Lilith Art

I’ve decided it’s time to invest energy into imaginative creating again. I’m creating to sell! Check back soon for some new stained glass and mosaic pieces for purchase through my Etsy account. 

Here’s one of my favourite pieces, as an example:

I created this zodiac mosaic using old watch faces, glass tiles, and recycled tiles. Some of the watch faces continued to tick for a while 🙂

I believe the human soul speaks and responds, primarily through the body and the senses, emotions, art, symbolism, stories and archetypes.

Art is powerful because it has the capacity to bypass the limits of our perceived reality, to resonate with the soul of another; causing our constricted, Earth-bound lives to connect, expand, and deepen.

By communing at the soul’s frequency art, like nature, like myth, needs no logical or rational arguments to communicate and inspire.

After high school, I decided I wanted to go to art school. I signed up for a tour of the nearest art university and started working on my portfolio. I’m not sure quite what caused the 180° diversion from this aim, but I know the well-intentioned advice (and some careless comments) of family members played a big role. I changed my mind and decided instead, to apply to a philosophy and history undergraduate program. Fast-forward about 10 years later, and I’ve completed three university degrees within the realm of social sciences and health. As much as I restlessly chafed against structured, institutional system of a university, I love the academic world. I love learning, researching, analyzing, and writing. I don’t regret my academic pursuits. However, I’ve always felt that I’ve been neglecting a very important part of myself – the more creative and imaginative side of my personality.

The mediums I am most drawn to are mixed media art, stained glass and tile mosaics, textile and fibre art, and art using natural or recycled materials.

The themes that I enjoy exploring through art include: astrological and celestial themes (especially all things moon-related); women empowerment and freedom; mythic goddesses and archetypes; sexuality and our connection with our physical bodies; nature and nature-based spirituality; mysticism; death, grief and healing/transformation; the life journey and expression of the soul.