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Where’s My Security Blanket? Uranus enters Taurus.

On March 6th, 2019, Uranus left Aries and entered Taurus.

Uranus will be in Taurus until it ingresses into Gemini on July 7th, 2025… retrograding back into Taurus on November 7th, 2025… and finally leaving Taurus and committing to Gemini on April 25th, 2026. It works out to Uranus spending about 7 years in each sign.

When Uranus originally entered Taurus for its preview trek mid-May 2018, I was inspired by Linus and crew from the Charlie Brown comic. I still love this analogy, so I’ve upgraded and added to the post for today.

Taurus is widely known for it’s chilled out, peaceful nature and its deep appreciation for simple physical pleasures. As fixed earth, Taurus tends to be a risk-aversive, change-avoidant sign that upholds safety and security. It takes its sweet ol’ time carefully tending to long-standing relationships and cultivating its stable resources and assets.

Uranus is none of these things.

When Uranus is activated or transits my personal planets, I have learned that I need to surrender my desire for guaranteed outcomes; to know exactly where I’m headed in that area of life. I do better during these times when I can embrace constant uncertainty and trust myself to follow my intuition on a moment to moment basis. Plans fall to the wayside as unexpected events roll out in completely unanticipated ways.

Uranus is the panacea for times of ‘stuckness’. It seeks to liberate with fast-moving, unconventional, exciting change. It nourishes sparks of individuality, originality, innovation, human weirdness and human brilliance, with sudden breaks in the fabric of normal life.

On the more challenging side, Uranus can be disruptive, stressful, anxiety-producing, and in the process of individuating each one of us, it can also correlate with conflict and tension as our freedom-seeking, independence-craving selves, clash with the status quo, or with other people in our lives. Relational harmony is not Uranus’ forte. Uranus as an archetype is uncompromising, always.


On a Global Scale, What Can We Expect to See with Uranus in Taurus?


Over the next 7 years, we will likely see major changes and fast-moving developments (along with the tension, conflict and disruption that often accompanies times of acceleration) within the realms of…

…currency (e.g. bitcoin); the value and prices we assign to every aspect of life; employment wages; debt, saving accounts, and financial security nets; the stock market; resource distribution; innovation around the concept of gift-giving and how we practice it (e.g. cards, wrapped presents, gift certificates); art using natural materials (such as impermanent earth art); debates about ownership (with associated rights, control and responsibilities) over land and possessions as well as copyright issues; branding, logos, and trademarks; beauty topics (the modelling world, make-up, fashion, etc.); physical, sensual pleasure; housing/ shelter (meeting survival needs) and property; farming and animals; community gardens; plant medicines and herbalism; the food industry and food security (cows in particular – the beef and dairy industry); the acceptance of an animistic worldview; the environmental movement; how technology interacts with our human bodies and nature.

Of course, we’ve already been seeing major changes in these areas as we’ve inched closer to Aries handing off the Uranus-baton to Taurus, but I’ve still observed some noteworthy acceleration in these areas in the past year.

For example, in Canada, the recreational use of cannabis was legalized by the House of Commons on November 27th, 2017. It passed a second reading in the Senate on March 2018, and then on June 18th, 2018 (shortly after Uranus’ first ingress into earthy Taurus), the House passed the bill a final time with the amendments, which were accepted by the Senate the next day.

Herbalism and the use of various plant medicines is already exploding in popularity right now (e.g. Ayahuasca), but I think this flourishing area of knowledge and practice will continue to take massive leaps over the next few years – and, most importantly in light of Uranus’ liberating people-power symbolism, it will become increasingly widespread and more ACCESSIBLE to many more people (for better or worse).

Taurus, the earthiest of the earth signs, is calling us back to rediscover the earth’s magic.

There’s always courses, initiatives, and books being offered and published on money matters and welcoming abundance (a central Taurus concern), but I’ve noticed a huge increase of these within circles that you don’t commonly hear money issues being discussed. There are SO many courses being offered right now related to liberating and freeing oneself (Uranus) from well-traveled detrimental money habits, patterns and “stuckness” – often via some innovative methods and through appreciating the interconnectivity, the relationships between you and money, between you and the earth’s resources.

Granted, many of these courses/publications are being offered by mystics who probably know about Uranus moving into Taurus and are intentionally aligning with this transit, but I suspect many others are unaware.

