The Liminal Space Inbetwixt Eclipses :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for February 5th – 11th

Hey there, welcome to the grey zone between eclipses.

We had our Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on January 31st, and then on February 15th we will experience the second and final (New Moon) eclipse of this Eclipse Season.

I don’t like to hype up Eclipse Season too much since there is already enough of that out there – and it is something that happens twice a year, so we’ve all traversed this swirling vortex many times now. And yet, if the energy feels different to you and you have been feeling high-strung, anxious or just kinda “off” and not yourself since about mid-January (and increasingly so in the past week)… know that that is pretty common for this ~36 day time period (especially if either eclipse is directly activating a sensitive point or planet in your chart).

I mean, when you think about it… without the life-giving energy of the Sun, nothing would exist… and without the Moon’s gravitational pull, there would be no ocean tides (consider this in light of human bodies being 60% water). I am not a scientist, but it seems to be a reasonable possibility that during Eclipses, when the Sun and Moon do weird things (like align in syzygy, disappear and go dark), we would arguably feel this energetically and physically.

Eclipse Season can stir up a lot of fast-moving change. The time between eclipses is often called a portal, or a liminal space between that which was, and that which is not yet.

Imagine being in a waiting room. You’ve entered the first door (the first eclipse), and now you are in this mysterious space, waiting to enter the second door and leave the room. Something is underway, something is shifting, something is emerging… but you don’t quite know what the outcome will be or what it will look like on the other side.

It can be a disorienting space, but also potentially one of expectancy and anticipation.

One of the reasons for the discomfort is that most humans struggle with change (especially fast-moving change), because it involves a level of uncertainty… and the uncertain future” is a challenging condition of this World of Time we exist in. Collectively our response to “the uncertain future” is often anxiety and fear unfortunately, rather than hope and optimism. It’s an understandable human reaction, although one that is typically unpleasant.

Furthermore, the Eclipses occur on the Nodal Axis. The North Node (currently in Leo) is about personal growth through stepping out of our comfort zone.

The South Node (currently in Aquarius) is about holding that area of your chart with an open hand, prepared to release and let go that which may be inhibiting your growth.

While this sounds positive overall in terms of the big picture, releasing the familiar and safe in order to step of our comfort zone is… often uncomfortable.

With the North Node in Leo, we are being collectively propelled toward individual creative self-expression, identity development, and the passionate pursuit of that which brings us joy. Ruled by the Sun itself, this core area of growth can increase vulnerability and sensitivity around other people’s perceptions of us, our confidence and self-worth, and the value of our unique contributions to the world. This then can manifest as increased insecurity or obnoxious ego overcompensation (also a form of insecurity).

Cultivate some courage and unshakable core strength as we stand in between doorways! If the universe feels like it is holding its breath, the exhale is on its way!

On TUESDAY Venus will sextile Uranus. With two feisty air and fire signs involved (Aquarius and Aries) you can expect the meeting between the lover and the rebel of the solar system to create some sparks. Anticipate an unusual, unconventional or unexpected twist in the realms of relationships, money and pleasure. It might be just what you need to throw off the sometimes clingy claustrophobic weight of this liminal phase.

On WEDNESDAY the Last Quarter Moon arrives. We are mid-way between the Lunar Eclipse (Jan. 31st), and the Solar Eclipse next week (Feb. 15th). The Moon will reach its 90 degree angle to the Sun, while conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio. This Moon wants you to go deep in to the murky depths before moving forward with the progress that the Sun in Aquarius so desires. Take a good hard look at those fears, those shielded secrets, and those less polished areas of your life.

Where might fear and shame be holding you back?

The powers of alchemy and transmutation are always available to you for creating new life where there was once decay. Clear some energetic and psychic space for next week’s lunation cycle.

As Mercury sweeps over the South Node in Aquarius on FRIDAY, what will the celestial messenger drop on your doorstep? Arriving through words exchanged or with flashes of insight, this transmission could be a time capsule from the past, delivered for re-assessment, or it could be a whispered request, asking you to release your tight grip on some area of your life you’d rather not let go of.

