Mars in Scorpio & the Instinctual Self

I love to read as much as I love to write, and I’m constantly collecting new information… in a very gemini-esque fashion. Meaning, when I’m at my computer I have 20+ browser tabs open with various articles – none of which I can read beginning to end without switching to several more articles while reading. I sometimes do it without noticing. I read a paragraph of one article, switch to the next, and do the same, and then again… finally circling back to the article at which I started reading.

Similarly, I have numerous books on the go at once in multiple forms – hard-copy books, Kindle books, library books, and audio books.

But to be perfectly honest, especially now that I am no longer in University, I rarely actually finish any of them. I read a chapter there, another chapter somewhere else… I spend my life hauling library books back and forth and maxing out on the number of books I’m allowed, and paying fines… and yet I’m lucky if I make a dent in the stack.

Ha, it feels like an addiction sometimes. Damn you Amazon, with your easy e-books and that 1-click purchase button!

I have a Gemini Moon, and my Mercury (in Pisces) squares an Uranus-Mars conjunction in Sag. I suppose I come by this erratic, ineffective and overly-ambitious reading habit naturally… (can any other Gemini-types relate to this??)

HOWEVER. I made a commitment this year to tackle a significantly big book, and read it cover to cover – sustaining the journey without getting distracted.

Last December 2016, I purchased the long-standing bestseller: “Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype”, by Clarissa Pinkola Estes.

500+ pages, small print and meaningful, multi-layered stories that required my full engagement… It was a daunting choice for my cover-to-cover goal, but it has crossed my path continuously since I first heard of it. I gradually worked my way through it, picking up speed slightly as I incorporated it into my morning routine along with my coffee, but I was still only reading a few pages at a time.

This slow, consistent approach worked out well. It is a book so rich with delicious flavour and meaning, that it is best digested and savoured in small morsels.

I finished the book last Sunday, December 10th, a year later – appropriate timing for this Mercury Retrograde/ Saturn in Sag wrap-up period. It has become my much-underlined bible and it has supported me well this year.

In a broader, more general sense, this endeavor has reminded me that solid progress can be made with patient, consistent, step-by-step (Saturnian) effort, rather than my typical, overly-ambitious, aim sky-high and then crash/burn-out approach.

I share this story to: 1) share/brag about this personal achievement of which I am very proud, 2) to offer a glowing recommendation of this gorgeous book (which I suspect many of you have heard of or read already), 3) to offer encouragement to other gemini-esque readers that it is possible to persevere with reading books cover-to-cover, and 4) to bring up the concept of “instincts”, which Estes writes quite a bit about.

Instincts always remind me of Mars in Scorpio. Mars recently entered Scorpio last Saturday and will be there until January 26th. Mars was last in Scorpio 2 years ago: January 3rd – March 5th, 2016, if you want to make any comparisons.


What are they, really?! I’ve come across a number of definitions, a number of arguments for where instincts originate from within the body, and I’ve seen the word “instinct” used interchangeably with “reflexes”, “intuition”, “soul”, and to reference Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ term, our “wildish nature”.

Wikipedia tells me that “any behavior is instinctive if it is performed without being based upon prior experience (that is, in the absence of learning), and is therefore an expression of innate biological factors”.

How does a spider know to start spinning a web? How does a caterpillar know how to make a cocoon? How does a beaver know to make a beaver dam? How do birds figure out how to build a nest, or when and why to fly south?

They certainly never went to school for it.

Instincts. Magical instincts.

Other words that are used to describe instincts include: primal actions, hardwired impulses, inborn tendencies and inclinations, compulsions, gut feelings, biologically-based needs and automatic physical responses to external stimuli…

Some have argued that humans don’t have instincts in the same way that animals  do – that most of our behavior is “learned behavior” (with the addition of some bodily “reflexes”).

However, Estes would argue that we are instinctual creatures through and through. She indicates that the aim of her writing is to “de-pathologize the integral instinctual nature, and to demonstrate its soulful and essential psychic ties to the natural world.”

The entire book of hers, is a summoning to return to our natural innate instincts – our wildish selves. To remember who we truly are.

She suggests readers ask themselves the following questions:

“What has happened to my soul-voice? What are the buried bones of my life? In what condition is my relationship to the instinctual Self? When was the last time I ran free? How do I make life come alive again?

