Terms of Service

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My consultations do not replace professional medical, legal, or financial services. Although I have been trained as a health professional, when I provide astrological consultations I am acting in a distinctly separate capacity as an astrologer. Consequently, my astrology services will not be covered by insurance companies and they do not fall under the jurisdiction of any regulatory body.

I do not guarantee the outcomes of my astrology readings and I am not responsible for any decisions you make as a result of the consultation (or anything you read on my website and associated social media channels). When requesting a consultation you agree that I will not be held legally liable for your actions.

My role is to reflect back to you the symbolism of the cosmos and the interpretation of the patterns I perceive to the best of my abilities and with the tools I have at my disposal, with the intent to facilitate greater self-understanding and insight, and to deepen your own reflective processes.

I acknowledge that all symbolic interpretation is unavoidably subjective to some extent (i.e. filtered through the astrologer’s sub/conscious personal biases, worldview and opinions). I aim to carefully present my interpretations with as much objectivity as possible and with qualifying statements, rather than as certain and final pronouncements that are rigidly deterministic (e.g. I might say: “you may be dealing relational stressers at this time”, rather than: “you will break up with your partner at this time”).

I trust that you are capable of enacting your free will and making your own decisions. I will respectfully seek to always support your autonomy and self-determination. Any guidance I provide can be heeded or dismissed as you see fit.

If I believe that you are becoming overly dependent on the guidance of any of the consultations I provide to the extent that your capacity for autonomy and taking independent action is being undermined, or if it is clear that you are experiencing increased distress or anxiety as a result of these consultations, I will express my concern and potentially cease providing services if there is clear evidence that my services are not in your best interest.

At this time I will only work with individuals who know their birth time within at least a half-hour range (preferably as close to the minute as possible), as well as the exact year, date and location. This is ethically important to me in order to ensure that you are getting an accurate reading of your birth chart. If the birth time cannot be ensured to be accurate to the minute, please let me know so I can adapt my interpretation.

For more information on how to access your birth time, check out my resources page. If you still have trouble accessing your birth time, some astrologers offer a service called "chart rectification". However, it is a time-consuming process and often costly as a result, and even then, it can be difficult to guarantee the accuracy of the results unfortunately.

After you fill out and submit an online form for a consultation I will send a Paypal invoice to your email address, as well as a personal email to confirm the information you provided. I will indicate the date at which I will be able to deliver the interpretive report, recording, or the available dates when I could set up an online consultation, based on my current schedule and workload. If this meets your needs, once you complete the transaction through Paypal, I will begin working on your reading. Payment must be received in full before I will begin the analysis.

Because of the significant preparatory work that I invest into a consultation, I do not offer refunds. If a date for an online or phone conversation has been booked, you can cancel and reschedule with 24 hours notice.

If you provided me with the incorrect birth date, time or location, if I have already started working on the interpretation, unfortunately I cannot offer a refund. If the birth time was only slightly inaccurate, I may be able to re-adjust without an extra charge. If there is a significant inaccuracy in the original information you provided (e.g. you indicated you would be in New York for your lunar cycle, but then you end up in India for the month), you may need to reorder at full price for an accurate reading.

Explanation of Cost:

You are paying for more than the time it takes me to write up a report, make a recording, or speak with you online or by phone. There is a lot of behind-the-scenes work that happens as I analyze various different astrological charts using a special software program and carefully review your transits. Once I have done the technical delineations I often set aside time to let the interpretation simmer as I reflect on the objective data and intuitively synthesize and weave together all the different pieces into an interpretation that is coherent and meaningful.

To be clear, the consultations I offer are different than the automated astrological forecasts you can order, or the transit information your astro app displays. Automated forecasts (or even weekly horoscopes for that matter) offer piecemeal information that only considers a few different factors, without synthesizing the entirety of your astrological landscape and integrating the various components. Thereby, their accuracy and relevance is greatly reduced.

Furthermore, requesting an astrological consultation is different than requesting a psychic reading. Although I use my intuition when working with astrology’s symbolism, I ground my reflective process in the careful analysis and preparatory work I completed previously with the concrete astrological data. I will provide you with the chart images I have used so that if you would like to, you can continue your own investigation into your astrological situation.