SATURDAY brings us Venus’ entry into Pisces, within a single minute of the Sun perfecting its square to Jupiter; the traditional ruler of Pisces, now currently residing in Scorpio.

Sweet, sweet surrender.

This simultaneous transit feels like a moment of celebratory relaxation after laboring hard for a particular outcome. Sun square Jupiter can be a little bombastic sometimes, but the water influences are so strong here, I would anticipate a smoother performance. And yet, with Scorpio involved there could still be some power struggles, so make sure you navigate any rising intensity with self-awareness and insight, before sinking into Pisces’ romantic lair and breaking out the champagne.

That’s it for the week’s forecast, but in an effort to ease the navigation of this grey liminal inbetwixt zone, I thought I would provide some pointers as to how this Eclipse Season might be showing up in your life.

I created Nodal Horoscopes!

First, a couple caveats…

I’ve organized the information according to your transiting North Node placement by House, which will be wherever Leo is in your birth chart (the South Node will be directly opposite it in the house holding Aquarius). For greater accuracy, look for the house in which 15 degrees Leo falls if you are unsure of where the transiting North Node is. If you have never tried to read your chart before, check out these instructions.

I find that Aquarius, perhaps due to having two rulers (Uranus and Saturn), can be expressed and lived out in very contradictory ways. Aquarius is often fiercely individualistic and independent, and yet is acutely aware that the collective progress it envisions is impossible without the group collaboration that brings together many diverse skill sets and resources.

I’ll write more about this later, but as the brilliant Aquarius (within us all) tries to find that most effective outsider/insider position, sometimes it can veer toward the extreme of too much group”, which drowns out Aquarius’ originality while it is placated with the knowledge that it’s serving an important purpose within the larger machinery of the collective…

…Or it can veer toward the extreme of “too much self”, where it can become so stubbornly uncompromising in its own ideals and opinions that it refuses to collaborate and connect with anyone.

Think about how YOU experience the Aquarius portion of your chart. With the South Node in that area, we want to be releasing the shadow expression of Aquarius – whatever that is for each one of us personally. I’ve tried to write these brief Eclipse Season pointers with the complex nature of Aquarius in mind.

Finally, “hold it with an open hand” is my new favourite conceptualization of the South Node life content. Sometimes “release” or “let go” are strong words that can prompt extreme or forced action that we are not ready for, or it isn’t necessary in the way we think it might be (although granted, some behavior I list in this category should be let go of!). Start with at least just loosening your grip on that area of your chart as you figure out where you’re headed.

Since the nodes are half-way through their 18-month journey in Leo and Aquarius, as of ~ May 2017 (or as early as February 2017) you’ve probably already begun the “loosening process” that this eclipse series is highlighting. Think of this set of eclipses like a “reminder” of that Nodal Project you’ve been working on 🙂

Remember, these are just points for reflection! An astrological chart is complex – just like you are 🙂

Leo North Node in the 1st House:

  • Hold with an Open Hand (&/or release): Relationships (including friendships) that are emotionally distant and detached, and exist primarily because of their “use value” (for either person);  stubborn resistance to the development of any positive relationship and emotional bonding that threatens your independence with the offer of interdependence; refusing to resolve a dispute because you don’t want to compromise or admit you were wrong; friends and partners who inhibit or judge your originality and unique self expression – people who don’t accept and appreciate your true self.
  • Grow Toward: Passionately pursuing that which gives you joy; unabashedly welcoming happiness without fearing that future circumstances will take it away; increasing confidence in everyday interactions; trusting in your motivation and capacity; the courage to be seen and heard for who you truly are; changing up your physical appearance to reflect your inner vibrancy.