These strike me as Mars in Scorpio questions.

Mars symbolizes our will, our primal desires, how we assert ourselves, protect ourselves, and get what we need and want. Perhaps one could say that astrologically, Mars symbolizes our instinctual selves…

In Scorpio, Mars’ power is amplified. Its appetite is voracious. Its methods are cunningly strategic, stealthy, and determined. Its expression sizzles with intensity and passion… and sometimes pain.

Scorpio is, after all, a doorway to our deepest vulnerabilities.

Will we use this transit to peel back the layers to awaken our sacred instincts, our birthright? Or will we respond by running and hiding, and redirecting that relentless, pulsating, yearning for liberation toward cheap fulfillment?

Assuming that as human beings, members of the Animal Kingdom, we do indeed possess instinctual drives, what purpose do our instincts serve?

• Instincts seek to ensure our survival – individually, and arguably collectively – by getting our basic needs met.

• Instincts keep us safe by prompting protective and defensive action.

• Instincts warn us of danger and propel us away from pain and suffering.

• Instincts direct us toward pleasure, love and connection.

And according to Estes, instincts beckon us forward toward freedom, truth, wholeness, and fulfillment.

However, in our complicated society, which no longer resembles the Stone Age, how do these instincts express themselves?

The problem is that for many of us, we’ve inherited and absorbed stories from our environments that have rerouted our instincts and rewired our neurobiology. We have been traumatized, imprinted, and conditioned, to associate certain stimuli with pain, pleasure, love and fulfillment based on past experiences that may no longer be relevant or beneficial.

The voice of our instinctive, wildish selves, often reaches us like a faint whisper over a static phone line.

What is a genuine “gut feeling”, an intuitive knowing… and what feels like an intuitive instinctual response, but is actually a response based on warped messages we have learned, inherited, and absorbed throughout our life? Sometimes we have to untangle crossed wires before the voice of our instinct comes through loud and clear.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes believes that we are “born with all instinct intact.” She writes for those seeking to recover the trail of the instinctual self in order to retrieve their vital essence that has been domesticated, captured, or injured.

“The repair of injured instinct begins with acknowledging that a capture has taken place, that a soul-famine has followed, that usual boundaries of insight and protection have been disturbed… When the instincts are injured, humans will “normalize” assault after assault, acts of injustice and destruction toward themselves, their offspring, their loved ones, their lands, and even their Gods.” (~Clarissa Pinkola Estes)

What would it mean to recover our instinctual selves?

“Within us is the old one who collects bones. Within us there are the soul-bones of this wild Self. Within us is the potential to be fleshed out again as the creature we once were. Within us are the bones to change ourselves and our world. Within us is the breath and our truths and our longings – together they are the song, the creation hymn we have been yearning to sing.” (~Clarissa Pinkola Estes)

And how might we find our wildish selves?

I’ll tell you right now, the doors to the world of the wild Self are few but precious. If you have a deep scar, that is a door, if you have an old, old story, that is a door. If you love the sky and the water so much you almost cannot bear it, that is a door. If you yearn for a deeper life, a full life, a sane life, that is a door.” (~Clarissa Pinkola Estes)

Lilith (and her “rebellion” from captivity) is an archetypal figure of the instinctual self. For me, Lilith, as an astrological point in my chart and the mythic narrative and symbolism it references, has been a door.

Perhaps Mars’ transit through the dark waters of Scorpio is another door to the wild Self?

I’ll conclude with the advice of Friedrich Nietzsche…

“Being human is a complicated gig. So give that ol’ dark night of the soul a hug. Howl the eternal yes!

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Embarking on the Final Climb at the End of our Sagittarian Pilgrimage :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for November 20th – 26th

I have been lost in my thoughts the last few days and couldn’t find a funnel to get some of them out into orderly words on a page. Apologies for the day-late forecast : )

I love Scorpio and Capricorn and appreciate their vital and valuable contribution to the zodiac wheel and our cosmic DNA, but oh man, I am always relieved to get a sunny blast of Sagittarius in-between the heavy, dark Scorpio and Cap seasons.

