Don’t Mistake Rigidity for Strength :: Cosmic Weather for March 12th – 18th

This week will chase Mars into Capricorn.

However, before it does so, on SATURDAY, Mars may propel us through a crisis of truth, faith and belief, in the final degrees of Sagittarius.

I will never underestimate the potency of the last degrees of a zodiac sign – particularly the 29th degree, called the anaretic degree (or crisis degree). These are areas of heightened tension that can provoke impulsive behavior and reactions, or correlate with a tricky decision and torturous second-guessing.

Sagittarius at its worst is a soap-box preacher pointing you to heaven, or to hell. As Mars’ volatility activates the sensitive final degrees of Sagittarius this week, while squaring Chiron in Pisces, we may be wondering what is true, and what is not. We may be engaged in an aggressive war of opinions. We may find ourselves misunderstood. We may face a challenge to our belief system, our faith and our hope. We may be struggling to trust in ourselves and find the confidence to launch something new.

Although the Mars-Chiron square is exact on WEDNESDAY, it could reach its peak on SATURDAY when the New Moon in Pisces is seeded right next to Chiron, strengthening its square with Mars. With Uranus, Mercury and Venus in Mars’ sign of Aries right now, Mars’ activity is highly influential within the cosmic dance of the solar system.

Meanwhile the Saturn square continues with Venus, repeating Mercury’s previous confrontation with the cosmic taskmaster on TUESDAY. During Aries season we will have a series of successive squares to both Saturn and Pluto, both of whom are currently creeping along in Aries’ earthy cardinal cousin – Capricorn. The series of squares has now commenced.

When Venus, the planet of pleasure, romance, and beauty is touched by Saturn’s cold gaze, reminding us of where there is work still to be done, we may feel more serious than usual, more critical, more hesitant, and more strategic with an eye to long-term longevity. We may assess our relational commitments carefully; investing and withdrawing where necessary.

Difficult Saturn aspects at their worst, make us rigid, white-knuckled, burdened and bent by the weight of world that we strive to brace ourselves against. Saturn, sometimes harshly, re-acquaints us with the limits of time, the limits of freedom, the limits of relationships, and the limits and consequences of our choices.

And yet, as we move through this week’s transits, involving a potentially dogmatic, truth-wielding Mars in Sag and a stern Venus-Saturn square, do not mistake rigidity for strength.

Remember: “the wind does not break a tree that bends” (Sukuma proverb). Do not defend and brace yourself – against others, against the unknown, against your own fears – so aggressively that you snap… like a tree in the wind.

Be gentle and kind – with yourself and with others, while finding both the freedom and the boundaries you need.

Take a chance and stretch upward toward new horizons. And yet stay flexible, and stay rooted.

This week, like all weeks, offers benefic boons alongside its irritants. On TUESDAY, accompanying the Venus-Saturn square, the Sun will create a mystical water trine with Jupiter, recently retrograde. In Pisces and Scorpio respectively, this Sun-Jupiter trine, an aspect generally known for its outward exuberance and optimism, may take on a more somber and reflective emotional tone today as it pulls us into these deep waters.

TUESDAY is an ideal day to intentionally and deliberately tap into your inner strength.

Not in a showy way – not in a way that needs validation from anyone else or is driven by a need to prove oneself and compensate for an insecurity, but in a way that melts the protective resistance around your inner core. In way that causes you to quietly soften with relief and a gentle smile into the truth you knew was always there, waiting for you – your value is immeasurable. Touch the infinite ground of your being today and know your worth deeply.

When pain emerges for you (as Tara Brach suggests), before you dismiss it, put your hand on your heart and tell yourself: “I care about your suffering.”

Whatever it is, and for whatever reason it exists, the suffering is real. And you can meet it with compassion.

On WEDNESDAY as Mars squares Chiron, the Moon will be passing over the South Node – a spiritual point of release and letting go of attachments and all that is holding us back.

The South Node is currently in Aquarius and Aquarius likes to experiment. Personal growth, creating change, engaging in the cyclical work of healing, is tough stuff. Sometimes it seems overwhelming. Take the edge off something new by framing it as a time-limited “experiment”; something you’re “trying out” for a while to see if it works.

After 8 years in Pisces, Chiron will shift into Aries later this year. With Mars being the ruler of Aries, this square aspect feels a bit like a preview of what is to come. We may be challenged to assert ourselves in new ways, or to step toward greater independence and brave action. Can you breath into an area of tightness, resistance and fear until it begins to loosen its grip?

Mercury will trine the North Node in Leo on FRIDAY, and Venus will follow suite on SUNDAY. These are fire trines, with Leo and Aries at play. The North Node in Leo beckons us toward the rediscovery and cultivation of joy, passion, creativity, and confidence. With a lovely trine at work, this growth may come with ease. Listen for synchronistic whispers of opportunity over the WEEKEND – and then take action.

SATURDAY’S New Moon in Pisces is emotionally prickly. It occurs less than two degrees away Chiron while being squared by Mars, which at that moment, will be teetering on the very EDGE of Sagittarius, just Out of Bounds, and nearly in Capricorn.

Planets are Out of Bounds when they are beyond the border of the Sun’s yearly path of travel (the ecliptic) with a declination of more than +/- 23°26’ (North or South). Out of reach outside of the Sun’s domain, Out of Bound planets have a mind of their own. An Out of Bound Mars is more reckless, more unpredictable, more intense, more driven by impulse and instinct. Mars will be Out of Bounds from SATURDAY March 17th – April 7th.

Traditionally, both Pisces and Sagittarius are ruled by Jupiter – meaning the New Moon related activations in Pisces and Sagittarius will ultimately lead us back to Jupiter’s journey in our charts, according to sign and house theme. Jupiter, of course, is currently in Scorpio, the sign of shadows and metamorphosis, moving retrograde and stirring up the mud on the bottom of our psyches.

Thankfully Jupiter’s earlier trine still holds throughout the weekend, lending some emotional support, and yet this New Moon feels edgy in more ways than one. If you have personal planets or sensitive points in the last degrees of the mutable signs (Pisces, Sagittarius, Gemini, or Virgo) you may feel this week’s transits, and this New Moon, more acutely.

Chiron wounds typically have origins that date far back into your history. Chiron wounds are old wounds. Whatever comes up for you, its path may have been etched deeply through time.

We heal wounds in layers, in cycles, in spiraling nonlinear loops. We can return to the same wounds again and again, without the frustration of “why am I still dealing with this?!”, but rather with a tenderness and a patient kindness for the hurting parts of our being.

“I care about your suffering,” you might say again to yourself or another, gently.

On SUNDAY, the Sun completes its conjunction to Chiron in Pisces and Venus trines the North Node. SUNDAY feels relationally important. Even when we are at our most vulnerable and hurt, we can find a balm within the mystical, magical interplay of human connection.

I have now had 4 exact Chiron conjunctions to my natal Sun and Mercury in the last few years. All of them were accompanied by tears and turmoil – and all of them also correlated with significant events that touched me deeply and brought me closer and closer to my inner Truth as I redefined my identity and moved through a process of re-emergence and reconnection.

Don’t shrink back, don’t withdraw unnecessarily.

May healing find you today.

May hope find you today.

May love find you today.

Posted on social media March 9th:

Venus in Aries :: Happy Day to all Womxn Warriors.

May you keep courageously storming the gates of patriarchy, capitalism, and all intersecting systems of oppression – and may you also seek and find shelter when you need it, without shame.

May we all be liberated to unleash the fullness of our authentic essence in this world.

#adaylate #internationalwomxnsday #ihaveconflictedfeelingsaboutspecialcalendardays

Have you seen Fleassy Malay’s viral spoken word poem filmed for International Womxn’s Day? If not, you can check it out here.

Posted on social media Sunday, March 11th:

Today the Mercury-Saturn square and Cap Moon has us feeling under pressure and perhaps facing a difficult task, while the Mars and Uranus fire trine is feeding our impulsivity. Simultaneously the Sun is sextiling Pluto, beckoning us toward deeper self-examination.

Because of the capitalistic system we exist in and its idolization of “productivity”, procrastination (or a seeming lack of self-discipline or work ethic), has been framed as one of the worst sins of humanity.

It isn’t.

But admittedly it is understandably frustrating when you need to work on something – or part of you really WANTS to work on something – and yet you are finding it difficult to harness the motivation.

Social media is typically my primary procrastination tool and it amazes me that most of the time, after a long period of pointless scrolling, I realize that I can’t even consciously remember picking up my phone in the first place.

I sigh, and put my phone down, turning to the task at hand once again… and then half an hour later I “come to” and realize I’m scrolling mindlessly again! Argh.

When procrastination becomes this compulsive I begin to suspect that I’m probably up against something bigger than just simply not wanting to do a not-fun task.

I’ve been trying to practice the art of mindfully “pausing – ideally at the moment I catch myself reaching for my phone or a social media window.

Like, literally saying it out loud to get my conscious thinking brain online. Stop! Pause! And then… check in… what am I feeling right now?

Oftentimes I discover that beneath the mindless numbing of my chosen distraction, there is anxiety, fear, or the unwillingness to feel another uncomfortable emotion.

