Koch, generally), but I definitely give extra weight and consideration to the signs that rule the house cusps, regardless of where planet placements fall.

I am a Piscean mystic with a dark 8th House edge who thinks about death and the meaning of human existence probably more than is healthy 🙂

With my North Node in Taurus in the 9th House, getting out of my head and into my body, grounding myself through my senses in the present moment, establishing material and financial security, growing in confidence, and learning to trust my intuition and take leaps of faith, is my growing edge. Continue reading “Hi! This is Me.”

The Beginning is Near :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for January 1st – 7th

2018. Wow.

Me and New Years have an iffy relationship. I’m not a fan to be honest.

Probably because New Years feels like such a linear expression of time (i.e. those yearly calendar numbers just keep increasing), whereas I love the solstices and equinoxes because they highlight the cyclical aspects of time.

At any rate! Here we are. A time of reflections and resolutions. A big, emotional Cancer Super Moon is ready to welcome us over the threshold tonight (MONDAY).

The Beginning is Near. Continue reading “The Beginning is Near :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for January 1st – 7th”

Mars in Scorpio & the Instinctual Self

I love to read as much as I love to write, and I’m constantly collecting new information… in a very gemini-esque fashion. Meaning, when I’m at my computer I have 20+ browser tabs open with various articles – none of which I can read beginning to end without switching to several more articles while reading. I sometimes do it without noticing. I read a paragraph of one article, switch to the next, and do the same, and then again… finally circling back to the article at which I started reading.

Similarly, I have numerous books on the go at once in multiple forms – hard-copy books, Kindle books, library books, and audio books.

But to be perfectly honest, especially now that I am no longer in University, I rarely actually finish any of them. I read a chapter there, another chapter somewhere else… I spend my life hauling library books back and forth and maxing out on the number of books I’m allowed, and paying fines… and yet I’m lucky if I make a dent in the stack. Continue reading “Mars in Scorpio & the Instinctual Self”

This is the Venus Retrograde Crescendo Week :: Cosmic Weather Bulletin for April 10th – April 16th

The orchestra is warming up.

The musicians are tuning their instruments.

Then the conductor raises his baton. The audience holds their breath in anticipation and… so it begins, the final act of Venus retrograde.

If you care to simmer your senses in this moment of achingly bittersweet, anticipatory delight, I would invite you to listen to Gustav Holst’s Venus suit. Gustav Holst was both a famous English composer and astrologer. He wrote The Planets, a seven-movement suit, with the astrological archetypes in mind…

Astrology is a tapestry of symbolic meaning, woven throughout the solar system. Everything is connected. No event in astrology occurs in isolation, just like no life event occurs in isolation. The art of astrology is synthesis – synthesizing disparate sub-plots into the unity of the overarching story.

All signs in the heavens point to our goddess of love and beauty as the protagonist at center stage this week. All other astrological events are supporting characters and sub-plots. Yes, as I’m sure you’ve heard, Mercury went retrograde on Sunday, but with the retrograde motion of the two planets overlapping this week, Mercury’s initial steps backward are going to play strongly into the Venus Rx story that is continuing in our lives. Mercury begins its retrograde in Taurus, which is ruled by Venus.

This is indeed, Venus’ week.

On Saturday she turns direct again.

She’s on her retrograde homestretch.

This is the closing chapter of your Venus Rx story.

These are Venus crescendo days.

Not everyone will experience Venus retrograde in the same way. Everyone will have a different Venus Rx story, depending on how its movement is intersecting with their natal chart and life circumstances.

Venus is associated with our core values and passions (what we prioritize and see as most important in our lives), self-worth, money, relationships, love, sex, showing and receiving affection, pleasure, art, and beauty (including physical appearance).

Take a moment to reflect. What Venus-themes have been emerging in your life since March 4th, when Venus first began its retrograde journey?

Remember that the Venus retrograde story might not be a dramatic one for you. Perhaps you’ve been experiencing a quiet, but growing reminder to rekindle your passion and act on your values, and this has primarily expressed itself as an internal shift. The degree of intensity of your Venus Rx story depends on how her journey intersects with your natal chart. For example, the intense moments of the Uranus-Jupiter-Pluto square barely shed a ripple in my chart (although it significantly impacted other people in my life). The Venus retrograde on the other hand, is unfolding in my life uncannily, as if I was reading a novel. I can feel the final Venus crescendo week coming. The final chapter is currently weaving itself together as I (literally and figuratively) prepare to take a trip into the epicenter of an emotional storm.

So many Venus themes have emerged for me since March 4th:

  • Reorienting myself toward my passions and the life I want to live: I passionately love astrology. I can’t deny its calling and its spiritual significance in my life. During Venus Rx I began building an online platform for Lilith Rebellion, with plans to be able to offer chart readings some day.
  • Reassessing core values and what’s important to me: I carefully reassessed some emotionally-charged core values and re-prioritized them. This led to making a really difficult and potentially life-changing decision.
  • Establishing a stronger sense of self-worth: I have been struggling with depression for the past year and my self-worth has been eroding. During Venus Rx I, (1) had a terrible 31st birthday that I had been dreading – this was a catalyst that really forced me to examine my self-worth and perception of myself, and (2) I received multiple unexpected encouragements in support of my capacity to pursue my dreams and passions.
  • Healing in the realm of intimacy, love, and relationships: I had some major breakthroughs that I have been waiting years for. The cosmos also stirred its pot of synchronicity, and some unexpected, meaningful encounters with people from my past, have arranged themselves in my life.

Check out the Cosmic Forecast for…

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