If the tumultuous Scorpionic weather has been dragging you through the trenches over the last month +, this week the Universe will give you an earful of rejuvenating pep talks as we enter into Sagittarius Season late tonight (TUESDAY). Continue reading “Embarking on the Final Climb at the End of our Sagittarian Pilgrimage :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for November 20th – 26th”

New Moon in Scorpio :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for November 13th – 19th

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We’ve had a series of Jupiter conjunctions recently. Jupiter is renown as the “lucky” magical planet of blessings. When a planet forms a conjunction with Jupiter, the planet’s symbolism can inherit Jupiter’s gifts of expansion, luck, and success.

Within the last month we’ve had Mercury conjunct Jupiter! The Sun conjunct Jupiter! And now today (MONDAY), Venus conjunct Jupiter!

And yet… I always have to add a note of caution. I don’t mean to rain on anyone’s parade… but the Jupiter conjunctions are occurring in… Scorpio. And since Scorpio holds our deeply repressed material and all that we fear (along with profound truth and power), these typically joyful conjunctions with jovial Jupiter are… complex. Continue reading “New Moon in Scorpio :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for November 13th – 19th”

Driving the Point Home – Pay Attention! Cosmic Weather Forecast for Monday, August 28th – Tuesday, September 5th


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I’m extending this weekly forecast into the following week up until Tuesday (September 5th) because to end it on Sunday felt like a major story interruption and I didn’t want to leave you hanging!

Between now and next Tuesday (Sep. 5th) we are wrapping up Eclipse Season. By the time we reach the Pisces Full Moon on Wednesday (Sept. 6th), the Sun will be far enough out of range of the magical Nodal Axis, that eclipses will no longer be possible for the remainder of this year. Until then, the air continues to vibrate with Eclipse energies.

The most powerful cosmic players in this final Eclipse Season wrap-up are Mars and Mercury – the warrior and the messenger – who have a few special game plays still up their sleeve. Continue reading “Driving the Point Home – Pay Attention! Cosmic Weather Forecast for Monday, August 28th – Tuesday, September 5th”

Accept the Mission, Embark on a Quest :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for July 24th – July 30th

I am a little late with this forecast, but hopefully it will still prove useful for reflection.

The punctuated highlight of the week occurs later today (Wednesday) when the Sun finally consumes Mars as they form an exact conjunction in the early degrees of Leo. This happens about every two years. The last Mars-Sun conjunction occurred in Gemini on June 14th 2015. Throughout the last couple of weeks, the Sun (symbolizing our core identity and purpose) has been steadily moving in on Mars (symbolizing our will, our desire, and our capacity to initiate action).

As Mars first fell beneath the Sun’s rays, Mars began a dying process that I talked about last week. In the same way we refer to the final couple of days in the monthly lunation cycle, when the Moon’s light is extinguished by the power of the Sun, as the balsamic moon phase (a time of tiredness, retreat, reflection, and letting go), we could also refer to these final weeks of Mars’ two-year cycle as a balsamic phase for the same symbolic reasons. Continue reading “Accept the Mission, Embark on a Quest :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for July 24th – July 30th”

Caution, Contents under Pressure :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for June 26th – July 2nd

[Apologies to email subscribers for the late post! This week I ended up posting each forecast day-by-day through Instagram & Facebook. Hopefully this is still valuable for reflection on the past week 🙂 Stay posted for some announcements in the next couple days. I will be taking this week off from writing daily forecasts, but I hope to resume beginning in a week’s time on July 10th with a more condensed version via email.]

We are fresh into this lunation cycle, only a few days past the New Moon in Cancer (last Friday), clear of the aggressive Mars – Jupiter square exact last Sunday, and yet the cosmic weather is rapidly continuing to heat up. Expect a building intensity leading up to the Full Moon peak on July 9th (ADT). Why? Because we have three very influential personal planets (Sun, Mercury, Mars) journeying the deeply emotional sign of Cancer, making successive oppositions to Pluto, who is across the way, on the other side of the zodiac, chillin’ at ~18 degrees Capricorn. Pluto; the modern ruler of Scorpio, god of Hades, death, transformation, rebirth, ETC. All the super intense stuff in life.

180° oppositions can be very challenging aspects in astrology – it’s as if the planets involved are having a full on confrontation, a conflict, a tug of war. This creates an enormous amount of tension, which must be wrestled with, integrated, balanced. However, tense aspects in astrology are also stimulants to growth. They are catalysts. They propel us forward. As we head toward the full moon, which will occur as the Sun comes into an exact opposition with Pluto, let’s stretch. Out of our comfort zone. Our souls are hitting up the weights this lunation cycle for some strength training.