Here’s an example. Carolyn Elliot writes (the co-host and co-creator of a recent online, animistic money course):

Money… is a medium for the exchange of desire, because economic value is a purely social function and only what is desired by people has “value” in the economic sense. So money sits at this mysterious, highly charged intersection of DESIRE and POWERMoney is basically public sex. In the same way that erotic love is a uniquely potent manifestation of desire’s intersection with the private… money is a similarly potent manifestation of desire’s intersection with the public... monetary value is derived fundamentally from desirability, and money requires at least three people to exist (i.e. since money is transferable debt, it has no purpose without the capacity to be transferred to a third person)…”

“…An increase in wealth makes you more permeable to connection, relationship, community, and sense of indebtedness to the world around you. The trouble is, this increased feeling of permeability and connectedness that comes with increased money in your bank account is highly sensational and tricky to navigate, so rather often people react to it by shutting down and becoming aloof or elitist, building gated communities and fortress-like strongholds.” ~ Carolyn Elliot (via her email newsletter)

So much Taurus-Scorpio axis in this quote.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the (beautiful) concept of DESIRE as liberated life force energy that is seeking to fully engage with the world (as oppose to the disengagement from life, the lack of desire and withdrawal that is present in depressed states). While I can recognize greedy, graspy, clingy, ego attachments to the material world of time and space, as problematic, I’m not planning to force a complete renouncement of my desires (in its many forms) as some spiritual paths would advise.

Margaret Deland states: “One must desire something to be alive”  (Thanks to Rebecca Farrar for highlighting this quote which she included in her beautiful writing on desire recently)

When I connect this idea of desire as healthy life force energy seeking to engage with the world… with the concept of money… and also with the idea of spiritual surrender I continue to personally explore… I have a lot to think about!

I think it is helpful to remember that Taurus is opposite Scorpio, and this polarity is important for understanding the multi-layered complexities of our relationships (and inherent power dynamics and messy entanglements within these relationships) to the Taurean physical, material, sensual world. I’ll be writing about this more as I continue to digest these topics… and as Uranus continues to revolutionize our relationships to the material world.


A Recap of Uranus in Taurus, May ~ November 2018 & the Broader Context:


I want to acknowledge and validate how messy and confusing Uranus in Taurus was last year as it introduced itself to the first couple degrees of fixed earth. I mean, right from the beginning when Uranus entered Taurus mid-May while in an aggressive square to Mars which was in its pre-retro shadow at that point, it was clear this was not going to be a straight-forward Uranian adventure. Uranus became tangled and enmeshed throughout the successive Mars and Venus retrogrades in the summer and fall of 2018 as they interacted with Uranus repeatedly.

There was a lot of revving the engine… and then stalling, perhaps repeatedly.

What this meant was that in the Spring of 2018 (as early as March or so) you may have initially had this huge burst of energy, enthusiasm, and motivation… or maybe you were responding to something external that happened in ways that necessitated immediate and incisive action.

And then…. the retrogrades. You are not alone if, throughout 2018, you came up against some waves of self-doubt and second guessing, some annoying barriers and delays to your bold new Uranian plans, and perhaps feeling a bit disillusioned or discouraged with how your initial innovative steps had panned out.

By the time you reached the summer you may have wondered where all your certainty, enthusiasm and excitement had gone in relation to this new emerging thing in your life. You could have found yourself in some sort of waiting game, feeling completely stalled or unsure of what you signed up for.

Especially during the Venus rx in Scorpio in the fall of 2018, you may have wondered: is this really what I want??

The good news is that Uranus is in Taurus for the long-term now. Once we are clear of Mercury’s current Piscean retrograde by the end of March, I think we’ll start seeing people leaping forward on their Uranus in Taurus journeys in a big way.


I experimented by making an audio forecast! I’ve tried to include the most pertinent info in writing, but I expand on other related topics within the 9-minute recording which you can listen to below… (if you are receiving this post via email and the recording did not manage to embed in the email, you can listen to it directly by visiting the blog article). 



Some Interpretative Tips & a Few Examples


Interpretative Tip #1:

I think it is quite possible that all astro house systems have their uses, depending on what questions you are asking (in the same way we use different types of maps to respond to different inquiries – e.g. a globe, Google maps, a road map, a topographic map, a climatic map, etc.).

For example, I generally use a quadrant house system (Koch) because I appreciate its nuances, but I’ll switch to the whole sign system for certain techniques that are designed to work with that house system. With the whole sign house system the sign on the ascendant becomes the entire first house with all the other houses and signs matched up in successive order.

I’ve been paying very close attention to how I, and people around me, experience outer planets entering into new signs. I will say that what I’ve noticed is that if you want to get a fast grasp on the most obvious correlations, look to the themes of the house that has Taurus on the cusp, regardless of where Uranus is, at the current moment (though personally I take this into consideration as well).

You can switch to whole sign to do this, or you can just imagine the cusp lines of the houses as highly sensitive antennas – e.g. when an outer planet enters the sign that the cusp-antenna is embedded in, the shock waves ripple out and are instantly picked up by the antenna.

And what I’ve noticed is that’s where we may see the most immediate, obvious, tangible change.


Interpretative Tip #2:

Venus rules Taurus. Take note of where your natal Venus is in your chart by sign and house, in order to add another layer of interpretation to this transit.

Your natal Venus placement is linked to the Taurus-ruled house of your chart. Your Venus placement will indicate where the catalyst for change occurs, and/or where the final outcome is most keenly felt.

