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Uranus & Chiron changing signs, Mercury rx & a New Moon in Pisces

We are hovering on the brink of a major astrological shift… and we have been for a while now… can you feel its edge?

March 5th/6th (Tuesday-Wednesday) Pisces’ oceans rumble as stable Taurus begrudgingly opens its doors to the disruptive rebel and catalyst that is, Uranus.

Uranus’ ingress into Taurus (March 6th) coincides with Mercury stationing retrograde at the last 29th degree of Pisces (March 5th), as well as a New Moon in Pisces in a very tight conjunction with Neptune (god of the sea) and Vesta (the priestess) on March 6th. These cosmic events will be imprinted into Uranus’ ingress chart, imbuing Uranus’ 7-year transit through Taurus with a potent Piscean quality. Uranus will leave Taurus on April 26th, 2026.

March 5th/6th, and the days surrounding it on both ends, are sure to bring some bold, independent (possibly unexpected) shifts, as well as perhaps some mysterious, convoluted messages and thought processes with profound implications as they begin to unwrap themselves throughout the month up until ~March 28th when Mercury stations direct right on top of Neptune.

Really, it’s rather a bizarre combination of transits occurring simultaneously in Taurus and Pisces… somewhat comparable to an obnoxious John Deer excavator machine breaking ground and tearing up your front yard (which it mistook for the neighbor’s yard for which it was intended)… while indoors on the couch, the roar of a waterfall interrupts the mindfulness meditation soundtrack you thought was going to be the tinkle tinkle sound of a stream.

A small example: Monday morning my brother’s university was shut down at 11:00 am because of a snow storm that started early that morning as anticipated via the weather forecast. When did they provide notification the university was shutting down? 10:55 am, after numerous students and faculty members had already arrived at the university for classes and exams. This was an unexpected (Uranus) last minute reversal (Mercury stationing rx at the last degree of Pisces).

As a result of this poor leadership and management there were then hundreds of university students swarming to public transit at the same time and packing themselves into buses, which then slipped and swerved (Pisces) all over the roads with their precious cargo.

Technology, communication, and travel are three key areas where we often see some crossed wires and messiness during a 3-week Mercury rx period (longer if you include the pre-rx shadow which started around February 19th).

A couple other examples from the last few days: This guy was hired to take photos at a music festival (Pisces) and then a couple days ago realized he cannot access the photos from the SD card. Another person I know got on a plane Tuesday to fly across the country. She had hoped to take her dog with her (Mercury rules pets). After many delays and confused communication with plenty of uncertainty in the air (Mercury rx), she realized the safest plan would be to wait to be reunited and in the meantime, put plans in place to get the dog on a plane with better pet supervision. Taking wise and prudent precautions is a good idea!

Another, more serious Mercury Rx example (content warning for the next few paragraphs): As Mercury was slowing down and stationing in the last few days, the 4-hour Leaving Neverland documentary dropped, uncovering (yet again) in searing detail, the repeated sexual abuse singer Michael Jackson inflicted on the young boys he surrounded himself with at his home.

Neverland Valley Ranch in California was Michael Jackson’s personal amusement park / home combo, named after “the fantasy island in the story of Peter Pan, a boy who never grows up” (wikipedia). Fantasy, imaginal realms, and escaping the dreary, practical demands of the adult world, are Pisces’ themes.

Michael Jackson (Pisces rising, Pisces Moon) evaded justice his entire life because of his celebrity cult status. Pisces is a sign associated with genuine spirituality, as well as illusions, delusions, and the risk of being manipulated by harmful spiritual leaders – or even becoming one. Pisces covers both ends of the spectrum – from the guru and the glamorous celebrity, to the religious follower, devotee and groupie.

Jackson wasn’t a spiritual leader, but the accusers in the film are quoted as saying: “The abuse didn’t feel strange because he was like a god” (the Guardian).

