Don’t Mistake Rigidity for Strength :: Cosmic Weather for March 12th – 18th

This week will chase Mars into Capricorn.

However, before it does so, on SATURDAY, Mars may propel us through a crisis of truth, faith and belief, in the final degrees of Sagittarius.

I will never underestimate the potency of the last degrees of a zodiac sign – particularly the 29th degree, called the anaretic degree (or crisis degree). These are areas of heightened tension that can provoke impulsive behavior and reactions, or correlate with a tricky decision and torturous second-guessing.

Sagittarius at its worst is a soap-box preacher pointing you to heaven, or to hell. As Mars’ volatility activates the sensitive final degrees of Sagittarius this week, while squaring Chiron in Pisces, we may be wondering what is true, and what is not. We may be engaged in an aggressive war of opinions. We may find ourselves misunderstood. We may face a challenge to our belief system, our faith and our hope. We may be struggling to trust in ourselves and find the confidence to launch something new.

Although the Mars-Chiron square is exact on WEDNESDAY, it could reach its peak on SATURDAY when the New Moon in Pisces is seeded right next to Chiron, strengthening its square with Mars. With Uranus, Mercury and Venus in Mars’ sign of Aries right now, Mars’ activity is highly influential within the cosmic dance of the solar system.

Meanwhile the Saturn square continues with Venus, repeating Mercury’s previous confrontation with the cosmic taskmaster on TUESDAY. During Aries season we will have a series of successive squares to both Saturn and Pluto, both of whom are currently creeping along in Aries’ earthy cardinal cousin – Capricorn. The series of squares has now commenced.

When Venus, the planet of pleasure, romance, and beauty is touched by Saturn’s cold gaze, reminding us of where there is work still to be done, we may feel more serious than usual, more critical, more hesitant, and more strategic with an eye to long-term longevity. We may assess our relational commitments carefully; investing and withdrawing where necessary.

Difficult Saturn aspects at their worst, make us rigid, white-knuckled, burdened and bent by the weight of world that we strive to brace ourselves against. Saturn, sometimes harshly, re-acquaints us with the limits of time, the limits of freedom, the limits of relationships, and the limits and consequences of our choices.

And yet, as we move through this week’s transits, involving a potentially dogmatic, truth-wielding Mars in Sag and a stern Venus-Saturn square, do not mistake rigidity for strength.

Remember: “the wind does not break a tree that bends” (Sukuma proverb). Do not defend and brace yourself – against others, against the unknown, against your own fears – so aggressively that you snap… like a tree in the wind.

Be gentle and kind – with yourself and with others, while finding both the freedom and the boundaries you need.

Take a chance and stretch upward toward new horizons. And yet stay flexible, and stay rooted.

This week, like all weeks, offers benefic boons alongside its irritants. On TUESDAY, accompanying the Venus-Saturn square, the Sun will create a mystical water trine with Jupiter, recently retrograde. In Pisces and Scorpio respectively, this Sun-Jupiter trine, an aspect generally known for its outward exuberance and optimism, may take on a more somber and reflective emotional tone today as it pulls us into these deep waters.

TUESDAY is an ideal day to intentionally and deliberately tap into your inner strength.

Not in a showy way – not in a way that needs validation from anyone else or is driven by a need to prove oneself and compensate for an insecurity, but in a way that melts the protective resistance around your inner core. In way that causes you to quietly soften with relief and a gentle smile into the truth you knew was always there, waiting for you – your value is immeasurable. Touch the infinite ground of your being today and know your worth deeply.

When pain emerges for you (as Tara Brach suggests), before you dismiss it, put your hand on your heart and tell yourself: “I care about your suffering.”

Whatever it is, and for whatever reason it exists, the suffering is real. And you can meet it with compassion.

On WEDNESDAY as Mars squares Chiron, the Moon will be passing over the South Node – a spiritual point of release and letting go of attachments and all that is holding us back.

The South Node is currently in Aquarius and Aquarius likes to experiment. Personal growth, creating change, engaging in the cyclical work of healing, is tough stuff. Sometimes it seems overwhelming. Take the edge off something new by framing it as a time-limited “experiment”; something you’re “trying out” for a while to see if it works.

After 8 years in Pisces, Chiron will shift into Aries later this year. With Mars being the ruler of Aries, this square aspect feels a bit like a preview of what is to come. We may be challenged to assert ourselves in new ways, or to step toward greater independence and brave action. Can you breath into an area of tightness, resistance and fear until it begins to loosen its grip?

Mercury will trine the North Node in Leo on FRIDAY, and Venus will follow suite on SUNDAY. These are fire trines, with Leo and Aries at play. The North Node in Leo beckons us toward the rediscovery and cultivation of joy, passion, creativity, and confidence. With a lovely trine at work, this growth may come with ease. Listen for synchronistic whispers of opportunity over the WEEKEND – and then take action.

SATURDAY’S New Moon in Pisces is emotionally prickly. It occurs less than two degrees away Chiron while being squared by Mars, which at that moment, will be teetering on the very EDGE of Sagittarius, just Out of Bounds, and nearly in Capricorn.

Planets are Out of Bounds when they are beyond the border of the Sun’s yearly path of travel (the ecliptic) with a declination of more than +/- 23°26’ (North or South). Out of reach outside of the Sun’s domain, Out of Bound planets have a mind of their own. An Out of Bound Mars is more reckless, more unpredictable, more intense, more driven by impulse and instinct. Mars will be Out of Bounds from SATURDAY March 17th – April 7th.

Traditionally, both Pisces and Sagittarius are ruled by Jupiter – meaning the New Moon related activations in Pisces and Sagittarius will ultimately lead us back to Jupiter’s journey in our charts, according to sign and house theme. Jupiter, of course, is currently in Scorpio, the sign of shadows and metamorphosis, moving retrograde and stirring up the mud on the bottom of our psyches.

Thankfully Jupiter’s earlier trine still holds throughout the weekend, lending some emotional support, and yet this New Moon feels edgy in more ways than one. If you have personal planets or sensitive points in the last degrees of the mutable signs (Pisces, Sagittarius, Gemini, or Virgo) you may feel this week’s transits, and this New Moon, more acutely.

Chiron wounds typically have origins that date far back into your history. Chiron wounds are old wounds. Whatever comes up for you, its path may have been etched deeply through time.

We heal wounds in layers, in cycles, in spiraling nonlinear loops. We can return to the same wounds again and again, without the frustration of “why am I still dealing with this?!”, but rather with a tenderness and a patient kindness for the hurting parts of our being.