My income from Lilith Rebellion consultations also supports the investment into appropriate software and technology that assists me with working with astrological data, as well as the continued study and training I am committed to in order to always be improving my skills and technique within this field (e.g. astrology books, courses, conferences).

Any information you provide me will be kept confidential to the best of my abilities, unless I believe that you are at immediate risk of hurting yourself or others (based on information you choose to share with me – not based on my astrological readings!). Your birth information, astrological charts, and any consultation reports or recordings will be stored on a password-protected computer, and will not be shared with others. I maintain the digital reports and recordings on my computer so that I am able to reference past consultations in the event that you order another one in the future, but I can destroy this information at your request.

I use email services, drop-box, phone, Skype or Zoom to deliver consultations to clients. When requesting a service, you agree to accept the risks involved in the chosen mode of communication. I am happy to take extra confidentiality precautions if requested - such as password-protecting documents when delivering them using an online medium.

I will not interpret the natal chart of a third party on behalf of the client, without their explicit permission.

I am committed to continually advancing and developing my astrological knowledge and skill through consistent study and training. I incorporate a new technique or approach in to my public consultations only after I have thoroughly tested and mastered it.

However, if I believe your query or consultation request would be more effectively addressed by another astrologer with more advanced training and skill in a relevant area, I will provide you with a list of recommended astrologers. For example, I have not studied horary astrology in depth and I likely will never offer this type of service. Thus if you have a yes/no question that would be best addressed through a horary chart, I will likely refer you elsewhere to someone who is more qualified in this area.

I will be honest and upfront about what I can and cannot provide in response to your query or consultation request. I reserve the right to refuse service if I perceive your question to be beyond my scope of practice and expertise.

I aim to be respectful and ethical, open-minded and accepting, sensitively thoughtful and compassionate. I am dedicated to a continuously reflexive astrology practice - meaning I am always open to feedback and I am always seeking to improve and deepen my practice, especially in ways that further support the liberation, personal growth, healing, and empowerment of my clients. If you would like to offer feedback, please use the contact form on my website or email me at lilithrebellion@gmail.com.

I recognize that oppression is rampant in society and can express in multiple overlapping ways as: racism, xenophobia, classism, sexism, cissexism, homophobia, heterosexism, transphobia, ableism, and ageism. I acknowledge that astrology (along with most fields of knowledge and technique) has been wrongfully used in the past (and present) to reinforce existing power hierarchies and marginalize those facing discrimination in society, thereby causing more harm.

I am dedicated to continually working on deconstructing my biases and assumptions, while building an astrology business that is anti-oppressive, trauma-informed, and welcoming to all people. The use of inclusive language is key to this work. I will do my best to avoid discriminatory assumptions, and I welcome feedback when my language falls short of being inclusive to all forms of diversity.

I acknowledge that all of us are uniquely positioned at fluctuating intersections of multiple broader systems, power structures, environments, and personal histories (beyond the realm of the individual birth chart) that either inhibit or support our free will, and our individual growth and development. I hope that my consultations supports you in navigating, healing, accepting, or rebelling against these intersecting realities, as appropriate for your situation and lived experience.

I am aware that people can feel vulnerable requesting an astrology consultation and I prioritize the emotional and psychological safety and wellbeing of those I work with.

I do my best to consciously and carefully use the tool of astrology to uphold the values I've mentioned.

You are never obligated to share personal information with me beyond the birth information necessary for casting a chart. Granted, a consultation is often more relevant and beneficial when there is a dialogue between the astrologer and client, because the astrologer may be better able to “ground” the layers of astrological symbolism within the client’s unique life context and more effectively address specific concerns. However, this is completely optional and you will likely still gain insight from the consultation regardless.

Astrological consultations can be potentially quite personal and touch on very sensitive issues. If there is any topic or area of life you do not want to discuss or hear about, and you want it 100% left out of my interpretive work (e.g. maybe you don’t want to discuss your family history or relationships), please indicate this at the time that you book a consultation, and I will exclude this from my analysis and delivery.

If we know each other in a personal capacity and I believe that could interfere with my neutrality and objectivity, I may decide that refusing service and redirecting you elsewhere, is in our best interest. If I believe my objectivity and neutrality will be seriously compromised for whatever reason, again, I may direct you elsewhere so you can receive a more effective astrological consultation.