Leo North Node in the 2nd House:

  • Hold with an Open Hand (&/or release): Messy financial entanglements with the groups you are a part of; group drama; dominating strict control over shared finances; casual sexual encounters that are not mindful and sensitive of the other person’s emotional investment; cold emotional barriers designed to defend against emotional vulnerability; extreme minimalist or nomadic living to avoid risking attachment and loss; a hesitation with expressing your wonderful weirdness and unique, unconventional self in more public ways, for fear of rejection and judgement.
  • Grow Toward: A healthy appreciation of transient material stuff that brings you joy; generosity combined with prudent financial management; grounded consistency and stability in life (especially with finances); awareness and confidence in your personal value, worth and income-earning capacity; the development of your skills and abilities as a creative person / artist; the courage to invest in assets that are important to you (even if they somewhat limit your freedom).

Leo North Node in the 3rd House:

  • Hold with an Open Hand (&/or release): Involvements with certain religious or  spiritual groups; resistance to participating in religious or spiritual groups; an overly rational perspective on spirituality; long-distance travel to avoid important responsibilities near home; the pursuit of higher education because of elitist ideals that don’t resonate with your heart; absolute certainty in your big-picture life plan; dogmatic philosophical views.
  • Grow Toward: A willingness to investigate and entertain a variety of creative options; an openness to many paths, many possibilities, and many points of view; a focus on mutual learning, listening and sharing – facilitating a balanced exchange of information, rather than preaching or teaching a single perspective; developing your creative capacity through writing and other forms of communication (including theatre and singing); making time to have light-hearted fun with siblings, cousins, and friends.

Leo North Node in the 4th House:

  • Hold with an Open Hand (&/or release): Preoccupation with reputation, public roles and social identities; uncompromising stubbornness in regards to long-term goals; prioritizing career at the expense of personal life and self-care; erratic, insensitive leadership; a job or career path that makes you feel useful, but doesn’t allow for the expression and cultivation of your unique skills and creative interests.
  • Grow Toward: Searching within to reconnect with what brings you passion and joy in life; spending time with family (inherited or created) and close friends that provide you with a deep rooted sense of belonging; engaging in self-care to revive your inner spark; investing time in cultivating a home space that rejuvenates and inspires you; taking time off from work to play; working toward healing and freeing your inner child from legacies of family baggage.

Leo North Node in the 5th House:

  • Hold with an Open Hand (&/or release): Prioritizing your group involvements  (e.g. networks, teams, associations, collectives, collaborations, friend circles) to the extent that your personal and individual creative development suffers; or conversely, an uncompromising stand-offish stance that prevents you from finding a group where your vision and efforts will be appreciated; assessing individual group members only for their use-value and what they can contribute to the group’s aims; being so future-oriented you miss out on the present moment.
  • Grow Toward: Creative self-expression; individual artistic development; investing in personal growth; if you have children, spending more time with your kids; enjoying romantic dating without obsessing over where its headed; passion projects and doing stuff just for the fun of it; spending time on hobbies and leisure even if they are not contributing to a larger goal; learning to be in the present moment and enjoying where you are at.

Leo North Node in the 6th House:

  • Hold with an Open Hand (&/or release): Withdrawal; hiding from the world; giving up; socially isolating yourself as a way to numb pain; escapism; spiritual by-passing; overlooking practical needs in the name of enlightenment; over-estimating or under-estimating your innovative originality and brilliance; sacrificing yourself to a greater cause to the extent that your well-being suffers and you lose a sense of individual identity; getting lost in the depths of your subconscious, overly preoccupied with analyzing the inner workings of your psyche.
  • Grow Toward: Applying structure within your day; taking care of your health; cultivating habits that make you feel good about yourself; practicing or working diligently at some creative project in order to improve and progress; adjusting your daily responsibilities and commitments so that they give you life; cultivating an inspiring work atmosphere at your employment setting; spending relaxation time with your pets or other animals; encouraging and supporting those that you interact with throughout your day-to-day routines.

