Happy Solar Eclipse in Leo!

Happy Solar Eclipse New Moon in Leo! Where I live, the eclipse occurred early this morning, August 11th, 2018.

It squared my mid-heaven. I’m feeling it.

Right now the Nodal Axis is traveling through the Leo and Aquarius axis (as it has been since May 2017), with eclipses lighting up both sides of the polarity since February 2017. The North Node (the direction of our personal growth) has been moving through Leo, while the South Node (a point of release, surrender, and decrease) has been moving through Aquarius.

The Nodal Axis will soon depart for Cancer and Capricorn, but before it does so, this Eclipse Season has been asking us to really invest in our Nodal journey by expanding toward the Leo-ruled area of our charts, while integrating the best of Aquarius and the Aquarius-ruled area of our charts.

The Nodal journey through Leo and Aquarius over the past year +, has really highlighted for me, how confusing it can be to separate Leo and Aquarius into an opposing dichotomy.

All opposing signs share similar themes as well as complementary differences, and yet in contrast to other polarities in the zodiac, I find the Leo-Aquarius axis can be more difficult to parse out clearly, as so many of us have been trying to do when interpreting the North and South Node relationship in these two signs. For example, Aquarius is about friend groups and Leo is about the individual, but isn’t Aquarius the symbol of the rebel and outsider? Leo is about being your unique self, but isn’t Aquarius also about standing out and being different?

The points below describe the way that I’ve come to understand this polarity.

The quotes I’ve included in the images in this post, describe how to lean into that North Node in Leo (and the new moon eclipse that just occurred) while integrating the best of Aquarius and holding the two sign energies in balance.

Similarities & Differences within the Leo – Aquarius polarity
(as archetypal symbols simultaneously contained within and expressed through each one of us)

*They both speak to our unique individuality.

Leo’s uniqueness is one that wants to be seen, heard, acknowledged and appreciated by others, in ways that inspire and spread infectious life-giving vitality, passion and joy.

Aquarius’ uniqueness is one that wants to be distinguished from the status quo as a brilliant innovative catalyst and idealist that challenges, provokes, and propels people toward progressive change and increased efficiency.

*They both speak to different ways we relate with others.

Leo gathers friends for mutual exchanges of love, life, and inspiration, and Leo draws in audiences to witness, celebrate, and reflect back to them, their heart-centered expressions of self.

Aquarius looks for collaborators who share (or will buy-into) their wonderful idealistic vision of the future, and for those who possess the diverse resources required for collective experimentation, revolutionary leaps, and humanitarian endeavors.

Leo’s challenge is to remain centered on their inner truth and vulnerable authenticity while thriving and flourishing in the complete acceptance, validation and love they desire from others.

Aquarius’ challenge is to navigate the complicated realms of compromise – learning how to protect the purity of their vision and their capacity to innovate as someone who stands apart from the group, independent and free… while also respectfully allowing space for the ideas and plans of necessary collaborators to co-mingle and percolate with their own.

*They both are associated with leadership.

Leo leads from the heart, with passion, enthusiasm and loving encouragement that inspires and motivates others to fearlessly express their own vital essence in creative ways.

Aquarius leadership is guided by its big-picture systems thinking, its keen intellectual sense of strategy, and its ability to envision the latent potentials and possibilities of the future that have not yet been made manifest.

*They both are purpose-driven and are seeking to make an important contribution to the world.

Ruled by the Sun, which thankfully shares its life-giving warmth with planet Earth, Leo longs to leave a beautiful imprint that increases love, pleasure and joy in the world; an imprint that reflects the totality of its individuality and contributes in irreplaceable ways to the glorious, diverse mosaic of humanity.

One of Aquarius’ highest aims is to be useful and of service in the evolution of our species and the creation of a better world – one that is held accountable to higher principles and one that is oriented toward humanitarian priorities and technological advancement.

So what might it mean to release a detrimental over-emphasis on the impersonal, emotionally detached utilitarianism of the Aquarius South Node and embrace the vibrancy and heart-centered passion of the Leo North Node?

The answer to this question will have unique nuances for each one of us based on our natal charts and where we are currently situated in life.

Certainty narcissism and self-centeredness (shadow sides of Leo) is not the answer.

Nor do we want to ignore the current crises in the world that calls for an Aquarian “all hands on deck” approach and the implementation of highly principled collective ideals.

And yet complete submission to becoming an Aquarian “tool” of progress, a mere useful cog in the group’s wheel of collective development, will suck the spark of vitality from us and leave us bitter, cynical, burnt out, and as lifeless as the robots that are so often associated with Aquarius.

