The Beauty of Wilted Flowers :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for December 11th – 17th

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As of today (MONDAY), Saturn is now at the 29th degree, the final Anaretic degree, of Sagittarius . The countdown to Saturn’s ingress into Capricorn on December 19th/20th continues! Just over a week remains (…between now and the end of my Saturn Return, hallelujah).

Here at the 29th degree – the degree on which Mercury pivoted and first began its retrograde – Saturn in Sag is scrutinizing, probing, examining, and bringing a serious sense of urgency to our actions and big decisions.

What is your Truth? Are you in alignment with it?

What are your beliefs and worldviews? Are you embodying them at their highest expression?

Where do you plant your faith and hope? Are they secure and well nourished?

This week ushers us into the dark moon phase in preparation for the New Moon in Sagittarius next MONDAY (or late SUNDAY, depending on your time zone).

A few days after the New Moon next week, the skies will be shaking with some intense activity as the Sun reaches its most southern point at the December Solstice, and Saturn conjoins with the Sun at 0 degrees Capricorn. Big stuff is coming!

But for now, we are encouraged to sink into the lessons we have learned this year, reflecting deeply on the experiences that have shaped us since Saturn first entered Sag on December 23rd, 2014.

I find wilting, dying flowers strangely beautiful in a melancholic, haunting way. The transience of their vibrancy and sweet, sickly smelling surrender to decay, is somehow mesmerizing for me.

That’s what this week feels like – meditating on the year’s flowers wilting and dying, while simultaneously catching the faint, delicate smells of future flowers, still buried intact in their seed capsules, preparing for spring.

On TUESDAY the Sun will conjoin with Mercury retrograde, fusing identity and purpose with thought and communication. These types of conjunctions are called “inferior conjunctions” and they are unique to Mercury and Venus. They occur when Mercury (or Venus; the only two planets that orbit closer to the Sun than the Earth does) is aligned exactly BETWEEN the Earth and the Sun.

In contrast, during a superior conjunction, Mercury is on the other side of the Sun – further away from Earth). Check out an app like Solar System Scope to see what this actually looks like in real time.

Mercury’s inferior conjunctions are arranged in the sky in the same way as a New Moon (i.e. when the Moon is between the Earth and Sun), and thus they carry similar symbolism. With the planet of thought, knowledge, and communication is so close to us, in front of the Sun, we are likely to receive important insights and intuitive glimpses around this timewithout our conscious ego selves interfering.

This inferior conjunction also means that we are mid-way through this retrograde period, right in the thick of it. How’s it going? What gems have you been collecting and processing?

On the same day (TUESDAY), Jupiter conjoins Vesta in Scorpio and we re-dedicate ourselves to growing and expanding toward new freedoms by facing our fears and vulnerabilities.

WEDNESDAY brings us the Moon traveling through Scorpio and conjoining with Mars, and then later with Jupiter on THURSDAY, bringing our emotions deep into the depths and stirring that Scorpionic pot.

The Moon (symbolizing our emotional, internal, subconscious self) moves so quickly that it makes many aspects during a week that I generally don’t have time to comment on, but I’ve decided to begin mentioning when the Moon makes meaningful aspects that bring attention to other cosmic events. Wednesday brings us some intensity, while Thursday stirs a large spoonful of luck and blessing into that pot of intensity.

Throughout THURSDAY, FRIDAY and SATURDAY, as the Moon dies into darkness, Venus and Mercury Rx will conjoin (exact on FRIDAY) and trine the North Node which is conjunct Ceres, an asteroid that speaks to mothering/nurturing symbolism.

This is a lovely aspect that highlights our relational communications, our artistic creations, our pleasure, our joy. In respect to these themes we are being gently persuaded to reach and stretch a little higher, to spread our wings for a dreamy adventure beneath the Balsamic Moon, when intuition and the subconscious is at full strength.

What is being nurtured, here under the cover of darkness? What new life is being sung sweetly out of hiding?

If you have personal planets around ~16-18 Sag and Leo, you may feel this magic alight in your life in some particularly special way. Mercury also trined the North Node on November 19th when it was moving Direct, and thus you may see some correlations between these dates.

Ceres, who has been dancing with the North Node in Leo for a while now, Stations Retrograde on SATURDAY, while still trining Venus and Mercury Rx. You likely won’t see the fruits of this simmering magic for a while yet, with Mercury and now Ceres trekking backwards, but be patient. Listen closely for the restless whispers of those flowers of the future, still encapsulated in their seed pods.

Ceres’ Retrograde on the North Node will bring your creative, alchemical processes deeper into the womb of Leo, to permeate them with greater vitality and life.

On FRIDAY and SATURDAY, the Sun makes a series of aspects we just experienced through Mercury. The Sun squares Chiron on FRIDAY, and then trines Uranus on SATURDAY, within a stone’s throw of Saturn.

Old hurts and painful memories may be emerging and surfacing during this often tension-filled holiday season, but at the same time, we are letting go and sinking our teeth into our increasing freedom, to be who we want to be.