Sometimes the reasons for our procrastination are a lot deeper than we initially think.

We may dismiss it as laziness and beat ourselves up for not being more productive, but… “avoidance” is classic protective mechanism (and a hallmark symptom of anxiety).

What are we protecting ourselves against?

For example, a university student who compulsively procrastinates studying might have a childhood history of being shamed and humiliated for their academic efforts.

Without their conscious awareness, their limbic brain now identifies all forms of studying as a “threat” (because of its risk for social judgement and rejection), and thus upcoming deadlines activate a physiological anxiety response which is so uncomfortable, they immediately reach for a distraction to alleviate the discomfort.

An artist who procrastinates making art may become frustrated because this is supposed to be their passion! Perhaps beneath the procrastination there is a deep-rooted fear that they are a fraud, or that their art will be seen as having no value. And then to go further, what’s at the root of that fear story?

I find it really helpful (and humbling) to admit that on some level I am often feeling a lot of fear when I am in “procrastination mode”, or even emotional pain and sadness.

Procrastination mode can hide these intense emotions, so it isn’t always easy to recognize this. When I procrastinate I am not often aware of the anxiety. I just feel checked-out, numb, lazy.

When we are able to catch ourselves and pause before reaching for the choice procrastination tool or distraction, when we are able to take a few seconds to check in and ask ourselves what we are really feeling right now, can we stay present with that feeling? Can we sit there and allow ourselves to feel that restlessness, that tension, that nausea – without reaching for something to numb it away?

Those feelings of discomfort won’t kill you. The more we can increase our capacity to withstand, to even welcome, difficult emotions and sensations, the more we liberate our ability to consciously control how we direct and focus our attention.

Honestly, one of my biggest goals for the year is to increase my capacity to tolerate, welcome, and stay present with, uncomfortable and even painful, emotions and sensations – without drowning in them, shutting down or trying to escape them…

…which may sound like a strange goal, but a low distress tolerance is what leads to a wide variety of coping strategies and avoidance behaviors – many of which have detrimental impacts.

Basically I want to get better at self-regulating my emotions and my nervous system.

It is an invaluable skillset worth a creative investment.

Viktor E. Frankl wrote: “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

Perhaps a mindful pause and internal check-in will not always lead to a redirection of attention, but overtime with practice (which literally rewires our brain), that mindful pause can increase in length, creating more space for the activation of our power to choose our response.

With the Sun sextiling Pluto today we are invited to dig deep into that pause. What’s beneath our avoidance strategy? Is it something we can stay present with? Even just a little bit? Can we move with the emotion or uncomfortable sensation? Can we dance with it? Walk with it? Shake with it? Until it runs its natural course?

Take small steps forward. Setting small, realistic goals will give your brain a nice hit of dopamine chemicals when you achieve them, thereby motivating further progress.🔥



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The Piscean-Neptunian Signatures of the 2018 Academy Award Nominees

So… I totally procrastinated today and avoided what I was supposed to be working on by researching the astrology of the 10 Academy Award nominees for best actor/actress in a leading role… which is determined tonight in Los Angeles, California.

One of the Piscean associations that is rarely mentioned, is the sign’s symbolic resonance with the film industry. Pisces is the sign of illusion and fantasy so this is clearly a natural fit, right?

For example, movies spin magnificent, immersive stories that allow us to “escape” our everyday lives and be transported to another place, another time – as Pisces so loves to do. Movies also activate our brain’s mirror neurons by compelling us to deeply empathize and connect with the characters – a very Piscean quality. When the film’s characters laugh, we laugh. When they cry, we cry…

If the acting is skillful, that is.

Earlier today I was thinking about the Academy Awards happening tonight, and it occurred to me that actors would likely benefit from having some strong Pisces or Neptunian aspects in their birth charts.

The ability to blur the boundaries of the separate ego and surrender to another reality, another identity, is often considered a vulnerability of Pisces placements and Neptune aspects because these influences can erode a solid and confident sense of self and create confusion. However, for an actor this capacity would clearly be a strength and an asset in their profession since it would allow them to transcend the limitations of their own ego, and deeply merge with the identity of the character they were trying to play, to the extent that they may “lose themselves” to the role.

After reflecting on this, here is the research question I articulated:

What are the Piscean-Neptunian astro signatures among the 10 Academy Award nominees for best actor/actress in a leading role? (if any)

Of course, not every actor in the film industry would necessarily have a Piscean-Neptunian signature in their birth chart because 1) many in the film industry have found success using assets that do not necessarily include solid acting skills, let’s be real, and 2) there are other potential signifiers in a chart that could correlate with strong acting ability and diverse creative expression (e.g. Leo, Gemini, 5th House placements, etc.).

Furthermore, not everyone with strong Piscean-Neptunian astro signatures will be a natural at acting. The whole chart needs to be taken into consideration. Pisces considered alone, for example, can be a more shy and introverted type of expression that would want to avoid the public professional arena of acting.

And yet… I hypothesized that among the nominees for tonight’s award show, given the acknowledged caliber of their acting ability, their birth charts would likely contain strong Pisces placements or notable aspects with Neptune.

A few notes on my methods…

I was only able to access exact birth times for 3 out of 10 nominees. Otherwise I used only their birth date and location. This is quite limiting since I don’t know if Pisces or Neptune are located on an important angle, which would give these energies greater prominence, but regardless, I cast their charts with a default Aries Ascendant to see what I would find.

I was primarily looking for any of the 5 personal planets/luminaries in Pisces (i.e. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars), or any of the 5 major aspects (conjuction, square, opposition, trine, sextile) between Neptune and a personal planet.

I have bolded the relevant aspects in my results section below, but I also reference the other aspects that Neptune makes for your interest. Neptune’s aspects to outer planets, or outer planet placements in Pisces, were not as interesting to me since they are not as influential on an individual level. Outer planets move very slowly and are captured in the birth charts of everyone born around the same time period.

Okay, enough preamble, here’s a summary of my analysis:

  • Each of the 10 nominees have at least one major aspect between Neptune and a personal planet, or a personal planet placed in Pisces (important Piscean-Neptunian contacts might increase if I was able to adjust the charts according to their birth times)
  • 8/10 either have Mars in Pisces, or a major aspect between Mars and Neptune
  • 5/10 have a major aspect between the Sun and Neptune
  • 4/10 either have Moon in Pisces, or a major aspect between the Moon and Neptune
  • 3/10 have a major aspect between Mercury and Neptune

Overall, this level of Piscean and Neptunian influences is what I expected to see, but I must admit that I was surprised to see so many Piscean-Neptunian contacts with Mars – more than I found with the Sun, Moon, and Mercury!! 8 out of 10 nominees?!

A quick review of planetary symbolism:

The Sun speak to our conscious, purpose-driven self seeking to externally manifest its creative essence. The Moon speaks to our internal emotional sphere, and how we soothe and care for ourselves and for others. Venus speaks to what we find beautiful and valuable, and how we then attract it and connect with others. Mercury symbolizes our thinking, learning, communicating brains.

And Mars? Mars is like our pure, undiluted energy source. Our fuel for life. Our engine. Mars speaks to what motivates us, how we take action toward our desires, how we assert ourselves, and how we express our sexuality, our passion, as well as our anger.

The power of our Mars can be harnessed by the other planetary bodies to fulfill their needs, but when isolated, I conceptualize Mars in simple terms as the raw energy that underlies everything we do.

I’m mostly brainstorming out loud right now… I will have to reflect on these prominent Mars contacts with Neptune and Pisces for a while longer, but it seems to me that for a complete immersion into the identity of a fictional character, perhaps it would be the most vital for an actor to be able to transform the expression of their energy at the ground level – through their Mars.

Of course, the Sun, Moon, and Mercury having access to Piscean-Neptunian qualities, would also benefit an actor.

What are your thoughts??

Below I’ve included the charts of all the nominees with the relevant astro highlighted. For fun – and for those of you who are astro nerds – I’ve also included a summary of the transits they are experiencing around the time of the awards show on March 4th.

Remember too, especially if you decide to watch the ceremony, that today we have the Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces, and a triple conjunction between Venus, Mercury and Chiron in Pisces. These are significant transits and we can often see the symbolism of important astro show up in obvious ways during highly publicized events or ceremonies such as this. Check out my previous weekly forecast for a more detailed reflection on the meaning of these transits occurring today.