Family and commitment-related themes are running strong this week since Cancer and Capricorn are the traditional matriarchal and patriarchal figures of the zodiac. Cancer rules all that is related to your childhood, home, family – and your relationship with your mother figure (or nurturing caregiver) in particular. Maybe it’s not family related though. Maybe there is something that comes up in relation to your roommates, your landlord, or your close-knit community.

Monday eases us into the deep waters with a Mars-Neptune trine which urges us to surrender to the process. Surrender to the journey. Pluto burns away all that is decaying and holding us back in life. Pluto strips our lives of pretense and brings the deepest truth to the surface. Preparing within ourselves a willingness to surrender, will do us well over the next couple of weeks. Allow yourself to enter fully into the present moment while grounding yourself in a realm that transcends time and space. Release and loosen your tight muscles within Neptune’s warm, watery embrace.

Mercury heavily dominates Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday’s cosmic weather. The planet of thought and communication is BUSY. Anticipate some intense and/or revealing conversations and/or confrontations. Anticipate being the recipient or deliverer of some shocking news, or a long-awaited, difficult message. There could be a conflict. There could be a break-through. There could be both. At any rate, WORDS have an additional CHARGE to them this week. In some way or another, through the vehicle of communication, our close relationships may be on the hot seat this week, or in the frying pan.

As always, these transits have the potential to express themselves all very internally (i.e. you may be primarily struggling with your relationship to yourself), but for many of us, the cosmic weather this week will shine the spotlight on our interactions with others.

On Tuesday, Mercury squares Jupiter and trines Neptune, repeating the aspects that Mars just made. A square to Jupiter prompts exaggeration, obnoxious assertions of opinion, a bubble of “hot air”. A trine to Neptune dissolves conflict  and competitive ego battles that strive to out-argue and out-wit – through forgiveness, compassion, creativity, and spirituality.

On Wednesday, Mercury fuses with Mars through conjunction in Cancer, within close range of their opposition to Pluto (3 degrees orb). Whew! Thought and communication meet self-assertion, anger, and desire in a BIG way. Remember, Cancer is a highly emotional sign with a tendency to be indirect, passive aggressive, or shy, with its communications. Mars wants you to be direct. Assertive. Fearless. Without emotionally blowing it out of proportion, say what you need to say. And listen too, because we all live under the same skies.

As Mercury passes Mars to make the first exact opposition to Pluto on Thursday, it becomes even more crucial to effectively channel those super charged thoughts surging through your brain. Get your body involved as well. That’s always a good way to handle the intensity of Mars and Pluto. MOVE YER BODY. Jump up and down. Dance. Run. Punch your pillow. Twirl. Have sex.

Pluto rules all that is deeply secret and hidden. As it activates the planet of thought and communication, buried knowledge may rise to the surface – or be blasted explosively up through the ground. It could be a messy thing and full of conflict, but it may also be something you share or bring into the public sphere that liberates you and bestows you with a new confidence – or both. One key warning here – guard against gossip. It will come back to bite you.

TGIF, although… on Friday we have the First Quarter Moon. Relationships are again prominently highlighted here. The First Quarter square between the Sun (in Cancer) and the Moon (in Libra) presents a challenge. Something that must be overcome in order to move forward. With Cancer and Libra involved in the First Quarter as Venus (the planet of relationships) in Taurus simultaneously squares the Moon’s Nodes, there could be a struggle between wanting to progress in some area or make a particular decision, while also trying to keep others happy. Strive for a middle ground, a balance, if it is reasonable and healthy to do so, while warding against co-dependence and accepting that you cannot please everyone, and nor can you fix and heal every problem.

ARE WE DONE YET?! Nope. On Saturday, Chiron, our wounded healer figure, goes retrograde. Chiron spends half the year going backward. It’s at the turning points that we may be most aware of Chiron’s work. When Chiron turns retro, his healing work intensifies. At his pivot point, during the time period that Chiron changes direction, he directs his arrow straight toward at that darn wound, pinpointing its location and thus bringing it to our attention. This may not feel great, but graciously, he also leaves clues as to how we can continue to heal. I had a pretty magical Chiron Rx pivot last year which I will share later. If you are nursing wounds over the weekend, be careful of the drive to defensively overcompensate through inauthentic means as Mars and Pluto activate power struggles.