Victor E. Frankl writes: “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

Using astrology to peer into the future can help us prepare for life events and create greater space between stimulus (i.e. life events)… and our response; thus maximizing our growth and our freedom.

Ideally my “future-oriented” consultations will empower you by increasing your sense of agency, while also supporting your ability to be fully present and grounded for all of your life’s twists and turns.

Remember that I am interpreting symbolic, archetypal energies that could express themselves in a multitude of different ways within the context of different people’s lives. I aim to delineate what is “most likely” based on the information I can access and the tools I have at my disposal, but while the sky doesn’t lie, any human interpretation will be at risk of misapplying the symbolic essence, no matter how skilled the astrologer is.

There is usually the desire to understand in very literal terms – based on current circumstances and relationships – exactly how future transits will express themselves in your life. Forecasting is a wonderful way to bring greater understanding, acceptance, symbolic meaning and guidance, to one’s life story, but unfortunately astrological forecasting can also cause us to jump to conclusions and at worst, anxiously fear the future. Hold the forecasts with an open hand! They will likely make more sense the closer you get to when the transit or placement is activated.

While I do my best to present information in a way that empowers you and supports your autonomy, I do ask that you carefully assess whether or not an astrology consultation would be truly beneficial for you prior to booking. For example, if you experience a lot of anxiety and are more likely to imagine the worst case scenario, a future-oriented chart reading may not be the best choice for you.

I believe astrology offers us the opportunity to maximize the exercise of our freewill and our personal growth by preparing for the upcoming shifts in our lives and understanding the symbolic opportunities they offer. I would hope that anyone who requests a future-oriented forecast would feel empowered by the information. May you navigate all cosmic weather with wisdom, discernment and courage – and the capacity to be fully present with whatever emerges for you ❤

Astrologers vary in their use of House Systems. Within different House Systems, the Ascendant - Descendant axis does not change, and neither does the Mid-heaven - Imum Coeli axis, but the beginning and end of an astrological house will shift depending on what system is used. I use the Koch House System primarily, although I take into consideration the sign that rules the cusp of a house, and I give planets within this sign greater emphasis in association with the house themes.

For example, if you have Leo on the cusp (the beginning) of the 4th House, and Virgo on the cusp of the 5th House, but if your Mercury is in Virgo, and actually falls into the 4th House, I will address it like a 4th House planet. However, I would not give it as much prominence in the 4th House as your Sun in Leo, which let’s say, falls squarely into the 4th House. If Mercury is very close to the 5th House, I might also consider how the manifestation of this planet might express itself in the 5th House.

I use the Tropical Zodiac, common among Western astrologers, rather than the Sidereal Zodiac that is commonly used by Vedic astrologers. My health education background and my love of psychology means that my approach to astrology is psychological in nature, and I frequently draw from psychological theories and frameworks when interpreting a natal chart. Therefore I consider myself a modern psychological astrologer with a great respect and interest in traditional techniques.

In addition to the 10 main celestial bodies in the solar system (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto), I also include in my analysis: the North and South nodes of the Moon; Black Moon Lilith (the moon’s apogee); the asteroids Chiron, Ceres, Juno, Pallas, and Vesta. Occasionally I incorporate other celestial bodies when they seem relevant.

In my predictive forecasting work, I use the following techniques: Solar Return charts, Progressions, Solar Arc Directions, Transits, Lunations and Eclipse cycles.

Astrologers hold a variety of philosophical approaches and understandings, which inevitably influences the way they interpret a chart. Below, I share some of my philosophical worldviews and beliefs, and how they intersect with my practice of astrology.

1) My current belief is that life is a complex mixture of freewill, fate, chaos, and a bit of magic

Astrologers have different perspectives on freewill and human agency. My personal philosophy is that life is a complex mixture of freewill, fate, chaos and a bit of magic (also called providence or divine intervention), which is impossible to disentangle. I do think there are many things that happen to us that are well beyond our control. I believe astrology offers us the opportunity to maximize the exercise of our freewill and our personal growth by preparing for the upcoming shifts in our lives and understanding the symbolic opportunities they offer.

