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WAKE UP!!! Now is the Time :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for September 17th – 23rd

This afternoon someone walked into the business of someone I know, under orders of a landlord, to change the locks on the door because they were behind on rent.

They knew that their business (which is a progressive community-oriented Aquarian initiative) had to be out of the building anyway, by the end of September, but this was certainly a jarring surprise. On one hand, maybe it was better to get the move over now if they could make the case for a grace period to relocate all the gear and many other items held in the space. This would admittedly free them up for the many other responsibilities they have on their plate for this month, and yet they weren’t really prepared to incorporate this thorny situation into this week’s busy schedule.

On the plus side, they pulled off a much-anticipated, high-pressure business event this past weekend with resounding success – their most impressive event yet.

Has anyone had any similar major breakdowns or breakthroughs this week?

The final Mars-Uranus square perfects on TUESDAY, September 18th, but it has been strong throughout the past weekend and will echo throughout the rest of this week.

If we zoom out for a big picture view using wide degree orbs, it’s actually been actively in play all summer since at least May 16th when the first square occurred just a day after Uranus’ ingress into Taurus, with another climatic moment on August 1st when the second square occurred during the Mars Rx.

See any connections? I believe it was the week of May 16th when this person was first delivered the bad news that they would need to move their business out of the building by the end of September.

The Mars-Uranus square is edgy, unpredictable, conflictual, impulsive, accident-prone, restless, pressurized, urgent, innovative, eccentric, unconventional, rebellious, revolutionary.

As we near its peak on TUESDAY, you may notice the Mars-Uranus square expressing in your life in ways that pertain to matters of money, appropriate compensation, commitments and investments, ownership disagreements, divisions of land/property, bodily needs and desires, material possessions, technological advancement (Uranus in Taurus), vs. matters of collaborative efforts, community/team/group involvements, insider/outsider debates, and a desire for independence, progress and freedom (Mars in Aquarius).

This year’s Mars-Uranus square, with all its surrounding context, is a big WAKE UP call.

It’s like your alarm going off at 4:00 am in the morning on the most obnoxious setting possible – one that sounds like a dentist drilling into your brain. You stumble out of bed, throw the alarm clock against the wall in your frustration, and make your way toward coffee.

Your alarm clock’s now broken. Every cell in your body is screaming at you to go back to bed. You accidentally use shaving cream as shampoo and acquire a new bruise on route to the kitchen.

But you’re up. The alarm did what it was supposed to. Who cares if your clothes are on inside out? You’re on your way; racing to the airport to catch a plane headed for new and exciting places.

That’s one example of Mars-Uranus in contact via a hard aspect.

Mars-Uranus is certainly not about being patient, prepared, refined and graceful. Together they create a defiant and rough cosmic rebel.

But they are often liberating, as much as they are surprising and unanticipated. Mars-Uranus together create a massive (sometimes explosive, cathartic) catalyst for fast-moving action and change.

With this being the last of three Mars-Uranus squares in 2018, the way out, the way forward, may really be revealing itself in exciting new ways.

Seize the opportunities that arise! Ride the energizing momentum! 



But watch out that you don’t get whiplash as you leap quickly into action! Be careful that you don’t burn bridges that you’ll regret. Avoid mistaking an impulse toward an angry retort and dramatic action as a message straight from the core of your authentic truth – when it is actually a response infiltrated by conditioning acquired through past wounding.

When Mars is activated like this, bodies and situations are easily provoked into inflammatory states (metaphorically and literally – stock up on cold sore cream and have an ice pack on hand?).

Do though, be gutsy. Be brave. Be you, in all your glorious weirdness.

Go for that thing, that slice of life, that radical life change, that innovative Uranian vision that has been calling your name since ~May 2018.

Navigate the ruptures, the redirects, and the complications with the trusting certainty of a sailor at night who knows the stars in the sky like the back of their hand.

Uranus in Taurus is a long-term life story, but this year we’re getting a real good taste of its exciting first chapter, probably closing with a cliff-hanger of sorts when Uranus backs up into Aries for one last encounter with fire November 6th, 2018 – March 6th, 2019, before committing to a 7-year journey through Taurean earth.

UPDATE: Later on in the day the business owner had a productive conversation with the landlord and worked out a new arrangement for payment. Mars is direct now and Saturn is still trining Uranus, providing stability and structure to unexpected developments. I hope your Mars-Uranus narrative meets with the same type of convergence toward positive new solutions!