The 5 nominees for Best Actress in a Leading Role are…

Sally Hawkins (April 27, 1976, London), nominated best actress for ‘The Shape of Water’ – Neptune in Sagittarius

  • Neptune trine Moon in Aries (2 deg orb)


Sally Hawkin’s major transits around March 4th include:

  • Sun square natal Neptune (March 3rd)
  • Mercury & Venus (& Chiron) trine natal Saturn (March 4th)
  • Mercury & Venus (& Chiron) sextile natal Mercury (March 4th)
  • Saturn trine natal Jupiter (March 4th)
  • Mars trine natal Venus (March 6th)
  • Chiron sextile natal Mercury (March 8th)


Frances McDormand (June 23, 1957, Illinois), nominated best actress for ‘Three Billboards’ – Neptune in Libra

  • Neptune square Mars in Leo (out of sign, 1 deg orb)
  • Neptune trine Sun in Cancer (out of sign, 2 deg orb)
  • Neptune square Venus in Cancer (9 deg orb)
  • Neptune at the 29th degree, sextile Pluto, square Uranus, trine BML, opposite Pallas and Juno


Frances McDormand’s major transits around March 4th include:

  • Progressed Moon leaves Cancer and enters Leo (February 19th)
  • Progressed Moon square Progressed Neptune (February 26th)
  • Mercury & Venus opposite natal Jupiter (March 1st, 2nd)
  • Mars square natal Jupiter (March 6th)


Margot Robbie (July 2, 1990, Dalby, Australia), nominated best actress for ‘I, Tonya’ – Neptune in Capricorn

  • Neptune opposite Sun & Mercury conjunction in Cancer (4 deg orb)
  • Neptune sextile Moon in Scorpio (9 deg orb)
  • Neptune opposite Chiron, trine Vesta, sextile Juno, sextile Pluto


Margot Robbie’s major transits around March 4th include:

  • Venus & Mercury sextile natal Saturn (March 1st & 2nd)
  • Saturn conjunct natal Uranus (March 3rd)
  • Sun sextile natal Neptune (March 3rd)
  • Mars trine natal Mars (March 5th)
  • Sun trine natal Pluto (March 5th)
  • Sun trine natal Chiron (March 8th)
  • She is currently experiencing her Saturn Return (although she won’t have the exact conjunction until next year)


Saoirse Ronan (April 12, 1994, New York), nominated best actress for ‘Lady Bird’ – Neptune in Capricorn

  • Mars in Pisces (the dispositor of her Aries Sun & Mercury)
  • Neptune square Sun in Aries (1 deg orb)
  • Saturn in Pisces
  • Neptune sextile North Node, square Juno, trine Ceres


Saoirse Ronan’s major transits around March 4th include:

  • Mars trine natal Sun (March 4th)
  • Mercury & Venus (& Chiron) trine natal Pluto (March 4th)
  • Mercury & Venus conjunct natal Mars (March 5th)


Meryl Streep (June 22, 1949, 8:05 am, New Jersey), nominated best actress for ‘The Post’ – Neptune in Libra

  • Neptune trine Mars in Gemini (4 deg orb)
  • Neptune trine Mercury in Gemini (2 deg orb)
  • Neptune in the 3rd House, quincunx Moon, sextile Pluto, square Juno

Meryl Streep’s major transits around March 4th include…

  • North Node conjunct natal Pluto (February 20th)
  • Sun sextile natal Moon (March 4th)
  • Mars trine natal North Node (March 6th)
  • Mercury sextile natal Jupiter, square natal Sun, square natal Uranus (March 6th)

The 5 Nominees for Best Actor in a Leading Role are…

Daniel Kaluuya (May 8th, 1989, London), nominated best actor for ‘Get Out’ – Neptune in Capricorn

  • Neptune opposite Mars in Cancer (6 deg orb)
  • Neptune trine Sun in Taurus (5 deg orb)
  • North Node in Pisces
  • Neptune sextile Pluto, trine Ceres, square BML, quincunx Jupiter

Daniel Kaluuya’s major transits around March 4th include:

  • He is currently experiencing his 1st Saturn Return (the exact conjunction will be next year)
  • Sun square natal Jupiter (March 1st)
  • Sun sextile natal Neptune (March 2nd)
  • Venus sextile natal Venus (March 4th)
  • Sun trine natal Pluto (March 4th)
  • Sun sextile natal Saturn (March 4th)
  • Mercury & Venus (& Chiron) sextile natal Venus (March 4th)
  • Mercury & Venus (& Chiron) square natal Moon (March 5th)
  • Solar Arc Mercury conjunct natal Chiron (March 10th)


Gary Oldman (March 21, 1958, possible 10:56 am birth time, London), nominated best actor for ‘Darkest Hour’ – Neptune in Scorpio

  • Neptune square Mars in Aquarius (1 deg orb)
  • Midheaven in Pisces
  • Neptune in the 4th/5th house, square Uranus, conjunct North Node

Gary Oldman’s major transits around March 4th include:

  • Progressed Moon square Progress Mars (February 20th)
  • Sun conjunct MC (March 1st)
  • Venus & Mercury (& Chiron) square Saturn (March 3rd)
  • Sun trine Ascendant (March 3rd)
  • Mercury & Venus conjunct natal Sun (March 6th)


Denzel Washington (December 28, 1954, 12:09 am birth time, New York), nominated best actor for ‘Roman J. Israel, Esq.’ – Neptune in Libra

  • Mars in Pisces
  • Neptune in the 1st House (the apex of a tight t-square with Uranus, Jupiter, and Chiron), sextile Pluto

Denzel Washington’s major transits around March 4th include:

  • Jupiter conjunct natal Venus (March 1st)
  • Chiron trine natal Jupiter (March 2nd)
  • Chiron sextile natal Chiron (March 3rd)
  • Saturn conjunct natal Mercury (March 3rd)
  • Venus & Mercury (& Chiron) trine natal Uranus, trine natal Jupiter, & sextile natal Chiron (March 3rd, 4th)
  • Saturn square natal Ascendant (March 4th)
  • Sun conjunct natal Mars (March 7th)
  • Sun trine natal Saturn (March 8th)


Timothee Chalamet (Dec. 26th, 1995, Manhattan), nominated best actor for ‘Call Me by Your Name’ – Neptune in Capricorn

  • Neptune conjunct Mars in Capricorn (4 deg orb)
  • Moon in Pisces
  • Neptune conjunct Mercury in Capricorn (2 deg orb)
  • Saturn in Pisces (the dispositor of his Capricorn Mars & Mercury)
  • Neptune conjunct Juno, conjunct Uranus, square Nodal axis, square Pallas


Timothee Chalamet’s major transits around March 4th include:

  • Progressed Venus sextile Progressed Jupiter (February 14th)
  • Progressed Moon square natal Saturn (February 19th)
  • Venus & Mercury sextile natal Neptune (March 2nd, 3rd)
  • Mercury & Venus (& Chiron) square natal Jupiter (March 5th)
  • Mercury & Venus trine natal Pluto (March 7th, 8th)


Daniel Day-Lewis (April 29, 1957, London), nominated best actor for ‘Phantom Thread’ – Neptune in Scorpio

  • Neptune trine Mars in Gemini (out of sign – 5 deg orb)
  • Neptune opposite Sun in Taurus (8 deg orb)
  • Neptune opposite Moon in Taurus (1 deg orb)
  • Neptune square Uranus, sextile Pluto

Daniel Day-Lewis major transits around March 4th include:

  • Venus & Mercury opposite natal Jupiter (Feb. 28th, March 1st)
  • Sun sextile natal Venus, square natal Saturn (March 3rd)
  • Venus & Mercury (& Chiron) square natal Mars (March 4th)
  • Mars square natal Jupiter (March 4th)
  • Progressed Moon conjunct natal Venus (March 19th)


Phew… that was a lot of research and detailed work with planets, aspects, and degrees. I cannot guarantee a typo-less assessment of these 10 charts (especially on a Sun conjunct Neptune day??), but hopefully I somehow accessed some Virgo skills to get all these details sorted!


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Navigating Empathy, Boundaries, & Compassionate Action :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for February 26th – March 4th

The watery Piscean trend continues this week with 5 celestial bodies in the sign of the two fishes (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Neptune and Chiron). If you haven’t gotten enough of these deep feels, you’re in luck! There’s plenty more to come in the next 7 days.

The highlights of the week include the Full Moon in Virgo on WEDNESDAY, and the rare triple conjunction of Venus, Mercury and Chiron occurring at Venus’ exaltation degree in Pisces on SUNDAY – the same day that the Sun conjoins with Neptune.

Circle SUNDAY, March 4th on your calendar. This is a unique line-up of transits which could correlate with a deeply emotional relational event, or a significant internal shift (especially if you have personal planets or points in the late degrees of the mutable signs – Pisces, Virgo, Gemini, and Sagittarius).

As I mentioned earlier, my chart is Pisces-heavy with the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter in Pisces, along with some strong Neptunian aspects. It is a little strange to see all the super emotional ‘Pisces Season’ posts all over my feed these days! I find I get a strong reaction to them. Like, seriously?! Pisces is really that emotional and sensitive? OMG… AM I THAT EMOTIONAL AND SENSITIVE?? Because honestly, as a Pisces native, I’m not sure life feels anymore emotionally intense (or confusing) for me than usual!

And as I also mentioned previously, I struggle to embrace my Piscean nature – probably due to it being the cusp of my 8th House.

Emotions are fascinating to me at an intellectual level (p.s. I have a Gemini Moon). Like, what are emotions exactly? A mixture of biochemical neurotransmitters + thoughts + physiological reactions or sensations? What does it really mean on a biological level when emotions get “stuck” and “suppressed” in our body? Neuroscientists have trouble fully explaining the miracle and mystery of emotions.

What about empathy? That ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and truly feel what they are feeling? How does that work?