SUNDAY!!! We’ve felt it building throughout the week, but today the Mars-Pluto opposition is exact. Take care of yourselves lovelies. Especially if you are vulnerable to mental health concerns. This is a lot of volatile, intense energy. Again, move your bodies. All forms of exercise and physical movement are really important this week. Our bodies are vessels that absorb so much from our surroundings and manifest our thoughts. If intense emotions like anger or grief surges through your system, find an effective outlet. Like kickboxing. Or doing something active in nature.

The Moon is still moving through Libra on Sunday. Channel that Libran peace, that diplomacy, while obeying Pluto’s orders to get to the root of whatever it is that has come up for you. If you are vulnerable to certain triggers, make sure you are grounded and pull out a tried and trusted self care plan. Heads up that projecting our issues on to other people is a big liability with oppositions, especially when two intense planets are involved.

It may feel like a crisis, like you’re in a major power struggle, but it could also feel like crossing a tipping point into victory, success, breakthrough and freedom. There is a sense of completion that comes with this aspect going exact after so much build up. Maybe you feel like a superhero flying out of a burning building, clearing the danger zone just as it collapses behind you. Just watch out for accidentally burning bridges, especially when it comes to relationships. We still have a Sun-Pluto opposition at the Full Moon waiting for us in a week’s time. Yah! More opportunity for growth!

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Summer Solstice & New Moon in Cancer :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for June 19th – June 25th

This week is tender, soft, sensitive, yet raw and exposed. This week slowly, gently, firmly, pulls back the outer layers. It simultaneously draws us back into ourselves, while peeling back our protective shells and bringing a flood of feelings to the surface.

Welcome, to Cancer season. Watery. Emotional. Cathartic.

The Cosmos is nurturing this week, in a way that a wise mother nurtures by guiding her children through tough life terrain – supporting them with navigating uncomfortable emotions without trying to shelter them, teaching them that “life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass… It is about learning to dance in the rain” (Vivian Greene). There are some difficult aspects this week, as always, but they are immediately cushioned by supportive, healing transits that pull us through and beyond.

I’m relieved to be done with the succession of Saturn oppositions for now. Saturn’s been playing a heavy role with my natal chart these days, so when Saturn’s involved with global transits as well (like last week and into the weekend), I feel gutted and mired in self-doubt. For all those who felt the same, trust. Trust in the process and who you are becoming. Play the long game.

This week, the Sun and Mercury leave Gemini to join Mars in Cancer. Pluto (retrograde) has been hanging out at about 18° Capricorn (check Planet Watcher for a real-time view of the current planetary positions), and Cancer is opposite Capricorn in the zodiac wheel, so we will be dealing with a series of volatile oppositions to Pluto in the future weeks as Mars, Mercury, and the Sun pass 18° Cancer. However, that’s still a ways off (Mercury will form the first opposition on June 29th). This week is here to ease us into Cancer’s watery depths.

Before the Sun hits the solstice point at 1:24 am (ADT) on Wednesday, with Mercury right on its heels, they both have to finish up their work in Gemini. This “finishing up” process happens to involve our deepest wounds. Monday and Tuesday’s transits (+ separating transits from the weekend) involve both the Sun and Mercury forming challenging squares to Chiron, an asteroid known as the wounded healer. However, at the same time, both celestial bodies are making supportive sextiles with the North Node (the point of the soul’s growth and evolution) and Uranus (individuality and liberation). It is through facing our greatest wounds that we will grow and experience the exhilarating freedom that comes through healing.

The healing, emotional theme of the week continues to be emphasized on Tuesday as Venus sextiles Neptune, raising up our slumped shoulders and heads into place of higher perspective; a place where our tears collect and turn into rivulets of new life, threading through the weary landscapes of our souls.