“I care about your suffering,” you might say again to yourself or another, gently.

On SUNDAY, the Sun completes its conjunction to Chiron in Pisces and Venus trines the North Node. SUNDAY feels relationally important. Even when we are at our most vulnerable and hurt, we can find a balm within the mystical, magical interplay of human connection.

I have now had 4 exact Chiron conjunctions to my natal Sun and Mercury in the last few years. All of them were accompanied by tears and turmoil – and all of them also correlated with significant events that touched me deeply and brought me closer and closer to my inner Truth as I redefined my identity and moved through a process of re-emergence and reconnection.

Don’t shrink back, don’t withdraw unnecessarily.

May healing find you today.

May hope find you today.

May love find you today.

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Venus in Aries :: Happy Day to all Womxn Warriors.

May you keep courageously storming the gates of patriarchy, capitalism, and all intersecting systems of oppression – and may you also seek and find shelter when you need it, without shame.

May we all be liberated to unleash the fullness of our authentic essence in this world.

#adaylate #internationalwomxnsday #ihaveconflictedfeelingsaboutspecialcalendardays

Have you seen Fleassy Malay’s viral spoken word poem filmed for International Womxn’s Day? If not, you can check it out here.

Posted on social media Sunday, March 11th:

Today the Mercury-Saturn square and Cap Moon has us feeling under pressure and perhaps facing a difficult task, while the Mars and Uranus fire trine is feeding our impulsivity. Simultaneously the Sun is sextiling Pluto, beckoning us toward deeper self-examination.

Because of the capitalistic system we exist in and its idolization of “productivity”, procrastination (or a seeming lack of self-discipline or work ethic), has been framed as one of the worst sins of humanity.

It isn’t.

But admittedly it is understandably frustrating when you need to work on something – or part of you really WANTS to work on something – and yet you are finding it difficult to harness the motivation.

Social media is typically my primary procrastination tool and it amazes me that most of the time, after a long period of pointless scrolling, I realize that I can’t even consciously remember picking up my phone in the first place.

I sigh, and put my phone down, turning to the task at hand once again… and then half an hour later I “come to” and realize I’m scrolling mindlessly again! Argh.

When procrastination becomes this compulsive I begin to suspect that I’m probably up against something bigger than just simply not wanting to do a not-fun task.

I’ve been trying to practice the art of mindfully “pausing – ideally at the moment I catch myself reaching for my phone or a social media window.

Like, literally saying it out loud to get my conscious thinking brain online. Stop! Pause! And then… check in… what am I feeling right now?

Oftentimes I discover that beneath the mindless numbing of my chosen distraction, there is anxiety, fear, or the unwillingness to feel another uncomfortable emotion.

Sometimes the reasons for our procrastination are a lot deeper than we initially think.

We may dismiss it as laziness and beat ourselves up for not being more productive, but… “avoidance” is classic protective mechanism (and a hallmark symptom of anxiety).

What are we protecting ourselves against?

For example, a university student who compulsively procrastinates studying might have a childhood history of being shamed and humiliated for their academic efforts.

Without their conscious awareness, their limbic brain now identifies all forms of studying as a “threat” (because of its risk for social judgement and rejection), and thus upcoming deadlines activate a physiological anxiety response which is so uncomfortable, they immediately reach for a distraction to alleviate the discomfort.

An artist who procrastinates making art may become frustrated because this is supposed to be their passion! Perhaps beneath the procrastination there is a deep-rooted fear that they are a fraud, or that their art will be seen as having no value. And then to go further, what’s at the root of that fear story?

I find it really helpful (and humbling) to admit that on some level I am often feeling a lot of fear when I am in “procrastination mode”, or even emotional pain and sadness.

Procrastination mode can hide these intense emotions, so it isn’t always easy to recognize this. When I procrastinate I am not often aware of the anxiety. I just feel checked-out, numb, lazy.

When we are able to catch ourselves and pause before reaching for the choice procrastination tool or distraction, when we are able to take a few seconds to check in and ask ourselves what we are really feeling right now, can we stay present with that feeling? Can we sit there and allow ourselves to feel that restlessness, that tension, that nausea – without reaching for something to numb it away?

Those feelings of discomfort won’t kill you. The more we can increase our capacity to withstand, to even welcome, difficult emotions and sensations, the more we liberate our ability to consciously control how we direct and focus our attention.

Honestly, one of my biggest goals for the year is to increase my capacity to tolerate, welcome, and stay present with, uncomfortable and even painful, emotions and sensations – without drowning in them, shutting down or trying to escape them…

…which may sound like a strange goal, but a low distress tolerance is what leads to a wide variety of coping strategies and avoidance behaviors – many of which have detrimental impacts.

Basically I want to get better at self-regulating my emotions and my nervous system.

It is an invaluable skillset worth a creative investment.

Viktor E. Frankl wrote: “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

Perhaps a mindful pause and internal check-in will not always lead to a redirection of attention, but overtime with practice (which literally rewires our brain), that mindful pause can increase in length, creating more space for the activation of our power to choose our response.

With the Sun sextiling Pluto today we are invited to dig deep into that pause. What’s beneath our avoidance strategy? Is it something we can stay present with? Even just a little bit? Can we move with the emotion or uncomfortable sensation? Can we dance with it? Walk with it? Shake with it? Until it runs its natural course?

Take small steps forward. Setting small, realistic goals will give your brain a nice hit of dopamine chemicals when you achieve them, thereby motivating further progress.🔥



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Navigating Empathy, Boundaries, & Compassionate Action :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for February 26th – March 4th

The watery Piscean trend continues this week with 5 celestial bodies in the sign of the two fishes (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Neptune and Chiron). If you haven’t gotten enough of these deep feels, you’re in luck! There’s plenty more to come in the next 7 days.

The highlights of the week include the Full Moon in Virgo on WEDNESDAY, and the rare triple conjunction of Venus, Mercury and Chiron occurring at Venus’ exaltation degree in Pisces on SUNDAY – the same day that the Sun conjoins with Neptune.

Circle SUNDAY, March 4th on your calendar. This is a unique line-up of transits which could correlate with a deeply emotional relational event, or a significant internal shift (especially if you have personal planets or points in the late degrees of the mutable signs – Pisces, Virgo, Gemini, and Sagittarius).

As I mentioned earlier, my chart is Pisces-heavy with the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter in Pisces, along with some strong Neptunian aspects. It is a little strange to see all the super emotional ‘Pisces Season’ posts all over my feed these days! I find I get a strong reaction to them. Like, seriously?! Pisces is really that emotional and sensitive? OMG… AM I THAT EMOTIONAL AND SENSITIVE?? Because honestly, as a Pisces native, I’m not sure life feels anymore emotionally intense (or confusing) for me than usual!

