Did you read my Learn Astrology introduction? You can check it out here if you’re unsure of whether astrology is worth learning more about or not.

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Astrology Phone Apps:

  • Deluxe Moon for Android; I use this to track the moon’s movement through the zodiac signs and to remind myself when the new and full moon will be.
  • Astro Future – Horoscope & Love Astrology for iPhone and iPad; this is a great app for beginners who are just learning the symbols and how to read a chart. It is limited in its capabilities, but the visuals are great – very user friendly.
  • Time Passages for iPhone & iPod; this is a great app for beginners and intermediate learners. Provides short horoscopes for your current transits as well as for your solar arc and secondary progressions (for an additional fee) which is very useful if you don’t otherwise have access to this information.
  • Astrology Ephemeris for Android; it is handy to have a simple ephemeris app when you want to quickly check the position of a planet.
  • iPhemeris for iPhone and Mac OSX; an amazing astrology app that provides a full ephemeris as well as a number of different chart calculations and display capabilities. This app is more appropriate for the intermediate or advanced learner.
  • Astro Gold for iPhone and Android; an astrology app created by the same people who created Solar Fire – arguably the most popular astrology software program. This app is more appropriate for the intermediate or advanced learner.
  • Solar System Scope for desktop, Android, and iOS devices; this is not an astrology app, but rather a beautiful astronomy app that visually depicts the planets in orbit around the sun. See what the solar system is doing in real time!

Astrology Software: 

Astrology Books for Beginners: 

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