Parker Palmer points at the intersection between these tensions when he writes: “True vocation joins self and service, as Frederick Buechner asserts when he defines vocation as “the place where your deep gladness meets the world’s deep need”… Go far enough on the inner journey, they all tell us – go past ego toward true self – and you end up not lost in narcissism, but returning to the world, bearing more gracefully the responsibilities that come with being human.”

To gain further insight, you could begin with the quotes I’ve posted here, some reflection on the Leo and Aquarius ruled houses of your birth charts (or ~ 5 degrees Leo and Aquarius), and an assessment of what story has been unfolding in your life since early 2017 that has relevance to these two zodiac signs. Where else do you want to take this Leo-Aquarius story in its final chapter over the next 3-6 months?

P.S. How are you Aquarius folks doing? It isn’t easy to have the South Node passing over personal planets (we’ve all been there). There’s typically a whole lot of old issues emerging and a theme of ‘letting go’ – which sure, makes room for new growth, but fuck it. Letting go and releasing is tough shit. North Node contacts can be challenging and uncomfortable too, as we are out of our comfort zones, but more frequently, we may have an increased awareness of what new area of life is beginning to grow and blossom. Either way, we are still growing.

P.P.S. None of the content in this post is intended to negate the need for necessary awareness and deconstruction of various types of privilege, and the need to take a stand on social justice issues. This can be done regardless of our vocation and creative self-expression, for example.



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Grand Fire Trine & Full Moon in Scorpio :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for May 8th – May 14th

Okay, so this Mercury-Uranus in Aries conjunction that has been creating sparks since the last week of April? It is feeling pretty intense these days! Especially since Mercury turned Direct last Wednesday (May 3rd). This conjunction is all about CHANGE. Fast and furious change.

Does anyone else feel like their life is moving really quickly, on fast-forward mode? Are you struggling to keep up with the changes and fast-paced energy in your life? You are not alone!

That is the challenge of Uranus energy. Uranus is inherently disruptive. But change is also what propels us forward in life, toward our potential, and Uranus, the visionary, loves to do just that. The aspects this week are really quite something. If you are ready to embrace change, you could experience some really profound and positive breakthroughs in your life over the next couple weeks. In particular, be on the look out for important information coming to light, and surprising and unexpected news coming your way through communication with others.

For example, here are some life events that happened to people close to me within 48 hours of Mercury going Direct on Wednesday:

  • I contacted someone that I had abruptly stopped speaking to about 6 months ago, who unexpectedly showed up in my home city
  • A family member was offered an ideal mentorship opportunity within her field that she had been trying to secure for the last year in order to work toward a certification (this opportunity literally fell into her lap in an uncanny way)
  • A family member finally received an important diagnosis for a health concern that had been plaguing her for three years – she can now start addressing it
  • A family member made the tough decision to hand in her notice of resignation and end a three-year long job position in order to focus all her energy on her new business
  • A family member started an important clinical placement on Wednesday (with some trepidation) and was pleasantly surprised at how well it went as he stepped out of his comfort zone
  • A family friend received the date and time for a very crucial heart surgery the following week

And that was last week. This week the winds of change are blowing even stronger as the Lunar Nodes of destiny shift into new zodiac signs on Tuesday, and Uranus and Mercury make their third and final exact conjunction in Aries on Wednesday just before the intense and emotional Full Moon in Scorpio goes exact that night; a Full Moon which asks us to trust and surrender to the moment – to whatever and wherever life has brought us to.

Near the end of the week Mars in Gemini is pretty active; squaring Neptune on Thursday and then trining Jupiter on Friday. Perhaps Thursday we are feeling vulnerable, confused and indecisive in the wake of all this change, and then on Friday we see the way forward to success and we know how to achieve our goals?

Changes in our life often initiate both the beginning of something, and the end of something. This is part of the reason change is so difficult for humans to adapt to. It isn’t easy to let go of old ways of being in the world, even if we are being invited into an exciting new way of living. Do your best to stay grounded. Do what you can to reduce your stress and anxiety. And then open yourself up to whatever this week brings.

The Moon moves through Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius during the weekdays. The weekend then brings us the serious, stable earthy energy of a Moon-Saturn conjunction and of the Moon moving through Capricorn. This may feel sobering, but could also be a welcomed grounding after this whirlwind week.

On Thursday, Mercury (still closely conjunct Uranus in Aries) trines Saturn in Sagittarius, and on Sunday, it trines the North Node, newly in Leo. By doing so, Mercury is activating an exciting Grand Fire Trine between Uranus, Saturn, and the North Node – all in the late degrees of the three fire signs. In a Trine aspect, energy is flowing easily. There is tremendous support for whatever new endeavors and projects you launch in the next couple of weeks. This energy is both inspired and risk-taking, as well as being stable and hard-working with Saturn involved.

Don’t let this week blow you away! Those fierce winds are still picking up speed. They are clearing away all the debris to make room for new life, a new chapter.

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