Leo North Node in the 7th House:

  • Hold with an Open Hand (&/or release): Uncompromising self-interest and independence; an overt focus on how you are perceived by others or how others react to you; an intensely rational perspective on life which might be pulling you down; prioritizing your typical way of doing life in order to maintain an internal equilibrium rather than growing through relationships; emotionally detached interactions with others that are evaluated based on how “useful” each person will be for the other.
  • Grow Toward: Cooperation and collaboration; healthy interdependence; love commitments; relationships that cultivate a healthy, vibrant sense of confident identity in both partners; working on a creative passion project with another person; enjoying friendships, partners, and one-on-one interactions simply because of the joy it brings you to be around them.

Leo North Node in the 8th House:

  • Hold with an Open Hand (&/or release): Worry over material and financial assets; preoccupation with financial independence and self-sufficiency; overly-attached to tech gadgets; employment in a context where your visionary and innovative leadership gifts are not being fully harnessed; an extreme focus on utility and efficiency when it comes to material assets.
  • Grow Toward: Navigating and staying present with times of uncertainty, risk, and  chaos; facing deep fears and allowing yourself to experience vulnerability (especially in relationship); braving increased intimacy with others; finding the courage to potentially release all familiar stability and security in your life in order to grow; investigating and unearthing all insecurities related to identity, creative self-expression, confidence, and self-worth – in order to liberate yourself from fear.

Leo North Node in the 9th House:

  • Hold with an Open Hand (&/or release): Constantly and erratically collecting and sharing more and more information without a particular purpose; always feeling you aren’t ready yet because you think you have more you need to learn and prepare first; getting distracted considering other options; scattering your energy investments too widely without direction; over-thinking, over-analyzing and ruminating; bringing an extremely rational perspective to all your conversations and communications.
  • Grow Toward: Cultivating greater faith, hope and trust in the universe; taking a chance on big creative visions and opportunities that involve a risk; letting spontaneity and intuition guide you; sharing your creative self with the world in a big way in order to inspire others within leadership roles (such as through teaching or performing); seeking travel and education opportunities that will expand your perspective and fill you with passion and enthusiasm for life.

Leo North Node in the 10th House:

  • Hold with an Open Hand (&/or release): Your literal place of residence; attachment to familiar family and community networks that may be inhibiting your long-term goals; reluctance to address the possible feelings of exclusion, judgement, or rejection you may have experienced within your family of origin; attachment to emotional safety and security to the extent that you may be resistant to moving forward in the public sphere where a thicker skin is required.
  • Grow Toward: Developing your public roles and social identities; investing in your long-term career goals; stepping into leadership positions within the public sphere; launching or developing a (possible arts or performance based) business that bears your unique creative stamp; seeking deep fulfillment through your vocation; persevering and working hard in order to build the structures and foundations that will manifest your creative vision for your career.

Leo North Node in the 11th House: 

  • Hold with an Open Hand (&/or release): Extreme individualism; stubborn independence; an identity built around being an outsider or a rebel; a reluctance to share your creative experiments and innovative endeavors with others; an overt preoccupation with your children or your lovers at the expense of your participation in community; difficulty letting yourself relax and “have fun” when it isn’t contributing to a personal goal or when it doesn’t make any “rational sense” to do so.
  • Grow Toward: Collaborative group involvements (especially ones that center around the arts, theatre, music, dance, etc.); sharing your passion and inspiration with people in your community; working on a long-term creative project with others; exchanging mutual support and encouragement within a group context; discovering or rediscovering groups where you feel truly accepted – like you belong.

Leo North Node in the 12th House:

  • Hold with an Open Hand (&/or release): Routines, schedules, and chores that inhibit your creativity and joy; an overly strict or extreme health regimen that ends up draining you and making you unhappy; employment  contexts that do not value your unique skill sets and innovative leadership capacity; conflicts with co-workers due to unreasonable refusals to compromise; daily responsibilities that involve group collaboration (or working for someone else) which stifles your freedom; other people micro-managing your time.
  • Grow Toward: Working behind the scenes on a personal/creative project that will take time to come to fruition; exploring your subconscious realms; freeing yourself from an obsession with time and structure; taking a break from daily commitments (and possibly employment); retreating from social engagement for the purpose of rejuvenation, or to care for someone else; investing your energy into your spiritual development; rediscovering yourself by connecting with something larger than yourself; reflecting on your life and cleaning out areas in order to welcome greater joy.