Early Wednesday morning, as the Sun reaches its furthest Northern point toward the Earth’s rotational axis, the Northern Hemisphere awakens to the first day of summer and the longest day of the year, whereas those in the Southern Hemisphere awaken to the first day of winter and the shortest day of the year. This solstice point is always marked by the zodiac wheel as 0° Cancer. Significantly, the Sun and Mercury enter Cancer within 6 hours of each other. Mercury has been gaining ground steadily since its last retrograde and it is on this important day of the Solar Year that it finally overtakes the Sun, fusing with it through an exact conjunction. This cazimi occurs at the potent 0° of Cancer, a power point in the zodiac wheel.

Although traditionally Cancer has a tendency to be indirect with its communications, protectively seeking roundabout ways to express itself, on Wednesday (and extending forward a few days) there is an opportunity to gain new insight into your deepest emotional needs, and the needs of the broader collective. With the Sun (symbolizing identity) merging with Mercury (symbolizing thought and communication) at one of the zodiac’s most powerful degrees in a deeply emotional sign, empathy flourishes and we find the strength to channel our emotions into words.

We are then quickly drawn into the dark of the moon on Thursday. The balsamic moon phase is a spiritual time. There may be a sense of acute vulnerability, but also of ethereal surrender. It is a time to turn inward, in order to turn outward with the New Moon. A time to shed any remaining gunk clinging to you from this lunation cycle.

At 11:30 pm (ADT) on Friday, the Moon is reborn at 2°47 Cancer. Mercury is still close by, with the Sun, Moon, and Mercury all forming a conjunction together. Wednesday’s themes of emotional expression continue. On Friday we are challenged to restore trust and faith in ourselves, in the world, and in each other, so we can move forward. A life devoid of trust, is a life filled with fear, conflict, and exclusion. To ground ourselves in Love and cultivate the safe and secure foundation that Cancer so desires, we must somehow, together, rediscover and rebuild trust. Sow seeds of Trust during this New Moon.

The healing themes of this week are sustained through to the weekend when Venus trines Pluto on Saturday. The shallow posturing and defensive masks are washed from our self-worth and our relationships, leaving only what is pure and true, beautiful in its nakedness.

On Sunday we have Mars in Cancer squaring Jupiter in Libra. This aspect has likely been felt throughout the week. This transit speaks to an aggressive and reactionary emotional struggle for justice, to prove ourselves right, to defend our inner and outer “homeland”. However, the harshness of this aspect has been kneaded by Cancer’s motherly influence throughout the week, and it is softened by Mars forming a trine to Neptune, exact the following day (Monday).

Neptune reminds us that the universe is an intricate eco-system. We are all connected to each other and have more in common than we might think (or want to imagine). While Mars may want revenge – “an eye for an eye” – Neptune urges us to find another way. We must heal, together. We must trust, together. We must love, together. We must rebuild, together.

The storm clouds may be rolling in, but this week? Go dance in the rain.

Image credit: Heather @ Flickr (CC – image modified & words added)

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Full Moon in Sagittarius :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for June 5th – June 11th

My overall interpretation summary of this week’s transits is something like this: Pursue your passion (even if it is weird and unconventional) and be willing to take risks to express your creative potential and authentic self. Trust that success is possible and remember that even when you are half-way up the mountain, you are allowed to take a moment to admire the view and celebrate your efforts thus far.

Major shifts abound this week. Three personal planets transition into different zodiac signs within the space of three days! The Sun, Moon (called planets for convenience), Mercury, Venus, and Mars, are the five personal, or inner planets in astrology because they are closest to the Earth and thus are believed to have a more direct, obvious, and explicit impact on our day-to-day lives. The other planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) are often called the “outer planets”. Their influence may be more subtle (although no less powerful) since they are further away, and their transits are long-lasting whereas the personal planets move quickly through the zodiac wheel and make themselves felt within shorter time periods.

On Sunday Mars moved into Cancer, and on Tuesday Venus transitions into Taurus and Mercury into Gemini – that is a lot of change within three days! It is particularly noteworthy that while Mars is not at its best in Cancer, Venus and Mercury are both entering the signs that they rule – the signs that they are most at home in. Theoretically this makes it easier to express the nature of these forces in our lives.

Monday begins with Mercury squaring the Lunar Nodes making a sextile to Chiron, as both Mercury and Venus cross the last Anaretic degrees of Taurus and Aries respectively. There is a restlessness, an anticipation, or a sense of urgency. With the square to the nodes there may be a struggle between choosing the safe and familiar route, or taking a risk to express your true self and pursue your passion. Remember that you don’t have to be “100% ready” to move forward. You don’t need to have your doubts and insecurities completely under control before you take the next step.