And as I also mentioned previously, I struggle to embrace my Piscean nature – probably due to it being the cusp of my 8th House.

Emotions are fascinating to me at an intellectual level (p.s. I have a Gemini Moon). Like, what are emotions exactly? A mixture of biochemical neurotransmitters + thoughts + physiological reactions or sensations? What does it really mean on a biological level when emotions get “stuck” and “suppressed” in our body? Neuroscientists have trouble fully explaining the miracle and mystery of emotions.

What about empathy? That ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and truly feel what they are feeling? How does that work?

Have you ever wondered why yawns are weirdly contagious or why babies learn through imitating adult facial expressions? Although this area is still under research development, scientists have asserted that we have mirror neurons” in our brain that recognize the actions of others, prompting similar actions of our own. These mirror neurons activate the same parts of our brain that are activated when we are actually doing the action ourselves.

Scientists have extended this concept of mirror neurons to also explain the emotional experience of empathy. When we empathize with someone’s distress, this activates our brain in ways that make us feel the distress directly, as if we were literally in the other person’s situation.

Do Pisces folks have more active mirror neurons than others? Ha, that would be an interesting research study!

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and is said to contain a piece of each of the 11 preceding signs. Pisces is widely known for its sensitivity, receptivity, empathy, and its fluid ability to shape-shift in different environments, “mirroring” those around them.

In this way Pisces’ true identity is often nebulous, mysterious, and hard to pin down. This can be just as frustrating for the Pisces searching for a solid sense of Self, as it is for those around them! As a result, confidence, self-assertion, and self-esteem do not always come easily for this sign (along with its 12th House friends).

Their empathetic “mirroring” ability can be a gift, if used wisely. Piscean presence can make people feel safe, seen, and truly heard. And that is a powerful offering indeed.

The capacity for empathy can backfire, however. When this capacity is not well cared for, its receptivity can sink a Pisces – and those around them.

If you are constantly experiencing everyone else’s pain and suffering as if it were your own, it makes sense you’d eventually reach pain-level capacity, right? This is the problem with empathy as we typically conceptualize it.

Personally I’ve hit this point, as I’m sure many of you have. Specifically in early 2016, I remember within a few weeks I had gone from crying at every awful news story, and feeling the pain of my friends deep in my bones, and wanting to help and support everyone I could… to feeling… nothing. 

This lasted for over a year. A year of feeling numb. It was incredibly disconcerting to not feel any emotional reaction to external events and other people’s pain. I’ve labelled my experience depression, but people have also used words like compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, and burn-out.

Experiencing other people’s distress as if it were your own can jump-start your survival instincts into “fight or fight anxiety”, and then eventually into the “shut-down and numb” mode – as if it was YOU who was facing a threat in some way. This is unproductive in that it doesn’t typically lead to calm and wise action. And yet it is understandable that this often happens given the state of our collective wellbeing, our phobia of intense emotions, our unprocessed traumas, and dysregulated nervous systems.

Personally my individual “baseline” state of emotional and psychological wellness was pretty skewed to begin with at that time, so it was inevitable that without taking some time for healing, I would eventually max out on my capacity to empathize and support others.

Pisces are not the only ones at risk of an empathic process undermining compassionate and productive action. We all have mirror neurons, and we all are swimming through thick Piscean waters this week.

Here’s some excellent advice for Pisces Season and for anyone with a heavy dose of blurry-boundaries-Pisces in their birth charts:

When resonance literally becomes mirroring, when we confuse me with you, then objectivity is lost. Resonance requires that we remain differentiated – that we know who we are – while also becoming linked. We let our own internal states be influenced by, but not become identical with, those of the other person.” ~ Dr. Dan Siegel

For Pisces, a sign associated with divine infinite oneness which blurs the boundaries of an individual self, this is a challenging task – but not an impossible one when one has the right tools and resources. Regulating our emotions and our nervous systems through our senses is one such tool that reminds us of our physical boundaries – and you can read more about this in a previous blog post I wrote.

Luke Dani Blue from Seagoat Astrology created a great video aimed at Pisces activists, which addresses some of Pisces’ strengths and challenges…

I recommend checking out their Youtube channel, which is full of similar videos – short and sweet with sharp insights that are right on point.

They advise Pisces to use their gifts to help others spiritually rejuvenate and re-energize themselves (such as through sharing meditative and reflective practices, etc.):

It’s actually really important to bring people’s stress levels down and you [Pisces] know that. You know that one of the ways that these kinds of political stresses that have been going on this year affect people the most negatively, is psychologically. Share that piece that you carry around inside of you with others.”

“Your burn-out factor Pisces, on a scale of 1-10, where 1 is – could keep going forever and 10 is – going to burn out in a second, you are either a 0 or a 10. You guys can be the fastest to burn out because you might have really high ideals about a situation and then get really disappointed almost immediately because people never live up to our highest hopes. Or, if you’re moving from a place of love and really thinking of yourself as a channeling force for healing, you can go forever, because that’s your spiritual practice.” (~Luke Dani Blue)

I’m taking this advice seriously! Practice mindfulness so as to not allow your sense of self to become completely enmeshed with your transient emotions or thoughts – or those of others. Maintain a broad perspective and try to resist an emotional spiral down toward your navel. Find a sense of connectedness to others, to a spiritual source, that will keep you expanding outward, rather than collapsing in upon yourself. Ideally we don’t want to become so emotionally overwhelmed that we reach burn-out and cannot take compassionate action – especially during a week like this one…

Up until SUNDAY when they conjoin, Mercury is chasing Venus all week. Together, they will activate one of the year’s major transformative aspects – the Jupiter-Pluto sextile.

Venus will tap into Pluto’s powers with a sextile on TUESDAY, followed quickly by Mercury on THURSDAY.

Venus and Mercury are both planets of connection and exchange. In Pisces, they are seeking a connection which surpasses the limits of time, language and separate identity. As they join forces with the transformative catalyst of Pluto, our modes of relating with others – and with ourselves – acquire deeper honesty and intimacy.

Buried secrets may find a channel to the surface. Forgiveness and reconciliation may come more easily this week, but so too, there is the potential to bid farewell to a chapter of one’s life and unleash suppressed grief as we are reminded of past wounds.