I hope that gave you some idea of how these eclipses might be showing up in your life, but every eclipse chapter will bring new lessons and new developments to your front door. If you are feeling as bewildered and confused as I am right now, remember, we are in the liminal in-between space.

In the words of Christine Mcdougall, as you move through this liminal in-between space, slow down; The moment is calling you to pay… exquisite… attention…”

May you walk through the fog with patience 🙂



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“Creativity takes Courage” :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for January 29th – February 4th

Eclipse Season is upon us once again!

Eclipse Season occurs when the Sun is within about 18 degrees of the Lunar Nodal axis. Therefore, Eclipse Season began around the time of the Capricorn New Moon late on January 16th. The air will be swirling with change  and synchronicity until Eclipse Season ends around February 21st. Eclipse Season can feel like a bit of a whirlwind – kind of as if someone hit a fast-forward button on life.

The last Eclipse Season was six months ago during August 2017 (they’re always about six months apart).

On August 21st, 2017 we had a Total Solar Eclipse (New Moon) at 28º Leo, which was commonly referred to as “The Great American Eclipse“. If you live in the United States I’m sure you are well aware of this highly publicized event, which was revealed in all its glory only from the vantage point of U.S. territory.

This week, on WEDNESDAY, we will have the matching Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse at 11 degrees Leo. In contrast to a New Moon, which symbolizes a new beginning, a Full Moon marks a time of culmination, resolution, finality; a pivot point of decision that occurs once we have reached our destination.

Therefore, the symbolic beginnings initiated last August, are now reaching fruition. If your birth chart was directly impacted by last August’s Solar Eclipse in Leo (like mine!), you may be acutely aware that some aspect of your life which was beginning to sprout at that time, is now starting to blossom.

Before we arrive at this week’s major Eclipse landmark, Venus (symbolizing attraction, pleasure, love and relationships, beauty and art, values and money), will conjoin with the South Node in Aquarius today (MONDAY).

How can we support each other to move toward Leo’s exuberant creative expression? How can we ensure that everyone has access to art supplies, to theatre, to music, to opportunities that allow them to play and ignite their passion for life?

One of Aquarius’ strengths is a big picture perspective that is able to pinpoint the areas in society’s systems and networks that most need immediate attention. The humanitarian water-bearer and systems-thinker is always scanning for weak links that require extra support.

Art and creativity aren’t generally considered vital for survival, but arguably, our ability to create a thriving future is dependent on our capacity to prioritize and develop these aspects of our humanity by making sure everyone has the freedom (and access/ resources) to explore their creative inclinations.

With the South Node in Aquarius, we want to harness the best of this air sign and use it to make our way toward the call of the North Node in Leo. In the lead-up to the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, it is a good time to reflect on how we might use Aquarius’ brilliant out-of-the-box thinking, innovative progressive spirit, and its urge to equip all diverse human beings with the tools they need to advance and contribute to society… in order to unleash the passionate, creative vibrancy of Leo within us all.

As Venus crosses the South Node, let go of something that is holding you back from pursuing your heart’s desire. Let go of even just one thing that is inhibiting you due to reasons that have to do with utility, efficiency, and practicality.

And if someone (a past friend or lover) emerges from the past this week – whether through your memories or in person – honour the lessons learned and the time spent together… and then act in such a way that supports your creative unfolding toward your heart’s desire.

Henri Matisse is a famous French artist from the early 20th Century. One of his most famous paintings is called “The Dance”. I think it captures the spirit of Leo – the Leo archetype at its most raw and primal, exuberant and passionate expression – freed of its shadow traits that sometimes compel Leo to put on a show for the approval of others (with perhaps, an added dose of Scorpio energy here).



And surprise, surprise, Matisse was born with a Leo Ascendant! That fits.