I have Taurus on the cusp of my 10th house for example (career, public reputation, long-term goals, social roles).

I was once told by an astrologer, who didn’t incorporate the ruling planets, that an entrepreneurship path wasn’t the most aligned route for me because Taurus (in connection with my career path) really needs stability, safety, consistency and low-risk, sustained security.

This may be so, but I have Venus in Aries in the 8th house, which is a very contradictory dynamic since Aries thrives on risks and initiating projects in uncharted territory.

I have wanted to be an entrepreneur since I was a child and I have a long history of attempting to do so. People who know me would say that is a pretty ongoing theme in my life and would appear to be a “natural” component of who I am. Yes the risk involved in entrepreneurship greatly disturbs and terrifies the Taurus energy in my career house, but working with both energies and trying to integrate them while facing my fears of visibility (8th house), is part of my career-destiny.

Someone else I know with Taurus on the 10th house cusp (the MC) has Venus in Capricorn in the 5th house. So how does Uranus’ ingress look different for her?

After a period of indecision and uncertainty last year she decided to stay with a new creative performing arts business (Taurus MC, Venus in the 5th house) she had been previously working for part-time as one of the key managers and organizers – because she was offered a significant opportunity for greater advancement and leadership, while also accepting much more responsibility for the running of the business (Capricorn).


Interpretative Tip #3:

Jupiter and Saturn were both transiting Taurus from July – October 1999, and between February – August 2000 (with a peak moment around the end of May 2000 when Jupiter and Saturn had their once-every-twenty-years conjunction).

That’s twenty years ago, so it might be hard to remember what was happening at that time (or difficult to place in the context of your adult life if you are a young person), but during those periods there was a very strong activation of the Taurus portion of your chart.

I’m not saying you’ll get a repeat of this period since we are working with a very different planet moving through, but reflecting back to this last major Taurus activation is a good way to become familiar with how you experience that area of your chart.

I made some major discoveries and had some important insights when reflecting back on this time in my life when I was age 13/14, so maybe you will as well!

When I’m doing this type of investigation into the past, and through studying my chart, I’m asking: how does this area of my life, this component of who I am, want to express itself? What keeps trying to grow here and how can I nourish it further to bring it into its potential?


A Couple More Examples (names changed):


Lindsay has Taurus on her 7th house cusp (relationships, partnerships) ruled by Venus in Virgo in the 10th house (career, public & social roles, reputation, long-term goals).

As Uranus entered Taurus for the first time last year, she moved out of the home she shared with her partner (who was both her romantic partner and her business partner). Their relationship status remained uncertain for most of 2018.

And then, as her 29th degree Jupiter (travel, expansion) in the 8th house (transformation, shared resources) was activated by both Mercury stationing rx and Uranus reaching the very edge of Aries… on the evening of March 5th, 2019 she left on a plane with a one-way ticket, moving across the country, handing over the local management of her business to a friend while she opened up to new career possibilities.

Note: If you have Taurus on your 7th house cusp (relevant for Scorpio risings) a break-up isn’t the guaranteed formula here with Uranus moving in. Your relationship may simply be invited to make some unconventional changes in order for both of you to have the freedom to reach your potential and explore new horizons, for example.

Jessica has Taurus on her ascendant (the body, one’s identity) ruled by Venus in Cancer (home, family, mothering, nurturing) on the IC (4th house cusp – home, family, roots).

In May 2018 she was surprised to find out she was pregnant (a change to her body). Hovering on the verge of becoming a mother for the first time, she spent the rest of 2018 waiting, preparing, and reflecting on how her identity was about to transform – and the implications of this. The age gap in her partnership speaks to the unconventional, non-mainstream Uranian elements of her beautiful new family.

Plus, her baby is also an Aquarian born on the same day as his Aquarian father! And as I’ve written about earlier, Aquarius is a sign that carries Uranian vibes with it.

This week with Uranus’ re-ingress, her and her family had to unexpectedly and spontaneously move into her parents’ place (Cancer, 4th house) for a few days after the noxious chemical smell of the neighbours’ floor-staining process seeped into their house. Her partner (with Taurus on the 4th house cusp) has been talking about selling their home in the not-so-distant future.


I would consider these fairly major life changes. It won’t be this dramatic or obvious for everyone, but I’m positive that you will see strong indicators and signs of what this transit means for you if you reflect on the events of the past year through the lens of your chart… and if you take note of how the Universe may be speaking to you this month (especially the two weeks around March 6th).

Another day to take note of specific Uranus in Taurus themes, would be April 22nd, 2019 (and the day before and after) when the Sun conjoins with Uranus during Taurus Season.



Linus and his security blanket, from the Peanuts comic strip, is my inspiration for the week, along with some quintessential Uranian quotes I’ll never tire of reposting…


Here’s the video clip if you want the sound version of Linus’ speech…



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