In the midst of this Pluto action, on WEDNESDAY Mercury repeats Venus’ action over the past weekend by squaring Mars in Sagittarius. Sandwiched by Pluto’s transformative energy, these two contribute some added aggravation or frustration as our conversations (with ourselves or others) try to deliver Truth with emotional sensitivity and compassion.

Rash words could fly and we may self-inflict with negative self-talk or cut others with our communications. Pisces’ tendency is to withdraw from conflict, but this bold martial square is propelling you forward. Assert yourself with calm courage and say what needs to be said, but don’t hastily burn bridges you’ll regret.

THURSDAY is a busy day, cosmically speaking, with the Mercury-Pluto sextile occurring as I mentioned, and Venus perfecting its water trine to Jupiter as we reach the Full Moon in Virgo.

The Full Moon in Virgo is ruled by Mercury (which is currently busy, intensely dancing with other planetary heavy-weights in Pisces). It occurs with the Sun moving into a conjunction with Neptune in Pisces. This means that while the Virgo Moon may attempt to achieve discernment and clarity through diligent effort, Virgo’s steady, consistent rhythm may feel wildly out of sync with the rest of the cosmic orchestra… which is playing a dramatic and impassioned piece of opera.

Venus’ water trine to Jupiter in Scorpio, imitated by Mercury on FRIDAY, coaxes intuitive sensibilities out of the most practical and rational. It could align with moments of inspiration and elation, or overwhelming floods of feels bubbling to the surface. This aspect indicates a desire to expand and an “urge to merge”… with what though? With an experience or sensation? With another person? With your artistic process? With the web of universal energy?

Ride the waves, but check in with some anchors every now and again to keep yourself safely grounded and regulated. Practice mindfulness simply by making a point to notice 5 new things about your changing environments as you move through life. Walk around outside in nature. Stay hydrated. Get sleep. Eat regular meals. Remind yourself to breath and keep your exhales long and slow.

This week’s Virgo Moon wants you to maintain your health in the midst of this week’s swirling seas.

This week’s Piscean operatic drama reaches it’s peak on SUNDAY with the remarkable number of coinciding transits I mentioned earlier. The Venus-Mercury-Chiron triple conjunction will sextile Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn, while the Sun fuses with Neptune.

What was happening in your life back in mid-April 2017? This was when the Venus retrograde ended with a pivot at 27 degrees Pisces – similarly right on top of Chiron at Venus’ exaltation degree. This was a very potent, healing, and sometimes excruciating, Venus retrograde for many of you. At 27 degrees Pisces, Venus is said to be operating at full power – a power charged with a unconditional love that surpasses all human and time-based limitations and barriers.

It was quite significant to have Venus station direct conjunct Chiron at her exaltation degree in April 2017, and it is again quite significant to see Venus meet up with Mercury and Chiron at this same degree. Therefore, I think it is possible that there could be some echoes of last year’s conjunction bleeding into this week.

There are so many pieces to unpack here… with the triple conjunction there is something painful that has emerged, but there is also a desire to connect, to communicate, to reconcile in the midst of the hurt.

Venus seeks unity and Mercury seeks an conversational exchange. With the Sun together with Neptune, we may be perceiving a bigger picture, a larger narrative, the timeless infinity that holds the human experience. From the point of view of this broader, spiritual perspective, our priorities may change. Interpersonal barriers and tension may dissolve… or illusions may shatter as we realize the true nature of a relationship or situation.

The triple Venus-Mercury-Chiron conjunction sextiling Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn, adds even more complexity to this potency. BML is an angry energy, an archetype that feels deeply that searing pain of rejection and betrayal – and yet simultaneously is a courageous figure speaking bold truths and seeking justice and liberation of those oppressed.

How does Lilith interact with the rest of SUNDAY’s cosmic weather? Lilith is one who holds her ground. While Pisces may be willing to compromise anything for the sake of peace and idealistic harmony, Lilith is present to ensure we navigate these waters with a firm assertive hand on the wheel.


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Even When at its Most Dreary, Our World Retains a Glimmer of Magic :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for December 4th – 10th

Have you rebounded from that doozy of a weekend? Everyone I know, including myself, spent most of it in bed or finding other various ways to escape conscious awareness of time. Most of the weekend slipped down a rabbit hole – otherwise known as Mercury Stationing Retrograde and a Full Moon in Gemini squaring Neptune.

This week greets us with Chiron the asteroid, otherwise known as the wounded healer of the sky, turning Direct on TUESDAY after being retrograde since June 30th. Continue reading “Even When at its Most Dreary, Our World Retains a Glimmer of Magic :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for December 4th – 10th”

Connect with your Healing Resources :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for October 30th – November 5th

We are a week into Scorpio Season! How’s it feeling so far?

So far, I’ve found it to be pretty emotionally and energetically dense, intense, and heavy. As expected, I suppose. I am personally experiencing my Progressed 1st Quarter Moon phase (exact yesterday) and a Sun-Pluto conjunction today. So that may just be my perspective, but if you feel similarly, keeeep swimming!

Today (MONDAY), Mercury in Scorpio squared the Nodal Axis (North Node in Leo and South Node in Aquarius). Mercury in Scorpio, our poor little messenger of communication and thought, is standing at the intersection looking one way, and then the other. Which way should it turn? Toward the familiar and comfortable (symbolized by the South Node in Aquarius)? Or toward continued personal growth and evolution (symbolized by the North Node in Leo)?

Decisions, decisions. Continue reading “Connect with your Healing Resources :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for October 30th – November 5th”

Weaving ‘Story Interrupters’ into Your Life’s Narrative using Astrology’s Symbolism

Life has many obvious cause and effect patterns. Just like gravity causes an apple to fall from a tree, we can work with cause and effect – within the physical, material Saturnian/Capricornian world of time and space – to achieve the outcome we are looking for.

But life is just as much chaos, as it is cause and effect.

We make sense of our life through creating internal stories of our life journeys. Story interrupters are those chaotic curveballs that come out of nowhere. The events that derail us. The circumstances that pull apart the threads of the story tapestry we are weaving.

When our life stories are unexpectedly interrupted, our sense of coherent meaning, purpose and identity can fly out the window. We may find ourselves flailing in chaos.

A few examples…

  • Perceived cause and effect: Jeff works tirelessly toward his goal of fulfilling his heart’s desire of being a full-time musician, grounding himself in the belief that hard work = goals achieved.
  • Chaos, a story interrupter: Just as his hard work is beginning to pay off, he ends up in a car accident that inhibits his ability to use his limbs and play the guitar.