THURSDAY – FRIDAY  (September 20th – 21st): 

Mercury conjoins with the Sun at the fringe edges of Virgoland on Thursday. This is its superior conjunction, as opposed to its inferior conjunction which occurs when Mercury is retrograde.

Mercury and Venus are the only two planets who have a superior and inferior conjunction with the Sun at some point during the year, because they are the only two planets that are closer to the Sun than Earth – thus they are capable of traveling in-between the Sun and the Earth (which is what is happening during their inferior conjunctions).

The inferior conjunction symbolizes a new moon-type beginning, while the superior conjunction symbolizes a full moon-type culmination point (when Mercury is far away from us on the other side of the Sun in the order of Mercury-Sun-Earth).

The superior conjunction (also called a cazimi when it includes the sun) takes place while Mercury and the Sun trine Juno on Friday, the asteroid of partnerships, commitments, contracts, and third-party dynamics.

What knowledge, what information, what communication are you now channeling into your self-actualization and path of personal development as you uphold the commitments and contracts you value?

SATURDAY – SUNDAY (September 22 – 23):

The Sun and Mercury leave Virgo to enter Libra on Saturday, the sign of artistic and harmonizing symmetry, inclusive peace and justice, interpersonal social skills and everyone-let’s-be-friends.

As the Sun passes 0 degrees Libra, we experience the Fall equinox in the North as the Sun aligns with the equator marking the first day of Fall for those in the Northern hemisphere, and the first day of Spring for those in the Southern hemisphere.

FYI, the 360 degree zodiac wheel most commonly used, is cut up into 12x equal 30 degree pie slices based on the Sun’s movement along the ecliptic using the year’s two equinoxes and two solstices as important markers for the beginning of the cardinal signs. The zodiac’s 12 divisions are named after constellations, but they don’t actually align perfectly with their various configurations of all different sizes in the sky.

From Saturday, September 22nd – Thursday, September 27th, the Sun and Mercury will make the same series of rather challenging aspects that will contextualize next week’s full moon in Aries on Monday.

Mercury is now ahead of the Sun and will lead the way with an opposition to Chiron in Aries on Saturday, and a square to Saturn and trine to Mars on Sunday. The Sun will quickly follow suit beginning with an opposition to Chiron on Sunday.

I have a post planned for the weekend with more detail, but we’re really feeling some sort of time crunch as we head toward the weekend. Some major responsibility, reality check, or frustrating challenge, barrier, or consequence is beginning to assert its gravity in our lives, even if it only reaches its full potency early next week.

…is beginning to…?

Honestly, ever since Saturn entered Capricorn at the end of 2017, we may have had a sense of slowly crawling along like cold molasses going up a hill. There may be dynamic change occurring in some parts of our lives sure, but Saturn is not chilling in the same place where erratic change-making Uranus is pongo-bouncing along in our charts (although via a trine, they have been supporting each other’s efforts somehow in recent weeks).

The house ruled by Capricorn in our birth charts – or the one containing the slow, slow plodding transits of Saturn and Pluto – has been charged with an important long-term mission that will probably take at least several years to really begin to see the full fruit of our efforts and labour. We need to be investing in the foundations now, even if no one else understands the blueprint we are working with, or can see the finished building we envision with our mind’s eye.

The squares to Saturn over the weekend and into early next week, remind us of the area of our chart where we are ever so slowly foundation-building. This isn’t a new issue, but it can be a troublesome one. It could bring some discouragement, loneliness, some gruelling difficult and necessary tasks, while the oppositions to Chiron in Aries highlight some insecurities and wounds related to our capacity to tackle challenges, take risks, act on our desires, and address conflict.

It’s okay to be a construction site. We all are.

This week is a bit pull-push. Mars and Uranus are currently asking for a speedy response and fast-acting change, and Saturn’s awaiting us at the end of the week to slam on the brakes.

Harness the trines to Mars to stay the course with determination. Demonstrate what this mission really means for you, and why and what you are willing to sacrifice for it.

Or, make a revision to your building plan if Saturn sends a loud no, or a closed door, in order to re-center you on the truth of who you are and why you are here.

More on that later.

P.S. I noticed some really obvious friction and themes around money, possessions, ownership, and “fair and just” compensation mid-last week with the disruptive Venus-Uranus opposition. Did you?

It’s easy to get distracted by the love and relationship themes when Venus is involved, but considering the signs and planets at work, I shouldn’t have been surprised to observe the money/possessions component of Venus in Scorpio (and Venus-ruled Taurus) to be quite strong, with relational dynamics as a side story or framework for this.

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