Have you ever wondered why yawns are weirdly contagious or why babies learn through imitating adult facial expressions? Although this area is still under research development, scientists have asserted that we have mirror neurons” in our brain that recognize the actions of others, prompting similar actions of our own. These mirror neurons activate the same parts of our brain that are activated when we are actually doing the action ourselves.

Scientists have extended this concept of mirror neurons to also explain the emotional experience of empathy. When we empathize with someone’s distress, this activates our brain in ways that make us feel the distress directly, as if we were literally in the other person’s situation.

Do Pisces folks have more active mirror neurons than others? Ha, that would be an interesting research study!

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and is said to contain a piece of each of the 11 preceding signs. Pisces is widely known for its sensitivity, receptivity, empathy, and its fluid ability to shape-shift in different environments, “mirroring” those around them.

In this way Pisces’ true identity is often nebulous, mysterious, and hard to pin down. This can be just as frustrating for the Pisces searching for a solid sense of Self, as it is for those around them! As a result, confidence, self-assertion, and self-esteem do not always come easily for this sign (along with its 12th House friends).

Their empathetic “mirroring” ability can be a gift, if used wisely. Piscean presence can make people feel safe, seen, and truly heard. And that is a powerful offering indeed.

The capacity for empathy can backfire, however. When this capacity is not well cared for, its receptivity can sink a Pisces – and those around them.

If you are constantly experiencing everyone else’s pain and suffering as if it were your own, it makes sense you’d eventually reach pain-level capacity, right? This is the problem with empathy as we typically conceptualize it.

Personally I’ve hit this point, as I’m sure many of you have. Specifically in early 2016, I remember within a few weeks I had gone from crying at every awful news story, and feeling the pain of my friends deep in my bones, and wanting to help and support everyone I could… to feeling… nothing. 

This lasted for over a year. A year of feeling numb. It was incredibly disconcerting to not feel any emotional reaction to external events and other people’s pain. I’ve labelled my experience depression, but people have also used words like compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, and burn-out.

Experiencing other people’s distress as if it were your own can jump-start your survival instincts into “fight or fight anxiety”, and then eventually into the “shut-down and numb” mode – as if it was YOU who was facing a threat in some way. This is unproductive in that it doesn’t typically lead to calm and wise action. And yet it is understandable that this often happens given the state of our collective wellbeing, our phobia of intense emotions, our unprocessed traumas, and dysregulated nervous systems.

Personally my individual “baseline” state of emotional and psychological wellness was pretty skewed to begin with at that time, so it was inevitable that without taking some time for healing, I would eventually max out on my capacity to empathize and support others.

Pisces are not the only ones at risk of an empathic process undermining compassionate and productive action. We all have mirror neurons, and we all are swimming through thick Piscean waters this week.

Here’s some excellent advice for Pisces Season and for anyone with a heavy dose of blurry-boundaries-Pisces in their birth charts:

When resonance literally becomes mirroring, when we confuse me with you, then objectivity is lost. Resonance requires that we remain differentiated – that we know who we are – while also becoming linked. We let our own internal states be influenced by, but not become identical with, those of the other person.” ~ Dr. Dan Siegel

For Pisces, a sign associated with divine infinite oneness which blurs the boundaries of an individual self, this is a challenging task – but not an impossible one when one has the right tools and resources. Regulating our emotions and our nervous systems through our senses is one such tool that reminds us of our physical boundaries – and you can read more about this in a previous blog post I wrote.

Luke Dani Blue from Seagoat Astrology created a great video aimed at Pisces activists, which addresses some of Pisces’ strengths and challenges…

I recommend checking out their Youtube channel, which is full of similar videos – short and sweet with sharp insights that are right on point.

They advise Pisces to use their gifts to help others spiritually rejuvenate and re-energize themselves (such as through sharing meditative and reflective practices, etc.):

It’s actually really important to bring people’s stress levels down and you [Pisces] know that. You know that one of the ways that these kinds of political stresses that have been going on this year affect people the most negatively, is psychologically. Share that piece that you carry around inside of you with others.”

“Your burn-out factor Pisces, on a scale of 1-10, where 1 is – could keep going forever and 10 is – going to burn out in a second, you are either a 0 or a 10. You guys can be the fastest to burn out because you might have really high ideals about a situation and then get really disappointed almost immediately because people never live up to our highest hopes. Or, if you’re moving from a place of love and really thinking of yourself as a channeling force for healing, you can go forever, because that’s your spiritual practice.” (~Luke Dani Blue)

I’m taking this advice seriously! Practice mindfulness so as to not allow your sense of self to become completely enmeshed with your transient emotions or thoughts – or those of others. Maintain a broad perspective and try to resist an emotional spiral down toward your navel. Find a sense of connectedness to others, to a spiritual source, that will keep you expanding outward, rather than collapsing in upon yourself. Ideally we don’t want to become so emotionally overwhelmed that we reach burn-out and cannot take compassionate action – especially during a week like this one…

Up until SUNDAY when they conjoin, Mercury is chasing Venus all week. Together, they will activate one of the year’s major transformative aspects – the Jupiter-Pluto sextile.

Venus will tap into Pluto’s powers with a sextile on TUESDAY, followed quickly by Mercury on THURSDAY.

Venus and Mercury are both planets of connection and exchange. In Pisces, they are seeking a connection which surpasses the limits of time, language and separate identity. As they join forces with the transformative catalyst of Pluto, our modes of relating with others – and with ourselves – acquire deeper honesty and intimacy.

Buried secrets may find a channel to the surface. Forgiveness and reconciliation may come more easily this week, but so too, there is the potential to bid farewell to a chapter of one’s life and unleash suppressed grief as we are reminded of past wounds.

In the midst of this Pluto action, on WEDNESDAY Mercury repeats Venus’ action over the past weekend by squaring Mars in Sagittarius. Sandwiched by Pluto’s transformative energy, these two contribute some added aggravation or frustration as our conversations (with ourselves or others) try to deliver Truth with emotional sensitivity and compassion.

Rash words could fly and we may self-inflict with negative self-talk or cut others with our communications. Pisces’ tendency is to withdraw from conflict, but this bold martial square is propelling you forward. Assert yourself with calm courage and say what needs to be said, but don’t hastily burn bridges you’ll regret.

THURSDAY is a busy day, cosmically speaking, with the Mercury-Pluto sextile occurring as I mentioned, and Venus perfecting its water trine to Jupiter as we reach the Full Moon in Virgo.

The Full Moon in Virgo is ruled by Mercury (which is currently busy, intensely dancing with other planetary heavy-weights in Pisces). It occurs with the Sun moving into a conjunction with Neptune in Pisces. This means that while the Virgo Moon may attempt to achieve discernment and clarity through diligent effort, Virgo’s steady, consistent rhythm may feel wildly out of sync with the rest of the cosmic orchestra… which is playing a dramatic and impassioned piece of opera.

Venus’ water trine to Jupiter in Scorpio, imitated by Mercury on FRIDAY, coaxes intuitive sensibilities out of the most practical and rational. It could align with moments of inspiration and elation, or overwhelming floods of feels bubbling to the surface. This aspect indicates a desire to expand and an “urge to merge”… with what though? With an experience or sensation? With another person? With your artistic process? With the web of universal energy?

Ride the waves, but check in with some anchors every now and again to keep yourself safely grounded and regulated. Practice mindfulness simply by making a point to notice 5 new things about your changing environments as you move through life. Walk around outside in nature. Stay hydrated. Get sleep. Eat regular meals. Remind yourself to breath and keep your exhales long and slow.

This week’s Virgo Moon wants you to maintain your health in the midst of this week’s swirling seas.

This week’s Piscean operatic drama reaches it’s peak on SUNDAY with the remarkable number of coinciding transits I mentioned earlier. The Venus-Mercury-Chiron triple conjunction will sextile Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn, while the Sun fuses with Neptune.

What was happening in your life back in mid-April 2017? This was when the Venus retrograde ended with a pivot at 27 degrees Pisces – similarly right on top of Chiron at Venus’ exaltation degree. This was a very potent, healing, and sometimes excruciating, Venus retrograde for many of you. At 27 degrees Pisces, Venus is said to be operating at full power – a power charged with a unconditional love that surpasses all human and time-based limitations and barriers.

It was quite significant to have Venus station direct conjunct Chiron at her exaltation degree in April 2017, and it is again quite significant to see Venus meet up with Mercury and Chiron at this same degree. Therefore, I think it is possible that there could be some echoes of last year’s conjunction bleeding into this week.

There are so many pieces to unpack here… with the triple conjunction there is something painful that has emerged, but there is also a desire to connect, to communicate, to reconcile in the midst of the hurt.

Venus seeks unity and Mercury seeks an conversational exchange. With the Sun together with Neptune, we may be perceiving a bigger picture, a larger narrative, the timeless infinity that holds the human experience. From the point of view of this broader, spiritual perspective, our priorities may change. Interpersonal barriers and tension may dissolve… or illusions may shatter as we realize the true nature of a relationship or situation.

The triple Venus-Mercury-Chiron conjunction sextiling Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn, adds even more complexity to this potency. BML is an angry energy, an archetype that feels deeply that searing pain of rejection and betrayal – and yet simultaneously is a courageous figure speaking bold truths and seeking justice and liberation of those oppressed.