  • Perceived cause and effect: Kate has been with her partner now for 5 years. The couple just bought a house, a dog, and got engaged. They talk of children. The story of how they fell in love could be made into a movie. The #couplegoals hashtag stalks their online media presence. Since clearly they are soulmates (with amazing astrological synastry), they will be together forever.
  • Chaos, a story interrupter: Kate finds out her partner has been having an affair with her best friend. A volatile break up ensues.

We will ALL experience story interrupters of some sort. We typically dread them. We dread the unraveling. We dread the chaos that reveals how little we can really control in life.

But life is just as much chaos, as it is cause and effect.

Healthy people get cancer. Unexpected breakups occur. People die. Careers hit a dead-end. Abuse and crimes are committed. Stuff gets stolen. Money runs out. Conflict happens. Horrific tragedies take place.

And we ask, why?

As we grapple with our broken, interrupted life stories that no longer make sense, depression and anxiety have been known to sneak in through the story’s cracks.

How can we find our way again? After investing so much emotional energy, so much of our identity formation, so much time and money, into our previous life stories, how can we develop the resiliency to keep going? How can we cultivate meaning, purpose, and hope at times when the broken shards of our life stories swirl around us?

It is a Scorpionic truth that from the primordial soup of chaos, new stories are born.

Through the use of astrology, we can often anticipate story interrupters, or see our present-day chaos, reflected in the sky.

Hard aspects (i.e. opposition, square, conjunction) from outer planets and asteroids (i.e. Chiron, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) to personal planets or points (i.e. Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Mercury, Venus, Mars), often correlate with difficult challenges in our lives that can destabilize our well-established life stories.

Hard aspects from Chiron correspond with story interrupters that stop us in our tracks as we are brought face-to-face with childhood wounding and deep insecurities that we thought we had dealt with years ago. ->There is the potentiality for healing and greater self-awareness.

Hard aspects from Saturn reflect a story interrupter that deconstructs our foundational sense of security and our faith in our life direction (i.e. the infamous ~2 year Saturn Return ~ age 30). ->There is the potentiality for establishing a greater sense of identity and worth, and shifting course toward a direction that truly resonates with one’s soul.

Hard aspects from Uranus synchronize with story interrupters that shock us and change everything in an instant. Uranian story interrupters have our lives moving so fast that our attempts to create a story, to create meaning of what is happening, often cannot keep up with the blur of change and motion. –>There is the potentiality to get unstuck, to step out of an old rut and discover opportunities that you would never otherwise have encountered.

Hard aspects from Neptune correlate with story interrupters that dissolve what we thought was firm and solid, and confuse what we thought was clear. –>There is the potentiality to gain greater clarity and insight into life content that you took for granted, and to consciously re-evaluate and re-adjust your boundaries.

Hard aspects from Pluto align with story interrupters that relentlessly burn everything to the ground in order to make us face the repressed origins and the consequences of our deepest pain, traumas, and shadow material that has been, often unbeknownst to us, shaping the direction of our life story – a continued legacy and testimony to our buried wounds. ->There is the potentiality of accessing the courage to look at the Truth directly in the face; to withstand touching one’s most raw and painful inner wounds with compassion; and to then utterly transform into someone with profound fearlessness, spiritual insight, resilience and healing capabilities.

I don’t believe planets cause shit to happen, but I do believe the movements of the celestial bodies reflect, correlate, and synchronistically align, with what occurs on Earth. The freewill vs. fate debate is one I have been wrestling with for quite a while now (especially since getting back into astrology), but my current position is that…

a) life is a mysterious, complex mixture of both freewill and fate that are impossible to disentangle, so we might as well move forward acting on our assumed freewill;


b) time and space are an illusion and thus from a vantage point beyond time the past, present, and future exist simultaneously at once – therefore, the movements of the planets could, in some almost inconceivable way, be aligned with the choices we have made (are making, and will make) using our freewill, as well as reflecting back to us the chaotic interruptions.

At any rate, while I am aware the practice of astrology has the unfortunate capacity to instill fear in people (and has a history of doing so); it can also be a profound tool of healing, validation and liberation. Astrology is laden with rich, evocative symbolism, and through accessing this symbolism, we can craft new stories in our lives and renew our sense of meaning, purpose and hope.

Astrology is an amazing gift that can help us integrate story interrupters as new threads within the life tapestry we weave; as new characters and plot lines within the life stories we write.

For example, in my own life, the last few years have been full of major life story interrupters, and yet astrology’s symbolism has been a lifeline. Yes, I can see tough transits interacting with my natal chart – one of which is my Saturn Return (a major life story interrupter). The current transits validate the frustration I am currently feeling – and the validation itself, as my chart reflects my life back to me, provides reassuring comfort. However, I can also embrace the hopeful, transformative potential inherent in astrology’s symbolism and “lean in” to the possibilities on the horizon.

It has been interesting analyzing the results of the survey I launched a few weeks ago. In response to my question about what type of consultation people would be interested in, I did not anticipate so many respondents to rank the option: “making meaning of past events using astrology”, so highly. It shouldn’t surprise me though, really. Humans are meaning-making creatures. Certainly for myself, retracing my life’s history through the lens of astrological transits, has been incredibly grounding.

Caveat #1 – Using astrology to make meaning out of chaos does not mean necessarily accepting the belief that “all bad things happen for a reason”. This saying reflects a desire to believe in a logical, orderly, cause and effect world. Scorpio asks us to leave room in our worldview for chaos, for the mysterious, for the inconceivable, for the irrational, for the nonsensical. And yet, as we emerge from the darkness of a life story rupture, Scorpio’s symbolism reminds us that that there is no experience, which cannot somehow be redeemed and transformed. Every thread can find its way back into our life’s tapestry.

Caveat #2 – Making meaning out of an awful story interruption and weaving it into our story, does not mean blind passive acceptance. There is chaos and injustices that we are called to fight against (individually and globally), and this too, we can see reflected in the sky. Arguably many story interrupters that appear as random and chaotic at an individual level are, at a global level, part of a clear cause and effect response that needs intervention (e.g. natural disasters occurring in response to climate change).

Caveat #3 – When you’ve experienced a major story interruption, do not rush to make sense of your experience. Do not try to force a story reconstruction. You may limit the options, you may limit potential growth. Sometimes we have to sit with the chaos. Sometimes we have to stay in the liminal breach of a story interruption before we are able to see the possibilities and opportunities that exist. It can be excruciating to be present with the shredding of a life story, but trust the process. Trust that amidst the chaos, a new story is taking its first breath.