On SUNDAY, we are quickly nearing the beginning of a new lunation cycle, as the sky’s lunar body moves into alignment with the Sun. Before it reaches its New Moon position at 26′ Sagittarius however, the Moon will bounce off Mercury Rx and Venus, re-activating that recent magic trine.

As Pallas turns Direct, conjunct Uranus in Aries on SUNDAY, we are able to more clearly see the big picture and the steps that will take us to our destination.

It may not be a typical route. It may not involve the usual strategies. It may not be a path socially-approved by the mainstream, but we are seeing a blueprint unfurl within our minds. The compass has undeniably pointed us in an authentic direction.

On the same day, Vesta in Scorpio squares the Nodal Axis, bringing her sacred attention and focus to an important intersection and set of choices, deep within our inner caves.

With the North Node in Leo and the South Node in Aquarius, it is important to bring the symbolism of this polarity into balance.

Aquarius without Leo, its opposite sign, is either completely isolated as an innovative outcast and defiant rebel… or it has completely submitted its individuality to the collective consciousness and offered up its utility value as a nameless tool for advancing humanity in whatever way the group sees fit.

The integration of Leo in this dynamic (within the cosmic DNA of all of us) enables Aquarius to claim, retain, and contribute its visionary leadership abilities and brilliant ideas within a collaborative group effort, without compromising its sense of self and authentic direction, and without rejecting/being rejected from the groups that so desperately need its forward-thinking genius.

There is no one like you in a world of 7.6 billion people. No one.

Shine bright and bring your innate and unique gifts out into the light.

(authorship of above quote disputed here)


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Driving the Point Home – Pay Attention! Cosmic Weather Forecast for Monday, August 28th – Tuesday, September 5th


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I’m extending this weekly forecast into the following week up until Tuesday (September 5th) because to end it on Sunday felt like a major story interruption and I didn’t want to leave you hanging!

Between now and next Tuesday (Sep. 5th) we are wrapping up Eclipse Season. By the time we reach the Pisces Full Moon on Wednesday (Sept. 6th), the Sun will be far enough out of range of the magical Nodal Axis, that eclipses will no longer be possible for the remainder of this year. Until then, the air continues to vibrate with Eclipse energies.

The most powerful cosmic players in this final Eclipse Season wrap-up are Mars and Mercury – the warrior and the messenger – who have a few special game plays still up their sleeve. Continue reading “Driving the Point Home – Pay Attention! Cosmic Weather Forecast for Monday, August 28th – Tuesday, September 5th”

Stay the Course & Do the Work :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for August 21st – 27th

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A little late, but nevertheless…

The eclipse energy blew through our systems on Monday, while forming an exact trine to Uranus, the planet of rebellion and liberation. The eclipse door has ushered in surprises, transitions, new beginnings… and all that shitty, expired stuff in your life that you have been trying to ignore up till now.

Ah, but Virgo Season is just beginning! The Sun leaves Leo to enter Virgo on Tuesday. Virgo is NOT okay with sweeping the dust conveniently under the carpet, or shoving all the clutter into a bedroom before the guests arrive. Virgo has arrived to help you pick up the pieces and sort through the shit that Leo’s Fire and the Eclipse portals have stirred up in your life. Continue reading “Stay the Course & Do the Work :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for August 21st – 27th”

The Ouroboros & The Total Solar Eclipse

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Well. Here we are. On the brink of one of the most anticipated, most talked about, astrological and astronomical events of the year.

And I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling bone weary. Exhausted; soul, body and mind. This dying Balsamic Moon has been pulling me under like a rip current the last few days.

The Solar Eclipse will be occurring in my first house, within a couple degrees of my Leo Ascendant. The Ascendant symbolizes the Eastern horizon at the time of your birth. It speaks to how you emerged from the womb to first greet the world. The sign (and planets) on the Ascendant in your natal chart describe both how others see you (the personality you exude, your physical appearance), and how you perceive others, your environment, and this life that you have found yourself in –  it colours the lens through which you see the world. The degree of your Ascendant is the intersection between you and the world. It is active and dynamic – a point of constant becoming. Continue reading “The Ouroboros & The Total Solar Eclipse”

An Eclipse Primer

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The eclipse frenzy on social media is a little overwhelming to say the least – both astro-related and otherwise! Everything from ominous and dire apocalyptic predictions, to enormously inspirational messages about how this is going to be the month when your life transforms beyond your wildest hopes and dreams.

When I first plugged into astrology news years ago, there was such intensity around eclipse reporting that I got the impression eclipses were this really rare event. And different types of eclipses certainly are rare and particularly significant at a global level – like the long-awaited Total Solar Eclipse on August 21st. But I think it is important to note that eclipses (including partial eclipses) occur at least twice a year, six months apart. Eclipses may only be personally significant or life changing for you if they land within 2-3 degrees of a personal planet or angle. That’s not to say you won’t feel the intense heightened energy during eclipse season – eclipses just might not have the same level of potent ripple effect in your life as they do for others or vice versa.