While our natal charts are determined at the moment of our first breath, and every planetary transit we will undergo in our lifetime is also pre-determined (since planets orbit at predictable speeds). However, I still maintain a belief that we can work with the symbolism of our transits – we can intentionally collaborate with them, or we can struggle and fight against them. As astrologer Dana Gerhardt would tell her clients: “Do your planets or they’ll do you”. Choosing either approach, I believe, will lead to different outcomes. Astrology illuminates the options.

Studying astrology or getting your chart read won’t “fix” your life, of course, and yet astrology reveals helpful information that can guide you effectively if you invest the effort. For example, during my Saturn Return (a challenging transit) I still needed to lean into the lessons of Saturn and do the work. Understanding astrology did not eliminate suffering from my life. However, I gained a new sense of peace, patience, direction and hope.

2) I believe your birth chart symbolizes a dynamic, rather than static and fixed, process of growth and development

For example, the expression of my cosmic blueprint has changed dramatically over my lifespan. At times, certain natal aspects are more prominent, and at other times, the emphasis shifts. You cannot change your natal chart, but you don’t have to feel doomed or trapped by a challenging aspect in your chart – you can always transform it! Astrology cultivates the self-awareness and provides the guidance to know how to do this – your natal chart is your sacred map for life. During difficult times I always draw comfort knowing that just like the ever-orbiting solar system, I too, was in a constant state of movement and growth, whether it felt like it or not.

Astrology is a wonderful tool for self-reflection and rather than directly telling you what to do or what not to do, I aim to amplify astrology's capacity to facilitate self-reflection by incorporating reflective question prompts into all of my consultations to kick-start and assist your own internal processes.

3) I believe that everyone lives according to unique cycles, rather than unitary linear timelines

Modern society often approaches time the way it was taught to you in elementary class – as a linear timeline from Point A to Point B with multiple points in between. Astrology invites us to align ourselves with the orbital patterns depicted in our natal charts; to approach time in terms of cycles and phases. Within this understanding, why would we compare our progress with the lives of others?

We are not competing with each other on a single linear timeline of existence, each trying to hit certain benchmarks and milestones first (e.g. degree, career, house, marriage, kids, retirement). This is a socially constructed illusion. Rather, we are each participating in a unique series of cycles and phases that play out within successive chapters in our life stories.

The constant orbiting motion in the cosmos continuously reminds us of the transformative possibilities and opportunities inherent in the cyclical nature of our universe; of the new beginnings birthed in every ending, of the hope that sustains every dark crisis.

4) I believe the central purpose of human life is to become more fully ourselves and express our true integrated essence

There are numerous perspectives on why we are here and what "the purpose" of human life is. The perspective that I currently hold, is that each one of us contains an innate dynamic Truth, which is delineated in our astrological natal charts. My belief is that the purpose of human life is to continuously engage in peeling back the layers of conditioning, of fear and anxiety, of past wounding and ego defences, in order to reveal and express our beautiful individual Truths (our essential “essence”) in the world. In other words, I believe the purpose of life is to become more fully ourselves. This is easier said than done! It is a gradual, continuous process rather than a onetime event. Astrology can be an effective compass and guide throughout our journey toward embodied truth.

“One of the open secrets of life on earth is that the answer to life’s burning question has been inscribed in one’s soul all along. The soul is a kind of ancient vessel that holds the exact knowledge we seek and need, to find our way in life. Each life is a pilgrimage intended to arrive at the centre of the pilgrim’s soul.” ~ Michael Meade

As an astrologer, I seek to support people in their Life Pilgrimages by facilitating the discovery and expression of their life’s Truths as they let go of the untruths that are holding them back from experiencing a more fulfilling, meaningful, purposeful existence.

When untruths get tangled up in our life stories, our life stories are weakened, and our experience of meaning in life begins to deteriorate. We can peel back the layers of untruths to reveal our life’s Truths, by bringing insight, self-awareness, and clarity into our life stories as they unfold. Palmer Parker shares some thoughtful reflections on this subject:

“Before I can tell my life what I want to do with it, I must listen to my life telling me who I am… there is a great gulf between the way my ego wants to identify me, with its protective masks and self-serving fictions, and my true self. It takes time and hard experience to sense the difference between the two – to sense that running beneath the surface of the experience I call my life, there is a deeper and truer life waiting to be acknowledged. That fact alone makes “listen to your life” difficult counsel to follow.” ~ Palmer Parker

As Parker says, it can be difficult and time-consuming to hear the “true self” amid the ego’s noise and the world’s chaos, but there are ways to ease and accelerate this process. Astrology is a powerful and effective tool for listening to your life.