How does Lilith interact with the rest of SUNDAY’s cosmic weather? Lilith is one who holds her ground. While Pisces may be willing to compromise anything for the sake of peace and idealistic harmony, Lilith is present to ensure we navigate these waters with a firm assertive hand on the wheel.


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Pisces, the Pulse of Boundless, Infinite Divinity Within Us All :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for February 19th – 25th

Today (MONDAY) Mars zaps the North Node with a friendly trine, giving us an energizing, motivating nudge toward manifesting our creative potential. From there on in, the major aspects of the week bring us buckets of Piscean vibes.

Pisces Season has arrived, as of yesterday when the Sun made the shift from Aquarius into the zodiac’s expansive ocean of being.

Oh Pisces…

Pisces is on the cusp of my 8th House, containing my Sun, Mercury and Jupiter. As a result, I tend to be more aware of Pisces’ shadow side – both in myself and in others.

While this post may have a more melancholic theme than other rose-coloured Piscean interpretations, I will say upfront that Pisces plays just as integral a role in our cosmic DNA as each of the other 11 zodiac signs.

I promise you Pisces folks, that I will get to the good stuff! You will just have to follow me through the darkness to get there : )

Pisces is boundless infinity. Pisces is the pulse of divinity within us, our eternal soul, our connection to the collective unconscious, our umbilical cord to god/dess, our gnawing hunger and yearning for something more, our desire to dissolve into union with the whole of existence.

Sometimes, I wonder, on a global scale, symbolically speaking, whether Pisces is to blame for humanity’s constant struggle with internal feelings of brokenness, imperfection, inadequacy, disappointment, and disillusionment?

Of course there are a million contributing factors (relational, social, systemic, economic, political, cultural, etc.) that intensify and exacerbate this common human experience.

And yet, if we did not deeply know perfection in our souls, if we did not have access to a sense, a taste, an idea, of potential infinite bliss, if we did not remember what it was like to be one with divine presence… perhaps we would not have anything to which we could compare the frustrations and tedium of earthly existence. We would not be cursed with idealism.

And in that case, conversely, perhaps ignorance would be bliss? Perhaps it would be easier to be content with the mundane ebbs and flows of human life? Perhaps suffering would not be felt so excruciatingly?

For some Pisces-types, ignorance does appear to be bliss. However, since it is near impossible for Pisceans to drown out the mystical vibrations that sing to their souls and the numinous awe that worships in their inner temple, they may instead choose to drown out human reality – through a variety of ways.

Addiction, of course, is a stereotyped weakness of Pisces, but any form of escapism or denial will work as long as though it mutes life’s hard edges which threaten to pop the holy bubble of transcendence.

These images from @textsfromyourexistentialist perfectly depict the Pisces (and 12th House) frustration with being trapped and imprisoned in a “self”, in an “ego”, in a human body – when Pisces is longing for freedom, for boundless nirvana, for paradise, for perfect contentment and peace.

Meme image by April Eileen Henry (
Meme image by April Eileen Henry (
Meme image by April Eileen Henry (
Meme image by April Eileen Henry (

I have always found there to be something tragic about the Pisces archetype, and perhaps, Pisces types would tend to agree. When they are disenchanted with this world, they can have a tendency to position themselves as victims of life.

How does one live in the midst of this often dreary human world while innately knowing that something so much more perfect, beautiful and profound exists… somewhere, somehow?

Have you read the childhood story Bridge to Terabithia or watched the film?

That is an example of the Piscean tragedy. Two 12-year-olds escape the difficulties in their lives by creating a magical fantasy world on the other side of a river… just close your eyes and keep your mind wide open, Leslie tells Jesse. And then an awful accident involving the river, interrupts the connection to this beautiful escape with the harsh worldly reminder of mortality.

Soulmates and twin flames?

If you hold to these concepts, they were birthed and are sustained from the Pisces/Neptune component of your cosmic DNA : )

Pisces is widely known as the “hopeless romantic”. It seeks the divine in another human being and the perfect, idealized union its soul knows is possible.

Which is wonderful… as long as though you guard against infatuated blind projections and creating dangerous imaginary fantasies of love where none exists.

Meme image by April Eileen Henry (
Meme image by April Eileen Henry (
Meme image by April Eileen Henry (

On WEDNESDAY, when Venus conjoins with Neptune in Pisces… love energy abounds and our relationships, our money, our art, and our pleasure, are perceived through the eyes of the soul seeking blissful completion. #yesfilter

Thankfully on WEDNESDAY Mercury’s sextile to Saturn keeps us moderately tethered to reality in the form of practical conversations or rational planning, hopefully steering us clear of delusional fantasies.

Oh Pisces…

I feel like I’m pulling a bit of a “Pisces Pity Party” here.

Two years ago I was reflecting on how I often try to suffocate and control the Piscean part of myself (a somewhat common occurrence with signs on the 8th House cusp). Since I have a Pisces Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter (with strong aspects from Neptune in my chart), by denying my inner Pisces, I was also denying my true authentic essence.

When I had the space and time to do so, I took a few weeks of my life and decided to surrender.

I put aside to-do lists, practical responsibilities and the accompanying guilt… and went Pisces, 100%. I forgot to eat. I accidentally went to sleep with candles still lit. I neglected to lock my front door or turn off the stove.

And yet, it worked. I was able to reacquaint myself with the magic of Pisces. My life world was re-enchanted. High on my imagination alone, I wandered about the house lost in other realms. I could lie on the couch and stare at the ceiling for hours, daydreaming of other mystical realities. I experienced timeless flow states. Everything I perceived in my external world was imbued with shimmering mystery.

Those close to me, who observed this surrender, said that they had never seen me so happy. I was near giddy with overflowing love for this exquisitely captivating existence.

It didn’t last, of course. And how could it? As an embodied soul within a human form, living 100% Pisces is not very functional (or safe!).

But thankfully, no one is 100% Pisces. We are a multitude of different parts – which equates as signs and planets in astro language. The other signs of the zodiac support us with manifesting the magic of Pisces in our day-to-day lives. My challenge is to work with the all-or-nothing tendencies of the 8th House, by bringing Pisces into a healthy, balanced expression.

The earth signs, in particular, stabilize the watery forces within our chart.

Virgo, Pisces’ opposite sign, channels the divine magic and mysticism of Pisces into our daily responsibilities, routines, and rituals; merging the mundane with the sacred through the continuous practice of alchemy.

Although Pisces may sometimes feel crushed by the harshness of life on this planet, Taurus reminds Pisces of the delights within the tangible earthly realm that are available to us through the physical human senses. According to Taurus, “inhabiting a body” (a frequent Pisces complaint), is marvelous! The taste of ice cream, the sensation of a hot shower, the majestic view of the rocky mountains – these too, are holy magic.

Capricorn, the sea goat who shares a fishy tail with Pisces, stands at the intersection between spirit and matter (between Pisces and Taurus, one might say). Capricorn provides a foundation and structure to our soul’s purpose as it builds a life project worthy of its divine nature.

Scorpio, as the middle child of the water sign family, between Cancer and Pisces, helps us to practice dying (over and over again) as we learn to let go of control and surrender the separate self and ego, with all its armory and battery of defenses. This is often a rather terrifying life-long process that involves facing all our deepest fears of loss (which are ultimately some variation of the fear of death).

And yet just at those moments when we let go and despairingly fall toward raw and naked vulnerability… we realize that Pisces is there to catch us – and to liberate us. Pisces, an expansive sea that connects you with the infinite, interconnected entirety of life… and life beyond life.

We are so much greater, so much larger, than the small everyday self we identify with.

However, unless we choose to spend our lives meditating alone in a monastery or something similar, it isn’t easy to maintain and sustain access to our infinite Pisces selves while still functioning in this earthly realm.

And yet, it is possible.

In fact, I believe it is essential.

Brene Brown offers a wonderful, accessible definition of spirituality:

Spirituality is recognizing and celebrating that we are all inextricably connected to each other by a power greater than all of us, and that our connection to that power and to one another is grounded in love and compassion. Practicing spirituality brings a sense of perspective, meaning and purpose to our lives.” (~Brene Brown)

Pisces supports our capacity for spiritual practice and our capacity for empathy and compassion.

I’ve been currently reading and listening to a lot of Tara Brach; a psychologist, meditation teacher, and practicing Buddhist.

I’ve also been trying to work through overwhelming, copious amounts of fear.

In her book, Radical Acceptance“, Tara suggests that “in facing intense fear, we need to be reminded that we are part of something greater than our frightened self.”

While it is true that mass fear and this drive to be “part of something greater that will protect us” can create the conditions for cults, toxic nationalism, and us vs. them struggles… there is another way to soften our fear into a larger presence.

We can find refuge in something transcendent when Scorpionic fears of uncertainty, chaos, vulnerability, and loss, seem to loom larger and larger.

We need, as Tara puts it, something that is “big enough to hold our fear.”

I wanted to share this section from Tara’s book, True Refuge, because it is so obviously fitting for Pisces season:

Fear can bring out the worst in us. Fear constricts. Fear wraps us in chains, making us feel smaller and smaller as the world appears to close in around us.