I hope to publish a post later about the symbolism of the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius (since as some of you know, I’m a little obsessed right now with analyzing the Leo-Aquarius axis; my natal chart horizon line), but before I do that, here are all the nitty gritty details beginning with the absolute basics, up to more advanced descriptions of what is actually happening and how to interpret eclipses according to how they activate your natal chart. I hope you find it grounding and informative!

Here we go, in point form:  Continue reading “An Eclipse Primer”

Review Your Revolution & Remember, Life is Not a Competition :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for July 31st – August 6th

The biggest cosmic event this week is the intense Jupiter-Pluto square going exact on Friday, with Uranus upping the ante on this aspect due to its retrograde pivot occurring the day before, early Thursday morning (ADT). Combined with the week’s build toward the Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse next Monday, we may become more aware of the darker side of Leo Season while under these aggrevated skies.

But first, let’s address Monday’s sweet loving whispers brought to you by Venus gliding into Cancerian waters today. Last week Venus was quite busy. This week Venus makes no major aspects to other planets, but her shift from open-minded Gemini’s curious and flirtatious airy delights, to traditional Cancer’s shy and sensitive nest, is certainly worth noting.

As a childless, female-identifying person in my early 30s, the metaphorical reference to one’s “biological clock ticking,” is one I’m familiar with. Now, I’m personally resistant to the idea of having children for a variety of reasons, but it could be said that when Venus transitions into Cancer, the so-called “biological clock” starts ticking worldwide. As the planet of love and relationships intersects with the desire for home, family, and mutual nurturing, there is an increased likelihood that the pressing question on everyone’s mind will be: “WILL YOU MAKE BABIES WITH ME?!”

…or not. Continue reading “Review Your Revolution & Remember, Life is Not a Competition :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for July 31st – August 6th”

First Quarter Moon :: Scorpio Moon □ Leo Sun

We have reached the First Quarter Moon phase of the current lunation cycle, which began with a New Moon in Leo on July 23rd. What seeds did you plant in your life on July 23rd? In what house in your natal chart will the Full Moon occur? This is the time to push through and take action on your intentions, toward manifesting achievement and resolution with the Full Moon in Aquarius on August 7th.

During this First Quarter Phase, the Moon in Scorpio forms a challenging square to the Sun in Leo.

The assertion that only water signs truly experience emotion, is faulty. Each of the 12 zodiac signs – associated with fire, air, earth or water – experience emotions. The difference is in how each of the signs process, digest, respond to, and express, life’s emotional content. Continue reading “First Quarter Moon :: Scorpio Moon □ Leo Sun”

Accept the Mission, Embark on a Quest :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for July 24th – July 30th

I am a little late with this forecast, but hopefully it will still prove useful for reflection.

The punctuated highlight of the week occurs later today (Wednesday) when the Sun finally consumes Mars as they form an exact conjunction in the early degrees of Leo. This happens about every two years. The last Mars-Sun conjunction occurred in Gemini on June 14th 2015. Throughout the last couple of weeks, the Sun (symbolizing our core identity and purpose) has been steadily moving in on Mars (symbolizing our will, our desire, and our capacity to initiate action).

As Mars first fell beneath the Sun’s rays, Mars began a dying process that I talked about last week. In the same way we refer to the final couple of days in the monthly lunation cycle, when the Moon’s light is extinguished by the power of the Sun, as the balsamic moon phase (a time of tiredness, retreat, reflection, and letting go), we could also refer to these final weeks of Mars’ two-year cycle as a balsamic phase for the same symbolic reasons. Continue reading “Accept the Mission, Embark on a Quest :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for July 24th – July 30th”

Welcome to LEO SEASON!!!

Leo season

During an early morning run this weekend I came across this sidewalk chalk extravaganza of love and light. How awesome is this colorful proclamation of encouraging words?! Since when did kids shift from drawing hopscotch squares and smiley faces on the pavement, to sharing lovely self-affirming messages?!

This was such a wonderful welcome to Leo Season to discover while running beneath the freshly awoken sun that morning. Leo is associated not only with identity, creative expression, and self-acceptance, but also with the exuberant, fun-loving and playful child inside of us all. Bright colorful sidewalk chalk and glorious sprawling handwriting are very much Leo-esque. Continue reading “Welcome to LEO SEASON!!!”

Making a Break for Freedom :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for July 17th – July 23rd

There are so many different types of diverse transits happening this week that I had to really reflect for a while in order to pull out the key themes. It is challenging to succinctly summarize them all in one post, but I’ll aim for a constructive overview.

The painting I selected for the forecast is a more aggressive picture than I would normally choose, but I believe it speaks to the symbolism of the week (George Stubbs, 1762). A major thematic backdrop for the week is that Mars (represented by the horse in the painting) is dying. The Sun (represented by the lion in the painting) has been nipping at Mars’ heels for a while now and throughout the entire week they are only a few degrees apart. The Sun will finally overtake, swallow and consume Mars next week on July 26th.

When a planet is within about 8 degrees of the Sun, it is said to be “combust”; its autonomy is weakened, it becomes subservient to the Sun. Continue reading “Making a Break for Freedom :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for July 17th – July 23rd”