I love the energy of this painting and its description! If you have the desire and opportunity to, welcoming this lunar eclipse through a wildly energetic and passionate, untamed expression of your vibrant life force through dance… would be an apt way to channel your inner lion 🙂

Remember, Leo is associated with the heart and ruled by the Sun. Both are essential life-givers. Connect with this pulse, which underlies every breath, individually and collectively.

“Creativity takes Courage” is arguably one of Matisse’s most circulated quotes.

And indeed it does. It requires great vulnerability and great courage to take risks and follow our heart, to tap into our deepest passions and birth our creative projects and endeavors into the public sphere.

As WEDNESDAY’s Full Moon reaches its 180 degree position and vanishes, as it sandwiches the Earth between its Lunar body and the light of the Sun, delve into your dark spaces. What is unfolding for you right now?

Clear away the clutter. Sharpen that intuition.

Resist Leo’s tendency to create drama, to exaggerate and overreact (which often exacerbates during the whirlwind of eclipse season).

What is your heart calling you to engage with?

I almost always find that in addition to marking a time of culminating fruition, Full Moons correlate with life situations that pit my heart against my head; my intuitive, soul-led desire and my emotional drivers against my brain’s rationalizing processes (or the practical realities of my circumstances).

Since Lunar Eclipses are like Full Moons on steroids, you could really be feeling this tug-of-war sharply. An important decision and pivot could be necessary, and likely more so in this case with the Moon in Leo (the sign associated with the heart) opposite the Sun in ultra-rational Aquarius.

I personally am finding myself standing at such an intersection right now, as we approach this fiery Lunar Eclipse. With the North Node in Leo (a point of evolution, personal growth and destiny), I would wager you can probably trust your heart and deep emotional response on this one.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is occurring in a tight conjunction with Ceres; the asteroid of mothering and nurturing, of joyous beginnings and the grief of loss. And of menstrual and agricultural cycles that echo symbolically throughout our individual life cycles – from egg to pregnancy, from seed to harvest.

What are you harvesting right now?

Don’t neglect your need for deep, fulfilling, soul-based sustenance. Feed yourself – literally and metaphorically. Tend to your needs. Take care of yourself. Be kind to yourself. Love yourself.

Over the past weekend I went to a painting workshop with a friend that was held in a space called “the splatter room”, which was COVERED from floor to ceiling with many layers and shades of brightly-colored paint speckles and splatters from previous workshops (it felt very Leo-ish). When back at home, I proudly showed-off the painting and then used magnets to pin the canvas to the front of the fridge… and then laughed at how childlike this was.

Leo is childlike. Silly. Playful. Fun.

Feed your soul some playtime this week!

I love this quote by Mary Lou Cook because of the way it integrates the Leo and Aquarius polarity…

Just eight minutes after the Lunar Eclipse on WEDNESDAY, Mercury will spin into Aquarius and our communications and thinking processes may become more inventive, more community-focused, more visionary, and more technologically-driven.

On SATURDAY, Mercury squares Pallas Athena while sextiling Mars. We may be struggling to be calm and strategic, but assertive communication will come naturally as we match our actions with our words.

The Sun conjunct the South Node, also on SATURDAY, may prompt a spiritual cleanse and release.

For those who find value in fasting as a spiritual practice, this day would be a prime opportunity to abstain from something (it doesn’t need to be food – it could be social media, for example). You could then dedicate some time throughout the day to reflect and meditate in order to seek some clarity and insight on what this Eclipse Season is stirring up for you.

(Personally I don’t believe the South Node is “bad” as it is sometimes presented – it can be a very sacred place of release and letting go of worldly attachments, which can have deep spiritual implications)

We finish the weekend with a Venus-Jupiter square on SUNDAY. Jupiter in Scorpio wants vertical expansion – it wants to go deep in order to go up. Venus in Aquarius is looking for horizontal expansion as it seeks numerous new social connections. Jupiter in Scorpio wants to explore and uncover the messy entanglements of intimacy and relational shame and secrets, while Venus in Aquarius wants to join an uncomplicated team; a band of fellow life journeyers through which a collaborative project could grow into its future potential.