5) I believe meaning and purpose are essential to human life

“Survival is Insufficient” ~ Emily St. John Mandel

Humans desire more than survival. I believe experiencing meaning in life is as vital to human life as oxygen. Experiencing meaning in life is a precursor to hope. Without meaning, hope disintegrates. Without meaning, we withdraw and disengage from life. Meaning in life thrives and flourishes when we are living a life story that is resonate with our soul and aligned with our life’s authentic Truths. A good story, begets hope.

6) I believe one of the way that humans find and create meaning, and make sense of their lives, is through crafting their life into a cohesive narrative

Human beings love stories. Our earliest recorded histories demonstrate that we are indeed, story-telling creatures. We use stories to make sense of our lives, to build a cohesive identity, and to create a meaningful, purposeful existence.

As an astrologer, I also serve the role of a story witness, story guide, and story midwife.

Sometimes the stories of our lives become stuck, stale, limiting – or even imprisoning or oppressive. Instead of living stories that we actively craft and create with every breath, sometimes we find ourselves living out rigid story scripts that society has handed us, formulaic stories we inherited from our families, or protective and yet limiting stories we created as children in order to make sense of early wounding. Oftentimes these are stories that just do not fit or feel good, because they are not aligned or congruent with our life’s deepest Truths. Sometimes we encounter moments of transitions in life where we must step into a new story, or times of struggle, where we wonder if we are living any sort of meaningful story at all.

Personally, astrology opened up me up to a multitude of story possibilities in my life. It highlighted numerous story ingredients in my chart – some flexible, some less so, but I realized that there were different ways that I could combine the pieces to construct a new story, or a new chapter of life. Astrology also helped me make sense of previous life stories by providing me with a symbolic language and framework through which I could weave a cohesive, tangible narrative that my cognitive mind could then relax into.

Humans are story-telling creatures. We make meaning out of our life by weaving the culmination of our life experiences into an internal story about who we are, where we came from, and where we are going. Having a cohesive narrative identity has been identified as vital to our overall wellbeing and capacity to thrive.

My overall hope for everyone I work with, would be to see them fully liberate their authentic selves and deeply enter into their life’s dynamic Truths. My hope would be that they find themselves within fulfilling stories that are rich with meaning and purpose, and aligned with their inner selves and the seeds of their potential. Like all emotions, happiness comes and goes over time, but rooting yourself in meaning and purpose, will sustain you through life’s dark times. Of course, Astrology is not the only meaning-making tool available, but it is a powerful and incredibly useful one that is compatible with a wide range of beliefs and worldviews.

As your astrologer I will work collaboratively with you to discover your life’s Truths, make sense of the stories of your past, identify where and why elements of your life stories may have unraveled or gotten off track, and illuminate the story ingredients and potentials available to you now. Then, together, we will weave the story threads from your past into a hopeful, resilient, and meaningful future that will sustain you regardless of what the cosmic weather and life circumstances may bring as you continue your Pilgrimage.

7) I believe we can use astrology as a powerful tool to create meaning after we have faced challenging life events that have interrupted our life stories

Sometimes things happen in our life that are difficult to integrate into our life story. We may experience astrological transits as "story interrupters". Story interrupters are those chaotic curveballs that come out of nowhere. The events that derail us. The circumstances that pull apart the threads of the story tapestry we are weaving.

When our life stories are unexpectedly interrupted, our sense of coherent meaning, purpose and identity can fly out the window. We may find ourselves flailing in chaos. As we grapple with broken, interrupted life stories that no longer make sense, depression and anxiety have been known to sneak in through the story’s cracks.

While I don't believe that "all bad things happen for a reason", or that all events are fated with inherent and independent meaning, I do believe that when it is the right time and we are ready to, we can choose to actively create meaning from chaotic or confusing life periods by integrating them into our life's narrative.

Astrology is laden with rich, evocative symbolism. Through accessing this symbolism, we can craft new stories in our lives and renew our sense of meaning, purpose and hope. Astrology is an amazing gift that can help us integrate story interrupters as new threads within the life tapestry we weave; as new characters and plot lines within the life stories we write.