We may be able to interrupt this process if we can find our way to something more spacious, more expansive, where we – and our fear – can find a more effective way to relate to each other without the claustrophobic and isolating pressure that this world’s chaos applies to our psyches.

This is most definitely easier said than done!

Many religions and spiritual practices provide tools for alleviating our anxieties and daily concerns through accessing a transcendent presence. Prayer is one such tool, dance may be another.

On SUNDAY, Mercury (symbolizing perception, thoughts and communication) will conjoin Neptune in Pisces, while the Sun, in Pisces, sextiles Saturn, thereby grounding our purpose on this earth while our mind yearns for otherworldly interaction. Simultaneously, Venus, in Pisces, will square Mars conjunct Vesta in Sagittarius, challenging us to take action toward the good life we seek in a way that enacts our commitment to our highest values.

If you don’t know where to start and fears are clinging like leeches to your rib cage, find an area in nature (or in your city) that is expansive. The ocean of course, is an obvious Piscean option, but a starry night sky or a beautiful panoramic view on a hill, could also work.

Allow yourself to connect with that immense spaciousness, which is only a fraction of infinity. Surely this space is large enough to hold you and your fears and concerns?

Hold your hands out in front of you and imagine you are cupping your fears. In front of you, above you, and behind you, is your environment encompassing you with its vast expansiveness. Whenever you feel a limit, or sense resistance pressing in against you, push back with an exhale of your breath… until boundaries of perception dissolve, allowing you to extend your awareness and sense of presence to even greater heights, lengths, and depths.

If it resonates, imagine this vastness as love; pure unconditional universal love – a container big enough and strong enough to hold all the many parts of your being.

Remember, you are not your fear. You are not even your multitude of identities, stories, beliefs, and desires.

You are limitless.

You are free.

You are “made of ocean”, as Tara writes, connected to the very fabric of existence.


The great gift of a spiritual path is coming to trust that you can find a way to true refuge. You realize that you can start right where you are, in the midst of your life, and find peace in any circumstance. Even at those moments when the ground shakes terribly beneath you—when there’s a loss that will alter your life forever—you can still trust that you will find your way home. This is possible because you’ve touched the timeless love and awareness that are intrinsic to who you are.”  (~Tara Brach)

May we experience a profound visceral sense of safety and refuge, even as we face the dangers and uncertainties of the world.

May we carry the awareness of our freedom and interconnectedness with us, always – even as we navigate the bounded, seemingly limiting corridors of life.

May our spirituality and idealism propel us forward as compassionate change makers; trusting that “another world is not only possible, she is on her way” (Arundhati Roy).


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The Liminal Space Inbetwixt Eclipses :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for February 5th – 11th

Hey there, welcome to the grey zone between eclipses.

We had our Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on January 31st, and then on February 15th we will experience the second and final (New Moon) eclipse of this Eclipse Season.

I don’t like to hype up Eclipse Season too much since there is already enough of that out there – and it is something that happens twice a year, so we’ve all traversed this swirling vortex many times now. And yet, if the energy feels different to you and you have been feeling high-strung, anxious or just kinda “off” and not yourself since about mid-January (and increasingly so in the past week)… know that that is pretty common for this ~36 day time period (especially if either eclipse is directly activating a sensitive point or planet in your chart).

I mean, when you think about it… without the life-giving energy of the Sun, nothing would exist… and without the Moon’s gravitational pull, there would be no ocean tides (consider this in light of human bodies being 60% water). I am not a scientist, but it seems to be a reasonable possibility that during Eclipses, when the Sun and Moon do weird things (like align in syzygy, disappear and go dark), we would arguably feel this energetically and physically.

Eclipse Season can stir up a lot of fast-moving change. The time between eclipses is often called a portal, or a liminal space between that which was, and that which is not yet.

Imagine being in a waiting room. You’ve entered the first door (the first eclipse), and now you are in this mysterious space, waiting to enter the second door and leave the room. Something is underway, something is shifting, something is emerging… but you don’t quite know what the outcome will be or what it will look like on the other side.

It can be a disorienting space, but also potentially one of expectancy and anticipation.

One of the reasons for the discomfort is that most humans struggle with change (especially fast-moving change), because it involves a level of uncertainty… and the uncertain future” is a challenging condition of this World of Time we exist in. Collectively our response to “the uncertain future” is often anxiety and fear unfortunately, rather than hope and optimism. It’s an understandable human reaction, although one that is typically unpleasant.

Furthermore, the Eclipses occur on the Nodal Axis. The North Node (currently in Leo) is about personal growth through stepping out of our comfort zone.

The South Node (currently in Aquarius) is about holding that area of your chart with an open hand, prepared to release and let go that which may be inhibiting your growth.

While this sounds positive overall in terms of the big picture, releasing the familiar and safe in order to step of our comfort zone is… often uncomfortable.

With the North Node in Leo, we are being collectively propelled toward individual creative self-expression, identity development, and the passionate pursuit of that which brings us joy. Ruled by the Sun itself, this core area of growth can increase vulnerability and sensitivity around other people’s perceptions of us, our confidence and self-worth, and the value of our unique contributions to the world. This then can manifest as increased insecurity or obnoxious ego overcompensation (also a form of insecurity).

Cultivate some courage and unshakable core strength as we stand in between doorways! If the universe feels like it is holding its breath, the exhale is on its way!

On TUESDAY Venus will sextile Uranus. With two feisty air and fire signs involved (Aquarius and Aries) you can expect the meeting between the lover and the rebel of the solar system to create some sparks. Anticipate an unusual, unconventional or unexpected twist in the realms of relationships, money and pleasure. It might be just what you need to throw off the sometimes clingy claustrophobic weight of this liminal phase.

On WEDNESDAY the Last Quarter Moon arrives. We are mid-way between the Lunar Eclipse (Jan. 31st), and the Solar Eclipse next week (Feb. 15th). The Moon will reach its 90 degree angle to the Sun, while conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio. This Moon wants you to go deep in to the murky depths before moving forward with the progress that the Sun in Aquarius so desires. Take a good hard look at those fears, those shielded secrets, and those less polished areas of your life.

Where might fear and shame be holding you back?

The powers of alchemy and transmutation are always available to you for creating new life where there was once decay. Clear some energetic and psychic space for next week’s lunation cycle.

As Mercury sweeps over the South Node in Aquarius on FRIDAY, what will the celestial messenger drop on your doorstep? Arriving through words exchanged or with flashes of insight, this transmission could be a time capsule from the past, delivered for re-assessment, or it could be a whispered request, asking you to release your tight grip on some area of your life you’d rather not let go of.

SATURDAY brings us Venus’ entry into Pisces, within a single minute of the Sun perfecting its square to Jupiter; the traditional ruler of Pisces, now currently residing in Scorpio.

Sweet, sweet surrender.

This simultaneous transit feels like a moment of celebratory relaxation after laboring hard for a particular outcome. Sun square Jupiter can be a little bombastic sometimes, but the water influences are so strong here, I would anticipate a smoother performance. And yet, with Scorpio involved there could still be some power struggles, so make sure you navigate any rising intensity with self-awareness and insight, before sinking into Pisces’ romantic lair and breaking out the champagne.

That’s it for the week’s forecast, but in an effort to ease the navigation of this grey liminal inbetwixt zone, I thought I would provide some pointers as to how this Eclipse Season might be showing up in your life.

I created Nodal Horoscopes!

First, a couple caveats…

I’ve organized the information according to your transiting North Node placement by House, which will be wherever Leo is in your birth chart (the South Node will be directly opposite it in the house holding Aquarius). For greater accuracy, look for the house in which 15 degrees Leo falls if you are unsure of where the transiting North Node is. If you have never tried to read your chart before, check out these instructions.

I find that Aquarius, perhaps due to having two rulers (Uranus and Saturn), can be expressed and lived out in very contradictory ways. Aquarius is often fiercely individualistic and independent, and yet is acutely aware that the collective progress it envisions is impossible without the group collaboration that brings together many diverse skill sets and resources.

I’ll write more about this later, but as the brilliant Aquarius (within us all) tries to find that most effective outsider/insider position, sometimes it can veer toward the extreme of too much group”, which drowns out Aquarius’ originality while it is placated with the knowledge that it’s serving an important purpose within the larger machinery of the collective…

…Or it can veer toward the extreme of “too much self”, where it can become so stubbornly uncompromising in its own ideals and opinions that it refuses to collaborate and connect with anyone.

Think about how YOU experience the Aquarius portion of your chart. With the South Node in that area, we want to be releasing the shadow expression of Aquarius – whatever that is for each one of us personally. I’ve tried to write these brief Eclipse Season pointers with the complex nature of Aquarius in mind.

Finally, “hold it with an open hand” is my new favourite conceptualization of the South Node life content. Sometimes “release” or “let go” are strong words that can prompt extreme or forced action that we are not ready for, or it isn’t necessary in the way we think it might be (although granted, some behavior I list in this category should be let go of!). Start with at least just loosening your grip on that area of your chart as you figure out where you’re headed.