Its formation may be gradual. Its first steps may be vulnerable. But there is a pulse.

Life->Death & Chaos->Transformation->Rebirth. You can see this cycle occurring over and over again in nature. Trust that you too, belong to this infinite, sacred rhythm.

Einstein coined a beautiful Scorpionic quote: “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another”.

The energetic legacy of your old stories, will be transmuted and reborn as a new story to carry you forward.

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Entering into the Many Layers of Jupiter in Scorpio :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for October 9th – 15th

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This is a busy, intense week, cosmically speaking.

As many of you are likely aware, Jupiter enters Scorpio tomorrow (TUESDAY). Jupiter takes about a year to travel through each sign. It entered Libra on September 9th, 2016, and will exit tomorrow, October 10th, 2017. That means that today, MONDAY, October 9th, we are currently passing through the 29th Anaretic degree of Libra – the crisis degree, the day when Jupiter may be urgently attempting to wrap up the Libra projects its journey was correlated with in our lives (think: relationships, beauty and art, achieving healthy balance and harmony, waffling over decisions). To top it off, we are also experiencing both Mercury and the Sun squaring Pluto today (MONDAY).

Heavy stuff to say the least. Continue reading “Entering into the Many Layers of Jupiter in Scorpio :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for October 9th – 15th”

Astrological Autoethnography: My Saturn Return & Chiron Rx

There are over 7 billion people on this planet. Can global planetary transits really be correlated with the daily lives of each one of them? On any given day there are people experiencing horrific tragedies, and others who are riding waves of blissful happiness.

The skeptic would look at me incredulously, but I would argue… yes, global transits are globally correlated to daily (monthly and yearly) life on Earth. Mundane astrologers, who apply an astro lens to international world events, political and economic developments, would also agree.

Of course, it is complex. Global planetary transits interact with a person’s natal chart and their individual circumstances in widely diverse and unique ways. And yet I would argue that the archetypal energy of a transit, its inherent symbolism, will still show up for everyone. I would also argue that it depends on which transit is making “the most noise” in your life/chart. Some transits will activate many of your chart’s hot spots and will be correlated with major events and shifts in your life, whereas others will make a much more subtle appearance. Some transits breeze easily through your natal chart, leaving only a quickly vanishing whisper in their wake. Some transits will show up externally, while others will be expressed more internally.

At an individual level and case-by-case basis, an astrologer is able to weave together the various multiple transits to provide a more accurate depiction of what might be occurring in a person’s life.

I try to consider the broad range of transit manifestations when I write forecasts and I always hope that bits and pieces at least, will be applicable to readers. I would hope that by centering on certain keywords and descriptive phrases you would be able to pick up on the “vibe” of the day and notice where this is appearing in your life.

But the honest truth is every astrological forecast written for over 7 billion people will inevitably be generic and only partially relevant at best. This does not make general forecasts worthless whatsoever. General astro forecasts can still provide inspiration and guidance, but they always run the risk of becoming stale.

Astrologer April Elliot Kent wrote a wonderful article in 2005 called “Putting the Self Back in Astrology”. She calls for a revitalization of astrology through autoethnography; a qualitative research method that originated in the field of anthropology. It involves the researcher reflecting deeply on their own personal experiences with a sharply analytical eye, while connecting their autobiographical narrative to broader (e.g. cultural, social, political, symbolic, astrological) meanings and understandings. Subjectivity and researcher vulnerability are embraced in autoethnography.

It’s basically a fancy research-based term for sharing one’s story, but I love the idea of “astrological autoethnography“, probably because anthropology forms a significant part of my academic background and because it involves intentionally contextualizing personal individual experiences within broader systems of meaning (such as astrology).

Here are some excerpts from April’s article:

“How can we re-imagine astrology, keep it fresh, and ensure its ongoing relevance, without including our real-life observations? When we maintain an artificial separation between astrology and our daily lives, astrology suffers. And when we astrologers use astrological knowledge to maintain a separation between us and our readers, our writing suffers — and so, quite possibly, does our astrological research.”

“…At best, generic, cookbook-style interpretations provide a framework for stimulating creative interpretation of individual chart factors. But honest, astrologically sound, and well-written accounts of an astrologer’s unique experiences with astrology can provide the same kind of stimulus — and are fun to read as well.”

“…We can never present an interpretation of astrology that will be completely meaningful for all of the people all of the time… But by writing about our own experiences as honestly and richly as possible, we can at least attempt to present an accurate account of one person’s astrological experience.”

…As astrologers, we are in a unique position to observe life with unparalleled perspective. By engaging in an ethnographic approach to astrology, we are invited to participate in the astrological journey with our readers and clients instead of simply observing it, to embrace our own humanity instead of standing apart as omniscient interpreters of texts. Perhaps the greatest contribution we can make to astrology is simply to write about it — honestly, with enthusiasm, and from our individual experiences.” – Read the full article by April Elliot Kent here, first published in The Mountain Astrologer, April 2005. 

So on that note, here is an excerpt from my astro transit journal; a piece of astrological autoethnography about the transits and symbolism of Chiron and Saturn in my recent life history… [Click below for the rest of the post] Continue reading “Astrological Autoethnography: My Saturn Return & Chiron Rx”

Caution, Contents under Pressure :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for June 26th – July 2nd

[Apologies to email subscribers for the late post! This week I ended up posting each forecast day-by-day through Instagram & Facebook. Hopefully this is still valuable for reflection on the past week 🙂 Stay posted for some announcements in the next couple days. I will be taking this week off from writing daily forecasts, but I hope to resume beginning in a week’s time on July 10th with a more condensed version via email.]

We are fresh into this lunation cycle, only a few days past the New Moon in Cancer (last Friday), clear of the aggressive Mars – Jupiter square exact last Sunday, and yet the cosmic weather is rapidly continuing to heat up. Expect a building intensity leading up to the Full Moon peak on July 9th (ADT). Why? Because we have three very influential personal planets (Sun, Mercury, Mars) journeying the deeply emotional sign of Cancer, making successive oppositions to Pluto, who is across the way, on the other side of the zodiac, chillin’ at ~18 degrees Capricorn. Pluto; the modern ruler of Scorpio, god of Hades, death, transformation, rebirth, ETC. All the super intense stuff in life.

180° oppositions can be very challenging aspects in astrology – it’s as if the planets involved are having a full on confrontation, a conflict, a tug of war. This creates an enormous amount of tension, which must be wrestled with, integrated, balanced. However, tense aspects in astrology are also stimulants to growth. They are catalysts. They propel us forward. As we head toward the full moon, which will occur as the Sun comes into an exact opposition with Pluto, let’s stretch. Out of our comfort zone. Our souls are hitting up the weights this lunation cycle for some strength training.