Don’t be afraid to get into the mess, while working toward a common goal that will propel you and your comrades forward. Create a vision for the future while alchemizing the past.

This square between the two benefics could stir up some tension, but it could also bring some wonderful blessings and “lucky” developments in the realm of relationships and money.

If you’re new to the blog and haven’t read my Eclipse Primer (a post originally written for last summer’s eclipses which I will eventually neutralize and edit to make more generic), here’s a few visuals that will help explain what is actually going on in the sky…





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Grand Fire Trine & Full Moon in Scorpio :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for May 8th – May 14th

Okay, so this Mercury-Uranus in Aries conjunction that has been creating sparks since the last week of April? It is feeling pretty intense these days! Especially since Mercury turned Direct last Wednesday (May 3rd). This conjunction is all about CHANGE. Fast and furious change.

Does anyone else feel like their life is moving really quickly, on fast-forward mode? Are you struggling to keep up with the changes and fast-paced energy in your life? You are not alone!

That is the challenge of Uranus energy. Uranus is inherently disruptive. But change is also what propels us forward in life, toward our potential, and Uranus, the visionary, loves to do just that. The aspects this week are really quite something. If you are ready to embrace change, you could experience some really profound and positive breakthroughs in your life over the next couple weeks. In particular, be on the look out for important information coming to light, and surprising and unexpected news coming your way through communication with others.

For example, here are some life events that happened to people close to me within 48 hours of Mercury going Direct on Wednesday:

  • I contacted someone that I had abruptly stopped speaking to about 6 months ago, who unexpectedly showed up in my home city
  • A family member was offered an ideal mentorship opportunity within her field that she had been trying to secure for the last year in order to work toward a certification (this opportunity literally fell into her lap in an uncanny way)
  • A family member finally received an important diagnosis for a health concern that had been plaguing her for three years – she can now start addressing it
  • A family member made the tough decision to hand in her notice of resignation and end a three-year long job position in order to focus all her energy on her new business
  • A family member started an important clinical placement on Wednesday (with some trepidation) and was pleasantly surprised at how well it went as he stepped out of his comfort zone
  • A family friend received the date and time for a very crucial heart surgery the following week

And that was last week. This week the winds of change are blowing even stronger as the Lunar Nodes of destiny shift into new zodiac signs on Tuesday, and Uranus and Mercury make their third and final exact conjunction in Aries on Wednesday just before the intense and emotional Full Moon in Scorpio goes exact that night; a Full Moon which asks us to trust and surrender to the moment – to whatever and wherever life has brought us to.

Near the end of the week Mars in Gemini is pretty active; squaring Neptune on Thursday and then trining Jupiter on Friday. Perhaps Thursday we are feeling vulnerable, confused and indecisive in the wake of all this change, and then on Friday we see the way forward to success and we know how to achieve our goals?

Changes in our life often initiate both the beginning of something, and the end of something. This is part of the reason change is so difficult for humans to adapt to. It isn’t easy to let go of old ways of being in the world, even if we are being invited into an exciting new way of living. Do your best to stay grounded. Do what you can to reduce your stress and anxiety. And then open yourself up to whatever this week brings.

The Moon moves through Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius during the weekdays. The weekend then brings us the serious, stable earthy energy of a Moon-Saturn conjunction and of the Moon moving through Capricorn. This may feel sobering, but could also be a welcomed grounding after this whirlwind week.

On Thursday, Mercury (still closely conjunct Uranus in Aries) trines Saturn in Sagittarius, and on Sunday, it trines the North Node, newly in Leo. By doing so, Mercury is activating an exciting Grand Fire Trine between Uranus, Saturn, and the North Node – all in the late degrees of the three fire signs. In a Trine aspect, energy is flowing easily. There is tremendous support for whatever new endeavors and projects you launch in the next couple of weeks. This energy is both inspired and risk-taking, as well as being stable and hard-working with Saturn involved.

Don’t let this week blow you away! Those fierce winds are still picking up speed. They are clearing away all the debris to make room for new life, a new chapter.

Check out the Cosmic Forecast for…

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