Since the nodes are half-way through their 18-month journey in Leo and Aquarius, as of ~ May 2017 (or as early as February 2017) you’ve probably already begun the “loosening process” that this eclipse series is highlighting. Think of this set of eclipses like a “reminder” of that Nodal Project you’ve been working on 🙂

Remember, these are just points for reflection! An astrological chart is complex – just like you are 🙂

Leo North Node in the 1st House:

  • Hold with an Open Hand (&/or release): Relationships (including friendships) that are emotionally distant and detached, and exist primarily because of their “use value” (for either person);  stubborn resistance to the development of any positive relationship and emotional bonding that threatens your independence with the offer of interdependence; refusing to resolve a dispute because you don’t want to compromise or admit you were wrong; friends and partners who inhibit or judge your originality and unique self expression – people who don’t accept and appreciate your true self.
  • Grow Toward: Passionately pursuing that which gives you joy; unabashedly welcoming happiness without fearing that future circumstances will take it away; increasing confidence in everyday interactions; trusting in your motivation and capacity; the courage to be seen and heard for who you truly are; changing up your physical appearance to reflect your inner vibrancy.

Leo North Node in the 2nd House:

  • Hold with an Open Hand (&/or release): Messy financial entanglements with the groups you are a part of; group drama; dominating strict control over shared finances; casual sexual encounters that are not mindful and sensitive of the other person’s emotional investment; cold emotional barriers designed to defend against emotional vulnerability; extreme minimalist or nomadic living to avoid risking attachment and loss; a hesitation with expressing your wonderful weirdness and unique, unconventional self in more public ways, for fear of rejection and judgement.
  • Grow Toward: A healthy appreciation of transient material stuff that brings you joy; generosity combined with prudent financial management; grounded consistency and stability in life (especially with finances); awareness and confidence in your personal value, worth and income-earning capacity; the development of your skills and abilities as a creative person / artist; the courage to invest in assets that are important to you (even if they somewhat limit your freedom).

Leo North Node in the 3rd House:

  • Hold with an Open Hand (&/or release): Involvements with certain religious or  spiritual groups; resistance to participating in religious or spiritual groups; an overly rational perspective on spirituality; long-distance travel to avoid important responsibilities near home; the pursuit of higher education because of elitist ideals that don’t resonate with your heart; absolute certainty in your big-picture life plan; dogmatic philosophical views.
  • Grow Toward: A willingness to investigate and entertain a variety of creative options; an openness to many paths, many possibilities, and many points of view; a focus on mutual learning, listening and sharing – facilitating a balanced exchange of information, rather than preaching or teaching a single perspective; developing your creative capacity through writing and other forms of communication (including theatre and singing); making time to have light-hearted fun with siblings, cousins, and friends.

Leo North Node in the 4th House:

  • Hold with an Open Hand (&/or release): Preoccupation with reputation, public roles and social identities; uncompromising stubbornness in regards to long-term goals; prioritizing career at the expense of personal life and self-care; erratic, insensitive leadership; a job or career path that makes you feel useful, but doesn’t allow for the expression and cultivation of your unique skills and creative interests.
  • Grow Toward: Searching within to reconnect with what brings you passion and joy in life; spending time with family (inherited or created) and close friends that provide you with a deep rooted sense of belonging; engaging in self-care to revive your inner spark; investing time in cultivating a home space that rejuvenates and inspires you; taking time off from work to play; working toward healing and freeing your inner child from legacies of family baggage.

Leo North Node in the 5th House:

  • Hold with an Open Hand (&/or release): Prioritizing your group involvements  (e.g. networks, teams, associations, collectives, collaborations, friend circles) to the extent that your personal and individual creative development suffers; or conversely, an uncompromising stand-offish stance that prevents you from finding a group where your vision and efforts will be appreciated; assessing individual group members only for their use-value and what they can contribute to the group’s aims; being so future-oriented you miss out on the present moment.
  • Grow Toward: Creative self-expression; individual artistic development; investing in personal growth; if you have children, spending more time with your kids; enjoying romantic dating without obsessing over where its headed; passion projects and doing stuff just for the fun of it; spending time on hobbies and leisure even if they are not contributing to a larger goal; learning to be in the present moment and enjoying where you are at.

Leo North Node in the 6th House:

  • Hold with an Open Hand (&/or release): Withdrawal; hiding from the world; giving up; socially isolating yourself as a way to numb pain; escapism; spiritual by-passing; overlooking practical needs in the name of enlightenment; over-estimating or under-estimating your innovative originality and brilliance; sacrificing yourself to a greater cause to the extent that your well-being suffers and you lose a sense of individual identity; getting lost in the depths of your subconscious, overly preoccupied with analyzing the inner workings of your psyche.
  • Grow Toward: Applying structure within your day; taking care of your health; cultivating habits that make you feel good about yourself; practicing or working diligently at some creative project in order to improve and progress; adjusting your daily responsibilities and commitments so that they give you life; cultivating an inspiring work atmosphere at your employment setting; spending relaxation time with your pets or other animals; encouraging and supporting those that you interact with throughout your day-to-day routines.

Leo North Node in the 7th House:

  • Hold with an Open Hand (&/or release): Uncompromising self-interest and independence; an overt focus on how you are perceived by others or how others react to you; an intensely rational perspective on life which might be pulling you down; prioritizing your typical way of doing life in order to maintain an internal equilibrium rather than growing through relationships; emotionally detached interactions with others that are evaluated based on how “useful” each person will be for the other.
  • Grow Toward: Cooperation and collaboration; healthy interdependence; love commitments; relationships that cultivate a healthy, vibrant sense of confident identity in both partners; working on a creative passion project with another person; enjoying friendships, partners, and one-on-one interactions simply because of the joy it brings you to be around them.

Leo North Node in the 8th House:

  • Hold with an Open Hand (&/or release): Worry over material and financial assets; preoccupation with financial independence and self-sufficiency; overly-attached to tech gadgets; employment in a context where your visionary and innovative leadership gifts are not being fully harnessed; an extreme focus on utility and efficiency when it comes to material assets.
  • Grow Toward: Navigating and staying present with times of uncertainty, risk, and  chaos; facing deep fears and allowing yourself to experience vulnerability (especially in relationship); braving increased intimacy with others; finding the courage to potentially release all familiar stability and security in your life in order to grow; investigating and unearthing all insecurities related to identity, creative self-expression, confidence, and self-worth – in order to liberate yourself from fear.

Leo North Node in the 9th House:

  • Hold with an Open Hand (&/or release): Constantly and erratically collecting and sharing more and more information without a particular purpose; always feeling you aren’t ready yet because you think you have more you need to learn and prepare first; getting distracted considering other options; scattering your energy investments too widely without direction; over-thinking, over-analyzing and ruminating; bringing an extremely rational perspective to all your conversations and communications.
  • Grow Toward: Cultivating greater faith, hope and trust in the universe; taking a chance on big creative visions and opportunities that involve a risk; letting spontaneity and intuition guide you; sharing your creative self with the world in a big way in order to inspire others within leadership roles (such as through teaching or performing); seeking travel and education opportunities that will expand your perspective and fill you with passion and enthusiasm for life.

Leo North Node in the 10th House:

  • Hold with an Open Hand (&/or release): Your literal place of residence; attachment to familiar family and community networks that may be inhibiting your long-term goals; reluctance to address the possible feelings of exclusion, judgement, or rejection you may have experienced within your family of origin; attachment to emotional safety and security to the extent that you may be resistant to moving forward in the public sphere where a thicker skin is required.
  • Grow Toward: Developing your public roles and social identities; investing in your long-term career goals; stepping into leadership positions within the public sphere; launching or developing a (possible arts or performance based) business that bears your unique creative stamp; seeking deep fulfillment through your vocation; persevering and working hard in order to build the structures and foundations that will manifest your creative vision for your career.

Leo North Node in the 11th House: 

  • Hold with an Open Hand (&/or release): Extreme individualism; stubborn independence; an identity built around being an outsider or a rebel; a reluctance to share your creative experiments and innovative endeavors with others; an overt preoccupation with your children or your lovers at the expense of your participation in community; difficulty letting yourself relax and “have fun” when it isn’t contributing to a personal goal or when it doesn’t make any “rational sense” to do so.
  • Grow Toward: Collaborative group involvements (especially ones that center around the arts, theatre, music, dance, etc.); sharing your passion and inspiration with people in your community; working on a long-term creative project with others; exchanging mutual support and encouragement within a group context; discovering or rediscovering groups where you feel truly accepted – like you belong.

Leo North Node in the 12th House:

  • Hold with an Open Hand (&/or release): Routines, schedules, and chores that inhibit your creativity and joy; an overly strict or extreme health regimen that ends up draining you and making you unhappy; employment  contexts that do not value your unique skill sets and innovative leadership capacity; conflicts with co-workers due to unreasonable refusals to compromise; daily responsibilities that involve group collaboration (or working for someone else) which stifles your freedom; other people micro-managing your time.
  • Grow Toward: Working behind the scenes on a personal/creative project that will take time to come to fruition; exploring your subconscious realms; freeing yourself from an obsession with time and structure; taking a break from daily commitments (and possibly employment); retreating from social engagement for the purpose of rejuvenation, or to care for someone else; investing your energy into your spiritual development; rediscovering yourself by connecting with something larger than yourself; reflecting on your life and cleaning out areas in order to welcome greater joy.