Family and commitment-related themes are running strong this week since Cancer and Capricorn are the traditional matriarchal and patriarchal figures of the zodiac. Cancer rules all that is related to your childhood, home, family – and your relationship with your mother figure (or nurturing caregiver) in particular. Maybe it’s not family related though. Maybe there is something that comes up in relation to your roommates, your landlord, or your close-knit community.

Monday eases us into the deep waters with a Mars-Neptune trine which urges us to surrender to the process. Surrender to the journey. Pluto burns away all that is decaying and holding us back in life. Pluto strips our lives of pretense and brings the deepest truth to the surface. Preparing within ourselves a willingness to surrender, will do us well over the next couple of weeks. Allow yourself to enter fully into the present moment while grounding yourself in a realm that transcends time and space. Release and loosen your tight muscles within Neptune’s warm, watery embrace.

Mercury heavily dominates Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday’s cosmic weather. The planet of thought and communication is BUSY. Anticipate some intense and/or revealing conversations and/or confrontations. Anticipate being the recipient or deliverer of some shocking news, or a long-awaited, difficult message. There could be a conflict. There could be a break-through. There could be both. At any rate, WORDS have an additional CHARGE to them this week. In some way or another, through the vehicle of communication, our close relationships may be on the hot seat this week, or in the frying pan.

As always, these transits have the potential to express themselves all very internally (i.e. you may be primarily struggling with your relationship to yourself), but for many of us, the cosmic weather this week will shine the spotlight on our interactions with others.

On Tuesday, Mercury squares Jupiter and trines Neptune, repeating the aspects that Mars just made. A square to Jupiter prompts exaggeration, obnoxious assertions of opinion, a bubble of “hot air”. A trine to Neptune dissolves conflict  and competitive ego battles that strive to out-argue and out-wit – through forgiveness, compassion, creativity, and spirituality.

On Wednesday, Mercury fuses with Mars through conjunction in Cancer, within close range of their opposition to Pluto (3 degrees orb). Whew! Thought and communication meet self-assertion, anger, and desire in a BIG way. Remember, Cancer is a highly emotional sign with a tendency to be indirect, passive aggressive, or shy, with its communications. Mars wants you to be direct. Assertive. Fearless. Without emotionally blowing it out of proportion, say what you need to say. And listen too, because we all live under the same skies.

As Mercury passes Mars to make the first exact opposition to Pluto on Thursday, it becomes even more crucial to effectively channel those super charged thoughts surging through your brain. Get your body involved as well. That’s always a good way to handle the intensity of Mars and Pluto. MOVE YER BODY. Jump up and down. Dance. Run. Punch your pillow. Twirl. Have sex.

Pluto rules all that is deeply secret and hidden. As it activates the planet of thought and communication, buried knowledge may rise to the surface – or be blasted explosively up through the ground. It could be a messy thing and full of conflict, but it may also be something you share or bring into the public sphere that liberates you and bestows you with a new confidence – or both. One key warning here – guard against gossip. It will come back to bite you.

TGIF, although… on Friday we have the First Quarter Moon. Relationships are again prominently highlighted here. The First Quarter square between the Sun (in Cancer) and the Moon (in Libra) presents a challenge. Something that must be overcome in order to move forward. With Cancer and Libra involved in the First Quarter as Venus (the planet of relationships) in Taurus simultaneously squares the Moon’s Nodes, there could be a struggle between wanting to progress in some area or make a particular decision, while also trying to keep others happy. Strive for a middle ground, a balance, if it is reasonable and healthy to do so, while warding against co-dependence and accepting that you cannot please everyone, and nor can you fix and heal every problem.

ARE WE DONE YET?! Nope. On Saturday, Chiron, our wounded healer figure, goes retrograde. Chiron spends half the year going backward. It’s at the turning points that we may be most aware of Chiron’s work. When Chiron turns retro, his healing work intensifies. At his pivot point, during the time period that Chiron changes direction, he directs his arrow straight toward at that darn wound, pinpointing its location and thus bringing it to our attention. This may not feel great, but graciously, he also leaves clues as to how we can continue to heal. I had a pretty magical Chiron Rx pivot last year which I will share later. If you are nursing wounds over the weekend, be careful of the drive to defensively overcompensate through inauthentic means as Mars and Pluto activate power struggles.

SUNDAY!!! We’ve felt it building throughout the week, but today the Mars-Pluto opposition is exact. Take care of yourselves lovelies. Especially if you are vulnerable to mental health concerns. This is a lot of volatile, intense energy. Again, move your bodies. All forms of exercise and physical movement are really important this week. Our bodies are vessels that absorb so much from our surroundings and manifest our thoughts. If intense emotions like anger or grief surges through your system, find an effective outlet. Like kickboxing. Or doing something active in nature.

The Moon is still moving through Libra on Sunday. Channel that Libran peace, that diplomacy, while obeying Pluto’s orders to get to the root of whatever it is that has come up for you. If you are vulnerable to certain triggers, make sure you are grounded and pull out a tried and trusted self care plan. Heads up that projecting our issues on to other people is a big liability with oppositions, especially when two intense planets are involved.

It may feel like a crisis, like you’re in a major power struggle, but it could also feel like crossing a tipping point into victory, success, breakthrough and freedom. There is a sense of completion that comes with this aspect going exact after so much build up. Maybe you feel like a superhero flying out of a burning building, clearing the danger zone just as it collapses behind you. Just watch out for accidentally burning bridges, especially when it comes to relationships. We still have a Sun-Pluto opposition at the Full Moon waiting for us in a week’s time. Yah! More opportunity for growth!

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Summer Solstice & New Moon in Cancer :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for June 19th – June 25th

This week is tender, soft, sensitive, yet raw and exposed. This week slowly, gently, firmly, pulls back the outer layers. It simultaneously draws us back into ourselves, while peeling back our protective shells and bringing a flood of feelings to the surface.

Welcome, to Cancer season. Watery. Emotional. Cathartic.

The Cosmos is nurturing this week, in a way that a wise mother nurtures by guiding her children through tough life terrain – supporting them with navigating uncomfortable emotions without trying to shelter them, teaching them that “life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass… It is about learning to dance in the rain” (Vivian Greene). There are some difficult aspects this week, as always, but they are immediately cushioned by supportive, healing transits that pull us through and beyond.

