Cosmic Weather Forecast for April 17th – 23rd

A tempest brews over fertile land; the earth as rich and bitter as dark chocolate, freshly plowed.

I’m late! My goal is to write these blog posts over the weekend and post the week’s forecast on Sunday night/Monday morning. However, this week I ended up writing the day’s forecast the day of, and then posting the daily updates on the Lilith Rebellion Instagram account. Honestly I find that inspiration usually strikes the day of a transit and I end up editing and adding to the week’s blog post after publishing it anyway. Oh well, I’ll try to apply some Saturnian energy here and stick to my goal. Here we go…

The week begins with a solemn, stabilizing, grounding moment to help you catch your breath (Moon in Capricorn, Sun trine Saturn), which may feel more like a moment of harsh and heavy reckoning, depending on the nature of your Venus Retrograde story. The body may be sore and the spirit may be weary, and yet there are work and responsibilities to attend to.

The earthy, grounded energy continues throughout the week as the Sun slips into Taurus on Wednesday, briefly uniting with retrograding Mercury for an illuminating moment of breakthrough and clarity. Wednesday’s Last Quarter Moon prepares us for another cycle of growth which will be seeded in our lives next week with the new moon.

Thank goodness for all the earthy goodness this week because the cosmos gets a little gnarly on Thursday and Friday. On Thursday, Pluto, the god of the underworld, stations retrograde. This can create heightened vulnerability and prompt us to respond with a reactive power grab or a protective defensive stance.

However, with four planets in retrograde motion this week (Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury), it is also a reflective, receptive time, ripe with hidden magic and opportunities for healing and growth.

Three personal planets change signs this week! That’s a lot of cosmic shifting. In addition to the Sun entering Taurus, Mercury enters Aries and Mars enters Gemini at the end of the week, creating a somewhat volatile, fire-air mutual reception with the two planets (the messenger and the warrior) in each other’s signs. Venus and Saturn enter into this fray on Friday with their third and final challenging square.

TGIF! The weekend looks nice and relaxing with the Moon in Pisces and the Sun in Taurus, and no major cosmic storm until the following Friday!

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Retrograde Season :: Cosmic Weather Bulletin for April 3rd – April 9th


This week both Saturn and Mercury go retrograde! They join both Jupiter, who went retrograde in February, and Venus, who went retrograde in March. Pluto will go retrograde on April 20th. In total, 5 planets will be retrograde in April, almost all at the same time! Venus will turn direct on April 15th, a few days before Pluto goes retrograde.

Astrology is geocentric, meaning the Earth is placed at the centre of the solar system and all the other celestial bodies are positioned in an astrological chart as if they all were orbiting around us (see below). Of course, from an astronomical point of view the sun is at the centre of the solar system (i.e. a heliocentric perspective), but astrology is about how the planets impact us humans, who live on Earth – not on the sun. It’s our perspective that matters here, and thus astrology is geocentric.

Technically it is impossible for planets to actually move backward, but because astrology is geocentric, and because of the varying orbiting speeds and the distance between celestial bodies, it appears to us on Earth, as if planets were moving backward. This is what retrograde means – moving backwards.

Almost all the planets go retrograde at least once per year. Mercury goes retrograde 3 times per year for a few weeks, while Venus goes retrograde every 18 months and Mars goes retrograde about every 2 years. The remaining planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) go retrograde for long stretches every year.

So really, it isn’t a huge deal, especially with the outer planets whose impact is more subtle (depending on how the transits are interacting with your natal chart). However, the shifts, the period when the planets are changing direction, usually do stir up some energetic dust here on Earth. With three planets (Saturn, Mercury, and Pluto) turning retrograde in April, one retrograding planet going direct in April (Venus), and one planet continuing it’s retrograde journey (Jupiter) – that is aloooot of planetary shifting within a short space of time.

Did you know that the astrological symbol for retrograde (Rx or ℞) is the same symbol used by pharmacists to indicate medical prescriptions? The symbol’s history is a bit fuzzy, but it seems to have originated in Medieval texts, which used the abbreviation for the Latin word for recipe, meaning “to take”. The origins of “Rx” are also associated with symbols in both Egyptian and Roman myths that are associated with healing (i.e. the eye of Horus and Jupiter, respectively). So to draw a parallel here, a planet going retrograde is providing a prescription for healing your life material that is associated with that planet’s energy. A retrograde planet slows us down in that area of our life and beckons us to turn inward; to reflect, to reassess, to redirect, to recover or rediscover a part of us that we have lost or forgotten about.

With all the planetary shifts this month we may feel like we are being pulled both forward and backward; like we just can’t get comfortable and find that sweet spot. Our life’s rhythm may feel a little wonky. Hold tight! I’ll expand on the retrograding planets’ prescriptions for healing over the next few weeks.

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Learning Astrology is like Learning a Language

“Hello. How are you? I’m fine. Bye.”

These are the types of basic words and sentences we might learn how to say when first learning another language.

Astrology, is a language. When someone says “I’m a Pisces”, this is equivalent to being able to say the above sentence in Arabic when you are not a native-speaker. It’s fun to be able to know a few words in another language so you can exchange a basic greeting with a native-speaker of the same language, but really, it won’t get you very far! It is only the beginning. Most people don’t move beyond this point. They learn how to say some basic phrases just for fun, or to be able to navigate their vacation trip with less frustration.

I’m not a language expert. I’ve tried to learn French, Spanish, and Arabic, but I haven’t come close mastery. However, I have learned a few things about the process of learning a language, and learning astrology. Here are 6 steps that will get you well on your way to learning astrology! Continue reading “Learning Astrology is like Learning a Language”