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The Anatomy of a Sink Hole :: Cosmic Weather Forecast for September 24th – 30th

It’s a Full Moon day, on a Monday, the Moon’s day!

In Aries, this Full Moon is hot fire, ready to lunge if something gets in its way… like Saturn. Or Chiron. Or perhaps that’s enough of a deterrent to hem it in temporarily.

For additional insight into what it might look like for the Full Moon to encounter Saturn, you can check out my previous blog post written on the weekend (scroll past the Virgo post to reach Saturn stuff).

When I see challenging combinations of Moon, Mars, and Saturn in a birth chart (or some of these planets along with the involvement of Cancer, Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn or Pluto in certain configurations), there’s often some early difficulty with expressing and processing the energy of anger. It’s all wound up inside; churning in the basement of the psyche and possibly unleashing erratically when the controlled tension becomes too much to bear… or expressing itself through inflammatory symptoms of physical discomfort.

The Moon (emotions) in Aries (fire sign ruled by Mars) squaring restrictive Saturn in Capricorn, is enough for me to suspect that we are globally working with this dynamic – the energy of anger and self-assertion (i.e. Mars energy), trying to find a way out, a way forward.

Furthermore, Mars, the ruler of the Full Moon, is conjunct the South Node in Aquarius, exact on WEDNESDAY (but relevant all week). We’ve been down this road before with two other Mars-SN conjunctions on June 8th and July 20th of this year. Mars is our willpower, our motivation, our life force, our sex drive, our anger, our ambition, and the South Node is… a sink hole of sorts.

A sink hole is created through (often invisible) erosion beneath the surface that unexpectedly swallows the landscape when it can no longer be supported.

They are kinda wild… like these sinkholes, or this water-based sinkhole captured on video below, swallowing trees

Mother Nature gets really hungry sometimes, apparently.

So Mars meets a Sink Hole (i.e. the South Node) and consequently Mars, our fierce life force energy, caves in, deflates, surrenders, and may feel trapped in a spiraling fall with no way out and no way forward. Frustration and despair are obvious possible outcomes(for more on Mars-SN, check out my post from June, when the first conjunction occurred)

But there’s beauty and renewal to be found in life’s south node sink holes, as we adjust to a reconfiguration of our internal and external landscape. South node sinkholes alert us to habitual and structural issues in our lives. They peel back the many layers to reveal our depth and our generative core beyond surface appearances. They point us in the direction of where we should rebuild, and how we can work more effectively with our environment.

We’ve been learning a lot about the anatomy, the inner workings of our anger, sexuality, ambition, and willpower over the summer due to Mars’ retrograde and its prolonged contact with the purifying and cleansing processes of the South Node.


With Mars conjunct the South Node in the progressive group-oriented sign of Aquarius, working more effectively with our environments  and our life force energy, may involve: looking out for each other and offering mutual support, getting involved in inclusive collaborative efforts, and creating effective systems of care and belonging that can provide the resources people need to explore their passions and actualize their creative potential in community (North Node in Leo) – while making sure no one falls through the cracks.

A tall order? Maybe. We can’t tackle all our challenges alone though, as much as an Aries Moon may want to. The Sun and Mercury in the sign of Libra, would strongly agree. We need each other this week. Together we are strong. Together we can pull each other out of the sinkhole.

MONDAY’s Full Moon and the aspects that contextualize it and extend throughout the week are not all that fun or light-hearted. However, the energizing sextiles and trines to Mars and the Nodal axis makes possible a burst of powerful forward movement, allowing us to (strategically and responsibly) push through barriers and navigate confrontations.

Mars can be difficult to work with at the best of times, but it has been particularly troublesome since ~May. And yet this week, with a direct Mars making its third and final conjunction with the South Node while sextiling the Full Moon and trining the Sun, WE FINALLY ARE READY TO GO. BRING IT.

And if you want some further food for thought regarding any frustration or anger issues the week may present, here’s some excerpts from the book I’m currently reading…


Oh yes, and on TUESDAY, the day after a conjunction with the Full Moon in Aries, Chiron slips out of Aries back into Pisces for a short review of watery wounds related to our feeling nature, our spiritual beliefs, and our faith in the interconnectedness of life. It left Pisces for Aries on April 17th 2018, and will return to Aries February 18th, 2019. Interestingly it makes this week’s shift together with Hygeia – two healers collaboratively working holistically with our inner wounds.

Pluto stationed retrograde on April 22nd, and now will turn direct in Capricorn on SUNDAY. Pluto spends half the year retrograde as it moves ever so slowly through the zodiac, so this isn’t a huge deal (unless it is in close proximity to one of your personal planets). Its pivot moments can be noticeable however, as something once hidden or avoided, now comes to the surface to be acknowledged and addressed over the weekend.

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