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Heads up! I’m moving my writing to Substack.

Wishing you a Happy Winter Solstice, Blessed Yule, and a Grounding Great Conjunction!

The Moon is in Aries so I’ll get straight to the point! I’m moving my writing (which has been scarce this year) over to Substack, where I intend to write on a weekly basis.

I’m so eager to return to writing, but I needed a new platform to do it on!

A fresh start.

I also wanted to let you know that unfortunately you may need to re-subscribe to stay connected with me at my new online location! 

If you are receiving this in your inbox, it means you are currently subscribed to my WordPress blog that I have thus far hosted on my website @ (which has been in long-term maintenance mode).

For the past few years I have been using WordPress to deliver my blog posts automatically as emails when I publish them (rather than signing up for a full-service email marketing provider like Mailchimp or Convertkit).

Using WordPress tools to email my blog posts seemed like a simple way to start, but it is not ideal for many reasons. One of the drawbacks of relying on this method is that I do not have access to email addresses for all of my subscribers.

20 of you signed up to receive my blog posts with your WordPress accounts (rather than your emails), which means unfortunately I will lose 20 of you when I switch to using Substack. 

I have migrated all the emails from WordPress (that I can access) over to Substack, so technically most of you shouldn’t have to re-subscribe… but because this WordPress emailing system is so limiting, there is no way for me to only contact the 20 of you who signed up with your WordPress accounts – in order to let this specific group of 20 people know that manually re-subscribing will be necessary to continue receiving my writing in your inbox. 

Therefore, if you have any doubt about whether you used an email or a wordpress account/profile to sign up for Lilith Rebellion emails, I’ll invite you to subscribe here if you’d like to !

You can still visit the website to read it as you would a blog, but if you subscribe, you’ll never miss an update.

So what’s the deal with this new iteration of Lilith Rebellion?

I launched Lilith Rebellion in the Spring of 2017 during my Saturn Return.

I had no huge ambition for this project at the time; I just wanted to carve out space on the internet where I could share my love of astrology and writing (and a million other things because, #geminimoon). I created a basic website, an IG/FB page and began to write forecasts and astrological reflections on a weekly and monthly basis.

Honestly, I partially started LR as therapy for myself – as a way of attempting to metabolize the deconstruction of my life as I knew it (because, #saturnreturn). My Gemini Moon (conjunct Lilith) is in the very public 10th house in my birth chart and I have repeatedly launched anonymous public blogs when I’m deeply engaged with emotional and psychological inner work.

It has proven to be very good medicine for me.

The myth of Lilith is one that invokes the rebellious outsider, the truth-teller, and the fierce feminine. I needed a strong dose of Lilith’s courage in my life to get me through those dark days.

But then something interesting and unexpected happened – I started receiving a lot of requests for personal astrological readings. I had not started LR with this intention, but if astrology had changed my life for the better, then perhaps, I decided, I could help people tap into this magick for themselves as well.

And then… to make a long story short, I got stuck.

For the past three years, I’ve been wrestling with Lilith Rebellion as a potential business. Some progress was made, some short-lived attempts, but overall my relationship with Lilith-Rebellion-the-business has been a rocky one for a variety of reasons (she’s an Aries and I’m an animist, fyi).

Me and LR are still working on our relationship – there’s lots of potential, but forward motion will likely continue to be slow-going as we build trust with each other. The truth is, my relationship with Lilith-Rebellion-the-personal-blog was much more comfortable. Hopefully, a consensus will be agreed on at some point (between me and LR, the business).

In the meantime though, I’m tired of being stuck. I’m tired of my website being in construction mode for the past two years. I’m tired of the inflamed climate of social media, and I’m tired of stopping myself every time I excitedly reach for my keyboard with the desire to share my thoughts with the worldwideweb.

Inhibiting your moon’s natural expression is never a good idea. Stuck energy around one’s moon placement can have dire consequences. A Gemini moon like mine, needs to communicate publicly, in a personal way.

And when Uranus is opposing your 3rd house natal Pluto in Scorpio, like it is for me right now? Moving stuck energy through the power of words, is the name of the game.

I’ve spent about a month researching options and I’m convinced that Substack’s minimalist blog-newsletter hybrid is the best option for what I am looking for right now.

I’m giving this platform the subtitle of ‘process notes’ – i.e., Lilith Rebellion: Process Notes. Process notes are the messy scribbles of a psychotherapist that capture their immediate observations, thoughts and impressions during a therapy session with a client. These are informal notes that are not included in the client’s official records.

Similarly, I wanted a separate, non-professional, non-business related space that offered the freedom to be a bit messier and to capture my ongoing journey of being “in-process” as a human being.

I’m excited to start sharing my writing with you again!

When & how often will I be in your inbox via Substack?

This is an (Aquarian) experiment. But I’m going to see what twice a week feels like – for both you and me!

Monday and Thursday.

How much will this cost you?

Nothing! At least not yet.

I’m launching this Substack newsletter on December 21st, 2020. If this experiment still feels like a good fit in about a month’s time, I’ll likely add a partial paywall for some of my posts at a $5/month fee. However, even if/when I add a paywall in January 2021, I am committed to also offering consistent free newsletters alongside the paid subscriptions.

That’s one of Substack’s best features, in my opinion; I can use the same platform to send out free email newsletters to everyone, while reserving certain posts for paying subscribers (unlike Patreon where supporters need to pay a minimum fee to receive updates in their inbox).

What is this new Lilith Rebellion newsletter about?

Warning: I’m removing inhibitions from my amped-up Gemini Moon and letting it roam freely with its insatiable curiosity. This means I’ll be dancing across the borders of many diverse topics, synthesizing as I go.

From the vantage point of this present moment, here are some of my key interests that I plan to explore with these newsletters…

  • Astrology (I suspect Astrology will be referenced and applied in 98% of my newsletters, but I’m not holding myself to any horoscope/ forecasting schedule!)
  • My personal life journey and reflections
  • Ancestral research and lineage healing
  • Astro-herbalism
  • Astro-remediation
  • The Wheel of the Year: honouring its cyclical celebrations
  • Tarot and other tools of divination
  • Mental health
  • Experiments with symbolic art and magickal crafting

I hope you’ll join me at this new online location!

Once again, if you are uncertain whether you subscribed to my WordPress blog with your email or not, you can re-subscribe @

Of course you can always unsubscribe as well – that option will be available when you receive my first email from Substack via the link at the bottom of the newsletter.

Thank you so much for your support over the past few years!

I’m wishing you the very best for 2021.

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