The Liminal Space Inbetwixt Eclipses :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for February 5th – 11th

Hey there, welcome to the grey zone between eclipses.

We had our Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on January 31st, and then on February 15th we will experience the second and final (New Moon) eclipse of this Eclipse Season.

I don’t like to hype up Eclipse Season too much since there is already enough of that out there – and it is something that happens twice a year, so we’ve all traversed this swirling vortex many times now. And yet, if the energy feels different to you and you have been feeling high-strung, anxious or just kinda “off” and not yourself since about mid-January (and increasingly so in the past week)… know that that is pretty common for this ~36 day time period (especially if either eclipse is directly activating a sensitive point or planet in your chart). Continue reading “The Liminal Space Inbetwixt Eclipses :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for February 5th – 11th”

Mercury Stations Direct :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for May 1st – May 7th


This week is about spreading your wings and doing a few trials runs. Testing the waters. This week is like a dress rehearsal for the following week which is heavily laden with sizzling cosmic action.

First up, we have the First-Quarter Moon in Leo squaring the Sun in Taurus on Tuesday. This is the mid-way point between new moon beginnings and full moon maturation. This is a day to take a strategic and deliberate step forward, out of your comfort zone. Nothing too risky since we still have Mercury in retrograde, but regardless, this aspect challenges you to step out.

Wednesday afternoon Mercury ends its three week retrograde journey and starts moving forward! Still closely conjunct with Uranus, this is bound to shake life up. If you have been stressed and overwhelmed recently, take some time to ground yourself. If you have felt stuck and stalled lately, then unfurl those sails and prepare to embrace the fast-moving current of change.

Mercury then starts moving Direct through its retrograde shadow with the assistance of the analytical Moon in Virgo on Thursday. What has been revealed to you throughout Mercury’s three week retrograde journey? Now is the time to start utilizing those new insights or life developments.

Three outer planets – Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter – are still retrograde, but the fog has lifted significantly now that Venus and Mercury have gone Direct. Personal planets or luminaries (Venus, Mercury, Mars, Moon, Sun) are closer to the Earth than the outer planets, and their orbit through the zodiac is much faster. Therefore they often have a more obvious daily influence on our lives, and consequently affect us more explicitly than outer planets when they are retrograde.

Throughout the next seven days the moon will transition through the signs of Cancer, Leo, Virgo, and into Libra over the weekend. On Sunday, in the relational sign of Libra, the Moon will tag Venus and Mars through major aspects and then conjunct Jupiter, which loves to expand the energy of any other planet it comes in contact with. This is a day for love and adventure!

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