I hope that gave you some idea of how these eclipses might be showing up in your life, but every eclipse chapter will bring new lessons and new developments to your front door. If you are feeling as bewildered and confused as I am right now, remember, we are in the liminal in-between space.

In the words of Christine Mcdougall, as you move through this liminal in-between space, slow down; The moment is calling you to pay… exquisite… attention…”

May you walk through the fog with patience 🙂



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Wisely Assessing & Confronting Limits in order to Express the Core Self :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for January 22nd – 28th

This week is strongly Mercurial. Mercury the messenger – the planet of thought and communication (the exchange and processing of information) – has center stage this week.

On WEDNESDAY, Mercury will conjoin with Pluto in Capricorn, perhaps echoing the symbolism of January 8th-9th when Venus and the Sun formed a triple conjunction with Pluto while sextiling Jupiter in Scorpio (an aspect that Mercury will recreate early THURSDAY).

Later on SUNDAY, the messenger of the sky will continue in the footsteps of the Sun and Venus by squaring Uranus (the sky’s liberator, with a jarring, unexpected edge) while sextiling Chiron (an area of wounding and hurt that yields gifts as we embrace its vulnerability). Continue reading “Wisely Assessing & Confronting Limits in order to Express the Core Self :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for January 22nd – 28th”

Capricorn, Aries, & Gary Veynerchuk :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for December 25th – 31st

Hi! The holidayz and year’s end have interrupted my posting routine and swept me up into a deeply reflective space (…Mars trine Neptune…?).

I survived 2017 and this recent “festive” time! I hope you did too ❤

The raw deets for the weather this week are in the image above – a bit delayed and the full interpretation is up to you this time!

We hit the 1st quarter moon mark yesterday. The Moon, still in Aries, is squaring the Sun in Capricorn.

This combo reminds me of Gary Veynerchuk – famous entrepreneur, CEO, author and public speaker. Check out his birthchart below…

I only have his birth date and no birth time, so I don’t know his rising and it’s possible his Moon is in Pisces, not Aries (if he was born early in the day). But I would bet $$$ that he has a 0 degree Aries Moon (often fearless trail blazers) AND a Capricorn rising – or if not, possibly Saturn on his MC. Continue reading “Capricorn, Aries, & Gary Veynerchuk :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for December 25th – 31st”

Uncomfortable Emotions are not Pathological :: Sun Trine Pluto & the Full Moon in Pisces

While it’s true that emotions can be catalysts, prompting actions that can be beneficial  or destructive, and while it’s true that sometimes the natural flow and balance of emotions can become stuck or disturbed for a variety of reasons, I believe that emotions in and of themselves, cannot be pathological. Emotions are an integral part of the embodied human experience and they serve a vital role in our efforts to survive and thrive.

The meaning that we cognitively assign to our emotions and the way we process and act on them, may cause us unnecessary suffering, but I do believe…

Your grief is not a virus. Your anger is not a sin. Your sadness is not a disease. Your fear is not a dysfunction. Continue reading “Uncomfortable Emotions are not Pathological :: Sun Trine Pluto & the Full Moon in Pisces”

Mercury Stations Direct :: Reflective Prompts for Mercury’s Post-Retrograde Shadow Period

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Early this morning, three successive significant cosmic events occurred. The Sun in Virgo opposed Neptune in Pisces, Mars left Leo to enter Virgo, and Mercury has recently pivoted and turned Direct on the Eclipse Degree at 28 degrees Leo.

How are you feeling?

Take an inventory of what has transpired in your life between late Julythe beginning of Eclipse Season and the beginning of Mercury’s Pre-Retrograde Shadow period and today; the end of Mercury’s Retrograde and the end of an Eclipse Season which included a very potent Solar New Moon Total Eclipse in Leo on August 21st.

Take a moment to reflect on any changes or new developments that have occurred in the internal or external landscape of your life in the past month. Continue reading “Mercury Stations Direct :: Reflective Prompts for Mercury’s Post-Retrograde Shadow Period”

The Tortoise & the Hare :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for June 12th – June 18th

The Tortoise and the Hare is a classic children’s fable that describes how these two very different animals agreed to compete against each other to see who would reach the finish line first. The hare immediately left the tortoise in its dust, but then became self-complacent and… well, a little sleepy. It decided to take a short nap, assuming it was safely well ahead of the slow-moving tortoise. According to other modern versions, the hare also got distracted playing in the forest, and having a few drinks with friends. Of course that slow-moving, but determined tortoise eventually caught up, and surpassed the hare to win the race.

This is the story that came to mind when reflecting on the transits of this week 🙂 This week is equal parts Tortoise and equal parts Hare; the desire to escape commitments, alongside the pressure to responsibly persevere toward one’s long-term goals.

The first major aspect is a flowing trine between Mercury and Jupiter on Tuesday. With Mercury currently in Gemini, Jupiter moving Direct in Libra, and the Moon moving through Aquarius as of Monday evening (i.e. all three air signs activated), the information channel is open, loud and clear, and interesting conversations are always around the corner. Mercury trine Jupiter in the air signs is a highly intellectual aspect, but also a humorous one. Mercury tends to be a mischievous trickster, while Jupiter is known for its joviality and its “lucky” effects. A deeply philosophical discussion with friends would be apt for the day – as would a comedy show.

As Mercury and Jupiter lead you on adventurous intellectual tangents on Tuesday, a dense Neptunian and Pisces mist will be beginning to settle in, cloaking the world in mystery, magic, confusion, and the desire to escape our mundane day-to-day lives. This is the influence of the hare, easily distracted.

On Wednesday Mercury will square Neptune. A square is a challenging aspect, so today there may be less of the inspiration and magic that Neptune loves to share, and more of the confusion and ambiguity that it is blamed for. Your brain synapses may feel like they are traveling through thick fog; sleepy, disoriented and slow as they try to connect. Your perception may be cloudy – you aren’t sure exactly what is going on. Do you have a realistic understanding of the situation? Decisions are likely to be difficult as the options lack clarity. In the face of these struggles, any form of cognitive escape becomes more and more attractive.

There is a heavy Sun-Saturn opposition going exact on Thursday, but we’ll undoubtedly feel its burden increasingly as we approach it. This is the tortoise influence – slowly and steadily enduring delays and overcoming obstacles in order to reach our goals. Under this influence it will be crucial to hold firm to our long-term vision and goals, and to not let discouragement get the better of us. And yet, can we stay the course with so much Neptunian fog in the air?

On Thursday, as the Sun-Saturn opposition goes exact, the Moon will enter Pisces and then will fuse with Neptune through conjunction Friday morning – within only a few hours of Neptune turning retrograde, punctuating this pivotal shift with an extra dose of magic. Furthermore, the Sun will sextile the North Node on Friday, adding to the inspiration in the air while tugging at our souls; beckoning them toward their continued evolution.

Neptune is retrograde for about 5-6 months every year, so no need to overdo it with the retrograde hysteria. That said, when a planet changes direction (even when it’s an outer planet), it stirs up some cosmic dust. Take note of what happens this week so you can compare with what happens around the week of November 22nd, which is when Neptune turns Direct. What does this retrograde want to reveal to you?

Neptune (the modern ruler of Pisces), the planet of intangible ideals and other-worldly realms, seeks to dissolves boundaries and our attachments to that which is no longer serving us. Pisces is a sign of duality, symbolized by two fish chasing each other’s tails. Pisces highlights the tension between our human Earth-bound lives, and our spiritual, creative and imaginary nature. When Neptune turns retrograde, there is an opportunity to re-evaluate how we may have created an imbalance with this duality in a particular area of our life (check your chart for house-related clues).

Are we clinging to some illusionary belief or fantasy that is preventing us from perceiving a situation clearly? Or are we so attached to the practical, mundane responsibilities of everyday life and “realistic”, protective Saturnian boundaries, that we have closed ourselves off to Neptune’s inspirational and transcendent gifts of love, creativity, and spiritual practice? Whichever direction we tend to lean toward in the area of our birth chart that Neptune is transiting, its retrograde will strive to bring us back into balance.

The weekend launches with the Last Quarter Moon on Saturday. We are 3/4s of the way through this lunation cycle that began with the Gemini New Moon on May 25th. At this Last Quarter Moon phase the Moon in Pisces is squaring the Sun in Gemini. As always, this is a time to release and let go, to begin preparing yourself for the next lunation cycle starting next week. With two of the zodiac’s most dualistic and mutable signs involved, you may need to make a decision and move forward, without having all the answers. Release the need to resolve all ambiguity.

On Sunday, the Sun in Gemini is sextiling Uranus, sending some sparks of insight flying, while Mercury takes its turn opposing Saturn. Sure, life is still moving more slowly than you would have hoped for and you may be struggling to make sense of some confusing, ambiguous aspect in your life, but hey! At the end of the day both the tortoise and the hare crossed the finish line. One could also say that this week was about blending realism with idealism. Either way, you are still moving forward.

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Click below to check out the detailed Cosmic Forecast for the following days…

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