Tuesday is a busy day for the cosmos. Venus and Mercury make their transition into Taurus and Gemini, while Uranus in Aries forms an trine to the North Node. Venus in Taurus (until July 4th) asks us to slow down and be seduced by all the good and pleasurable things of the Earth that are available to an embodied soul.

Meanwhile Mercury entering Gemini (until June 21st), combined with the Uranus-North Node trine, tells us to speed up. Carefully reconsider that which you once perceived as weird, unusual, and uncool. Explore the unknown. Collect new information. Network. Socialize. Learn something new from everyone you come in contact with, and then use these new insights and collaborations to propel yourself forward toward your destiny.

On Wednesday the Moon leaves the depths of Scorpio to leap into Sagittarius, in preparation for the Sag Full Moon on Friday. Hold your bow steady, pull back on the string, and focus on the target. Don’t let the distance between you and the bull’s eye intimidate you – this is the sign of the archer in all its glory.

On Friday the majestic Full Moon arrives. The Sun is in Gemini and the Moon is opposing it in Sagittarius. This is an enormously potent Full Moon because only about an hour after the Full Moon is exact, the ruler of this Sagittarius Full Moon turns Direct. What stunning synchronicity! Jupiter has been retrograde since February 6th in Libra, and it has chosen today to change direction. Whatever area of your life (and your natal chart) Jupiter has been fostering growth in, today this benefic planet bestows its blessing on your efforts. Furthermore Venus, newly dignified in Taurus, will make a supportive sextile to Mars, connecting the planet of relationships and love with the planet of action and (sex) drive.

Saturn is subtly involved in this Full Moon through a wide conjunction with the Moon, as well as Neptune through a square aspect. Acknowledge that yes, there is more work to be done, and yes, you may not be able to know with certainty how this area of your life will play out, but f*** it! It is time to celebrate your incredible efforts thus far! Don’t discount your progress just because you haven’t reached that mountain peak in the distance yet. Look at what you have achieved!

On Saturday the Moon will move into Capricorn, giving you the nudge to ride the inspiration of yesterday’s Full Moon and keep on keepin’ on by investing the hard work to make your goals and dreams continue to bear fruit.

Image credit: Nina Matthews Photography/CC (words added)

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Creative Decisions & Determined Action :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for May 29th – June 4th

If last week, which cradled the New Moon in Gemini, was about opening up to multiple possibilities, this week’s theme is about making (and fully committing to) critical decisions and acting on them.

Like Frodo in The Fellowship of the Rings, we are born into certain narratives, particular time/space circumstances, and are handed a set of predetermined factors. That is not to say that we do not have the free will to make choices and shape our life trajectories. I believe life is a mysterious alchemy between fate and freewill. Clearly there are some events and circumstances in life that we have no control over, and yet conversely in other areas of life we appear to be granted full autonomy over the movements of our life’s steering wheel.

As the Saturn-Mars opposition perfects today, we are reminded of the limits on our freewill and our capacity to change our circumstances. Frustration is on high broil and patience is evading our grasp.

And yet as Mars sextiles Uranus tomorrow, we are presented with an opportunity to liberate ourselves from that which chains us to the past, or to our usual way of responding to challenges. On Tuesday we are invited to think (Mars in Gemini) outside the box (Uranus) to come up with creative solutions (Moon in Leo) to seemingly inflexible and oppressive challenges and circumstances – and then to act on these innovative ideas (Uranus in action-oriented Aries).

On Wednesday, Mercury, our thinking mind, forms a supportive trine to Pluto, the planet of transformation. This is a gentle encouragement that yes indeed, we can change tactics, identify new choices, and act on them. Our traditional patterns of behavior always hold the potential for transformation. The Moon moves into Virgo to help us figure out the details and plan ahead for what comes next.

On Thursday the Moon in Virgo squares the Sun in Gemini, presenting us with our First Quarter Moon challenge. Despite the tendency of these two zodiac signs to over-think and over-analyze problems, the square aspect propels us to truly commit to taking action, to following through on our decisions. At the same time Venus in Aries trines Saturn in Sagittarius, lending her kind support to our efforts to move forward in this new direction, and Mars (still in Gemini) sextiles the North Node in Leo asking you to trust that your new commitments and actions are carrying you forward toward your destiny.