I’m relieved to be done with the succession of Saturn oppositions for now. Saturn’s been playing a heavy role with my natal chart these days, so when Saturn’s involved with global transits as well (like last week and into the weekend), I feel gutted and mired in self-doubt. For all those who felt the same, trust. Trust in the process and who you are becoming. Play the long game.

This week, the Sun and Mercury leave Gemini to join Mars in Cancer. Pluto (retrograde) has been hanging out at about 18° Capricorn (check Planet Watcher for a real-time view of the current planetary positions), and Cancer is opposite Capricorn in the zodiac wheel, so we will be dealing with a series of volatile oppositions to Pluto in the future weeks as Mars, Mercury, and the Sun pass 18° Cancer. However, that’s still a ways off (Mercury will form the first opposition on June 29th). This week is here to ease us into Cancer’s watery depths.

Before the Sun hits the solstice point at 1:24 am (ADT) on Wednesday, with Mercury right on its heels, they both have to finish up their work in Gemini. This “finishing up” process happens to involve our deepest wounds. Monday and Tuesday’s transits (+ separating transits from the weekend) involve both the Sun and Mercury forming challenging squares to Chiron, an asteroid known as the wounded healer. However, at the same time, both celestial bodies are making supportive sextiles with the North Node (the point of the soul’s growth and evolution) and Uranus (individuality and liberation). It is through facing our greatest wounds that we will grow and experience the exhilarating freedom that comes through healing.

The healing, emotional theme of the week continues to be emphasized on Tuesday as Venus sextiles Neptune, raising up our slumped shoulders and heads into place of higher perspective; a place where our tears collect and turn into rivulets of new life, threading through the weary landscapes of our souls.

Early Wednesday morning, as the Sun reaches its furthest Northern point toward the Earth’s rotational axis, the Northern Hemisphere awakens to the first day of summer and the longest day of the year, whereas those in the Southern Hemisphere awaken to the first day of winter and the shortest day of the year. This solstice point is always marked by the zodiac wheel as 0° Cancer. Significantly, the Sun and Mercury enter Cancer within 6 hours of each other. Mercury has been gaining ground steadily since its last retrograde and it is on this important day of the Solar Year that it finally overtakes the Sun, fusing with it through an exact conjunction. This cazimi occurs at the potent 0° of Cancer, a power point in the zodiac wheel.

Although traditionally Cancer has a tendency to be indirect with its communications, protectively seeking roundabout ways to express itself, on Wednesday (and extending forward a few days) there is an opportunity to gain new insight into your deepest emotional needs, and the needs of the broader collective. With the Sun (symbolizing identity) merging with Mercury (symbolizing thought and communication) at one of the zodiac’s most powerful degrees in a deeply emotional sign, empathy flourishes and we find the strength to channel our emotions into words.

We are then quickly drawn into the dark of the moon on Thursday. The balsamic moon phase is a spiritual time. There may be a sense of acute vulnerability, but also of ethereal surrender. It is a time to turn inward, in order to turn outward with the New Moon. A time to shed any remaining gunk clinging to you from this lunation cycle.

At 11:30 pm (ADT) on Friday, the Moon is reborn at 2°47 Cancer. Mercury is still close by, with the Sun, Moon, and Mercury all forming a conjunction together. Wednesday’s themes of emotional expression continue. On Friday we are challenged to restore trust and faith in ourselves, in the world, and in each other, so we can move forward. A life devoid of trust, is a life filled with fear, conflict, and exclusion. To ground ourselves in Love and cultivate the safe and secure foundation that Cancer so desires, we must somehow, together, rediscover and rebuild trust. Sow seeds of Trust during this New Moon.

The healing themes of this week are sustained through to the weekend when Venus trines Pluto on Saturday. The shallow posturing and defensive masks are washed from our self-worth and our relationships, leaving only what is pure and true, beautiful in its nakedness.

On Sunday we have Mars in Cancer squaring Jupiter in Libra. This aspect has likely been felt throughout the week. This transit speaks to an aggressive and reactionary emotional struggle for justice, to prove ourselves right, to defend our inner and outer “homeland”. However, the harshness of this aspect has been kneaded by Cancer’s motherly influence throughout the week, and it is softened by Mars forming a trine to Neptune, exact the following day (Monday).

Neptune reminds us that the universe is an intricate eco-system. We are all connected to each other and have more in common than we might think (or want to imagine). While Mars may want revenge – “an eye for an eye” – Neptune urges us to find another way. We must heal, together. We must trust, together. We must love, together. We must rebuild, together.

The storm clouds may be rolling in, but this week? Go dance in the rain.

Image credit: Heather @ Flickr (CC – image modified & words added)

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New Moon in Taurus :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for April 24th – April 30th

We begin the week with a stable trine between two retrograding planets; Mercury, the planet of communication, details, and information-processing, and Saturn, the planet of hard work, responsibilities, commitments and goals. Connected through a trine, this supportive aspect prompts us to review, re-evaluate, and perhaps redesign our goals and commitments. If we have some loose ends or deadlines to address today, motivation and self-discipline are at our disposal.

Monday and Tuesday, the dark balsamic moon maneuvers around the unexpected, ushering us forward through intuitive glimpses, meditative moments and restful reflection, toward the glorious and unobstructed New Moon rebirth in Taurus on Wednesday.

The earth is fecund; the air is ripe with promise and potential. Sow seeds of intention far and wide today. Ruled by Venus, bejeweled by the riches and wisdom from her retrograde journey, this New Moon drips with hope and honey.

By Friday, Taurus’ slow and leisurely stroll through a lush field has turned into a furious, frantic charge.

As the Moon shifts into Gemini to conjunct Mars the warrior, Mercury in retrograde fuses with Uranus the revolutionary in Aries, and Venus leaves Pisces to unite with them in fire. Expect the unexpected. Words are flying fast and furious on Friday. Everyone believes that they have claim to the Truth. Plans are changing. Secrets are surfacing. Are we rebels with or without a cause? Are we creating conflict to defend our egos, or is it our moment to speak truth to power? Do the means justify the ends?

We finish the weekend with a painful conversation between Chiron, our greatest wound, and Saturn, our greatest teacher. Their tense 90° aspect goes exact on Sunday, but this energy will be felt on Saturday as the Moon activates this angle on route into the deeply nourishing waters of Cancer.

Take responsibility. Take care of yourself. Take care of each other.

The fearless girl statue has a conflicted history, and one that I don’t entirely agree with, but its symbolism spoke to me in light of this week’s forecast…

Check out the Cosmic Forecast for…

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