Resonating with Mercury stationing retrograde in Pisces and in accordance with the discerning scrutiny it asks us to apply to our ideals, idols and fantasies, accuser Robson is quoted as saying, with a note of understanding and empathy:

“What I’m interested in is continuing the conversation of who are we worshiping and why, and making people look at the whole story…. Even though it happened to me, I still couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe that what Michael did was a bad thing up until six years ago. So I understand [the refusal of fans to accept Jackson’s crimes]. We can only accept and understand something when we’re ready, and maybe we’ll never be ready. Maybe we will. So that’s their journey.” (Freeman for Guardian, Lee for Guardian)


As we all dive deep into the waters of dreams, fantasy and the subconscious, chasing illusive, glittering fish tails through ocean-woven streams of sunlight… may we all know when to come up to the surface to breathe.


Uranus heading into Taurus on March 6th is by far considered the more impactful cosmic story (Mercury is retro three times a year, whereas Uranus changes signs only every 7 years). And yet Mercury’s Rx on March 5th at Pisces’ final degree, combined with the New Moon conjunct Neptune tomorrow, bring really important additional ingredients into the mix, influencing how Uranus’ ingress into Taurus will be experienced.

Although Uranus often shows up in strange ways with a bizarre unanticipated turn of events (often occurring at the last minute), there’s a good chance you have some inkling as to its themes, which have been increasingly calling for your attention – in the last month especially (with a confusing, disorienting, tentative, thematic introduction in 2018, from May – November, all tangled in retrogrades).

When a slow-moving outer planet like Uranus, transits into a new sign, the stories of our lives have typically begun making space for this leap in advance, dropping hints all over the place and sowing seeds of restlessness in the area of your birth chart that will be affected (in particular, note the themes of the house with Taurus on the cusp even if Uranus will take a while to get there when using a quadrant house system).

The order of the relevant signs in the zodiac (each one containing 30 degrees) goes like this: Pisces -> Aries -> Taurus.

Since early/mid February we’ve had Uranus activated at the last crisis degree of Aries, wrapping up a 7-year chapter and preparing to commit to Taurus… while Chiron leaped into Aries’ warrior fire from Pisces, to clean up the mess that Uranus may have left behind. Interestingly (because Chiron’s orbit is erratic), Chiron and Uranus both committed to their respective Pisces’ and Aries’ journeys at the same time, back in early 2011.

Now, after a brief preview of the following signs in 2018, Chiron and Uranus officially cross the thresholds into Aries and Taurus within a month of each other.

Personally, I wouldn’t credit Uranus with the qualities that are instrumental to facilitating deep psychological work and inner healing. Uranus can liberate us. It wakes us up to what is keeping our true selves in chains, and it frees us up from stagnancy and hesitation so we can continue to grow… but in my experience, Uranus transits correlate with life moving and shifting at such an intense speed, I typically don’t have the time or opportunity to really attend to the inner parts of my psyche, stirred up by the changes, that are asking for devoted care and attention.

You are not typically doing deep psychological work mid-roller coaster ride, you know?

Chiron, however, symbolized by a glyph that looks like a key, can open that door for us, allowing deep insight into prior experiences and old conditioning that need some TLC and some careful healing, integrating and de-tangling. Therefore, Chiron following in Uranus’ footsteps is a good thing, I would say!

Chiron entered Aries on February 18th, 2019. Several weeks ago now. But since it will be hanging out there until 2027, we’ve got plenty of time to write about it! The upcoming full moon at the equinox for example, will land right on top of Chiron – a loud activation of what Chiron in Aries means for you, and for us.

To read my personal reflections on Chiron’s recent journey throughout Pisces, click here.


  • Tati

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your journey with us. I still have a hard time understanding my Pisces North Node, but I’m fascinated with its potential in my life. I can’t wait for you to be back doing readings! 🙂

    • Lilith Rebellion

      Hi Tati! Thank you for reading! With Neptune in Pisces I’m sure you’re feeling that mystical North Node urging in strange nonverbal mysterious ways, more than ever perhaps 🙂 Thanks so much for the support! I’m not sure what the future will bring with Uranus in Taurus, but I hope so too 🙂

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