On Friday, Mars squares Chiron in Pisces; forming a T-Square with Mars’ separating opposition to Saturn. There may be some acute discomfort around this time. Making decisions and acting on these decisions in a world of seemingly linear time is not easy – as one path opens up, another must necessarily close. Today there may be a sense that it is too late to turn back. The jump into the unknown has been made, for better or worse. Ward off the second-guessing and insecurities because the cosmic weather on Saturday is spectacular.

On Saturday, Venus conjuncts Uranus in Aries, and soon afterward trines the North Node. In the realm of love, self-worth, art and money, there is the possibility for a beautiful (unexpected) breakthrough! You may be taken by surprise that the new direction you chose, that brave decision you made, is working out so wonderfully. Meanwhile the Sun in Gemini trines Jupiter in Libra, and Mars finishes up his work in Gemini as he passes through the critical 29° Anaretic degree. Themes of communication and new information are quite strong today. Your pleasant Venus-Uranus surprise may be related to learning something new, receiving significant news or valuable feedback.

Mars’ journey through the final degree of Gemini lends an urgency to the day – perhaps something important must be communicated. If this feels stressful, don’t overthink it – the Sun’s trine to Jupiter grants success outcomes. On Saturday the Moon (our mood influencer) smiles on all these exciting developments. On Saturday the Moon moves through Libra, the sign of balance and harmony, forming a powerful conjunction with Jupiter and a confident trine with the Sun.

Finally on Sunday Mars enters Cancer and the Sun squares Neptune. There may be some emotional aftershocks in the wake of the past week. There may be a nervous urge to retreat and withdraw. Despite the glow of yesterday, the Sun square Neptune aspect may cast doubt on our choices and our newly defined direction in life. Will this fulfill me? Will this quench the yearning in my soul?

Time will tell. The story continues. A glorious Sagittarius Full Moon on June 9th is the next stop in this lunation cycle.

Image credit: Joel Lee/Wikipedia Commons

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Cosmic Weather Forecast for April 17th – 23rd

A tempest brews over fertile land; the earth as rich and bitter as dark chocolate, freshly plowed.

I’m late! My goal is to write these blog posts over the weekend and post the week’s forecast on Sunday night/Monday morning. However, this week I ended up writing the day’s forecast the day of, and then posting the daily updates on the Lilith Rebellion Instagram account. Honestly I find that inspiration usually strikes the day of a transit and I end up editing and adding to the week’s blog post after publishing it anyway. Oh well, I’ll try to apply some Saturnian energy here and stick to my goal. Here we go…

The week begins with a solemn, stabilizing, grounding moment to help you catch your breath (Moon in Capricorn, Sun trine Saturn), which may feel more like a moment of harsh and heavy reckoning, depending on the nature of your Venus Retrograde story. The body may be sore and the spirit may be weary, and yet there are work and responsibilities to attend to.

The earthy, grounded energy continues throughout the week as the Sun slips into Taurus on Wednesday, briefly uniting with retrograding Mercury for an illuminating moment of breakthrough and clarity. Wednesday’s Last Quarter Moon prepares us for another cycle of growth which will be seeded in our lives next week with the new moon.

Thank goodness for all the earthy goodness this week because the cosmos gets a little gnarly on Thursday and Friday. On Thursday, Pluto, the god of the underworld, stations retrograde. This can create heightened vulnerability and prompt us to respond with a reactive power grab or a protective defensive stance.

However, with four planets in retrograde motion this week (Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury), it is also a reflective, receptive time, ripe with hidden magic and opportunities for healing and growth.

Three personal planets change signs this week! That’s a lot of cosmic shifting. In addition to the Sun entering Taurus, Mercury enters Aries and Mars enters Gemini at the end of the week, creating a somewhat volatile, fire-air mutual reception with the two planets (the messenger and the warrior) in each other’s signs. Venus and Saturn enter into this fray on Friday with their third and final challenging square.

TGIF! The weekend looks nice and relaxing with the Moon in Pisces and the Sun in Taurus, and no major cosmic storm until the following Friday!

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